Miraculous ladybug

in my opinion, kim is the only character with a good development in the series. (although I would have preferred if he had been paired with alyx)

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you both just swim

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>>129051454He's so full of secrets.

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>>129051454He is one of the few background characters that had more that one quirk, he loves sports but also becomes antagonistic with other people when its about winning so he acted like an asshole a couple of times, his best friends is the black nerd and he had that one episode where he was in love with Chloe.So yeah he is a background character but one with a lot of things going on with him.

>>129051454I like how Alya went from ignorant best friend to plucky sidekick to fucking up so hard that she is no longer allowed to appear publicly as a superhero

>>129051587>his best friends is the black nerdI wonder how this strange friendship started.

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>>129051685Asians are probably nerds and though he is a jock, he can relate to other nerds.

Kim suffers from runaway flanderization. Prince Ali still has potential.

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>>129051454I would like him and Marinette to spend more time together, they are both of Asian descent,

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>>129051705>>129051685They both like DBZ, what's so hard to get>>129051775wouldn't mind seeing a trio of marinette, kim, and kagamiwho is the other one there?

>>129051775>who is the other one there?mireille

>>129051719>Prince Ali still has potentialget over it, his only hope of coming back is to make a cameo in a special.

>>129051775Kim is too good for Marinette.

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>>129051454the way Master Fu gave the monkey miraculous makes me think he could have been Chat Noir given the old man found him first


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>>129051454>(although I would have preferred if he had been paired with alyx)they were perfect together.

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>>129051685They are in a secret bisexual relationship

>>129051775I would like see Marinette spend more time together with other people period, the Alya and Adrien circle is too fucking boring, the other classmates would be great for her, Alyx and Kim would be pretty cool, Rose could be interesting too. Fuck, just keep just shitty romance in the background for one fucking second please!

>>129051538New clip for the finale is on. Also, we’re having a poster. Gabrielbros, he’s dying, isn’t he?

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Some people are expecting the un-heroic season’s finale cliffhanger to be a new world reset from a wish, what would you like from that? I think it would be perfect to fix some lost potential, such as.>Kim kept his Miraculous, without Ladybug knowing about him.>He attempts to be a hero dropping once in a while, but when he uses his powers he can make things better or worse for Ladybug and Chat Noir.>Always flees before anyone can try to retrieve his Miraculous.> “Master Fu, I need you to draw a picture of the Miraculous user”.> *Draws a generic doodle man with a swim cap that makes him look bald or too common*>Kim finds the Horse Miraculous dropped and gives it to Max.>Both become a dynamic duo, with Max trying to find ways for Kim to get better, improving their acts.>Both flee to keep their Miraculous.>During Miracle Queen events, the Miraculous Box gets destroyed as a last resort so no one could keep it.>Miraculous are spread in Paris in camouflage mode.I’d call this season “The Butterfly Effect”.

>>129051775Kim sound Korean. They're dogs for the Chinese and the Japanese

>>129053398I like what I see, kim and max being like the secondary team of heroes is great, it would be great if they try to be popular heroes and fail, because everyone loves ladybug.> an episode where kim finds out he's popular in china?

>>129053398Maybe they pull a Madoka and changing reality glitches the universe, Instead of Akumas we get some weird time displaced villains.

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>>129053437>Kim sound Korean. They're dogs for the Chinese and the Japanesekim is vietnamese

>>129053539Even worse. China fucking hate Vietnam because they've been trying to conquer Vietnam for centuries

>>129051685Im not american but This Jock x Nerd thing seem to be a made up presumption propagated by 90’s movies. In my school I was the biggest nerd around and had plenty of jock friends.

>>129051454Kim is based. I would like a “idiot saves the day without realizing it” trope episode with him

>Miraculous thread almost dyingYou guys are better than this

>>129052408Agreed. Shame it seems like she does nothing anymore. Alix would have been more entertaining than a girl who exists just for Kim to have a girlfriend.

>>129054926strike back ain’t dropping anytime soon user what do you want us to do

>>129054926There’s nothing to actually discuss until March 12th, tho. There’s a fan poster coming by March 3rd and the new preview just adds that Strike Back can multiply itself when hitted. Things will be dry for a while, unless the episode leaks early.

>>129051454why did he like chloe?

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>>129055262who doesn't like a chick in a constant state of knowing what she wants?

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>>129055262In his defense, Chloe is pretty and direct on what she wants. He took quite a lot of time to understand she cares about herself more than any other thing. Hell, even AFTER Dark Cupid, he just put himself together and got over her after he started to date Ondine, by season two.Thinking now, is it impression or did Kim had quite a development for a character that’s barely used? He generally can put his traits in use whenever he have some focus.

>>129055555>is it impression or did Kim had quite a development for a character that’s barely used? He generally can put his traits in use whenever he have some focus.I realized a pattern in the series, the less prominence a character has, the better development he will have.

>>129055555is it just me or did alya and nino's relationship become toxic?

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>>129055968It depends on what you mean by “toxic”.As a beta couple, they do their job nicely in the show. The only problem is that Alya ropes Nino into whatever Marinette needs and Nino barely displayed for Adrien the same dedication Alya displays for Marinette.Actually, even that could be solved letting Nino having more to do outside his friends. But, again, even Adrien have problems to stay out of Marinette’s and Gabriel’s shadows.

>>129055968The only toxic thing is they aren't constantly playing games of Super Penguino

>>129055262Maybe he just liked confident girls who take charge?

>>129054045And the eighties too. It’s refreshing with Max and Kim, but “good girl vs alpha bitch” is played right with Marinette vs Chloe/Lila.>>129053398They won’t waste the wish until the very last season. Whenever it will be.>>129052674Tom & Jerry feelings.

i think this show is allergic to having asian characters with normal hair colors/ not dyed>Mari is blue>Mireille is blue>Kagami is blue>Kim is half dyed>Fei has a red streak/ bright pink hairwhich sucks because in concept art kagami had dark brown hair and it looked much better


>>129059032>f*ck fu, right?

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>>129059084adult characters don’t count

>>129059101>Mireille is blue

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>>129059116mireille is a kid?

>>129059131f*ck, i was thinking sabine

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>>129052674God I hope not. Gabriel is most of the reason I watch this show. I really like the guy.

>>129059745gabriel can’t be redeemed so he either dies or goes to jail

>>129053398Butterfly EffectWell, now that you've sayed something based it won't happen. You happy

>>129060124I completely disagree. His reasons aren't inherently evil and he's doing everything for his family.

>>129062970did i miss the episode where he considers just talking about it with ladybug and cat noir?

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>>129063068Nope. You didn't miss anything. He isn't the kind to ask for help. I never said he was above taking the Ladybug and Cat Miraculous by force, just that his reasons aren't evil.

>>129059032Blue is just a substitute for black, isn't it? Or is there a character with black hair? Besides Max and his mom I guess.

>>129063176i'm not who you were talking to before, just curious.

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>Penalteam is live>chloe was literally baiting/ waiting for Daddy Hawkmoth

>>129062970>His reasons aren't inherently evilHe doesn’t want to just bring Emilie back. He wants to reset the world so everything will be better for him.>he's doing everything for his familyHe’s extremely abusive to his son wtf are you smoking???

>>129051454>Adrien/Marinette>Marinette's parents>Adrien/Kagami>Master Fu/Marianne>Kim/OndineThere is definitely some kind of agenda here and I don't care for it at all. They should be like Alya and Nino and stick to their own kind

>>129065331nino is african, alya is caribbean

The treatment of Marinette's mother in that episode, show that French and Americans will kneel and grovel to blacks, but treat the bug people with complete contempt, the fucking hypocrites

>>129065294>his sonAnon...

>>129055262Like any guy, he's into hot blondes. Once he found out she's a ball-busting bitch, he moved on.

This scene, is exactly how I'd envisage Adrien's reaction after being done up the ass by Holla Forums posters and Natalie finding out

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>>129065468If he was “born” as his son, he is his son, just ignores whatever are the magical implications. The show tries to ignore.In hindsight, I’m surprised Adrien’s feather allergy came out as a red herring, thinking about that.

>>129065331Don’t forget the stereotypes. Ivan and Mylene are fat together and Nathaniel and Marc are weebos together.

>>129059131Dating an adult like a whore.

>>129065409>not being able to discern reality from fictionTake your meds

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>>129066822The only thing you know how to do, is knrel to blacks and worship transsexuals

>>129065629Gabe's reaction after this scene is also how he'd likely respond to Adrien being assraped>He's an Agreste, he'll get ovet it

>>129064129I would too if I'm forced to play soccer then get called a handicap

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>>129053398Something that also felt like a missed opportunity was Gabriel not taking any Miraculous from the box in the S3 finale. Even if he couldn’t find a use for them, it would’ve put Ladybug at a disadvantage by having less choices for heroes

Any update on the un-cancelled live action movie? Most likely it is completed already.

>>129068154Nothing the only updates we have>Strike Back on March 12th>Gloob releasing Brazil Special in May>Gloob releasing Season 5 in July>Animated movie in 3rd quarter (July, August, September) of 2022 in UK >Movie novelization book delayed to October 18th

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>>129068154bjorn anderson isnt 15 anymore the movie cant work

The problem is that you see Adrien and Chat Noir, as a single individual. In reality, Chat would come off as Ron Stoppable next to Ladybug's Kim Possible, and compare even more poorly next to Adrien

Senti Adrien = In vitro fertilisation confirmed?

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Cat Noir sucks!

>>129068320like a fucking dyson i hope

>>129068304>Collective Nouns make me uncomfortable because I'm on the spectrum and can't comprehend the recognition of others.

I keep seeing news saying that there’s supposed to be a spinoff. What do you think it’s about?

>>129068900Probably about the other heroes introduced in the other parts of the world

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>>129068304That doesn't makes sense because you are not creating a human out of syringes.

>>129069154Haven't we also seen Adrien take a cataclysm? youtube.com/watch?v=RUYrjKZe_2Y

I believe that Chloe will be REDEEMED in Strike Back

>>129069646I need to find that other screenshot about a fan complimenting Astruc's show but going about Chloe not being ready for a miraculous yet, and Thomas basically going>Why can't you accept what was written?!

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>>129069678Ah here

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>>129069831What was he trying to say here? That they did they did what they wanted and that's it, don't think about it?

>>129069923Chole bad because...I SAID SO OKAY

>>129069923>Make a Chloe damnation arc and make her stay a bully forever>People still have some hope for a Chloe redemption arc I think he's breaking

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>>129069989At this point I don't even know why they're asking him. Didn't he stop with the writing stuff after season three and is now more of a general advisor or something? I had figured that was why season four was such a different season than anything else before it.

>>129068900It’s about Fei, ugh, I can tell the typical Asian action cartoon tropes it will be filled with.

>>129071243>It’s about FeiYup not interested

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>>129071305I mean, yeah Fei isn't great. But who else can they use? I kind of have high hopes for Ladylion since she looks sort of cool. A team of girls original to the specials could work. Maybe. It could give them a second shot at Fei and the two from the New York special.

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>>129071379>But who else can they use?Literally ANYONEFei isn’t even in Paris, so they could have done anything.>No Spin off prequel.>No past users adventures.>No literally anyone more interesting finding a dropped Miraculous.>No spin off about someone with a pseudo Miraculous set fabricated not so long ago.>No Spin off to DEVELOP the characters they keep introducing and NOT GROWING BECAUSE THEY AREN’T MARINETTE.>No spinoff where Adrien actually has protagonism outside Marinette and his father.

>>129068304>sentimonsters essentially being IVF babies means that ladybug and chat noir have been killing living beings that can have the same autonomy and sentience and emotions as anyone else>the show will literally never address and if it does, certainly not in a very competent waygood god his retardation is infuriating

>>129071468I get what you are saying, but I kind of doubt a spin off would use any of the characters from the Miraculous main series. The specials seem like the best choice since those characters are probably going to have nothing else going for them outside of that one appearance in their respective specials. It gives them a set of mostly unused characters while still easily being able to keep the Miraculous series name but without having to be concerned with the main series. Or at least that is how I'm seeing it.

>>129068218>bjorn anderson isnt 15 anymore the movie cant workWhat did user mean by this??

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>>129051454Best hero.

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>>129072486Ladybug would have a significantly easier time if she recruited King Monkey more often.

>>129070884Until he's off the show for good, he still gets to influence how the story turns out. The only difference is that he can be vetoed instead of getting final say.

>>129059032>The Blue Haircolor memeThis isnt a retarded moe anime.Blue is just the color pallet used to look black look better in sunlight. Its an animation tool and not a design choice, weeb

>>129072668She has been using him alot those episodes, tho. More than I would think its necessary. King Monkey was introduced in Party Crasher as a powerful and random miraculous used only as a last-resort kind of thing for only dire moments where things literally couldnt get worse. Ladybug calls him out almost every episode now.

>>129073900Yes that is true, but outside of Penalteam, this season the episodes she calls him are the episodes where the group didn't really matter. In most of those episodes none of their powers end up being used and it's more the idea of a group that is important instead of their individual characters or powers.

>>129069831What a deflection. Twitter guy could just reword the question as "Why did you want to do x?"

>>129073703I guess that's true. Another reason why the movie is definitely going to be interesting considering it's supposed to be entirely Zag's thing.

>>129051454What exactly is going on with Kim in the finale? I hardly ever see anyone talk about him that much. Apart from that one time I saw an user talk about Marinette and Kim together

>>129076657Realistically? Nothing. Like most side characters odds are he's not going to be doing anything or have anything going on with him. At least he's better off than most side characters.

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>>129076877i wonder what movie kim will look like

>>129065342Caribbeans are either blacks or sambos (mix between black and cholo)

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>>129077100That's a good question. We've only seen a handful of characters so far and I don't know how Kim will translate to the movie's style. We haven't really gotten any preview's of that movie in a while, have we?

>>129077273we got this like 2 weeks ago

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>>129077355Well that's a surprise. Guess I didn't see it then. What about other characters?


>>129077770Well shoot. I'm kind of surprised we haven't gotten a trailer yet that shows more of the movie.

>>129073967>diversity rocks!>except for you, Chat. Nobody wants you.

>>129051454Ivan got his shot, finally!

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>>129078150Realistically, will Ivan get to use the Ox Miraculous again? Does anyone really care if he does?

>>129077593The only characters we were shown from the movie were>Maribug>Adrichat>Alya>Nino>Chloe>Gabe>Nathalie>Tom>Roger>Tikki>Plagg in some water bottle commercial I guess>pic related Sabrina

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>>129079803That is most of the cast and probably everyone who matters much. Guess we don't really need much else till they can get a trailer down.

>>129079978I still wanna see Hawkmoth's look in the movie. And that Magician character that appears in movie and got teased by fucking kinder

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>>129080011>Magician character that appears in movie and got teased by fucking kinderHonestly, this sounds so in character for this show it's ridiculous. The Magician is a mystery. Will she be an original character or a new Akumatized form for a known character? I also wonder if they're going to keep the classic Hawk Moth look that we know or if he's going to get a redesign to fit the movie. Gabriel already looks kind of different.

>>129079365Minotautox is in the season 4 finale, so yes. Doubtful if he will be called more on season 5. Kim was barely called and, despite Pegasus and Vesperia have a good number of appearances, Max and Zoe are barely a presence.>>129080441These kinder figures above imply he’s exactly like in the show. Unless he’s upgrading into Shadow Moth in the middle of the movie.

>>129080574Pegasus is broken as fuck so they have to use his power sparingly.>Chloe stranded her megakuma away from teh stadium>lmao let me grab it with my portal

>>129078041He was a literal stray cat this season. The staff sure wasted a chance to develop him beyond being Ladybug’s partner and Shadow Moth’s son.Seriously, Adrien needs at least a solo special in some point. Even Kuro Neko was mostly a Plagg episode than his.

>>129080592And yet Kaalki had three relevant sole usages, counting the he upcoming fusion in Strike Back. Kim’s and Luka’s powers are kinda broken too, since Kim’s an instant win.Random thought, but they implied we were having Mister Bug and Lady Noir again this season, but nothing about them.

>>129080592There really was no need to get the entire team. Could've just brought Pegasus to teleport, King Monkey to distract Chloe and fuck her powers, and at utmost Carapace/Minotaroux because block lmfao

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>>129080651>Random thought, but they implied we were having Mister Bug and Lady Noir again this season, but nothing about them.When? They implied we were gonna see a new character from the future, but unless there was a misunderstanding and it was about Joan of Arc in Ephemeral, that character has yet to appear

>Bye Bye Little Feather!

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>>129080688It was hinted on an interview, I don’t remember anymore when. The best we had was Scarabella and Chat, but it’s all.

>>129080654Ladybug wanted because:1. Chat doesn’t know shit about soccer2. She likes the idea of beat Chloe in her game (she keeps trying to win the game alone until have 4 of her members sealed away)

How did Gabe even make his underground basement?

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>>129080807Akumatized himself with construction powers.

Why do all the boys in this show look so attractive? i'm straight btw so it's really weird

>>129072486he has the advantage of being based on a popular character, who doesn't know the monkey king'?

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>>129081304>i'm straight btwahhaha

>>129081304Something about the leather?

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>>129082021Patience is a virtue.

>>129051685Statistically speaking, Dragonball

>>129052408>they were perfect together.you get it

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>>129083051I mean Tarzan was raised by monkeys, so Monkey Boy would fit both of them. Should've put Kim in his swimming suit tho, would've been funnier

>>129081304nigga u gay

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I haven't been around for a while, did the cat finally do suicide or atleast become anti-ladybug yet? I figured by now he would have exploded on somebody.

>>129051454Has they're been any piece of media (either French itself or from other countries) that has parodied or referenced Miraculous Ladybug in the last several years, as I've imagined for a while this French/Swiss comic strip character going up against Ladybug and Chat Noir (or even the Akumatized villains) like he's done with all the other Superheroes and villains by Marvel, DC, Image and Dark Horse over the years?

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>>129084823Nope. Still simping like the impotent and possibly not-human wimp he is.

>>129085019Not exactly a reference but there was a Tonight Show interview where Jimmy Fallon said Madonna made him watch a couple episodes of Miraculous.

>>129085019The official Sonic comics had Marinette and Adrien cameos.

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>>129085447>>129085461Oh shit

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>>129085485ghostforce also has a couple ladybug cameos but it’s the same universe so it doesn’t really count

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>>129085447>>129085461What issues?

>>129085628IDW 21 and Annual 2020.

>>129085541Still surprised that all that superheroes from the New York special didn’t appear in GF. Probably because Ghostforce happens in Manhattan?Also, how many episodes do that show have by now? I didn’t see it dubbed yet.

>>129085706>Also, how many episodes do that show have by now? I didn’t see it dubbed yet.According to wiki, 30, with episodes 31 and 32 coming on March 5th

>>129085706The NYC special isn't even canon to Miraculous, let alone any other show.

>>129085751it is canon. it just will never be referenced again

pressing my face into Marinette's ass

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>>129082474It really is a missed opportunity we don't see these two more often.

things the movie has that 4 seasons of the show doesn't >chat feeling bad about liking 2 girls at once >lb and chat actually getting excited about the fame they’re attracting >mari asking adrien out on a date without stuttering >95% of crime fighting takes place at night>fighting hawkmoth for realsies

it was just confirmed that SAMG won’t be working on season 5. this is the last ep SAMG will work on. everyone say rip to SAMG.

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>>129081361>>129081945>>129084208I'm not fucking gay okay? I have never been attracted to an irl man, but these little french twinks just make my pants expand.And now post more chat noir pls

>>129087229Yeah we've known this since season 4 started

>>129085019Reading this i could only imagine asterix beating the shit out of ladybug and her boytoy

>>129087445It was originally that SAMG wouldn’t come back for Season 4. But they did.

>>129087313As usual, the French has something for everyone.

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>>129087088>>chat feeling bad about liking 2 girls at once> The other girl not being Scarabella What a waste. >>129087481Asterix is smart, but he would be doomed without the magic potion or Obelix.

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>>129087313>A Holla Forums user in denial of being a huge faggot...>Embarrassment and sexual frustration abound in one who can't accept his TRUE sexuality...>...making the perfect target for one of my akumas!De Nyle, I am Hawk Moth. I will give you the power to suck the dick of any little French twink you want, then erase the memories of all who see you performing the act! But in return, you must bring me Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous. Do we have a deal?

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>>129088048>De Nyle

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>>129088048can he also remove my memories after that? cuz in that case i would go for it. I could do it again and again but i would always wanna kms after it

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>>129088012chat only likes asians

>>129088093A lot of akumatized people seem to be like "ladybug, chat noir, what am I doing here?" When the akuma is captured so yes, you would not remember anything you did while akumatized.

this show really has a huge problem with never getting payoff for anything ever>never see alya actually freak out that mari is lb >never see luka freak out that mari is lb besides one panicked face>alya and luka never put that new information in perspective to finally understand why mari is always so weirdthe reveal is gonna fucking blow

>>129088263Well in that case great, hawk moth did nothing wrong

>>129088263>A lot of akumatized people seem to be like "ladybug, chat noir, what am I doing here?"When you get akumatized so many times, but your spite still makes you remember Vesperia and her Hero Name despite only seeing her once

Attached: My Queen.png (662x793, 667.76K)

>>129080754>Chat doesn’t know shit about soccerThat was really retarded. Every European boy, even a blind paraplegic who doesn't play the sport, would know something about soccer or at least have seen a match on TV. Its like an American kid not knowing the basic rules of baseball or basketball. Its simply not believable.Also, he has a fucking foosball table in his room which he has been shown using

>>129089003Continuity only goes as far as the immediate episode. If the plot needs Adrien to know nothing about sports, he'll be made to know nothing about sports at total disregard to any past episode where he did know.

>>129088467>>129088263How convenient that they can't accuse you of betraying all of Paris.>they know that hawk moth is evil.> and it's funnier because they do the deal of their own volition.

Does anyone have that chart showing how many Akumatizations each character was responsible for that was posted a while ago?

Attached: Making an Akuma.gif (185x104, 738.4K)

>>129089140Can't wait for the episode Chloe makes another akumatized deal, then gets away with actually murdering someone

Attached: There is so much smug in her.png (320x590, 267.44K)

>>129089474It'll be fine. The Miraculous Ladybugs will just fix everything anyway like usual when Akumatized villains indirectly kill almost everyone in Paris.

>>129089250i have this but it’s not up to date

Attached: 2668CD90-3657-4AF9-A475-06BC2E0ED135.jpg (2099x2224, 981.45K)

>>129082021>release part 1 of a season finale>wait a month and a bit to release the second part, following multiple fillersWhat on earth did Astruc mean by this?

>>129089630That's what I was looking for. Thanks user.

Attached: Scheming Gabriel.jpg (256x400, 15.13K)


>>129088334Yeah, it is weird how this show didn't bother showing more of Alya coming to terms with Marinette revealing that to her and how they haven't really done anything with Luka knowing either outside of maybe Ephemeral. And even that Ephemeral example is questionable if him knowing really mattered.

>>129090629especially considering early in development alya was supposed to find out early on. and they even boarded a scene of her geeking out about it

Attached: D81E6BC2-2B29-4E2B-8A6B-EACC9F1D1B50.png (1036x806, 425.2K)

>>129089003>Its like an American kid not knowing the basic rules of baseball or basketball.Baseball is no longer really the American sport. Basketball is a little easier because the goal is "shoot the ball at the hoop," but still. I'm a huge football (handegg) fan these days, but when I was a kid, I caught the ball and then threw it again. Something like Adrien did isn't that wild, especially for a kid who has walls and walls of videogames but can't go outside. Still a shit episode though.

>>129054045what a slut

>>129090667I did not know about that storyboard. That really is insane then. They had the idea of her finding out planned early on yet still rushed past it once it happened? Crazy.

>>129090667Isn't it weird that Alya's boobs and Marinette's butt are so well drawn in this storyboard?

>>129090982everything they scrapped about this show was infinitely superior than the product we have now>>129091110the story boarders have literally drawn porn of lb so no it’s not out of ordinary

Attached: 2B3CF56F-D4FF-421D-ACFF-D3BD0315EC8B.jpg (750x752, 273.85K)

>>129087229So what does this really mean for the show?

>>129092075the show is gonna continue to suffer so jeremy can fund his 100+ million dollar movies

>>129069678I leared that Austric is ultimately a hack, S4 is better because he wasn't involved...though I really don't like the Zoe/Chloe thing, it makes both characters look bad.

>>129092264wtf are you saying, he was involved in S4

>>129092345At least not as much as in the previous seasons anyway

>>129091193> Chat actually being badassObviously, they wouldn’t do that>>129092075Episodes with lesser animation? I’m not waiting for something as bad as Qilin, but I don’t know what more studios they have for the show.

>>129092772that’s felix, so it’s still in character

Attached: BB78579A-6397-4474-B9A9-0E3C882DA5C1.gif (300x237, 2.69M)

>>129092264Quite honestly, be Chloe’s sister and successor of the Bee are only things Zoe have going.I’d ask for more, but the show have a lot of underused I like more.

>>129092772Yeah, I guess that checks out. I was just curious since I'm not sure what each studio was known for since I've never been one to follow that stuff.

>>129093146I'm positive the only reason Zoe even exists is because Austric hates Chloe so much that he gets rid of any positive traits she had, and planted them on the never hinted at lost sister that was the result of her mother having an affair.Chloe is now nothing more than "G-rated Myne" and Zoe can't be anything other than "Anti-Chloe" it's bad writing no matter how you look at it.

>>129092970>birds are triangles and basic shapes>teen tits and ass well-definedGod bless the friends


>>129093307They wasted too much time on Marinette calling a new hero almost every time. I wouldn’t mind if Zoe was merely a transferred student with no ties with Chloe, but, they had to give her something, because Chloe is way more compelling. It was the same for Luka and Juleka, they made Jagged their dad because he’s more interesting, despite be a secondary character.Eu his point, I’m just used to that.

>>129090667Makes sense. Stormy Weather implied that Alya already knew that Marinette was Ladybug.

>>129090629>>129090667This whole show seems like wasted opportunities. I honestly have a weird feeling that they'll defeat the current hawk moth without ever figuring out who he is while Gabriel returns to civilian life or disappears. I assume he'd realize he'd fail and leave the butterfly and peacock behind but he'll be nowhere insight. Which would be incredibly fucking anticlimatic.Also the only reason the whole "you cant be LB and CN if you know each others identites" thing only exists because they want to pad out this Love Sqaure everyones really getting tired off.

If there's one saving grace it's that Austric doesn't have as much creative control as he used too, so his ideas can be veto'ed. If this season was literally nothing but status quo bullshit, I wouldnt even be in this thread.

>>129094703What love square? Mari is in love with Adrien (and maybe Chat Walker), but she's made it explicitly clear that she has no interest in Chat Noir. And had even gone so far as to treat him like less than a friend and partner.

Is there a good centralized spot to download episodes in French?>>129093576>friendsFrench*, I'm retarded.>>129093307>I'm positive the only reason Zoe even exists is because Austric hates Chloe so much that he gets rid of any positive traits she hadAstruc seems like the type to care too much about audience predictions and fanfic.

>>129093747This post made me realize how much I want Jagged working alongside Ladybug with either the snake or tiger miraculous. I really wish his show would allow non-villain adults to have miraculous. Mr. Damoclese would be the obvious choice given how badly he wanted to be a superhero and how trope savvy he is.

Attached: D8F93E23-1379-4038-AF28-B75221F34FAA.png (1500x1512, 2.67M)

>>129095310Yeah it seems he does, thats not a good thing for a writer. Look what happened with Voltron season 8

>>129095892Felix trying to explain things to Adrien while the insanity of the situation makes him look as nutty as Marinette is something I didn't expect, but very much approve of.

>>129051685why do animators/show runners keep making jock asian and nerdy black characters

>>129096374white jocks are regulated to be bullies. and blacks are already the nerds. this the jock must be asian.

>>129051454Is that Markeplier?

>>129096374Blacks are stereotypically looked at as strong and Asians are stereotypically looked at as smart, they just switch around the tropes.

>>129096200I keep hearing that. What happened in that show?

>>129095194Adrien is really the only one losing on that square, Ephemeral and Kuro Neko just displayed how much of a mess would be date with Marinette.This just remembers me the shitstorm of tumblrites butting in every single site and forum complaining about how insensitive Adrien is to Ladybug’s problems, but ignoring he was on a seriously depressive state exactly because she refuses to share her problems with him.Really, sometimes you can hate the fandom more than some developments in the actual show.

>>129095391Bar Gabriel and Nathalie, how much of relevant adults we have in the show?Aside Marinette’s parents, I can think about Roger (who’s surprisingly a better character than his daughter), the mayor, Caline, Damocles and Jagged. Sporadically, we have the ice cream dude, Audrey, Bob, Alec, Nadia and Roland. Excluding the evil ones, it’s kinda hard to pick which of them it’s fitting to a miraculous.Damocles for rooster and Jagged for Tiger/Snake is a given, tho.


Attached: unnamed.jpg (800x450, 28.89K)

>>129097646good god this show is getting uglier

>>129097647He looks like he has a faceapp smile kek

Attached: Gabe smiles.jpg (768x433, 38.53K)

Also new german trailer premiering in 3 hours>youtube.com/watch?v=nV7TSRX-iK8

Attached: WOOF WOOF.jpg (1759x2048, 242.25K)

>>129090629>Yeah, it is weird how this show didn't bother showing more of Alya>>129091110>sn't it weird that Alya's boobs and Marinette's butt are so well drawn in this storyboard?Alya is amply depicted already.

Attached: RR.png (1312x720, 1.31M)

>>129097669god I want ayla

Attached: 1552958889145.png (509x613, 381.97K)


>>129097912She is comfy.

Attached: FBmQDv-XMAM6esP.jpg (1536x2048, 532.75K)

>>129099243I bet she is

Attached: 1606388581309.png (1046x576, 853.89K)

Seems like Lila discovered something to her advantage

Attached: Screenshot 2022-03-01 at 15.11.41.png (716x758, 448.6K)

>>129099493She is also really blasé about cats slobbering over her hand.

Attached: Screenshot 2022-03-01 at 15.12.04.png (716x758, 707.08K)

>>129099684I hear rumours of new outfits in the new season.

Attached: 1625380135606.webm (1080x711, 507.42K)

>>129099684This is going to be one of those really silly solutions Lucky Charms, isn't it?

>>129097646I hope he at least has a decent transformation sequence. Actually, considering the way the last few holders went, I guess he'll be lucky if he even gets a transformation sequence.

>>129102027The trailer from last month previewed him getting one, but it's probably like Hawkmoth/Mayura

>>129101340Considering previous clips have shown how they defeat it, this lucky charm is pretty literal.

>>129099684I hate this new suit, the original was better.

>>129101340>>129102215What previous clips? every clip shown so far is them getting their asses beat by this thing. I'm guessing throwing the sentimonsters into the sunwas a bad idea considering they struck back and engulfed the city in flames.

Here's Chloe taking some Selfies

Attached: Chloe selfie.webm (1440x900, 673.44K)

>>129103215Sweet. Thanks user.

>>129103762No problem user

Attached: Screenshot 2022-03-01 at 20.02.36.png (903x758, 1.05M)

>>129102125I guess that would make sense. The bar is pretty low after Kagami's transformation so it doesn't have to try too hard.

>>129104367I'm afraid how lame the other 4 user transformations would be since Winny (the writer who storyboarded Chloe's) said "Never say never" when a fan expressed disappointment over no new transformation in Penalteam and the possibility of it never coming

so perhaps we will get the finale early this Saturday. Depends if the Ukrainians just release it. Since there country is in complete turmoil anything is possible.

Attached: Screen Shot 2022-03-01 at 4.37.54 PM.png (1176x1160, 330.69K)

I feel like one of the biggest problems with the extra heroes is that they should’ve been introduced more gradually. Season 2 introduced 3, and that was a fair amount. But then you get S3 with 5 and S4 having 7 (not counting Vesperia). Even if the show was only getting only five seasons, they could’ve been distributed more evenly

>>129105401Didn't Russians bomb their tv tower? Or did they actually miss?

>>129105495there are plenty of episodes this season alone that could have been used to introduce new characters. Take out furious Fu, simple man, Quilin, Mega leech (add Ivan), could have been a lot better but alas here we are.

>>129105548I don't think so? source?

>>129105734From Ukraine's Ministry of Defense we at least know of delay in their tv channels>twitter.com/DefenceU/status/1498685345197703175

Attached: Screenshot 2022-03-01 at 22.12.02.png (589x734, 176.58K)

>>129105788that was posted before the tweet about plus plus. I don't think they give a shit anymore if there country is burning might as well show the episode in ukraninan and get some publicity for the war.

Reason #5234 Chloe should have had the bee miraculous:The earrings, comb, and brooch/locket are the only bug-themed miraculouses. Much like how Ladybug's character is contrasted with Hawkmoth, Queen Bee acted as a foil for it. This goes hand in hand with the secret identity/multiple sides of one's personality theme going on in the show. Without Chloe, Marinette can (and would've) never grown into a better person, and vice versa for Chloe with Ladybug. Replacing Chloe with Zoe, without even establishing any connection between Zoe and Ladybug OR Marinette, adds on more unnecessary member to the list of already one-note characters. The "inner five" miraculous holders are the ones that should have the most interaction and complex relationships with each other. At this point the Bee is completely useless and even the least developed "inner" member, Nino, has had more stakes involved this season.

Attached: ladybug-bee-acquaintance-ladybirds-bees-dewy-moss-39139876.jpg (800x533, 76.43K)

>>129051454I like this show but why does every single male character looks like a total faggot?

>>129105914because femboys sell user the japanese and koreans figured this out long ago.

>>129105892>The "inner five" miraculous holders are the ones that should have the most interaction and complex relationships with each other. It's stuff like this that reinforces my opinion that no matter how hard Astruc tries, Zoe will never fit in the "Inner 5". Hell actually "inner 7" since Gabe and to some extension Nathalie count

Attached: Sulk.jpg (454x606, 46.92K)

>>129105892On the idea of them being foils, aren't bees also known as lucky like ladybugs are? I kind of figured that was why the two had sort of similar weapons and what not.

>>129052674>>129059745>>129060124Gabe has to suffer first, I'd like a season of him acting like he did when he was face to face with Felix with no ring on. The fact that he just freezes when he has no power over someone is an interesting aspect about him that I would like to explore.

>>129099606If only, but this will most likely fail to amount to anything.

>>129107287It might be interesting. I'm banking on this being when she goes through Felix's bag and finds the fake Miraculous in it. Maybe she'll start to make some wild assumptions since he's disguised as Adrien right now.

>>129106480>I kind of figured that was why the two had sort of similar weaponsYeah that's why I got the idea to make that post after seeing this fanart on reddit. Chloe as Queen Bee was the PERFECT character to foil Marinette. Not only did they both need to learn what being a superhero "really" means but it's also about seeing how they differ and grow within their similarities. Chloe was the perfect "mirror" character to Marinette, like how Felix is to Adrien. Queen Bee was supposed to be like Ladybug in all ways except for her Chloe part, which was the complete opposite of Mari>Queen Bee and Ladybugboth bugsboth have similar weaponsboth need to learn to take responsibilityboth learn how to be a better person through their superhero identities>Chloe vs MarinetteChloe only has a few friends, Marinette is friends with everyone except a fewChloe is inconsiderate, Marinette isn'tChloe likes Adrien because of his status, Marinette likes him for who he isShe was always meant to be bring out Mari's nicer traits and complement her character. Neither Lila nor Zoe add such complexity to Mari. Lila is first and foremost Ladybug's rival, Chloe is Marinette's. Ugh, I should stop talking about this before it makes me irrationally seethe at this show's lost potential again.

Attached: gg7kf4y4ltk81.jpg (1719x2160, 411.11K)

>>129107862>like how Felix is to AdrienOof, forgot to edit that part out. I haven't analyzed Felix as much so it might detract from my point. Feel free to ignore that part.

>>129107862That's a pretty good read of it. Honestly, Chloe has a lot of potential for the show and I just don't see the same in Zoe. Though I will say, >Chloe likes Adrien because of his status, Marinette likes him for who he isI don't know if I entirely agree with this. I get the idea and it would make sense for the contrast, but there is a bit more going on between Chloe and Adrien than just that. Or at least there was supposed to. But we can disagree on that.

>>129108193I agree. Honestly I just added that because I couldn't think of a third thing to list lol

>>129097646Miss Hound had an inverted mask color. Floppy Ears. And shorts.

Attached: Miss_Hound_Square.png (1280x906, 777.25K)

>>129108347He does seem a little exposed. Cat Noir at least had a belt.

Attached: Give a dog a bone.jpg (731x675, 85.69K)

>>129107911Felix can work. Felix is aggressive, Adrien is passive. Felix has realistic goals grounded in reality (find the truth regarding his uncle), Adrien is a dreamer with his head in the clouds (love for LB and from his father) Felix has no friends and is seen as anti-social, Adrien despite putting on a mask is very social and has friends. Felix is scummy and seedy, Adrien is pure of heart and kind. Felix is rebellious, Adrien is submissive (though recent events explain this isn't entirely his fault that being external control from the ring)Those are just a few things. I hope they fight at some point though one of the ambassadors really likes Felix so I fear he will turn good, I'd prefer him as a villain or at least someone that operates for his own benefit.

>>129108390quite possibly the most bland suit yet

>>129108410>turn goodanon since this moment in his debut it pretty much confirmed he’s good deep down. plus him being extremely pure with his mom. he’s a bitch but he’s not evil.

Attached: 253AF15F-44AB-449A-882B-ACDAA0D4B635.jpg (1280x720, 176.65K)

>>129108653I just noticed holy shit he packing, I take it back this design is actually not half bad


Attached: FFD8C0F4-954B-4622-BBD8-A98F3B9923FF.gif (540x250, 2.62M)

>>129107862>Chloe likes Adrien because of his status, Marinette likes him for who he isThe existence of Chat Noir disproves this. Marinette's love of Adrien is just as shallow but in a different way.

Attached: thisiswhyyouaskpeoplewhat'swromg.jpg (824x924, 138.61K)

>>129108691He only seemed good to shake Gabe's hand and get the ring, and he seemed to like Adrien but he still manipulated him 2 out of the three times he was around, he's in it for himself. Not saying he can't change I'd just prefer him being the little shit that backs it up. I actually would prefer him taking the peacock and butterfly miraculous.

>>129108789anon but she said she would never abandon him in the next episode. and that he was irreplaceable in kuro neko. She cares....... right?

>>129108794there was no need to smile at him so genuinely when gabe wouldn’t even see it. it’s mirroring the 2 hugs in the episode>adrien hugs him, he’s pissed>felix hugs adrien to steal his phone>felix hugs adrien to genuinely say goodbye

Attached: EB57E18F-794D-45B4-A0EF-AD7F6A98702B.png (1019x572, 267.53K)

>>129108819> She cares....... right?You tell me, user. Though the way Kuro Neko was presented, the only reason he was 'irreplaceable' was because she was too distracted sexy to do her job right. It's pretty damn telling that she's really only interested in him when he puts on the persona manufactured by Gabriel.

Attached: thier relationship summed up.png (830x464, 599.6K)

>>129108945if i was chat i would be extremely offended

Attached: 6C100AB4-B002-4812-9B09-AC764E5451F3.jpg (1951x1147, 89.08K)

>>129108945In that very same episode though it's explained that Adrien is both that genuinely kind obedient boy and also that live-in-the-moment jokester. At the very least it shows that Adrien can grow and become aware, or even develop different sides of himself as he becomes more free from his father. Also user that pic that's the joke. She is saying that not knowing it's Adrien, and also completely missing the point of her own practice cause whether it's him or not what she says has to make him feel a certain way and her paper is shitty poetry that is really bad. That's why he laughs at it and then does a camp recitation of the whole thing.

>>129109098>Adrien is both that genuinely kind obedient boyConsidering that he's a sentimonster whose life goal up to this point has been to be exactly what his parents wanted him to be, that's not exactly a good thing. In fact, the argument is even stronger that this aspect of his personality is quite literally manufactured.>She is saying that not knowing it's AdrienJokes are only really funny when they hit some aspect of the truth. It's genuinely how she acts earlier in the episode. See pic here >>129108789 Adrien's reasons for being upset are irrelevant to her except as a means to getting into his pants. Fucking Gabriel 'parent of the year' Agreste was more attentive to his feelings.

What do think about the show's power system and what would you change?

>>129109320>Get rid of the whole zodiac of miraculous and only leave the original seven. >Also, they would be the only miraculous in the world, and anomalies to the rest of the supers.>The guardians would just be about the seven, which makes it more believable that a small order could be wiped out from just one disaster.>The seven represent basic concepts of reality. Creation (Ladybug), Destruction (Cat), Transformation (Butterfly), Multiplication (Bee), Illusion (Fox), Time manipulation (Turtle), Space Manipulation (Peacock)>They start out with a limited powerset but get more and more extensive as the users figure them out.>Users would be much more powerful, explaining why other supers don't get involved, because they would be a liability>no swimming/ice/space upgrades except for the user of the butterfly miraculous at higher levels, since his whole thing is transformation.

>>129109251His genuine qualities of kindness and generosity are his own, him being submissive and passive is a trait that was manufactured because of the ring. Unless Adrien starts recking more than Chimney's when Gabe doesn't;'t have control I'll stand by that. He's a good kid and deep down he just wants to have fun. To your second point user Marinette is an autist when it comes to Adrien, she can't function normally around him at all. That off-hand remark about the trash hits home because she threw him in it but she doesn't know that. In fact, that whole scene of cat noir in the bin has really divided the fanbase. I really pictured it as a joke when I first saw it but the following scenes really emphasized how hard Adrien took it. She doesn't know that though, she hasn't been in touch with CN's feelings all season until at least Kuro Neko. That's sort of been the whole arc of miscommunication between the two this season. It's gonna be brought up again in strike back, and I have no idea where it will go. I guess I'll concede the point to you until strike back comes out user cause I need more info. It's worth noting that a running theme throughout season 4 is the holder of the cat miraculous going rouge and being uncontrolled, now that Gabe doesn't have the ring anymore Adrien can do as he pleases. If they keep it that way every decision he makes now will be on his own without any external power from the ring.

>>129109474This is just so perfect. Oh, why couldn't we have gotten this instead?

>>129109320French Mayors serves 6 year terms. But so far, only about a year has passed in 4 seasons of the show, which took 7 years to produce. At this rate, we should get see a new Mayor character by Season 20 in 2162. And by "new", I mean it'll probably be Mr. Pigeon.

Attached: Malediktator_Square.png (993x993, 940.71K)

>>129109846>She doesn't know that thoughBecause she never once bothered to ask him why he was upset, something even Gabriel managed to do. In fact, she was quite delighted when she saw him crying alone in the park rather than being concerned for his wellbeing. Glaciator 2 and Kuro Neko really destroyed her character.>It's gonna be brought up again in strike backHighly doubt it. Knowing this show's track record, it's much more likely that their communication issues were all wrapped up by Kuro Neko, just like every other episodic conflict between them.

Chat should get over LB and get with Ryuko. Much better option.

>>129110349This. She's best girl.

Attached: t5c1oruh99961.jpg (1806x1080, 87.82K)

>>129110377True. She's better looking AND a better person than LB.

>>129110235Anon they were fighting about the same shit in strike back. We know this cause the Ukrainian VA dropped that clip of them fighting over secrets

>>129110349>>129110377If they ever get toei to make an anime out of the series I hope they give more time to the love rivals.

>>129109320The Miraculous themselves are fine. Even the thing about adults getting to use their powers multiple times I'm fine with. Honestly, I don't know what I'd really change about it. There are just too many of them. Or if the show wanted to have as many Miraculous and holders then it needed to be able to spend time away from Marinette and give these other holders some attention. Though, I would get rid of future Bunnyx. I just don't like what her existence means for the series.

>>129110349Agreed. Unfortunately it seems like that ship has entirely sailed and is long gone.

>>129110235She actually does ask him at the end of Rockatear but Chat brushes her off. She could’ve followed up but as far as she’s aware, Chat’s fine.

>>129109320If they really do want to have a fuck ton of Miraculous have they be scattered across the world or some shit, and think over them a little more. You can tell they ran out of ideas.

>>129080597>>129097558>>129108819>>129108945>>129109032>>129109846>>129110235speaking of kuro neko an image posted by lindaleerose an ambassador has this picture of cat noir extending out his hand, perhaps it is what causes LB to make that face at CN in the trailer of strikeback.

Attached: FM0Hy0GWQAcsXgu.jpg (749x749, 107.38K)

>>129112062I wonder what his hands feel like

>>129112062>your miraculouses>hand em over


>>129094703I'm betting it will be way worse, and Gabriel will suffer memory loss of ever being Hawk Moth. >Oh Adrien I guess we can't do anything about your dad ever. He doesn't even remember! And without the miraculous he's of no risk to anyone, so it's fine he can go back to his normal life as Paris' top designer and your dad!

>>129112360they don't have the balls to turn cat noir heel

>>129112360Oh no. Not another what if episode.

>>129112038>She actually does ask him at the end of Rockatear but Chat brushes her offWhat does that have to do with asking Adrien, the boy that she supposedly loves, why he's crying alone in a park in Glaciator 2? As far as she knows, they're separate people.

>>129108390>Crotch area of the suitNo way that's real. Has to be an edit

Attached: Screenshot 2022-03-02 at 08.06.22.png (63x89, 14.73K)


>>129112903ZAG has shown enough camels for a caravan already. This is entirely possible.

>>129112903Lmao they added it to this suit aswellThat's two dick bulges we have now

>>129109474I kinda attached to the zodiac set by now, the problem was give them like candies. If they were a back up set to help the guardians in case of the seven most powerful going rogue, it would make it better.Just have Su Han as opposing to Fu and his way to deal with his errors, so Su Han could be an no nonsense guardian who tries to retrieve the other miraculous and return them to the temple. The zodiac set ends up like his way to select users he can brainwash or something and, by some mess, he manages to lose some of them to Marinette, Adrien and Gabriel.>>129111430>Though, I would get rid of future Bunnyx. I just don't like what her existence means for the series.This. Also, I think her timeline won’t survive to the serie’s finale, anyway.

>>129051454Made a new smutfic of ML, who would like to read and review? Wonder if it'll gain traction if I age them up or keep at their original ages?

>>129114322You could provide a link inside spoilers.

>>129114735Can't post cus system thinks ao3 links are spam. But it does have urine kink.

>>129114787You can post the title of the fanfic and username user

>>129051685i would hate being a pathetic nerd

>>129114828Ah, right:>Extracurricular Activities by Erotico_Lavito

>Was thinking of someone combining the Butterfly and Bee Miraculous>Try to search butterflies that have some bee-inspired patterns>See thisSo anyone have a better name for this Miraculous User that is NOT Narrow-Boarded Bee Hawkmoth?

Attached: 6981677720-hemaris-tityus.jpg (1024x768, 82.05K)

>>129114958Pic related name.

>>129115063Forgot the pic...

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>>129114787>urine kinkInterest: lost.There are less messy alternatives.

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Heroes:>Marinette and Adrien>Go-to for assist is Alya>Last resort cavalry is Nino>Chloe gets her Miraculous by accident and helps out sometimes, actually keeps her own identity secret from even Ladybug because it makes her feel more like her idol>Kagami is approached seperately by Master Fu and is given the Dragon in dire circumstances, is the only one who Su-Han likes straight away (maybe we get some drama about Su-Han considering electing her as the new Ladybug/Guardian)>Ryuko not showing up all the time is explained away as the necklace being slightly chipped which puts a limit on its usage but doesn't actually hurt her unless she exerts herself too muchthere, I fixed the bloat, may Netflix save us in a decade years with the live action reboot

>>129115405You just made the Dragon Miraculous unnecessarily convoluted. Also cheapens the drama if the Peakcock is still damaged in this version.

>>129115405Su Han can be the zodiac trinkets’ guardian and actually select guardian candidates by how they act when using a proper miraculous. He could be highly distrustful of Fu’s candidates because of Hawk Moth and decides to choose based in abilities and responsibility only, what could generate funny choices, like Roger or Mendeleyev. Or dangerous, like Gabriel and Lila.Eventually, Marinette and Adrien end up with some of the zodiacs to use as back up miraculous/fusion power ups.

>>129114958>ButterBee>Wing and Sting>Necter>Metamorphabuzz>FlutterStripe>DiplopteraThat's all I got. This one sounds good though >>129115137

>>129115875So no different from what we have now? Bleh. Just keep it at seven and ONLY seven, period.

>>129115894Necter sounds nice too.>>129115931It’s an interesting alternative and good enough. Instead have Hawkie creating a new villain every time, just have Su Han’s involvement creating more evil users just Ladybug have to deal with their shit.Just picture Lila tricking Su Han and being obnoxiously overpower using the snake or the rooster.

>>129115405>the live action rebootThis has potentials.

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>>129114958Okay but consider this

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I'd like to give ladybug my lucky charm if you know what I mean

>>129116623Make it Yellow and you've unironically got me hyped for Monarch

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>>129116661Didn't know there were yellow ones, that works even better

>>129116661>MonarchThat's probably the best name for a butterfly bee combination.

>>129053539Bro, that's even worse. East Asians may hate other, but they at least have some respect for each other and begrudgingly recognize they have a civilization and culture. SEA people don't even get that from East Asians.t. A person whose half Thai.

>>129116692I know, now how the yellow and purple outfit would look is a different question... Bee suit with purple stripes instead of black, or mainly purple like Butterfly with yellow accents...>>129116735And a Monarch combo would feel OP. Aside from the Butterfly's Akuma transformation power, it would be harder for the victim to break out because of the Bee's submission power.Plus the cane and Venom.

Attached: Screw you Hawkshadow or whatever, I'm going home.png (862x793, 787.9K)

>>129116739Only China and Japan respect each other as rivals. Korea is a lapdog. That's why the Korean government spent millions on international lobbys and k-shit. They don't have anything to feel proud of, except for k-shit

>>129116785Of course it would all depend on who's getting the comboGabriel keeps his suits pretty sleek and lowkey so either a purple suit with yellow accents or the oppositeChloe, however, would try to be as attention-grabbing as possible, so it wouldn't surprise me if her Monarch had something that more directly imitates wings, maybe a short cape like picrelated or big shoulder pads like her mother had when akumatized

Attached: image_2022-03-02_142058.png (800x800, 350.71K)

If you could add a villain for the heroes to fight that wasn't related to Hawk Moth and/or the Miraculous, what would you add?

>>129116949Yeah, I posted Chloe as the example as even her having difficulty getting out kek>This is utterly ridiculous, I'm going home!>No you don't. You WILL get the Miraculous.But yeah, I'd expect Chloe to get a decent outfit while Gabe gets shit despite being a designer

Attached: Hawkmoth concept.jpg (1200x900, 115.22K)

>>129116977Magic users like Morgan Le Fey or the Monkey King. It's the only thing that really makes sense with all this pseudo magical bullshit.

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Attached: f5hJ-2-IgS4.jpg (2560x1820, 947.89K)

>>129117002>while Gabe gets shit despite being a designerWhat do you have against Gabriel's attire?

>>129116977I think the mime should be unrelated to the miraculousMake him just a guy with super miming powers who uses them to steal shit or somethingThis is almost exclusively because of how cool he looked in the 2D animated pitch

>>129116396I'm still sort of hoping that live action movie doesn't get done. It sounds like a recipe for disaster.

>>129118537His helmet makes him look like an egg, and the feather monocle doesn't help his case.He deserved better

Attached: hawk-moth-mayura-shadow-moth-miraculous-verzweifelt-sauer-aggro.gif (498x435, 1.79M)

>>129116661Hm. I wanted to try, dunno if I got the right color scheme. Monarch and Shadow Hornet.

Attached: AF888D7D-E3D0-4883-A158-F5AE8FEEBB77.png (500x600, 609.24K)

>>129116628Boner joke

>>129119605Nice! You've got a really cool style, user.

>>129052224That's cute>>129052408>>129082474They should have hooked up. They were fun

Need more horny Marinette. Especially with the lip bite

Attached: FKFkpuoUYAMo-_i.jpg (1080x1338, 210.21K)

>>129119748Thanks. I was in doubt about where Hawk Moth would use the comb, but put it in the pocket looked good. Queen Bee needed something to remember more wings, so a sash looked like close enough.I wanted to do Gallop Cat (cat + horse), but times out. Chat sure needs something.

>>129080723Did they use the exact same animation for the girl and just switch the models?

>>129119982Marinette also waves>youtube.com/watch?v=QSyDrOWWNkc>>129119605NICE user

Attached: Chloe hair down .png (2000x2000, 1.02M)

>>129087313>I'm not fucking gay okay?Well you're definitely not straight.

>>129087313>I'm not fucking gay okay?user... have you considered bisexuality?


>>129089774he had no control but boy did he bitch about it on twitter

>>129119605Yo, nice. I'll give my concepts >>129116949 a try after I get home, too

>>129120563Thanks. I wanted to keep Chloe slightly classy, so the sash to attach the butterfly pin represents her “wings”. It’s harder with Hawk Moth, because his fusions until now are less flashy, but I think I got it.

Does anyone here still care about the main ship or is Marinette considered unworthy of Adrien?

>>129120899on 4chan people could care less about her. On twitter it varies but most are mari stans. Youtube and reddit mostly Adrien stans from what I've seen. Tumblr of course thinks Adrien is a literal rapist. So it varies from place to place. However it's worth noting since Kuro Neko and then Risk coming out the main ship seems to be getting more love across all platforms.

>>129120899Quite honestly, no, but, that’s one of the selling points. And, for real? Marinette is a paranoid lying mess with serious problems to trust in the others and Adrien is an airhead idiot with self esteem issues who thinks the others will fix his problems for him. They both are wrong to each other and that’s why they work. More or less. None of them would work with people who are well adjusted.

>>129120899I don't. But admittedly, I never really cared about it anyway.

>>129116396Wouldn't be a little too much to have a tween girl jumping on spandex? Granted, Japan didn't care while making PGSM but junior gravure was legal until recently. It could be controversial in the west

Attached: PGSM.jpg (1024x768, 149.65K)

>>129120899I don't really care, but I've only ever been in this for the Agreste family drama.

Attached: 107bed51d6b7e587f37fbf94e36f34bf--miraculous-ladybug-kemi.jpg (480x596, 49.61K)

>>129119104>I'm still sort of hoping that live action movie doesn't get done.Why? US superhero guff made billions, perhaps capeless French latex heroes can bring in the moolahs too?

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>>129121938that chat is terrible cosplayfuck ive got boots that look closer to chats

>>129121938Yeah, but US super stuff has an utterly ridiculous budget and I highly doubt a live action spin off to a show that can't even keep a comic run going or manage a consistent release schedule will be able to have that kind of budget. It just feels like it would be impossible to do right.

>>129122339Let's try another one.>>129122554>utterly ridiculous budgetBig budgets do not mean big success. Multiple exotic locations should not be necessary for this show.

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>>129122755MUCH betterwould sodomise/10

>>129122755I'm not talking about exotic locations. I don't think that's really a concern. I'm more talking about effects and general costuming problems that comes with a small budget. But maybes it's just me. I can't imagine a live action movie being done well for this show, but I'd be happy to be proven wrong. Maybe something like a Power Rangers / Super Sentai show could work and be fun. I just don't know if a movie can.

>>129122833This, a big thing would be actually filming in Paris successfully.

>>129121721Same. The Agrestes are an endless supply of angst and I enjoy every moment of it.

>>129112903I recognize that bulge

Season Finale Tomorrow

>>129123724For real or are you just hoping? Provide source.

>>129123724I don't believe you, but I really hope you are right.

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>>129123750you guys told me like a week or 2 ago that some streaming service had it scheduled for march 3rd, in Spanish I think.

Does anyone have any more Miraculous art from this lad?

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>>129123973I thought it was scheduled for the 11thunless you mean the first part

>>129112529Plus they'd probably never even figure out he was HM, which woudl be a total cop out if that happens. The weakest part of this show is definitely the writing, >the obsession with the Status Quo of the first 3 seasons, >CN getting effectively shoved to the sidelines and having no real interactions with the previous Guardian>Identity rule bullshit to ensure they'll never figure out who each other are>the wishy washy handling of Chloe, only settle on G-rated Myne at the last minute>the literally fanfic writing that is Zoes entire existance>The final 4 zodiac miraculous get half-assedI blame Austric, since he has a shit fit whenever fans have opinions different than his. how are Zag's other shows? I think Ghost force and that Toy one weren't designed to have over-arching stories

>>129096817>lot's of behind the scenes issues>Terrible treatment of characters>Deaths of Allura and Lotor being heavily disliked>episodes are of poor quality>Baffeling Distant Finale>An attempt at LGBT representation at the last moment that falls flat due to other shows doing it better.


>>129121637>PGSMmy nigger.though, they can just age them up a little so that they pass for the middle of highschool or something, Chris Vee already plays Marinette with the voice of an older teenager

Just admit you don't give a shit about this show's story and only watch it to jerk to ladybug

>>129126878This is one of the few kids shows I DON'T watch just to jerk off to.

>>129126878I watch to jerk to Rena Rouge.>>129127058also this

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>>129126845If they do it, most probably the characters will be in high school and played by actors in their late 20s, early 30s. The usual

>>129124243anon this is good shit I guess it's time to reverse image search I need more of this.


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>>129122554the big budgets are exactly why US Super Hero movies suck balls

Attached: 1641180459804.jpg (1280x1873, 663.36K)

>>129073829>Blue is just the color pallet used to look blackExplain Marc then?

>>129127825I don't think that exactly makes sense. There are other problems those movies have that have nothing to do with the budget which are usually what hold them back.

>>129123724>>129123750I think he reffers to linkrelated>twitter.com/MyLuckycharm263/status/1499088282331795458

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>twitter.com/MyLuckycharm263/status/1499148616115671043We might be getting a Gloob trailer kek

Attached: PFFFFT.png (963x993, 201.04K)

>>129128989I hope so. Gloob has a good record so far and it would be great to see what they're up to this time.

New Zag merch, please laugh at bottom left

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>>129129014Seems like the merchandise team still haven't given up on Chloe.

>>129129131Even after making a Vesperia doll, Queen Bee still stands

Attached: Mein God.jpg (454x606, 63.69K)

>>129129164It's funny. I guess they realize Zoe isn't as marketable as she could be. I'm more surprised Bunnyx is so well represented though. I would have thought Purple Tigress would have taken that place considering she was new this season, seemingly well liked, and they're selling her Miraculous right there.

>>129129781Probably Juleka will get a doll next, but I still can't believe Zoe has one before Luka and Kagami.>I guess they realize Zoe isn't as marketable as she could beNot hard when after her debut episode you give the bee in the very next ep then put her in the background. Zoe really wasn't needed in the show

>>129127070>Rena RougeShe really leans into it.

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Shh they're sleeping

Attached: FM22hp5VkAQpl0D.png (840x683, 129.44K)

>Ivan sitting all on his ownYou'd think they'd have Zoe move in there and fill that seat, but nope, sent to Miss Mendeleev's class.Would be funny if that would be Felix's seat should her ever transfer to France

Attached: Chameleon_536.png (1920x1080, 2.71M)

>>129130355The fuck, I never noticed that! It would make sense if Lila was alone. With Marc, Luka and Zoe around, I’m surprised one of them didn’t join the class, but have Luka or Zoe there would make things annoying with Marinette and Chloe, respectively.Dunno if Felix would be an option. Guy is too wild to be a regular character. But, again, Lila is supposed to be a regular and she barely appeared this season, anyway.

>>129121637>Wouldn't be a little too much to have a tween girl jumping on spandex?No problem at all. Girls wear less spandex coverage on an average summer beach.Also this is not spandex, it is latex. And Marinette sure took quickly to wearing a latex catsuit. So far only one cosplayer has used real latex but that should not stop the studio from pouring the actress into extra tight latex.

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