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Or /coc/ thread if that's what you look for in the catalog.Wiki:the-conservatory.fandom.com/wiki/The_Holla Forumsnservatory_WikiPast threads:desuarchive.org/co/search/text/the-conservatory wiki/type/op/

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>How does this work?>It works like a community toy chest. In the /coc/ threads you are free to post whatever ideas/settings/characters you want, but you have to be OK with other people playing with them (tweaking them, putting them in stories, using them for things, etc.)>There's no guarantee that what you post will catch on either.>If the OC you are posting is YOURS for something you are personally doing, then it would go to the "How is your webcomic?" threads.>If you just want feedback on an OC of yours, then it would go in the "donut steel" threads or drawthreads.If the thread dies suddenly or you still want to discuss something when there's no thread:boards.plus4chan.org/coc/Last time:-Progress continued on JackHammer: The Corn Maze Monster comic-Progress continued on the GGu/BB Highway Robbery comic-New pics-Demons-Nerds-Progress resumes on THEFAPV comic-Progress continued on the Lovely Ladybug Summer Special comic-JackHammer: I2Eye script has started being written-Other stuff I didn't mention

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Reporting for duty! o7

I updated the I2Eye script/outline.pastebin.com/EhqGHFkzI suspect it will need many more changes soon enough.We should probably also get to formatting the Blue Moon outline into a proper script.

Reference sheet thing for a Lovely Ladybug

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>>129067938Any superhero worth their salt will tell you to always have a supply of berries handy.

>>129068132Ya gotta be ready for wild Pokemon or a teamup with Appleaday.

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>>1290679384'5''? Though she was a bit taller than that.I could imagine a bit where her jetpack isn't working (but the other functions do) and she ass JH to do the fastball special

>>129068176Marley is legally a dwarf and illegally a gremlin. Definitely eminently fastballable.

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>>129067938>>129068176I just remembered the crossover talks for Breast Wars II with Ladybug meeting GG after growing up reading her comics, and oh my god she's shorter than Audrey.

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>>129068388She should be careful of the titty gravity then.

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>>129067178>DemonsTell me about the demons, what is their deal?

>>129068539>>129068388Marley has some hands-on experience with enduring chest-related forces thanks to her roommate, at least.

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>>129068661the-conservatory.fandom.com/wiki/The_12_Demon_KingsThere's 12 demons kings each with their own court, minions, and theme the-conservatory.fandom.com/wiki/Courier's_GuildThere's also the couriers guild which is in hell

>>129068661>>12906877712 Demon lords, each ruling an elemental plane of pure magic, tainted by their colors, granting them power and nourishment beyond reason.And there was one user suggesting a thirteenth king, a king who tapped into the other’s source of might artificially. A sovereign that mixed conflicting powers that shouldn’t be assembled, and paid a terrible price for his greed.Now locked in his own handmade realm, forced to ever shift physical form and mind constantly, he is now both prisoner and warden… his form and color distorted into the likeness of mud.Some of his selves managed to create duplicated bodies to inhabit, and are struggling against one another to survive and perhaps reclaim the title of king… but for now it is a foolish and naught endeavour… for even if they reclaim the main body, their being would be erased the very next day.

>>129068777Not really in hell, just one of Hank's void planes.

>>129068734Is that a mermaid frozen in a block of ice?

>>129069255Oh yeah I forgot that

>>129070736Thinking about it, Hank would be closer to being a Demon King in the traditional sense, wouldn't he? Or is he more like the extra-dimensional horrors Cthulhu-esque type of monster?

>>129067938Looks like concept art for a fighting game.

>>129067938I was so fucking mad when Miraculous Ladybug was announced while Holla Forums people were working on this. Still one of my favorite ideas people from here came up with.

>>129071413If there were great 3D rigs of her I’d animate Ladybug

>>129071459I don't know how far they got with anything for her. I left Holla Forums a few years after that to focus on finishing school and only came back recently. I also wouldn't mind doing shit in blender to dust off the animation skills I used to have but sadly my modeling has always been bad and rigging just ok.

>>129071459I feel like a cartoon-y rig would suit her better than a more "realistic" one.Sunset Paradise is what comes to mind in terms of style, but I don't have any knowledge at all about modeling and rigging.

>>129070172Nothing a seal loves like fish, right?>>129071248That's probably not a coincidence, a lot of the concept art I'm exposed to is for vidya>>129071413Those darn French ate our lunch and didn't even tip the waiter!

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>>129071566I agree it would have to lean more cartoony to capture the charm of the design.>>129071646It was so crazy when it happened. I remember a lot of people wondering if they just straight up took the idea but I kind of doubt it.

>>129071557They've gotten reasonably far with it.There are multiple comics with more getting worked on, it's just the progress is slow. Which, really, should be expected with this sort of personal passion project.

>>129071459>tfw i'm planning on getting into 3D modelingIs it now my time to shine?Probably not. Still shit at it.

>>129072371Gotta start somewhere my dude. I have a bachelor's degree in it and am hot garbage. You can always try something low poly. I think the Mega Man Legends style would fit Lovely Ladybug really well.

>>129072371Being shit at something is the first step towards being kind of good at something.

>>129071789>It was so crazy when it happened. I remember a lot of people wondering if they just straight up took the idea but I kind of doubt it.I'm still convinced that Riot took their giant robot hands girl directly from Holla Forumslette. And I'm pretty sure Spider-Gwen was lifted from here as well.

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>>129072474And Harley Quinn as the new Robin had been joked about for at least a decade here before they did it.Man, has that character been thoroughly ruined.

>>129068388would it be young Audrey meeting Ladybug or a run-in with Golden Guardian?

>>129072600The discussion involved young Audrey, as I recall. Don't remember much of the nitty-gritty.

Is it "Glory Girl" or "Girl Glory"?

>>129072474>>129072549I wouldn't be surprised. Especially with how creatively bankrupt American comic books are, or at least the big two.

>>129072422That's actually a good idea for the Lovely Ladybug style.I also like the low poly idea. I myself am working on a script for a game and i think old school PS1/N64 style fits it perfectly.>>129072433You're right.But the one thing holding me back is that i can't afford anything to make 3D models.

>>129072702How about "Glory Hole Girl".

>>129072611Could make it a time travel thing with Ladybug meeting Audrey at different points in her life

>>129072746That's the porno name for her porn look a like

>>129072725Cannot afford a computer to 3D model? Because you can just download Blender for free and it is a pretty good modeling software if that is what you mean.

>>129072600>>129072611As I recall, it involved Audrey being pulled out of a comic strip. But only the ending was really mused on where Ladybug would show Audrey an issue of Golden Guardian and what she would eventually become after having been hostile towards her out of boob envy for most of their interactions. Like an apology of sorts.>>129072702She's actually Great Glory III, so both Girl Glory or Glory Girl would work.Usually it's Girl Glory, like "boy wonder".

>>129072746What she does on her free time is no business of yours. Unless you buy her tapes.

>>129072799Fuck. I completely forgot about Blender. I was under the assumption that they all had to be paid for. Thank you.

>>129073065I have enough money to produce one of her tapes.

>>129073096/coc/k Hunger Heroines in the Adventure of the Casting Couch

>>129073148I'll be honest. The more i learn about this "casting couch" stuff the more it makes me feel uncomfortable.

>>129073188if you think that's bad then look up the stuff on Czech Casting

>>129073249Oh God i can't.

>>129073072No problem dude. It is a pretty good program that I need to get more into. I learned on 3DSmax and us it for some work shit so I didn't stick with it but, I liked what I saw when using it. The community around it seems friendly as well so if you need help I am sure you can find plenty of tutorials and forms with FAQs and Q&A/Problem solving stuff.

>>129073281YupIt's really bad

>>129073344I never understood why 3d programs do not share some similar hotkeys with each other like 2d apps do3dsmax and maya have way too different hotkeys despite being from the same company

>>129074991It was a ton of fun to learn them side by side as well. I had a teacher that wanted us to learn animation and advanced modeling in Maya and the other wanted us to do rigging and texture mapping in 3DSMax

>>129075098we were taught the whole 3d pipeline in maya only and afaik, throughout the different specializations in out uni, no one was taught how to use 3dsmax

>>129075145Sadly my school turned out to be a diploma mill and I didn't know till I was already in to much debt to just walk away. First half of the course we had teachers that would just walk in and turn on an internet tutorial. Two years of that and my first real 3D modeling teacher had to spend two weeks catching everyone up to where we should have been. Out of about 40 students that were graduating at the same time as me only one was a skilled animator and maybe 6 were really good modelers. I am not among them. And I want to say at least a 4th of the class dropped out during that first period where we all learned the teachers were lazy/knew nothing of the industry.

>>129075221goddamn that's horrible. tho we weren't like trained to be skilled but at least we had basic foundations plus we were lucky that most of our professors were really teaching us properly. 2d art, 3d, and programming

Well, I'd animate Ladybug is she was rigged for Maya in my case

It's funny to me how big JackHammer has gotten in such a short time frame.I hope it lasts.

>>129077393He's jacked a lot of the attention.

>>129077393he hijacked the threads

>>129077393Define... big?

Goodnight everyone. I have a different schedule this week so hopefully the thread survives.

>>129078229"Talked about enough to be visible next to Golden Girl" would be my definition.

Sleep well

don't let the bed bugs bite.

sleep tight

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>>129078229A fair amount of discussion and art happening is how I define a driving thread topic.


I need help drawing hair.What i want is something fluffy yet messy.Like pic related but more wild.

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>>129081548so i saw in a previous /coc/ thread that what you can do is just scribble some random lines and then from those scribble you try and form some hairnot sure how effective it is but it's at least worth a try

>>129081548Make it curvy with different strands poking out

Oh wait, that's TODAY.

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now i can't draw for shit and i'm retarded but here's a character i came up with. i've got a name. a bit of a backstory. and some other stuff.i'll still include him in my own autistic superhero universe but you faggots can do whatever you want with this. i don't care.>William Beckard/Will Of Steel >former engineer for the US Army during some war. (maybe 'Nam is what i'll go with considering the fact that the autistic superhero universe i'm working on is set from the mid 70s to the late 80s and the 70s or so is when the first Superheroes start appearing)>got discharged and fucked off back home to his shitty Midwestern home >sees how awful things are. >his hometown is rife with crime. >decides to build an armored suit in his garage. the Will Of Steel. in order to combat this crime wave>said suit is very clunky and kind of jury-rigged together. think something like Iron Man's first suit.that's all i haveall i ask is that you don't be a two timing jewish faggot.don't be soulless.otherwise have fun.

>go to the conservatory>get a redirect to chanarchive (whatever that is)what a niggerly website

>>129082447what if the idea is that the killdozer but a power armor instead?most vet stories always have that shit where they get fucked so bad back in the states, right? plus he gos screwed over by some people

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>>129082835in my head the armor is at least partially industrial equipment. and a little bit of the idea for the character was inspired by Killdozer.maybe something where he was framed for a crime he didn't commit (ala The A-Team) and now he's gotta go hunt down the sergeant that framed him would be cool.

>>129082340 Who is he what is his back story?

>>129082828That site's been dead for ages.


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>>129082973some nigger needs to remove the link from the Atomic Esquire page. then.why is there a dead link that redirects to one of those faggy "buy this domain"! sites?

Got bored and decided to whip up a character to pass time.I present to you... THE CARELESS CATAPULT!He's sort of a bum/guy who does oddjobs, who has no aspiration in life but having fun and relax. He inherited a lot of money from his relatives, but he can't get it all unless he finds a permanent steady job that pays well. For now, he just gets periodically enough to get by.He has two powers, one that makes him temporarily invulnerable, and another that makes him generate a lot of energy from his feet. Energy that he uses to launch himself in the air.His powers are formidabble by themselves, but due to his lazy nature he generally puts the minimal amount of effort and just launches himself at his foes. If the first time didn't work, try again, and again, and again, until it either works or it's too much of a bother to do the same.Generally he doesn't stay too long in the same city due to collecting a lot of heat for collateral damages. His favorite places to go is in tahiti and other tropical paradises.

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>>129083003Because it wasn't a dead link when the page was made and there is no alternative that I know of for an archive of the thread he was made in.

I don't think Carnevalor has gotten any new art in many years.

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>So, recently I've been thinking alot about Sharklass. And while I like the idea of her being an extremist eco-warrior villain. I've been rolling around the idea that she's a shark alien sent to earth as a baby.Saw this idea in the archives and I wanted to give a spin on it>shark lass is from a planet that is shark/aquatic themed>the main goal of this planet is to assist their kins around the world>they train people to be inserted in other planets to assist>shark lass (marina/amy) is one of these people>though she appears to be skilled she is kind of a maverick or wild card>she doesn’t follow protocols, uses different techniques in hand-to-hand sparring not taught by the academy, modifies their issued weapons>commanders, teachers, etc, are not fond of shark lass but the elder or highest ranking person is>one day her brother Steven is chosen to operate in Earth, before leaving they and shark lass decide to spar>shark lass goes overboard and accidentally injures steven rendering him unfit to continue the mission>bickering in the higher ups start as they want to discipline or punish shark lass>the elder decides to send shark lass in place of her brother>shark lass talks to steven apologizing, steven says it’s fine>the elder talks to both of them about the council’s decision to send shark lass in place of steven>steven briefs shark lass on the objectives and intel on earth>steven explains that his approach would be subtle blending in with the locals and making the people of earth save shark life>shark lass is about to head out to earth, she says good bye to steven and rover/chomps>she plans to tackle the situation peacefully similar to steven, she opted to bring necessary communication equipment, no weapons and such

>she arrives to Earth, starts working with eco protestors, taking evidences of rampant abuse on the ocean and filing them in court and exposing it online>no one budges, no one cares, no progress is made>protesters in front of this mega oil corp starts dwindling as days go by>shark lass tries to convince the group to keep up the fight>” it’s no use, they won’t listen and we’ve got other things to deal with” says one member>shark lass goes home to her safehouse (near the sea/shore), listening to a device to eavesdrop on the council members>”I know she couldn’t do it!” says one member, “good thing she didn’t bring any equipment, at least she saved us some money” chimed in another>”enough!” says the elder, “if you have no solutions then do not pester me with what I already know”>the members leave the room, only the elder is left

>>129083741>the elder calls shark lass, she immediately opens up the communicator, “yes, high elder” she answers>”you know you shouldn’t have done that” says the elder in a calm yet playful voice>”what do you mean? Hahahaha” shark lass rebuts trying to keep her cool>”oh you know what I mean” the elder chuckles>”im sorry, I shouldn’t have spied on the meeting. I just wanted to know how the council thinks of my progress” shark lass says shamefully>”well that’s one, but I meant that you shouldn’t have listened to their nonsense, they don’t see the progress you’ve made”>”but I haven’t made any!” shark lass retorts, almost breaking into tears>”the humans don’t care to save oceanlife! They don’t even care about their planet! And I cant do anything about it!” shark lass starts sobbing>”I haven’t done anything right! And I embarrassed you infront of everyone! Steven would’ve done a better job!” she continues sobbing>”there’s a reason I chose you for the job, marina/amy” the elder says in a comforting tone>ELDER: ”Earth is a chaotic place, do you think you were the first to be sent there? Many have tried and failed. Nothing has changed throughout these years. But now we did something different, we sent you”>the scene looks like as if the elder is looking at shark lass, and shark lass looks up>ELDER: ”oh how I wish I can hug you right now and tell you how well of a job you’ve done, but I cant. I know someone who can do”>shark lass hears some machinery powering down outside her safehouse. >She runs outside and sees chomps/rover and she runs towards him and hugs him>She looks behind him to see a few of her items, modified RPGs, grenades, and her iconic suit>the elder opens a communicator in the pod/supply ship that rover/chomps was in>elder: “earth is chaotic, and you are the epitome of chaos. You’ll do great”>shark lass looks up with her eyes full hope

>>129083749>next day morning, shark lass is walking at a street, covered up>she goes to the middle, eyeing a convoy of an oil barron>a car halts and honks at shark lass, “get off the road moron!” shouts the driver>shark lass kicks the car and flips it>she removes her cloak to reveal her costume, shark body parts, and a shark themed rocket launcher>she aims it at the convoy>”uh boss…”, says one person as he points at shark lass with the oil baron with a puzzled look>shark lass fires and misses, hitting the street and flipping an escort car>the convoy makes a sharp turn to another street>rover/chomps awaits in a sewer then punches the car carrying the oil baron flipping it>the oil baron crawls out of the wreckage>as he looks up he sees shark lass with rover/chomps>”you’ll cease your operations asap, im not negotiating” shark lass says it menacingly>”what? It’s not that simple!” the oil baron answers back while trying to stand up>”oh? I think my friend can simplify it” shark lass says as she snaps her fingers>rover/chomps grabs the oil baron and fits him inside his mouth while the oil baron screams in terror>shark lass looks over at the body guards just in pure shock and fear>”you can be next if you want to” she threatens the body guards>the guards just runaway>shark lass taps rover/chomps and removes the oil barron out of his mouth>”simple now?” she asks smugly>the oil baron shriveled up, shaking, and breaking down nods >rover/chomps enters is already in the sewers holding shark lass in one hand>she continues looking at the oil baron smugly until she is lowered>when they make a turn on the sewers shark lass lets out a gleeful cheer with rover/chomps smiling>shark lass places her hand on her mouth as they hear sirens overhead and run deeper into the sewers>probably a montage of shark lass’ adventures and stuff

>>129083760>”and that’s my story” shark lass tells a person opposite her from a table>”this cant be real, last time you said that you were bitten by a radioactive shark!” the person exclaims>”ah really?” shark lass asks in a slightly surprised manner “but at least it makes a cool story tho”>”but I must publish a true story, to be a credible source of cape news for the people!” the person expresses in a rather worried tone>shark lass stands up, “hey they think rover is the brains of the operation, and that’s not true”>she then proceeds to go outside and look at the moon>at another panel steven and the elder also look up at a mooni dont really plan that this is her actual back story, probably a "faux origin sereis"

>>129081655I already tried that. Didn't work out.

>>129083726>>129083741>>129083749>>129083760>>129083779Would work as an AU.

>>129083119His invulnerability works like if you contract every muscle in your body/hold your breath to inflate your form. He can keep this stance for a while but it’s too much work to keep it up more than a moment.I envision a story where he used to hang around and be pals with Double Vision, but he was a bad influence on him (like encouraging him to take alcohol again). When he sees how far DV has fallen because of him, and the distress it caused his family, Careless Catapult decides to go to another city, pretending he caused too much damage here.Something I thought for an evil-verse is that due to a mistake on his part that cost the life of many he gets his shit together and enforce his own laws and morals on everyone. Not dicking around with his invulnerability, barely anyone or anything can stop him. His name could be the Tyrannical Trebuchet, and with mastery of his power he can act as a small solo carpet bombs to any city opposing him.

>>129083119Could launch himself up in the air and become an invulnerable air strike.But has his tried skydiving? Out the window? Off a building?

Briana > GG. That's right I said it.

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>>129085235BQ is a dead project because you idiots simped for a larper rather than attempting to court drawfags.

>>129084768>But has his tried skydiving? Out the window? Off a building?Well most of these options he could do by himself via simply jumping, but if he's already there or he wants to style on his attack he could do it.Since he's a bum with barely any money, he can't jump off a plane very often though.>>129084158Something I though about Trebuchet, is that in his reign of tyranny, he installed around the world "jumping"/"landing" platforms that are extremely reinforced so he could go to point A to B with minimal casualty. When speed is of the utmost essence, flying platforms are deployed, which is a extremely dangerous job for those operating there, but it also pays well.Also made a logo for the two in hero costume (if Catapult ever gets one, or he just put the logo on the back of his open shirt)

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THEFAPV update, colored to test if their plant color schemes will work against a plant color background. My current solution is just lowering the saturation on the background. Also not sure if I want Pussy willow's teeth to be white or green like her eyes but I can flop back and forth until I actually commit to coloring everything later.

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>>129085656There were a shitload of drawfags, BQ just never caught on with porn like GG has, which I'm ok with given that's 90% of the art output for her these days.

>>129086042I think white teeth would pop more, but I can see your dilemma since she is and always has been a plant.

>>129085663Did one more drawing of Catapult accidently landing on Ladybug's scooter during a fight.Accidents happen, right? No one was hurt, and in the end, isn't that what matters most?

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I'm planning on doing that 3D model of Ladybug but i'm gonna need concept art of her in a T pose from her front, back and side.

>>129087194Start with trying to make a collage of her different interpretations and go from their

>>129087194Not sure if any pics like that already exist or not.The t-posing for dominance meme really passed us by, huh?

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>>129087353I'll try my best.>>129088237Not even for the meme. That's just how 3D modeling works.

>>129088320I know it's needed for the 3D model, I'm just lamenting that it wasn't applied in our circles.

>>129085235Did she ever get a full comic?

>>129088750There were three separate attempts at drawing the full first issue, each not being able to get to the end.

>>129087194Is it going to be rigged? Compatible with maya?

>>129086884RIP the Bugmobile. Marley has a real problem with buff goatee'd brown dudes in shades, it seems.>>129087194I'll whip something up for you, at the moment the only one I've got T-posing is Lila.

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>>129087194>>129089226Kind of a quick and dirty assertion of dominance but let me know if it'll do the job.

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>>129086187>There were a shitload of drawfags,The ratio of drawfags to idea guys was fucked.


>>129088352Ah. OK.>>129089110I'm new to 3D modeling so i'll just do the best i can for now.>>129089226>>129089810Thank you.

>>129072549>And Harley Quinn as the new Robin had been joked about for at least a decade here before they did it.Squirrel Girl was a huge meme here as well in the mid-late 00s, then Marvel put her in EVERYTHING.

>>129091091After making her dogshit ugly, of course. At least Harley is still fappable.

>>129090983What program are you using? Be sure to follow tutorials for whatever program it is.I actually plan on utilizing 3d in my next project to have consistent layouts for characters and proportions, weird or warped angles, etc and even tho I learned in modo, maya, & 3dxMax I'm actually planning on using blender

>>129091296Blender here.It's free and seems to be the best option.

I'm honestly shocked I've made so much progress in just one day, 8 panels.I can only guess it's because I don't need to painstakingly calculate perspective or where the characters are in an enclosed space layout because these panels have all been just 2 characters bantering while moving through a forest

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>>129091703Just not happy tree friends or the forest burns down.

>>129085235I agreed.

Holla Forums city, circa 17th century.

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>>129092783Oh, Pirate Cove.We don't actually have all that many pirate characters, do we?

>>129092851I don't think we have any

>>129092972>>129092851There's the space pirate twins.

>>129092972>>129093071And a dinosaur.Or whatever the fuck scientists have classified them as these days.

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>>129093174Fuck scientists!

>>129093201Only if I think they're hot or can seduce me with their brains.

>>129089226She sure does, she sure does.>Hey, I got to skip out of town for a while. Mind babysitting, I mean... take care, of Ladybug for me?>Oh? What do you want me to do?>Well just let her have her fun. You'll get my house for the week-end. Feel free to order some pizza. Here's some down-payment in advance.>Sweet.Anyone who wants me to try to draw something involving Catapult, request away!

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>>129094204Lifted into the sky by Ladybug and dropped into someplace unsavory.

>>129094366I'll try to deliver it tomorrow! Now I'll get some sleep

>>129094204I'm adoring that MSpaint Ladybug.

>>129091703Thats a cute tree

>>129093174I like his prosthetic foot, Looks cool.

Goodnight everyone. I have to contend with early mornings all week.>>129095312No clue how he lost it, but I suppose that's just a pirate's life.Thinking about it, if anything was ever established about him and his crew it has long since mostly been lost.

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>>129095396>if anything was ever established about him and his crew it has long since mostly been lost.Sounds like it's time for a redevelopment of his character

Before bed, hope you guys like CatapultSomething I had in mind for Trebuchet is him invading the hero-verse, like a solo Justice Lord. Due to mastering and also not half-assing his invulnerability, he is nearly unstoppable. His ultimate move is “First Drop; Second Impact”, where he doesn’t just fall on his enemies, but actively gain speed to magnify the strength of the attack. But that’s not all, because right after landing he releases the energy from his feet at maximum level, unleashing a second wave of destruction, eradicating all lives that would have survived the initial crash.Trebuchet nearly wiped a city off the map, but Catapult managed to intercept him in time. While both can become invulnerable and make it look like a close match, Trebuchet dominates by being able to maintain his state as long as he likes. Even asleep. His only weakness is a short frame of time, less than a fraction of a second, where he releases his tension between breaths. During that small gap of time, he cannot use the energy in his feet too.After his arrest, the cell the Holla Forumsntainment made for him is suspended above lava, and will dive as far as it can under the magma if he ever tried to escape.That’s all for now.


Good morning

>>129095511Feels like he just wants to be a pirate who burns things from above.Burn the world, put the warmth back under his wings.


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I finally get to the next challenge of defined muscles. There's so much free space between the nipples and the clavicle its freaking me out but that's a real life thing I just have to get good with.Also I outlines the tentacle-shrubs with their colors so the scene would read better but it's extra work. I may also put the muscle definitions in the secondary color instead of black but I'm not sure how it would look at this point, the pinks would be a brown darker than his skintone but then I'm not sure how that would work with shading.

Attached: FiggtiTree.png (770x323, 103.37K)

>>129096154>Catapult has been noted as a person of interest to the Hobo Intelligence Network. He once was promoted to agent, but due to his lack of taking missions seriously (and going somewhere else to party) he has been retrograded back to person of interest.>Once accidentally crashed into the wandering country. Fell out the borders by being passed out drunk.>Sometimes he pickpockets passing pedestrians for some extra bucks, but he never takes more than what he needs.>Likes visiting Bankman for some extra cash.>Once crashed in the middle of the highway, causing traffic that made Rage Racer late for work.>He’s forever not allowed to walk in the Holla Forumsnstruction crew worksites. Something about scaring them off with a falling steel beam on his head. No, wearing a helmet changes nothing.>Is forever banned from going to the floating city using his “own methods”. Nearly made it fall off the sky by landing on it.

>>129100951Talk about walking the Earth.You think even a demon king kicked him out once?>>129100234Does he have nipples usually, or is he just in a mood to have them?

>>129101600Probably not, since they don’t live on earth.

>>129101600>Does he have nipplesnappleslooks like nipples, tastes like apples

>>129101600I like to think the nipples like the tentacle-shrubs only really appear when he's blooming but I like to think he has multiple forms, like the no nipple/dick form when he's not looking to pollinate with mobile legs like Pussy Willow and the face tree form when winter hibernation comes around or he's just in power-saving mode. I haven't drawn him in any other forms but I do have plans for some gag panels at the end of THEFAPV that it could fit into.

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>>129102607Or they could be like knots in the wood.

I’ll bump

I can see why I thought of Rad Lad while trying to remember this tank several threads ago.

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>>129094366Here you go!

Attached: Go to sober jail.png (1111x916, 159.71K)

>>129104860Oh wow, such a punishment! Who knew she had it in her.Nice job.

>>129105151Thanks! Here's a last one for now.Catapult (in costume) versus Trebuchet!Hope you guys like it!Going to be away for a while, but feel free to discuss about Catapult / Trebuchet while I'm not here!

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>>129104860Well at least he doesn't look too put out.

>>129105886He’ll be out of there in a day. At least this way he gets free meals and a roof above his head.Perhaps he should crush the BugMobile more often?

>>129105935>Coach Z, sometimes it feels like you're TRYING to go to jail.>Hey, three square meals a day!

>>129105726I think a real name could be nice. Anyone got something?

>>129105726Snoop Dog?

>>129106179You know he's mobbing with the D-R-E

>>129099450Orange Transparent Chainsaw was a great meme.

Attached: orange transparent shipwreck.jpg (1222x800, 949.52K)

>>129099450Is this /toy/-tan?

>>129104860That's pretty cute.

>>129106944One of, that's the abomination form.

>>129106179>>129106202Try running them through an anagram scrambler to see what you get.

>>129071413>Miraculous LadybugAnd it's one of the worst shows I've seen. It's all about selling merchandise these.



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>>129107175That's cool. I like the more nonstandard ones. Holla Forums-tan, PC-tan.

So I got some free time. Anyone want me to draw something Catapult related?

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>>129109831Are you familiar with the "get in the robot" meme?Think of that, and someone telling him to get on the stationary bike/treadmill (because they want to see if he can make UNLIMITED POWER), but he's brushing them off because he's lazy.

New one fresh from the oven!>>129110121Will see... I think I have a funny variation in mind

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>>129110121Here's something similar to what you've asked!Mixed in some /tg/ meme with a Holla Forums gag

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>>129109831Draw him smoking weed.

>>129110574Will do tomorrow!

>>129110520Ha, I haven't thought about that in a while.I wonder if that still gets posted over on /tg/.

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>>129110774Rarely, and like current 4chan it is always received with cringing and whining about old retards circle jerking to the old days

>>129110913I would rather have our old in-house memes than the new ones imported from the cultural wastelands that are social media.

>>129072474Are we ever going to see more Contessa, or is she a one-off character?

>>129111739Might do a gag about Tessa beating her up and stealing her name, but otherwise I can't say there are any real plans in the pipeline.

Attached: tessa redesign.png (953x500, 46.77K)

>>129111739Only a one-off until someone wants to work on her more.Kind of a slow thread by the looks of it so far. I thought the JackHammer anons would've been posting by now, but then again I'm also busy this week so it's not like I have much energy to dedicate to script making right now.Maybe things will pick up more if the thread survives another day.

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>>129112070Bogged down making a character line up of every character for JHMight go back to making layouts of cmm

>>129105726Trebuchet reminds me of A-Train from the Boys tv show, but with long hair

In developmentProject: "do-gooder"Webcomictwitter.com/Ventis1M?t=AWYRSyDLZFrQrcCqt8P12Q&s=09PlotA fallen angel named halo in order to get back to heaven has to help humans with thier problems It is structured more like a classic magical girl show like milky momoWith the mc heping a person overcome thier problems akin to odd jobs from gintamaWe are not told why he was banished from heaven adding a sense of mystery to his characterOvertime he starts to question the rules and laws pertaining to angels who are portrayed as morally grey

Attached: 20220302_104006.jpg (1287x1839, 281.85K)

2nd project: gattai-senIn the year 2099 nearly half of the solar system has been colonised by the space empire known as "Big flash" in order to achieve galactic dominance however there are those who still seek freedom those who cling to long forgotten dreams in the face of adversity the "Holy raiders" battle endlessly in an pursuit of a new tomorrow yet amidst this conflict lies an even greater threat.

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Attached: 20220302_104018.jpg (1287x1839, 272.81K)

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>>129114106Is this read left-to-right or right-to-left?

>>129114089I like the nerdy boys like the guy in top left.Tell me more about him.

>>129106069How about… Terry C. Jackson? Mix of Terry Crews, Samuel L. Jackson and Snoop Dogg’s real name Calvin?

This could either apply to Catapult when serious or Trebuchet, but I though his fighting style while not just crashing into people could be like how Zuko use kicks for firebending

Attached: 58c9eb21b8033b59c9af7bbf56cc8b59.gif (540x405, 2.75M)

>>129116054instead of releasing fire he releases some sort of compressed air? air that pushes objects/ppl back?

>>129116240That or some kind of energy? Kinetic kind?

I'll be away for a bit, when I'm back I'll make one or more drawings of Catapult

>>129113725pg 18 of cmmnot satisfied with the last panelneeded to show that kf's hand is pinned by the gunmight add more panels to really sell that the gun is heave. might also change the last panel to be more impactful

Attached: JackHammer - The Corn Maze Monster pg18.jpg (2480x4261, 1.13M)

>>129117265Maybe show the gun sinking down while it's still pressed up against him?

>>129117399I'll keep that in mindMight go back to this tomorrow


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>>129117265Like m.youtube.com/watch?v=zciE8sqTIlo ?

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>>129118917Yes, that's pretty close to what's happening.I don't remember if I was thinking about that or not when I put the script together.

>>129110574Yo here's the delivery!If you guys want more, let me know!

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>>129120077Blaze it!

>>129120077His feet make energy blasts or something, right?Is there anything he can't leap from?

>>129121143>His feet make energy blasts or something, right?I wonder if he's related to the kid with exploding knees.

>>129120077Thank you.

>>129089810Guy who's doing the 3D model here.I just found a ladybug in my bathroom and now it's my friend. I'm gonna take this as a sign.

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>>129122209Another day, browsing 4chanAnd then I found, an omen of good fortune!I take it as, a sign from fate!To make a 3D model to animate!

>>129120077Smoke weed everyday.

Honestly I'd be down to see another drawfag take a shot at Catapult

>>129122209>>129122535The harbinger of prophecy! I kneel to your tiny friend.

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>>129118917oh yeah, how could i have forgotten about coochie and his stand.i'll look up the manga and see how araki did itthanks!

There's an unfinished GG script about the time she met The Crusaders, what if we merged in that rivalry idea between Boy O' War and Kid Valor into that?

here'san idea, a snake who boxes

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>>129126936I like it

>>129126936He's gonna spit.


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>>129127300You gotta put it on the tip of your tail!

>>129127300He needs to train with the Homestar Runner.

>>129126936>>129127300Cat with boobs, snake who plays a sport needing handsYou have a thing against nature don’t you?

With a few augmentations...But is that unsportsmanlike?Unsportssnakelike?

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>>129126740I thought it was, right after GG had to be called for Silver Queen Boy o war and kids Valor ended up beating up a really strong criminal. And it ended up being a tie, something like that.

>>129127300while its body may bend all kinds of ways, this scrapper's spirit won't. with determination and a delusional trainer, our long protagonist will keep working for the title of champ, no matter how many limbs it may lack

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>>129127967The unfinished script I'm referring to is the one on the wiki page.the-conservatory.fandom.com/wiki/The_Developing_Adventures_of_Golden_Girl/Scripts#The_Crusaders_.28unfinished.29We take that, then make any necessary adjustments so it can lead into>Kid Valor and Boy O' War want to know who is better. They are rivals and always trying to one-up each other.>a montage of swords (Kid Valor wins), chess (they both lose because neither knows how to play), and log throwing (Boy O' War wins), but at the end of the day it's who catches the most criminals.>Which can be really good or really bad for the city depending on how overzealous they are.>Golden Girl is forced to be one of the judges I think as a sort of turnabout for her denial into The Crusaders. >The two of them finally find a criminal and then get into a fight over who gets to catch the criminal in front of the puzzled crook. When they turn back around, the crook has already been subdued by Golden Girl.>This happens at least twice before they finally get so mad they lunge at the next criminal their see together (doing some teamwork) and proclaim that they have bested Golden Girl.>For extra blue balling, Glory Girl tells them that Golden Girl already left because of a call from Silver Queen about something else happening across the city.>While the satisfaction is taken away from them, the final bad guy in this sequence should be someone actually formidable whom Golden Girl wouldn't have been able to deal with anyway. Like the yeti.>The two of them being so mad and frustrated that they work together flawlessly to take down the monster in an instant. Just so they do actually get to do something cool that shows why they're heroes.and of course adjust the greentext into actual scripting.

>>129121143Babies, cause that’s just evil man>>129121313Only kids I know who got exploding knees are those borrowing money from loan sharks

>>129128068What if he was in marshland or on sand? Would the force no propel him upwards?And goodnight everyone.

>>129128135My guess is that his jump would cause a greater crater due to the resistance

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