Why is all the Encanto art based on Bruno?

Why is all the Encanto art based on Bruno?

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>>129062344Scrawny man with long hair that women can woobify

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>>129062344because bruno is based

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Bruno is a hunk

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>>129062344Cause he's the most interesting character. and he's beautiful and perfect

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>>129062344Because he's the only unpaired male character that doesn't look like a child, or because he's a cute goblin thing, depending on who you ask.

>>129064466>>129064478>>129064501 Which pairing do you like best Holla Forums? And why?

>>129064466>>129064478>>129064501>>129064514>Based on the search hits for each pairing and the number of fanfiction they currently have, the four most popular Encanto ships were announced a few days ago.Is anyone really surprised by the results though?

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>>129062344Bruno mid af. I'll literally take mariano or camilo over his dusty ass.

He's relatable

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I've heard The Song, and I still don't get it. I'm convinced by now that its popularity is just completely botted, just like that Fast & Furious song.

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Hot diggity damn

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>>threadTHIS is exactly why we don't talk about Bruno.

>>129062344It looks like they just put Sayid from Lost through the toon filter to make this character

>>129062344>every Encanto thread on Holla Forums

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>>129062344so, wheres the mega?

>>129065217every time i see a reaction image with him i am reminded of what a great fucking character WWJ is

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>>129065217>Damn I wanna see that family fuck each other!ftfy

>>129065217Best use of that meme.

>>129062344The Streisand Effect

>>129065055Is this a nursing hj situation? I could never tell

i would like to kiss him

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>>129062344He's very cute.

>>129062344Thats all the movie has

>>129064466Mirabruno actually makes sense

>>129066694if you live in rural alabama, sure

>>129064932Why is he so cute?

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>>129062344Because he's literally the perfect man.

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>>129067384They’re just retards who got molested by their uncle

I ain't seen this movie but why does it look so boring and is it good?

>>129067785Watch it and find out.

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>>129064932>>129064911What zero pussy does to a mf

>>129062344Cause Encanto Fangirls want to get fucked by their Uncle.

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>>129064932>>129067598the comic stirs some sort of emotion in me and i'm not sure what it is

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>>129062344the real question is why were the Abuela and flower sister such massive cunts?

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>>129068705empathy, crippling loneliness, the desire to hug, horny

I want to ravish him so bad.

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>>129062344There's plenty of art of the other characters, it's just that you mostly see Bruno on Holla Forums because all the unclefuckers are obsessed with him.

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>>129069818Like Milo.Everyone love this mulattx gremlin.

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que lindo

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>>129069449something like that, yeaha very specific sort of feeling, like when there's an episode of a show where a character is sick or injured, where they have to be taken care of. a very emotional, very vulnerable state. can create a multitude of emotions. pobrecito....

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>>129070320The fact the camera switches to the mirror's pov at the end probably adds to this considerably. Like he's looking directly at you and breaks down when you don't laugh at his "joke".

>>129070378i bet he would develop a darker sense of humor while stuck there, if he didn't have one already. not even the funny type, just the type of self-depreciation that seems funny at first but you just start to worry about him.if he had one already, that might've inadvertently caused him to be ostracized even more.

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>>129070433Dark humor is commonly enjoyed by more artsy types and emotional types which he very much seems to be both of those things so I wouldn't be surprised if his sense of humor was always a little off. It's also just a common coping tool in general. In this comic, he's barely making jokes though as is, you can tell he's trying to be funny and dismiss the intrusive thoughts in a light-hearted way. The line about how his corpse would "stink up the place" is also so fucking sad. Like even if it's meant to be funny, the only excuse he can give for why dying would be bad is that it would be an inconvenience for the family.

I do like the Bruno we got as he obviously fits with the overall theme and lesson of the movie, but I gotta say I really wish we could have had some legitimate creepy fortune teller/seer Bruno that was hinted at in his song

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I bet Bruno would be a titty sucker.

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>>129070616 Bruno's the kinda guy who'd be so eager to please he'd go down on you while your bleeding

>>129069257You’ve gotten slow.

>>129070530he really is trying to dismiss/devalue his own feelings in the comic. and he is drunk, so even when he's trying to numb himself of his isolation, it's not working. self-esteem doesn't reach lows like that overnight, it takes years and years of people wearing you down. doesn't help that OCD can sort of cloud your mental faculties at times. i speak from experience, of course.>>129070686would he even know what to do down there? i mean, he's got the spirit, but he doesn't strike me as...experienced. i could be wrong, though

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>>129070830Inexperienced for sure, but like you said, spirited. He'll learn with a bit of constructive feedback.

>>129070830As someone with a history of depressive episodes, I can also attest this shit is painfully accurate.


>>129064934It's about salsa man. We Don't Talk About Bruno is heavily based on salsa beats, which are very catchy to people (in this case, kids) who have never heard anything like it before. Adults are less likely to be captivated by new types of music but with kids, when you hear a new genre it fascinates you. Which is why teachers post memes about their kids singing the song together every damn day. Salsa is a powerful thing.

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Imagine Luisa saving Agustin from bees

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>>129071265I bet she was a daddy's girl

What would you ask Camilo to cook for you?

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>>1290716795 buns in his oven

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>>129067384>>129067725Cuckmilofags whining, as usual.First cousin is just as if not more degenerate than sibling marriage because it's STILL allowed even after most stopped the other kind.Seethe at Mirabruno.

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>>129071679Considering Camilo is 15,everything he would try to cook would either end up burnt or tasting horrible.I'd still eat it and tell him it's good so I don't hurt his feelings though

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>>129071774>do not repostWTF user!

>>129062344For an outcast hermit who lives in the walls and lives with rats, he looks like a low-key super model, go figure why people want to hump him. Broken, tired-eyed fetish, "UWU, no one loves me", sad yet positive, more feminine than masculine.

>>129071679I wouldn't, I'd rather ask him to show me how far his shapeshifting can go, during his part of the Bruno song we see him shift into Bruno form and then grow so he can seemingly alter his height but I'm wondering how far he can push it

>>129071774Mmm grinding

>>129070830It's the thought that counts.


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>>129072097God it's a sin how pretty his mouth is.

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>BrunoHow pathetic

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>>129072237That little nervous, holding himself pose is adorable.

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>>129073186i like how it seems to be a "thing" that he does. even since childhood, as evidenced here

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I really like this art style and I wish it wasn't Brumira so I could save it without shame. Maybe I can edit Bruno's speech bubble or something

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>>129073359Between this and the feet thing, how can anyone resist him?

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>>129073426Don't be a fag and embrace the incest, user.

>>129073593gay Bruno is better than incest Bruno

>>129073606keep your fujoshit to yourself, nobody likes it

>>129073606Bruno's biggest ship I'm pretty sure is with Camilo.

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>>129074175No, it's definitely with Mirabel and then OCs as a near second.

Jorge is cute.

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>>129073426Embrace Brumira because it makes this comic much funnier. Without it, it just looks like headcanons and self-insert faggotry.Also: Bruno, yes, she was made for you.

I made the perfect Bruno by playing around with faceapp

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>>129073540i can't believe they designed him like this. like femcel cocaine. submissive and breedable, "i can fix him", emo but not too emo, it's like he was engineered to be appealing>>129075420pretty good but i'm partial to esqueleto bruno myself

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>>129073606>>129074175Nah he's better and more popular with his sisters.

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>>129073831speak for yourself prude

>>129075570pepabruno has more dramatic potential than any other incest ship. it's like something out of a stage play, or actual telenovela.>she doesn't speak of him not because of any percieved wrongdoings, but because he broke her heart....because they were having an AFFAIR>audience gasp

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>>129075674Did he father a kid? I’d say it’s Camilo

>>129075712Camilo is the one who looks the most like Bruno but he still looks more like Felix.

>>129073606Not shipping at all would be better than both of those.INB4 that one unclefucker assumes that me not liking shipping somehow means I ship Camilo

>>129075674I guess but remember too that Julieta is shown to be the more affectioned one and didn't slander Bruno in the song. Mirabel has got Julieta's genes and also never spoke ill of him before everything went down.

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>>129075857I definitely think they had sex at least once, Bruno seems like he would have a crush on Julieta

>>129075712It’s universally agreed if he did father one of them it would be Mirabel and why she would not get a gift

>>129075526Bruno doesn't need to be fixed. He is perfect as is.

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>>129075985it's universally agreedonly among people who think it's normal to fuck your sister

>>129062738based because he smells?

>>129076150For Columbia yeah

>>129076342>ColumbiaNow I see the problem...You think this story happens in South Carolina.

Real talk: which nieces and nephews would Bruno have gotten along with the best or who favored their tio more before he left?

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>>129076546DoloresHe diddled her

>>129076536Same difference, either Julieta and Bruno fucked

>>129076546I think before he left he would have been closest to Dolores and Isabela, during the 10 years Dolores shoots up as the only one he kind of sort of still talks to, but in general in terms of personality I think Mirabel, Camilo, and Antonio are his kindred spirits

>>129076790>CamiloHe played up Bruno as a monster in the song though. Dolores and Isabela on the other hand didn't really bad mouth him so you might have a point. Mirabel and Antonio make sense after the movie at minimal for the short term anyway.

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>>129076546They're all special to him in their own way.

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>>129064478Cute puppy love, plus there's no creepy age gap

I love Bruno!

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>>129077046Camilo is a theater kid and a jokester so despite him doing Bruno dirty it seems like it was more of him messing with Mirabel than anything else and I think they would bond over a shared sense of humor and performance. Antonio probably reminds Bruno of himself when he was little, a sweet shy kid who spends a lot of time with animal companions.

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>>129075526I see, perhaps another femcel cocaine guy like Kylo as base?

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>>129080146Adam Driver is groce and Bruno does not deserve to be grouped with him.

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>>129062344>Encanto thread>Bruno-centricAre you fucking serious Holla Forums?

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>>129077373ripped bruno is good for comedic purposes but for fanservice i prefer him squishier

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>>129080946this is like the 3rd one, get with the times

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>>129080224Seethe and cope 2d masturbator

>>129080946Bruno is the best! He's handsome and sexy

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>>129080946The Mirabel centric threads are just seething at the latinx word and ugly latinas

>>129071774Yeah all that just to say you got molested by your disgusting uncle

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>>129081075Twiggy with a little potbelly is best Bruno.

>>129084204Sleeping Bruno is very cute. Would 100% spoon him.

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>>129084711Guarantee he's a snuggler.

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>>129065217Slightly improved version for future shitposting

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>>129085469Perfect and accurate

>>129085187>Ywn wake up to see to Bruno spooning you in his sleep,his spindly limbs caressing you gently>Nor will you ever feel his morning wood rubbing against your behind as he unconsciously snuggles deeper into you

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10 brothers ripoff

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>>129085845Oh God, it hurts. I just want to hold his tiny bod close and keep him warm and maybe play with his junk a little as he sleeps.

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>>129086094No, it's a Normal Norman ripoff

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>>129084281the perfect combo...canon, too>>129085845>>129086228do you take pleasure in torturing me so

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>>129087469Your fellow Brunosisters share your agony.

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>>129087469He would comfort you gentle after you wake up scared of him not being there

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>big niece hugs

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>>129088960I think the translation ruined this, someone has the original?

i literally look like bruno irl but fat

>>129089036How fat? Post hands.

>>129080946Complaining only makes them shitpost harder.If this movie has any fans left that aren't incest shippers, they've abandoned the threads because of the incest shippers.

>>129089111im european so this is pretty chonky

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>>129089117There's the gay Bruno poster, but she gets mobbed by incest shippers who somehow think him fucking his niece is somehow more in charecter.

>>129067785It's incredibly mundane but it's popular among 3 demographics:>Twitter crowd who think a large family living together is quirky and unusual, along with "I

he does indeed have ponch

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>>129089036So like how Oscar was in the concept art?If so that's hot

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>>129089462These are Pepa's parents.There are no white people in this movie.Okay, *maybe* the bald priest.

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>>129089495not that big but kinda>spoiler thanks bro

>>129089177lol, get fuck yurofag

>>129089490>there exists a nude model for every encanto character

>>129089490source? Can't find that shot progression

>>129085469thank you user

>>129087087Normalman ripoff

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>>129089490>that crotchis that the model clipping, or weird lighting...?my goodness...

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>>129090419The mistake is thinking of ourselves as "race" when we're perfectly capable of understanding breeding with any other animal. We don't treat black dogs as a different race than brown or yellow dogs. We understand that black labs, chocolate labs, and yellow labs are more closely related to each other than they are to rottweilers, dachshunds, and frenchies. Geneticists have this figured out for humans, too, they're called "haplogroups" and there are a fuckton of them and they don't divide evenly into the archaic notion of "race". I get why you still do it, though. There are way too many haplogroups for the average racist to be able to keep track of.

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>>129090645But people do treat dog breeds as hard divisions similar to race. The word mongrel being used for mixed race people even highlights that breed and race share much the same mental space in our collective consciousness. And we have already divided human haplogroups roughly into the same broad categories as "race", regardless of how flawed the attempt may be. This is literally just the only way we can understand the world because we were not built to deal with the actual complexity inherent in nature.

Attached: MtDNA_haplogroup_distribution_among_2,054_individuals_across_26_populations_from_the_1000_Genomes_Project.png (1408x1678, 412.58K)

>>129089177That's a soft hand, me likes.Would be nice to kiss>>129089490Malnutrition does that, looks at starving africans with the guts.Too much fats without healthy vitamins fucks a man up>>129089495I like how we call him Oscar as homage to the original name.Would like to hug and get around his chest

deleted scene

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>>129090645>The mistake is thinking of ourselves as "race" when we're perfectly capable of understanding breeding with any other animal.Race always meant the distinctions between human groups, it doesn't mean "Species". Except in fantasy or sci-fi fiction, which for some idiotic reason uses Race in place of Species.

>>129091584>the distinctions between human groupsThose don't evenly divide into black, white, brown, and yellow. Especially when you get into haplogroups with diverse lineages like central americans. Pepa having lighter skin and hair than her brother and sister does not make her a different race than them. The post I replied to was responding to someone saying that the one white woman in the film was married to a black man. They're arbitrarily assigning her a different race than her parents and siblings, and that's not how heredity works.

>>129062344He's a tumblr sexyman

>>129091702Anon being an idiot doesn't make you any less wrong

>>1290917771/10, you almost made me respond as if you were actually that stupid but you're being a little too obvious.No more (You) for you after this one.

>>129091115i thought that malnutrition of that severity was caused by dehydration?bruno might just have a little pudge due to using his upper body and legs more

>>129092877His metabolism is probably shot due to age and ten years of a shitty diet.

>>129092877>>129093048The poor guy eats rats food (probably even some rats that dies of accidents or planned accidents) and cold bread and I have no idea where he took water to drink.He definitely had metabolism issues.

>>129093127i can't imagine the emotional toll eating your former pet rat would cause. i don't even know if he would do that, there's probably a lot of leftovers or at least raw cooking materials in the kitchen.but i agree, he probably has metabolism issues. i think he'd get sick if they started feeding him like the rest of the family right away

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Watch Encanto for the plot

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>>129093295He needs time to fix his eating orders.>>129093295>toll eating your former pet rat would cause. It's sad but don't let meat be wasted to flies>i don't even know if he would do that,His rats would tell him to do that like no problem

>>129093336sir this is a little girl

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>>129093431to be fair rats will cannibalize other dead rats if the situation is dire. But Julieta is always cooking as his line about being next to the kitchen makes it seem like he swipes food from the kitchen often. So it seems much more likely he just lives off of leftover. He may be eating less but he's not so desperate he would need to eat his pets.

>>129062344hated this film. Crushingly dull and idiotic screenplay. WDAS has gone downhill since the Tangled and Frozen days

>>129093431>Bruno: we should bury our now dead brother>Rats: yeah in bread and sauce


>>129093937NO U

Literally just watched this today and I wasn't expecting John Leguizamo.Also, his song was pretty good but Luisa's was better.

wheres the fucking download anons, i have a NEED to see the big woman, but all the regular spots have been hit by takedowns.

Well, I finally broke down and did it. I wrote Bruno porn. Non-incest.archiveofourown org works 37448599

Can anyone reccomend a bruno artist who doesnt draw incest?

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>>129095359>>129095392I just made a twitter for posting non-incestuous bruno art. I haven't posted a lot yet. Just a heads up, some of it will be dark. If you're not into dubcon and other bdsm elements, you might want to stay away.my handle is brun0p3>>129095389this one's mineI haven't tweeted it yet bc I might make some tweaks

>>129095389>dat pube jungle sploosh

>>129095538hair is a must for me

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silencio bruno

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>Bruno thread>One retard user doesn't want incest>Thread dies

>>129091234I suppose they wouldn't want to open the "power amulet" can of worms.Like why they would need the family if they can just encanto-ing objects to give the people so they don't need them

>>129094999Rarbg link came out 2 months ago, man

Finally watched the movie and I'm surprised there's not as much Luisa/Mirabel stuff.

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>>129071280Usually most middle child areMother usually dotes and or smothers the first child, the third one or both, middle child often ends up relating more to the dad


>>129097406thats a new getting spot, or maybe im just getting out of date.

>>129064911>>129064932He didn't want to die, he just wanted life to get better. Like most suicidal people.

>>129064911>>129064932Shit that was heavy>>129098202Sad Clowns covers that too, my favourite way to do a quirky happy man

>>129098202Which is basically what's implied with the "that would solve all our problems" line. He's having intrusive thoughts (common with both depression and OCD) and while he doesn't seem to take them super seriously it's clear the issue is less about wanting to die and more about not wanting to live like this.The morbid wouldn't it be funny line is that if he just died in an accident like that the pain would stop without him having to do anything about it. It would be a sort of twisted lucky break.

>>129089177Post belly


Attached: glasses.webm (1920x1080, 2.82M)

Official newsmobile.twitter.com/thejaredbush/status/1498571204549963777?t=r16GF8P-PbdwDLf7a7JhcA&s=19It’s officially Mirabel’s birthday month, so I can finally reveal big news that Dolores has known all along… Mirabel’s birthday is March 6th.

Attached: 1645425688576.jpg (726x1024, 250.27K)

>>129099808>a bunch of faggots in the comments already talking about horoscope bullshitthis is why you don't give fictional characters real birthdays, cause real people make it annoying

>>129095389>>129095449god damn man that's some good shit

Attached: 20211228_213800.jpg (1242x991, 182.08K)

ah what the hell, i'll save the thread again.

Attached: FLaUFDzVQAAympT.jpg (1080x1380, 269.71K)

Attached: FLj1rY3VkAQd4WP.jpg (820x1180, 143.17K)

Attached: FLKDrb6akAArAH9.jpg (1536x2048, 466.86K)

Attached: FMs-mtjakAEh0TZ.jpg (824x908, 120.17K)

Attached: Kawaii Dolores.png (1081x2588, 156.44K)

Attached: FJKuryzWYAEQAth.jpg (2637x2993, 582.12K)

>>129101142Will it hurt her ears if I moan when I fuck her?I fear that even the sound of my cum filling her womb would freak her out.As well as she peeing in the morning.


Attached: FLYdrFDXIAE1Tzb.jpg (862x628, 52.26K)

>>129101660>assuming Dolores isn't a freaky voyeur who listens to people fuck all the time


>>129100410But it was funny to see them justify the triplets' wildly different personalities with their horoscopes which are, by definition, exactly the same.

>>129101750I prefer the credits' songyoutube.com/watch?v=L74W7Ml9Yww

Attached: FKbkCdFaIAg5I_C.jpg (1440x1800, 660.06K)

Attached: FJR8YAIaAAEU1c3.jpg (738x415, 105.52K)

Attached: FMurjksVUAAsrOw.jpg (800x1000, 110.13K)

Attached: dolores.jpg (1886x3641, 863.82K)

>>129102503the virgin is Bruno


Attached: 56aff790cebdb54ae6d9c884da2ac6b3.jpg (540x778, 119.54K)

>>129062344We don’t talk about Doofno

Attached: EFC85AEC-4E22-4432-9B30-A9B64438819B.jpg (1242x1385, 1.2M)

Attached: isabella.jpg (1687x3641, 394.42K)

Attached: Mira.jpg (2468x3642, 1.28M)

Attached: FKopoQEVUAApns5.jpg (1810x2048, 747.61K)

>>129071774Uncle incest is as disgusting as parntal incest.

Attached: FMuB8N-WUAk2io9.jpg (968x4096, 676.5K)

why has this one character made Holla Forums so gay

>>129103247Its just the one white tumblrhag constantly spamming bruno and responding to her own posts. Guess she's not wanted in either tumblr or /cm/ so we're the lucky ones that have to deal with her.

Attached: just ignore her and she'll go away eventually.jpg (1024x683, 105.05K)

>>129101750I read it in We Don't Talk About Bruno theme and rythm

>>129103247>an abject failure rejected by his family who still loved his family and mooched off them and lived in their wallstake away the superpowers and Bruno is basically every Holla Forums user manifested as one guy

>>129103316Weird. If she's really responsible for the majority of these posts for the two months since the movie dropped.... I guess that's strangely impressive.

>>129103316>>129103353It's always "all posters are this schizo".Truth is, it's many posters that larp or bait.I'm a brunodyke too, didn't make this thread but I made another.

>>129103353 hi tumblrhag

Attached: FKm0-TlXoAIegwo.jpg (1864x2048, 510.36K)

>>129103561lol are you fucking serious? i'm the dude who can't understand if you're all fags or what

>>129102994Why is she so smug?

Attached: FLXHoukXoAg5BAb.jpg (2048x2048, 266.6K)

Attached: hair down.jpg (1668x1863, 854.84K)

Attached: FMYDRzzXMAYwH1p.jpg (2271x2456, 408.6K)

Attached: FMYDRz1XoAQRnEQ.jpg (1440x1518, 223.54K)

>>129103955I want to pet her hairs>>129104579I want to drink that Luisa shirt

>>129103349He kept the wallls repaired and stopped the house from collapsing way before it should have. Are a lot of Holla Forums anons DiY guys?

Oh thank god this thread finally got interesting

>>129105032Incest isn't interesting.

let's talk DILFs

Attached: FL9uTPIacAEI4j4.jpg (1440x1800, 491.35K)

Attached: FL9uTPWagAEoA5B.jpg (1364x2048, 405.82K)

Attached: FL_RQQiWYAY6YBX.jpg (1506x2048, 324.78K)

>>129105785I don't understand this man's energy.

Attached: felix.png (500x712, 578.64K)

>>129102938>>129102754>>129102994>Let's put characters in generic modern clothesWhy though?

>>129062344Lily Orchard says he's white coded

>>129105844He's the type of man to willingly marry a woman who rapidly flicks from mood to mood, with negative side effects for her many many negative moods.That is to say, just as overly dramatic as his wife, but surprisingly good at calming her down.

>>129105844He saw a challenge, a neurotic latina with the power to kill, and wanted to tame her like a wild mare

>>129105844When the tard rage is strong enough to level the whole town, you need a good tard wrangler.

Attached: FMSl5RVVUAIk6Gt.jpg (736x1104, 198.18K)

>>129106557Japanese artists really know how to make Bruno as cute as humanly possible.

Attached: 63fa0ae041679af3a5b07541ec24c29b.jpg (736x990, 158.88K)

>>129105944Lily Orchard can eat my bullets.Bruno is white passing in maybe MED countries like Greece and Italy.But if it's the usual>A character needs to show off his culture every moment like saying random spanglish words like a retard and worship QuetzalcoatlThen Lily Orchard can sew her chopped off dick on the throat and shit from that empty hole that once had a penis

>>129106604They really do. Honestly to a detriment at times, Bruno is super cute but in a scruffy way, making him all soft and clean looking removes some of the appeal even if the art is good. pic related

Attached: FMOct7xagAAPXUz.jpg (1200x1500, 139.42K)

>>129105944>white coded>Listening to anything a retard like Lily Orchard says

Attached: Pepa eyeroll.jpg (3340x3072, 716.31K)

>>129106697true. the big nose, gangly limbs, prominent eyebags, worried expression, all of these are advantageous to his design. sanding off the edges to make him more conventionally attractive misses the point.

Attached: 20211221_161743.jpg (1916x2048, 665.97K)

>>129105944Didn’t care when bitch whined about Steven Universe don’t care now

>>129064145Low upper body strength, same as with women.

>Man who has spent most of his life in the walls with rats.>A hunk.He is probably heavily malnourished, filthy, crawling with parasites, and smells of piss and shit at all times. But for sure, draw more pictures of him fucking his thirteen year old nephew, just be sure to add those elements in.

>>129107057>He is probably heavily malnourished, filthy, crawling with parasites, and smells of piss and shit at all times.uh, that’s literally the appeal you retard. you absolute mong.


>>129105051On the contrary, its the reason i'm here~!

Attached: 1645425132963.jpg (2502x2863, 771.71K)

Attached: 1645481400822.jpg (1921x2251, 557.34K)

>>129107057>>129107088i wanna give him a bath so fucking bad

Attached: Tumblr_l_77403713045993.png (507x677, 277.09K)

Attached: 1645594554497.jpg (1266x1380, 410.85K)

Attached: 1645603518010.jpg (1218x1254, 94.96K)

Attached: 1645468603435.jpg (818x769, 96.55K)

>>129089897found ityoutube.com/watch?v=xwa9t1gdKco

Attached: Screenshot_20220301-192012_Brave.jpg (1079x619, 237.23K)

Attached: 1645467727687.jpg (1600x1383, 306.98K)

Attached: 1645466781987.jpg (1095x1166, 200.13K)


Attached: Bruuumira.jpg (828x998, 87.24K)

>>129107057>hunkLiterally no one here calls him a hunk and every fanart is him being skinny and weak, you trying to pysop me

Attached: 1645427048093.jpg (661x1068, 124.4K)

Attached: 1645475114966.jpg (2204x1791, 528.16K)

Attached: 1645482728444.jpg (1561x999, 246.52K)

>>129064478These two are so damn cute

Attached: 1645518770094.jpg (1620x1620, 391.04K)

Anyone else find it distracting how much the grandma looks like Anton Ego?

Attached: FMy_Zc2akAARCW7.jpg (1400x1800, 297.04K)

>>129107057I prefer his sistersI get off on the idea of them bathing him


Attached: FMy_ZutaQAEm944.jpg (1400x1800, 390.6K)

Attached: FLUKP5NaIAMUVUr.jpg (907x2048, 110.59K)


Attached: FLUKP5OakAY7d_j.jpg (904x920, 99.39K)

>>129107516Excuse me

Attached: Pouch.png (1024x681, 583.06K)

>>129107516>>129089897Here is a whole playlist tooyoutube.com/watch?v=wcxQSmHqxdc&list=PL4tlLSwxv9leT8zyCkxbHRFWYayDDx17AAlso Mirabel has really nice butt and thighs

Attached: Butt.png (625x538, 465K)

>>129062344Apparently people secretly love incels

Is this true?

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Attached: FMoWZzZWQAUXCl6.jpg (1201x591, 108.18K)

Attached: b9030fb514cf3d9f828dbe9a4174d24c5b980d57[1].jpg (1280x1580, 340.69K)

>>129109602good lordi'm going to go insane. look at that belly. maravilloso

Attached: 20220101_135420.jpg (2048x1535, 336.99K)

>>129109913>>129109926Kind of but the comparison is a bit unfair. The reason you see this is because the discourse for whether or not certain characters are bad is unnecessary so all you get is horny posting but characters that could be interpreted either way get actual discussion so you see a lot more negativity being posted about them. Odelia is almost comically evil, nearly grievously injuring her daughter to prove a point and just generally being a bitch so there's no debate on whether she's a good mother or not, so the only discourse around her is wanting to fuck her. Luz's mom and Alma are both more gray and human characters and so people relate to the damage they did to their kids. I haven't seen Final Space so I can't say for that show.

>>129109602>that tumI'm fucking drooling right now

Attached: 181717464534554.jpg (750x750, 57.33K)

Attached: FKm47IfVQAIBDcR.jpg (2048x1112, 298.6K)


Attached: FKm47InUYAUq4bb.jpg (2048x1042, 241.8K)

>>129109602I want to kiss that so bad.

>>129089177bro how can hands look like this lmaooo

>>129109926On one hand I don't like it when people make Abuela horrible for easy drama. On the other, it would be funny if she constantly casually called Felix and Agustin slurs.

>>129110449>>129110473Yes. More of this. Cute as fuck lesbians.

Attached: FKDA2DPakAIAsKL.jpg (1540x1115, 300.05K)

>>129110449>>129110473Thank fuck all this waiting through mind numbing talk about bruno from white tumblr rejects paid off

>>129110595>>129110776I gotchu senpai

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Attached: 1645765729329.jpg (1280x1329, 244.74K)

Attached: themountainsays.jpg (1280x1522, 370.12K)

>>129110747>>129110473>>129110449>>129110909>>129110922Disney gotta cash in on the dyke incest eventually.

Attached: protect.webm (1920x1080, 2.79M)

>>129066694It's also visually compatible, since Mirabel looks 40.

Attached: tragic.jpg (2048x1298, 214.26K)

>>129103081It’s also fictional

Attached: FL5CDCkUUAMCQWj.jpg (2097x1695, 281.93K)

>>129109913Why are emotional and psychological abuse two different categories?Emotional abuse is a sub-set of psychological abuse.

>>129110053Wow, that is just a self perpetuating cycle>She's unhappy, so she's forced to wear the hat>Being forced to wear the hat makes her upset, making her need to wear it longer


Attached: Iworryaboutyoupart 1.png (1500x2874, 1.54M)


Attached: Iworryaboutyou part 2.png (1500x5498, 2.34M)


Attached: wedon'ttalkaboutbrunolettering.png (1500x5250, 1.34M)

>>129110595>Doesn't want to marry one specific guy>Must be a lesbianI don't understand this logic.

>>129111241damn she really does, never noticed that.

Attached: FKSPRYBacAAsUDF.jpg (1536x2048, 181.69K)


Attached: FKSPRYCaUAI_o7X.jpg (1536x2048, 196.47K)


Attached: FKSPRYJagAATeye.jpg (1536x2048, 169.82K)

>>129112042>never noticed thatHow?

Attached: mirabel.png (606x670, 594.71K)


Attached: FKSPRYCaMAAkUW2.jpg (1536x2048, 156.15K)

>>129112005So Pepa gaslights her kids like Alma does?

>>129112344More like she's emotionally unstable and, no thanks to Alma and the villagers, only sees the downsides of Bruno.

Attached: FJJcxKQaAAIw-dG.jpg (620x398, 40.25K)

Attached: 1643475173147.jpg (689x1000, 87.6K)

Attached: P-P-PILEDRIVER.jpg (787x1290, 95.01K)

>>129110293>I haven't seen Final Space so I can't say for that show.I did and the comparison is that the blonde mother "got away with it".And the thing is that the mother was just too unknown to have a proper idea and she actually wanted to fix her mistakes.

Attached: FMyPzUwXEAMqEKO.jpg (1448x2048, 240.68K)

>>129112830>Another abusive lesbian shipI know they made peace at the end... but damn yuridykes really like the previously frenemies

>>129112005>cobarde, egoísta, perezosoJesus Christ Pepa, calm down

>>129095868>>129095868I just really think he'd be into getting dominated. You'd never expect it from someone as timid and awkward as him but dude is into some rough shit like choking, hair grabbing and probably being slapped. I imagine it's like a healthy form of self harm because he's doing it with someone who loves him and vice versa, being rough on him and watching him squirm is hot and all but after everything is said and done, seeing a small smile appear on his face is what really makes it all worth it.

>>129115866I bet he likes being insulted, like being told that he does nothing but bring bad luck and is a worthless burden on his family and the entire town and that his acting totally sucks ass.

>>129111943>>129111956>>129112005Dolores knowing about Bruno and having a silent relationship with him in the walls is my favourite concept from this fandom

Attached: FJGcgbOXMAQHKhX.jpg (900x1400, 198.37K)

>>129115116Think about this from her perspective though. She has to suppress her emotions every day just to avoid hurting people, Bruno gets to run off and wallow in self-pity any time things aren't going his way and the family just accepts this at this point. Her understanding of mental health isn't great cause it's the 50's and none of these bitches have access to therapy. Lacking the knowledge we have to understand what's wrong with him, from the outside it does kinda looks like he's too cowardly, lazy and selfish to deal with conflict, to support the rest of the family in the wake of a major incident. Mirabel's door ceremony failed, something that's never happened before and has sent everyone into a panic and when he was asked for help, he just fucking vanished. When they need him, he's gone, at least the way she sees it. She can't understand why he can't just suck it up like she does and make himself useful.

>>129115914Of takes on that relationship, I do really like this one as sad as it is. Imagine being a 10-year-old girl and worrying that if you rat your uncle out the resulting conflict with the family could quite literally break him. Truthfully she probably should have said something cause what Bruno was doing wasn't good for him but she has no way of knowing the right thing to do here.

>>129115887He's got complex feelings that need to be fucked out of him from time to time

>>129062344he looks like craig mccracken on weightwatchers

>>129116088>Hitler dubsIt's like this pic but replace it all with Bruno and the mean things they say about him

Attached: 1458004434209.jpg (900x281, 107.18K)

>>129115887>>129116205Shit meant to reply to this one too

Hey, anyone got a screencap of that user talking about Bruno's sisters reacting to him pulling his disappearing act?

>>129064514Bruno oblivious to Mirabel's affections because he's kinda fucked up from being alone for as long as he has been while Camilo and Isabela seethe over him being doted on by her

>>129068705is there more?

>>129111943>>129111956>>129112005>>129116408these ones are a continuation on the one up top

>>129071280honestly I can see the non-blood Madrigals being the favorite parent because there's no ingrained expectations

>>129064934You used to be with it, but then they changed what it was. Now what you're with isn't it, and what's it is weird and scary. It has happened to you.

>>129116424yeah, just saw them.oof, they hit me in the emotions

>>129116681which part hit you the hardest?

>>129116793probably Pepa shit talking him, unaware that he was right on the other side of the wall and hearing everything she was saying

>>129116962Notice when Dolores brings Bruno up Pepa crackles a bit, but when she's actually shit-talking him there's no thunder or lightning, just rain. She talks like she's angry, but really she's just sad.

>>129116069>it's the 50'sIt is?Since there are telenovelas I would say either 70s or 60s

>>129115866>>129115887i don't know if that'd be healthy in the long run, as it is still some form of self-harmbut, i say this because i'm a complete pussy and couldn't bring myself to insult him like that, even consensually. i more prefer a gentle domination, lavishing praise upon him until he has no choice but to believe it and not letting him cum until he agrees that he's handsome and wonderful

Attached: Tumblr_l_318988541318835.png (1931x2697, 1.64M)

Attached: FJDfIjdaAAQ7vUP.jpg (1252x1683, 252.27K)

>>129115866>>129115887>>129117290gave this a read>>129095249it's a little solo thing but it's got those masochist vibes

Attached: 1640615244446.jpg (1499x2048, 382.7K)

>>129117396 That fullness, that feeling of being properly violated. The thought of gruff hands on his throat as he grew dizzy again.

>>129064145>LatinxKill yourself nigger

>>129062344because unfortunately for all of us, yaoifags produce the most art

>>129117432Looks Tim Burton-esque, I like it.Gives the silent vibe of mental abuse and fear

>>129118017>yaoifagsYou mean yaoidykes

>>129117396Good read, user. Hopefully you'll make more, I'll be on the look out

>>129119389Dykes are a subset of fags

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Attached: FKnGolTWQAElPQo.jpg (1500x1500, 290.2K)


Attached: FKnGolRX0AE_u1n.jpg (1500x1500, 142.13K)

>>129117432I can't imagine how tough those first couple of years were.

Weird that a lot of the isalores stuff is Dolores using Mariano to get closer to Isabela.

Attached: tumblr_12b5ed0c141b3dcb089ada3e8b9078d2_72ec2151_1280.jpg (800x1100, 183.09K)

Attached: tumblr_414a0a3fa2a375090a8080f4e23b2cfe_069661bb_1280.jpg (800x1100, 190K)

Attached: tumblr_9ad89624cf2036c813f1e468f26198f1_b0e2a428_1280.jpg (800x1100, 185.65K)

Attached: tumblr_d36f6ac7efce5c9982bfd377adaa80ed_9bbc3bcc_1280.jpg (800x1100, 161.95K)

Attached: tumblr_ee2a7ec33180b7f868f566f0ce48667d_a837ef6f_1280.jpg (800x1100, 169.18K)

too skinny

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Attached: WLM flag.jpg (640x1016, 73.65K)

Is this movie the gay paradise or what?

>>129121957There's no gay stuff.

>>129065074>Bruno’s real magical power is being super shippable

>>129117432>>129118798>Encanto shorts with different art styles reflecting how each member of the family sees the world>Bruno’s looks all Tim Burton-esque and gloomy.

>>129122064If anyone in the movie has any conceivable evidence of being queer it's Bruno given he's 50 and still single. Yeah 10 years in hiding, but he was 40 when he left and both sisters were married with multiple children. Alma also seems to put a lot of emphasis on growing the family and it's hard ti imagine she wouldn't have tried to set her son up with someone. Yes he's awkward and was stigmatized by his powers but the sheer volume of Bruno simps irl makes it hard to believe that there wasn't a single person in the town who would be attracted to him.So at least with the gay Bruno headcanon it could serve as a simple explanation for an odd character detail, though it's really not required, it just simpler than the number of things that would have to add up for him to still be single otherwise. Or ace, could also be ace.as for everyone else, Isabela is assumed to be a lesbian literally just cause she didn't want to marry one specific guy and have lots of babies.Camilo is assumed gender-fluid and or bi just because he is a shapeshifter. (I mean he probably does have a loser relationship to ender as he's comfortable turning into woman but that doesn't mean he's not still perfectly content identifying as a straight male)Luisa being trans is just insulting. There's no way that's even possible we see pictures of her as a 5 year old girl. She just isn't trans.Mirabel is assumed bi just cause she has a bisexual voice actor and a rainbow on her dress.everyone else is either married, been married, confirmed straight, or a child.Bruno is basically the only queer headcanon with any real in-universe evidence and even then it could be circumstantial.

Attached: FMySxa6VkAAhQE5.jpg (1736x2048, 409.13K)


Attached: FMySxa5UUAU1WWD.jpg (1319x1752, 237.06K)

Attached: FKqbNapVgAQuhha.jpg (1000x1000, 152.7K)

Attached: Luisabela.jpg (1906x2602, 869.93K)

>>129122273i like to think of bruno as bi just because it'd be funny if he was so horrifically awkward that his romantic escapades failed with literally everyone

Attached: e56120faba3068fcf6c4b20a06d04517676b6fc0cad92aefeda378b77c8b97a0_1.jpg (1080x984, 195.67K)

Attached: LuisaMira1.jpg (720x1280, 107.17K)

>>129122064Yeah no ones actually gay in the movie

Luisa my beloved

Attached: FK_9CiuXMAQuBRK.jpg (1440x1241, 336.24K)

>>129122273I would say Bruno might be an involuntary asexual. Having future vision like he does (always seeing disasters especially) would probably make the prospect of a relationship absolutely terrifying. Just the thought that at some point in your relationship you get a vision of it failing miserably or even just something bad happening to your partner and them blaming you. Would you even want to fucking try to get romantically involved?

>>129122779bruno is probably a volcelafter whacking it in the walls for several years he probably burnt out a cortex and now his libido is at absolute zerorealistically, if there was any need for him to be romanced, i think it'd be best if he just made a friend, as a start. he doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who has a lot of those

Attached: 20211220_211415.jpg (1920x1080, 308.06K)

Attached: FMpi6EGaIAE4M0c.jpg (1059x1142, 179.34K)

>>129122816True he needs a friend first.

>crazy aunt could cause a hurricane at any time just by having a mood swing (which she has often)>hearing girl can spy on literally anything anyone in the town is doing at any time>anybody you talk to could turn out to be shapeshifting kid in disguise>she-hulk that's probably bulletproof could kill anyone in town she felt like and there's no way to fight back or escapeLiving in this town sounds like a nightmare.

>>129122636But I guess Luisa spins Mirabel around a bit.And Isabela and Dolores hold hands.And Camilo looks gay I guess.And it doesn't take much to make the shippers happy.

Attached: 1642271038341.webm (1920x1038, 1.19M)


Attached: Screenshot_20220302-182458_FaceApp.jpg (960x520, 90.98K)

Wouldn't it be funny if the power went to Mirabel's head after taking over and she becomes a warlord or someting?

>>129123733How would she defeat anyone?

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Attached: 1644158927354.jpg (3904x3848, 909.28K)

Attached: FMnXpJaaUAAyCFK.jpg (1500x896, 336.08K)

>>129123835How do Isabela, Julieta, and Bruno fit into this?

Attached: FMMdw8RagAAerTu.jpg (1641x1125, 539.2K)

>>129123687Bruna perhapsAlso no, I want a dick attached and possibly the dick owner going by he him pronounces.And the dick being natural

>>129123949Isabella can strangle people with her vines or release poisonous spores into enemy ranks, Julieta can bring back troops from the brink of death and send them right back to battle and Bruno can see potential threats or enemy strategies.

>>129124073Makes we wish they rebelled and went evil even more than the OG lame ass ending

>>129124215Maybe they can explore that in the Christmas special when the Vatican sends a bishop to investigate the miracle and the Madrigals secretly murder him.

Attached: FMxTBNqVEAI-LTz.png (900x641, 283.64K)

Attached: FMxTC8WVcAQldb5.png (900x639, 293.98K)


Attached: FMxTE_IVcAAtekC.png (900x629, 468.68K)


Attached: FMxTGb_VIAAes_L.png (900x464, 173.71K)

>>129093516Enchanto was better than those piles of garbage

>>129122779>(always seeing disasters especially)Does he canonically only see the disasters, or do people do the classic thing of only remembering his negative prophesies?After all the one for Isabela was positive, if not exactly what anyone expected.

Still stuck unable to get through 100 Years of Solitude. It's just so awkwardly written, bros.

>>129125052Yeah... I mean, I enjoyed it but I don't feel like I would recommend it (even if you liked Encanto).

>>129125122I'm not sure if it's related but a latino friend of mine said that the Spanish language is very literal. As in, you say "X... and then Y... and then Z..." which is very different to English which has a lot more of a flow to it. Not sure if maybe that's why 100YoS is written like an encyclopedia.

>>129125030Probably a bit of both. People don't really think about the positive visions and Bruno was only ever asked to look into the future when people were already worried something was wrong so most of his visions were confirming things they were already afraid of.

>>129125030He saw Isabella's powers expanding and her getting the life she always wanted.

>>129125357He saw my dick expanding to Isabella.

>>129125357My point was that everyone, except Isabela herself, assumed the life Isabela is living at the start of the movie is what was promised.

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>>129124215>rebelled and went evilMadrigal Evil AU is my favourite take on this.Mirable is the only heroine of the family while the others are a mafioso like family with superpowers that took control of the colombian region

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>>129125549>Good and positive husband wife couple>I wanted to protect my daughterNice

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Would have been sweet

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>>129126293haha get fucked camilo

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>>129126727>having another kid at 50

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>>129126752Well, the kid does talk to animals. So he's pretty autistic.

>>129126806>everybody was just pretending this whole time to humour Antonio

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>Bruno is Mirabel's bitch

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>>129127244The new queen of the encanto needs a concubine

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>>129070574This is obviously an exaggeration from a kid trying to scare his cousin. Doesn't exist.

>>129129357No. Bruno just mellowed out a lot after Mirabel's ceremony. Even lost some height.

>>129062344What is ot about modern Disney films that attract so much incest shipping?

>>129129357>>129129377The height bit is actually referencing the old original version of Bruno when he was a giant 7 foot dude.

>>129129461Which films attract incest shipping outside of Frozen, Encanto, and though it's a stretch Tangled? Hiro and Aunt Cass? They barely got anything that's not porn.

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>>129129461Except for Mariano, the entire story is about all the madrigal family members so there's not a whole lot for shippers to latch on to.

>Libido of a 15 yr old vs the libido of an old man Mirabel is gonna suck this poor bastard dry

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>>129128631Genuine question, what IS the appeal of this ship? It's got cute fanart but what in the movie makes it so loved? It's one of the most popular ships from the movie and I don't remember that much between them compared to other characters.My other question would be when are these two gonna get more fanart?

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>>129129554It's Tadashi and Hiro, not Hiro and Aunt Cass


>>129129377I'm aware, but I wanted it to be real

>>129129943I know. I even wrote that in my post but I felt Hiro and Cass were bigger. The point about the ship not existing outside of porn I actually made regarding Hiro and Tadashi.

>Me at the beginning of these threads

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>>129126752>Pepa is 50 and Dolores is 21Magic keeps young, maybe even the genetics will stay young