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Supposed production stills from the next Transformers cartoon.

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>>129041708>>129041717Where did you find it


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>>129041728Randomly came across them on twitter. They match up to the image in this

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That red cup looks horrible

>>129041946I can't even tell what it's supposed to transform into. I think one is a hamburger and another is a soccer ball, but that's it.

>>129041946>>129042014That red cup is a plunger actually

>>129041708>>129041717So is this going to be some kind of TTG kind of show?

>>129041708which one is the token girl? i can't tell i hope it's the brocoli

>>129042086Probably the one with eyelashes

>>129041708Why does everyone have the same calarts face? They fucking ruined Burgertron.

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>>129042104the brocoli actually looks more femenine

The trailer is

>>129042149Reminds me of Toy Story. Hope the jokes are halfway decent.

>>129042086>>129042104>>129042123The "broccoli" is Bonz-Eye. She turns into a bonsai tree.

>>129041708Wait a sec, if the energon can turn something that isn't mechanical or metal, like a burger, into a robot...Why not make a transformers about humans being turned into robots.Like sonic the hedgehog's roboticized uncle chuck

>>129042149>Real toy line>Transforms in two to three steps>Mundane objects found in a mallIs this actually popular with kids? The concept seems antithetical to what made the Transformers appealing, at least when I was a kid.

>>129042207Masterforce already exists

>>129042259Its nothing more than Hasbro's attempt to ride the "blind bag" train, a la Hatchimals or Shopkins

>>129042275More like Beast Wars Neo.

It looks like a fun toys come to life show, but I don't see the Transformers in this

Kikmee is cute

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>>129042259You just described G1.

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>>129043210Twerple Burple best girl.

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>>129041708For a second I thought it was fishhooks.

>>129043415NopeLet's fight!

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>>129041717>>129041732>>129041750>>129041769>>129041796I dunno why, but the cartoony look of the characters with 3DCG backgrounds makes me think of Max G/Hotdiggedydemon's cartoons


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>>129041708so exited for this

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>>129041708We got Botbots in the menu, folks!

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>>129044049The toyline is worse if one really really thinks hard about it

>>129041708Is this based on those mass produced small "thematic" TF toys they release in waves? Some of them are kind of cool but it's always been this retarded looking and purely for the blindbox kiddie shit audience. It's been going on for years so nice try spinning this into a le TTG Roar thing.

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>>129042505>but I don't see the Transformers in thisYou should know there's always more to these simple everyday objects than meets the eye.>>

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The Soccer Ball bot looks like Jenny

>>129046766Lewd her enough and she'd be the next jenny

>>129042275That's non canon

>>129042112Burgertron sounds like a offshoot of megatron

Look at this chad.

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>>129046931He knows he's the best part of a value meal.


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>>129041708>another shitty beanmouth show

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>>129043565considering Alyson Court is voice directing, i hope she voices this one.

>>129047374I am not sure Cuddle Tooth in it

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Who has a worse fate

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>>129046566>NokiaIndestructible Bot

>>129042149>energon cloud transformed a pile of shit into a botyeah, I'll pass.

>>129047220>posts a beanmouth


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>>129047936shame, chainsaws are rad

>>129042086Both Broccoli hair and the Football

>>129046949those seem to be for other show/toys, I doubt that the "football" is male in this show

>>129042259The toyline's lasted 5 years BEFORE having a tie-in show. Yes, it's popular.>>129046949Not the first time that a toyline and a show has had a character be different genders. A toyline's collective bios count as a universe in the Transformers multiverse, and Transformers has plenty of characters be different genders depending on the universe.>>129046918Non canon... to what? Masterforce is canon to the multiverse, and canon to the Japanese G1 mega-continuity.

>>129044049In this case, it was actually Ireland. I don't know why they made the designs worse than the toy packaging. Cheaper to animate?

>>129042014Hamburger, soccer ball, flashlight, potted bonsai tree, plunger.

>>129043806How about a can of rotting fish - with teeth?

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>>129043565>One second it's nice and friendly, the next it's yeeeooowch!Is this girl asking for a Happy Tree Friends scenario on a TV-Y7 show.Are you gonna give it to her?

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This is your botbot waifu for the night.

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>>129050511That's cute. Some way to make Injector look even worse.

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>>129051183lolit's also she

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>>129041708So what's the story going to be for this show you guys reckon? Is it going to be like Rescue Bots where they have decided to stay out of the war?Or is it going to be a special squad of Autobots that nobody likes so they instead hang out with some random human.

>>129051346I don't think it's that deep. They probably don't even know there's a war going on. Just a ray from the sky and - boom - they're alive, something from the category of Maximum Overdrive.I don't even think there will be Decepticons, just like RB

any requests?

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Crossover with Tenga Robots when?

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The new BFDI is looking pretty good

>>129051346>>129051498You're assuming there even IS a war, or other Transformers in general.

>>129051975There aren't. In the toyline's backstory there is no Cybertron, Autobots, Decpeticons, nothing. Its all a fictional franchise, and a few of the robots turn into licensed merchandise.So where the energon came from...who knows.

>>129042259There are different reasons for why people like Transformers. I am into transformers because I want to fuck them. Sadly this here is cringe humor with children so it's a hard pass.

>>129052048The show is a seperate universe and we've already had some deviations from the toyline. There could be some actual Transformer presence.

>>129052275Hm, might be neat.

>>129052275You sound like the sort of person who goes "surely Decepticons will start showing up in Rescuebots THIS episode".

>>129050370"canon" means "part of the history of the established universe". It being an alternate universe doesn't make it canon. Stop using words the wrong way. It is valid that you mention it being part of the japenese G1 continuity tho

>>129052502Its canon to its own timeline. This is Transformers. Everything is canon.

>>129052423No, I don't. "Surely" and "could" do not carry the same probability context.

More pics to get a better view of the new show

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>>129054465The yellow one is the only one with an almost acceptable design. Too bad he seems to be fries, I hate fries.

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>>129054465>Spud Muffin is a really popular bot. The "King of the Food Court" has been voted as Prom King and Deep Fryer Games MVP, amongst other things. He's quite proud of all of his achievements and often celebrates by going to the gym and doing some reps.

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>>129054542who this?

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>>129054545what a chad

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>>129054564It might be Lady Macaron, a rare toyless character.

I hate their mouths. Everybody has the same fucking facial expression.

>Prepare your noses, guys

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>>129054628>a literal shit character

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>>129054719Second time in the franchise's history.

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This looks pretty cute.

>This is gonna be fun

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>>129055246Do you think he's gonna be sympathetic or is he gonna go full Schizo Mode?

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>>129055255The latter, but slowly

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>>129048174I'd say Nopesoap, she's all washed up and nobody wants to use her anymore. She even looks more sad than TP itch

>>129055297>Bear TrapsThat's a little much isn't it?

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>>129051603draw broccoli head dressed like samurai jack

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>>129055602>>129055619still have no idea what the red thing is supposed to be

>>129055649He's a plunger. Though he's been heavily redesigned for the show: the toy is basically upside down from how he is.

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>>129042112The only all-american robot

>>129055649Read the fucking thread then, it's been explained several times

>>129055619In order: Clogstopper, Burgertron, Dimlit, Bonz-Eye, and Kikmee. I haven't heard so many original puny and descriptive names since Beast Wars, and the line is all like this lmao.

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>>129055740I wonder who will win best girl, Bonz-eye or Kikmee.

>>129051498Technically a decepticon was in Rescue Bots Academy...but that was just Laserbeak. Also Wedge was apparently an ex-decepticon which was an interesting development that went nowhere.

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>We can't animate cubes!>Just draw lines on them to make them robots lol.

>>129055816The sporty tomboy > the samurai woman

Alright so who's going to be drawn as a shortstack in the inevitable porn?

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>>129057417>They see anons dick

>>129055816i am going to make so much porn of bonz-eye just to prove she's best girl

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>>129056047Been marathoning Transformers Animated again?

>>129057417but they're not cybertronians

>>129057545I'd like to see that. There, uncalled references of her.


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>>129057626Swing and a miss.

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>>129052048Primus brapped so hard (probably in the Primal Scream incident) it travelled to a Quadwal universe's earth and brought them to life

who wanna bet they befriend a lost kid in the mall

>>129057744Why'd you post a generic human wearing an Optimus Prime helmet?


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>>129057817Swinging at nothing but air~

Can't wait for the inevitable Condom, Fleshlight and Dildo BotBot fan characters

>>129058065Thanks!Also found her concept art

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>>129058099Condom and dildo already happened in PSG

>>129058011sweet!can you do kikimee as samus?

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Boximus, Honey Bee Reflector ?

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>>129056893You say that until Bonz-Eye goes full Baiken


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Dimlit Fleshlight when?

>Let me guess, Tiny, a small salad?

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>>129059504That's very cute, very well done.

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>>129059560Thank you!>>129059688Ah, I see Scribby At least i think so

>>129059504>>129058011Very nice

>I'm done with this shit

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Ain't this brilliant? If in the course of the show you end up recognizing the characters only by this, they win.

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>>129059994Poor Outta Order, a victim of gamer rage.I want to help her.

>>129059504now thats PRIME

>>129059994>Basically a burnbot who had the worst fat loser next to herPoor unlucky girl.

>>129059918it was a good thing i asked for samus and not megamanit turned out cool!



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>>129061155Oh fuck

>>129042112mighty magiswords

>>129059504She looks great! Thanks user.


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>>129041708Frenzy is red, rumble is blueWill we see cassette bots in this show too?


>>129067873>cassette botsIn the obsolete sector?

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>>129067873>>129068523There's tape player botbots but no cassettes.

>>129068836Could use them as weapons.

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>>129071053>moved the cannon to his armCowards.


>>129071083Please understand.

>>129042076>>129042112>>129044049>>129047220>anons confirmed for having never seen or heard of BotBotsOP pic is actually better than how they have looked for their entire history. These things have always been retarded beanmouth styled.

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>>129071594Your post is self-contradictory in multiple aspects and carries no conversational validity.

>>129071594I actually like them in toy forms



Is Bonz-eye's scar real or painted over?

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>>129074204why does it matter and why do you care and why do you think we'd even know that, the show hasn't fucking come out yetgod damn

>>129069865I bet that this episode is about phone addiction.

>>129074204Cartoon - paint Toy - definitely real oneAlso this >>129074381

>>129074381 Waddlepop will help you to Chill out, dude.

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>>129075298Damn is this granny old as Unicron?

>>129042149I wondered where those pics came from

I want to give this show a shot because some people involved in it are cool, but it's not looking great. Seems like a very generic kid cartoon that's just attached to Transformers.

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>>129075833Oh hey it's Starscream

>>129071594>These things have always been retarded beanmouth styled.>Not a single beanmouth on the thing.>Only proving they added in beanmouths.

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>>129075833Well it's based off an existing, long running Transformers toyline, so you're objectively wrong.BTW That shitformer is a new character, there's no toy of him. Not even a previous fiction appearance like >>129054605

>>129076118The botbots line has been around for 4 years since late 2017

Calling him burgertron was a wastePrime Beef or Prime Rib would've been more fitting given he's got that helmet

>>129058011do you have a blog? your art is amazing

>>129076260What's your point?

>>129076724Its amazing how it can go for that longAlso i hope that this show could steal away the ttg audience.

>>129075899More like shart-stream

>>129068712I like mustard on my steak and ketchup on my fries

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>>129068836>There's tape player botbotsSo knockoff soundwaves? I cant remember the name of the tape player autobot

>>129076951I think its blaster


>>129076938Nice lore

>>129076938Clogstopper is a direct downgrade from the toy version

>>129077746why draw and animate an additional stick when you can just repurpose it/incorporate it into the existing torso?

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Who's going to be the Racist BotBot that calls Bonz-Eye a slant eyed nip?


Attached: Waffle Iron is Ready.jpg (557x408, 73.59K)

>>129078003That is honestly terrifying

>>129077455kek>>129076649Thank you and no, but I will be in these threads sometimes

Attached: 89028837_205088687233311_238278643373370713_n by (720x406, 553.76K)

who out of the five would most likely turn against the group?

>>129079000think about it, name one transformers cartoon that doesn't have brainwashing, hypnotism, or controllers

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>>129080288You look mad

a month couldn't come fast enough

>>129054564>>129055487>>129057551>>129057580>>129057606>>129058011>>129059504Im gonna watch the show for the girlbots.

>>129052423man you never RBA

I hate the designs and I doubt it's the type of humor I consider watch worthy, let alone funny. Guess I will stick to the comics only and hope Image won't completely ruin things again.

>>129041708Hasbro want its own Teen Titans Go!

>>129082671the funny thing is, i can totally get invested in this unlike ttg for the reason that this show its using the botbot toyline as its foot hold compared to ttg using the 2003 designs as the foot hold

>>129076938Who the fuck loses a BURGER

>>129082886the hamburglar

I can already see the green texts in WH40K style describing these BotBots in verbose detail


John from the Marvel Transformers comic is The OG Toilet Trooper

Attached: John_marvel_uk_97.jpg (445x173, 26.74K)

>>129041750notiice how the security guard has got the macaron>>129054564 hostage, here's hoping burgertron saves her in that episode

>scar over eye>lost everything>samurai>massive hairShit, Bonz-eye IS Baiken

>>129083178first ashley busch was a ninja, now she's a samurai

>>129082671At least be grateful they're using an original IP instead of sacrificing an older one.

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Attached: Rotf-ejector-toy-scout.jpg (788x369, 30.47K)

>>129083340wait is it confirmed?

>>129084593nice>At least be grateful they're using an original IP instead of sacrificing an older one.yeah all this bitching is stupid

>>129055951I can tell what the others costume are but is kikimee supposed to be a gremlin ?


>>129084593>t be grateful they're using an original IP>Transformers.

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>>129077845Why base it off a toyline if you're not even gonna follow the toy designs?

>>129084593cute fan art

Attached: FMiyvHJUUAAwmjj.jpg (981x1496, 414.92K)

It doesn't matter if they're cute little robots based on mundane objects, war crimes will be committed.

Well, there's always Earthspark, right? R-right?

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Attached: tumblr_pmgqpluvBE1qi7lgeo1_1280.jpg (1280x897, 241.34K)

>>129089308Yeah I'm glad the new cartoons are trying unique things instead of more "just redo g1 but not as good" like we've been stuck with for a while

>>129089454tbf even though Cyberverse LOOKED like G1 it was very much its own thing

>>129089454>It different!>Bui they haven't been good>...b-but it different!

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Burgertron getting vored when?

Attached: Splat.png (1920x1080, 1.01M)

>>129090578>Don't worry, everybody! Soon he will be resurrected as a zombie and sacrifice himself later again

>>129090521>user didn't see the trailer

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Botbots combiner?

Attached: six_botbots_by_murdermus_dd8kelf-fullview.jpg (900x887, 75.31K)

>>129091017They'll combine to reach the height of a Minicon

>>129046931Sentinel Prime (Animated) now in French fry form

>>129090578"Mayo" edit when?

>>129090768Okay Burgertron getting vored by a cute girl when?

I will now establish the headcanon that Burgertron has a big butt that's hidden by his Bun

>>129083157Macaron is kinda like a dessert burger

Will Mr. Enter Sperg Out about this show being too mean spirited?I mean we have an entire group of characters dedicated to toilet humor.


Attached: DSC02184-10225-1300-1300-90-wm-left_top-100-Unicroncomwatermarkpng.jpg (1024x711, 115.97K)

>>129091440Literally who? (Don't answer that, it's rhetorical)

>>129091488Sweet burn dude

>>129091389Deep lore

>>129083157So Lady Macaron kinda Elita-1 for Burgertron?

>>129091488...and people didn't like that difference then either. Keep up.

>>129091056god help us if they reach legend size

>>129085891She sounds similar to ashley busch's enid

Can't wait to see what the brainwash episode look like.And i hope it happens to the tomboy soccer bot

Attached: brainwashing.jpg (580x372, 49.74K)

>>129089179What war crimes?

>>129092788>burgertronA missed opportunity to call hin burgerbot really.

Attached: efb1fd8b24bf0e6a68ede71b1a5a2920.png (1280x1438, 1.46M)

>>129094026lol it would be funny


>>129091094The bun is behind his back, not butt

>>129041708>Fucking UnderwearCan't make this up

>>129095112The guys a toilet plunger

>>129095112The tall socks and underwear just make burgertron sexier

>>129041708I think Rob Tinkler voices Burgertron.

>>129088646They means that it's at least a different idea with the brand and not something like this

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>>129041750>another jewish self-insert

>>129096776No, the guy is too much of a beta incel to be a jew.

>>129041708>one year later still nothing from the micronaughts cartoon.That franchise is cursed.

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>>129041708I've been watching the trailer over and over again, pls help i love the football and tree.

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>>129054564The wonderbread guy is gonna be all over this

>>129098263Cause she's sooooo sweet and sugary

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Is Burgertron is the most American Transformer?


>>129099490i honestly doubt you could get more American than a burg

>>129098263Wonderbread botbot when?>She pulls up an axe too

>>129099685I guess she'd hate Bonz-Eye on account of her being a tree

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>>129041708>One of them's a fleshlight.EWWWWWWW!

>>129099935We'd better get some Dimlit brain fucking



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We need a MY ANCESTOR pic with Burgertron and the McDonald's Changeables Happy Meal Toys

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>>129099918There was another burgertron

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>>129100695I love his little cardigan. You just know he's the team's Bumblebee.

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Post objects you want BotBots of.

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>>129100695>Botbots not only look and feel like Happy meal toys, they're named like it.Now they'll fight for supremacy.

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>>129101075>Trash Can BotBot makes the Lost Bots go Schizo Mode

>>129059504>>129058011Sweet work dude.

>>129054564>>129054605>>129098263>>129099685Murrlogic will definitely gravitate towards Lady Macaron.

>>129101075sus as fuck

>>129101028As it was foretold.

>>129041708Am I hallucinating

>>129092998where you there? i was. no kid complained that the cartoon Ironhide and Rachet didn't look like the monster squat body toys.

>>129103027Why would you be hallucinating?

>>129100974Chews and Chews

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>>129103437I was and kids did.

>>129041708>Transformers: TTGo Edition>Based on a dead toyline that hasn't been sold for like 2 yearsWhy

>>129042259>Is this actually popular with kids?It was a huge hit with retailers who bought tons of them thinking they'd be the next Shopkins. They sold like shit and went straight to the bargain bin. They haven't been on shelves in at least a year.

>>129104321Tbf they didn't know how to sell them.

>>129041708Remember when Transformers looked this awesome?

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>>129104321>>129105126always a bit surprise they didn't sell i remember minibrands doing pretty good a couple of shopping seasons

>>129105126Pretty much this. There's a reason why Mini-cons, similar in concept, were still referenced after is original show ended. Botbots without a solid background, don't give much reason to buy

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>>129100974An actual fucking handgun.

>>129108730Best we can do is a taser

>>129108827But wouldn't it be funny if that happened?

Imagine if they all combined

>>129109196Stop replying like this, goddamn. Do you act like this with real people?

>>129054564Why do i have the itching feeling she's gonna be a sassy bitch

>>129054564Burgertrons Wife

>>129108730Mega tron

>>129105897Looks like garbage.

>>129108827>>129109196That would be very lucky. Hasbro don't do gun-formers anymore, not even small nor for water.

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>>129109461Combiner BotBots would be neat. Maybe if the line lasts long enough.

>>129111294But what would even make a combiner?

>>129041708i want to fuck the burger bot

>>129111896Just take a bunch of thematically connected bots.Like, a bottle of ketchup, a bottle of mustard, a burger, a salt shaker, and a drink. Call him....Big Mech.

>>129111925>Big Mech.That's somehow brilliant and typical at the same time

>>129093474>>129091056>Wheeljack, remind me why I'm still hiring you?

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>>129111925I cant believe you forgot about the fries man...

>>129041708This can’t be real

>>129112175Okay, swap out the salt shaker for fries.

>>129111925Ok so we get an optical mouse, a digital camera, a game controller, a keyboard, and a microphone to create technotronic

>>129112251Botbots is a silly line that came out four years ago. There's a toilet paper mummy named King Toots, a stapler named Steve from Accounting, and perhaps greatest of all:Reptilin' Sleepstylin'

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>>129052137I like them for the Puzzle aspect.

>>129112541The transforming thing is the one keypoint.Back then during the 80s, getting a robot and a toy truck at the same was a pretty big deal for a kid

>>129069925>AH HAHAHAHA!>It's showtime!

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>>129112512Damn that's a cool dude.


>>129112541>>129112574I had a G1 Sludge and I liked it because I had a cool brontosaurus that turned into a cool robot guy and looked like the cool robot brontosaurus guy from the Transformers VHS tape I was watching to death. I never felt like I was solving a puzzle since I bought it from a junk shop with no instructions and the transformation was easy enough for me to intuit from just looking at it and the show.

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>>129114354you monster...

>>129114376The jar is also a botbot

>>129114379how would a transparent glass object even work as a botbot?

>>129114507Buddy there's a BotBot that's just 5 playing cards. Not even a full deck.

where can i find this clip?

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>>129042149How the fuck are things that aren't even electronic transforming into little robots?

Attached: 1408574968219.jpg (222x227, 10.74K) storyboard

>>129114919It literally explains it in the trailer you stupid fuck.

>>129115076thank you

>>129114919That’s the question I have

>>129042207And we make it an existential horror series

>>129100974Something that’s incredibly dangerous. Like a knife

>>129117427they have a chainsaw for what its worth. She's called Cuddles. She likes hugs.

>>129076938Why the fuck they gave them normal eyes?They are less cute

>>129114292you're in luck they're making a new Sludge figure this year, coming out later this year if you want to relive that nostalgia.

With the whole backstory, a part of me wonders what would happen if a human corpse got revived as a transformer.It’s retarded I know

>>129051018>>129043565I think the chainsaw is a metaphor for ladyparts!

>A ordinary juice box?

Attached: Juice box.png (1920x1080, 528.55K)

>>129046269>They literally just unfoldI think I'd rather just buy Bakugan...

>>129119170>A WAIFU Juice box!

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Attached: Insidemall.png (1920x1080, 1.73M)

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>>129111925>Arcade = Game Time>School = Scholarship>Bakery = Ramses (Get it?)>Gym = Beefcake>Travel = Roamer>Baby = Tantrum>Food = Big Mech>Asian = Family Feast>Department = Appliance of Force>Sports = The Clique>Lawn = Get Off>Mexican = El Diablo Grande>Lost = Mismatch>Magic = Sourcerer >Theater = Critical Mass>Music = One-Bot-Band>Toys = Mercha>Vintage = Old School>Science = The Experiment >Holiday = Festivity>Garden = The Trimmer>Trash = Expiration Date>Candy = Sugar Rush>Clothes = Tailor-Made>Tech = State of the Art>Camping = WildmanHow's that?

>>129119329Heh nice.


>>129120126These are great

>>129121839Thank.And yes, Ramses is basically just fucking Gordan Ramsey.

>>129122283chef rude

>>129041708no>>129041717No>>129041732>>129041750>>129041769>>129041796NOOTRANSTECHS SAVE THIS CURSED TIMELINE

>the original art style vs botbotsokay I can handle it>compared to this new stuffMY EYES ARE MELTING ALONGSIDE MY SOUL

>>129123250eh it looks ok

>>129123206>TRANSTECHSThere's no way that cursed line could save you at this point in history.

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>>129124619That's not Transtech, it's Bayformer concept art uglier than even what we got

>>129112512Many of them worked great as little accessories for various scaled figures.Some of them were almost as good as the godly McDonalds, most of them were kinda crappy, either the transformation is just 1 or 2 parts kinda folding open, or the actual robot or disguise mode just didn't look good. Another downside was that while the bigger packs only had a single blind figure, they were still randomly assorted into the packs.Some of them also suffered from modern Hasbro's gummy plastic, which meant they popped apart or stuck and didn't want to move as freely as you'd want them to.Odd that they're bringing the show out after the line was clearanced out of stores for a few years now.

Attached: Fearsome Flush Ryuko.png (900x1200, 1.17M)

>>129123250I'm fine with the new stuff.

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>>129096283Imagine if hasbro actually did this.Thundercats RAWR flashbacks

>>129096283>RattrapPlease don't

>>129125394>Odd that they're bringing the show out after the line was clearanced out of stores for a few years now.Technically they still have more toys planned. This might be to drum up hype before they release them.


>>129125915>>129119329would you juice her?

>>129125236>it's Bayformer concept artAlright Alright, it is, I checked, but that's not the point, besides, the real ones aren't any better.

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>>129126373Its Beast wars X late 90's/early 200's mecha design, I love it.

Attached: BA.jpg (600x764, 127.47K)

hol up...if the lost bots are seen as outcasts by the rest of the botbots...does that mean that they're essentially the deceptions of the show?

>>129124619>Op looks like a Bionicle knock off>Megs doesn't even have a face, just abs where his face is supposed to be.

Attached: sample_a2612153a73920467df46727867a6261.jpg (850x451, 74.94K)

>>129125394>Another downside was that while the bigger packs only had a single blind figure, they were still randomly assorted into the packs.What? No they aren't. The "mystery" BotBot in the multipacks are fixed. Even the singlepack blindpacks have a tiny ID number on the back for each BotBot. Nothing to BotBots is left to chance.

>>129115076thanks! Also nice storyboardthis sounds is just cute to hear, love it when artist do this

>>129125610I already made a better one: >>129076938

it's begun

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Attached: eat.gif (445x498, 311.08K)

>>129127092They're misplaced, not exiled.

>>129128028but they're apparently treated as outcasts for some reason?


>>129127798It definitely doesn't help that it looks like he's wearing thigh highs.

>>129127798Ketchup is a good startWe'll need to move on to mayo soon enough when the show comes out.

>>129128323mayo is good on subs, not burgers

>>129051498>>129051346It sure is gonna be an episodic fun show, and, if there were a deeper lore isn't gonna be shown throught the bots' eyes, but the guard's, I suppose. The human would find little clues, try to expose them, just to lose them/failing in the process, until the end of the season where it’d be revealed to the botbots.

>Episode where the BotBots prevent a mass shooting at the mall

>>129127798>it's begunI know, and not with the ladies!

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>Burgertron dies in a reference to Optimus dying>It's also a joke about burgers that are ordered well done

Attached: latest[1].jpg (704x396, 50.39K)

Well Fujos love Transformers so I'm sure there will be shipping of these cute little bots.I'm going to guess Burgertron and Spud Muffin because Burgers and Fries.>>129054465


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So when are we going to get an evil doppelganger episode with a Veggie Burger BotBot that looks like Burgertron?

>>129128790would Huffer complain about this?

>>129129162>Beyond Burgertron

>>129129659>>129129162There's a few angles to approach this from>Wimpy because Onions>Femboy or Girl because 18 Million times the Eestrogen >Cheap Imitation>Classic Mirror dimension evil doppelganger complete with Gotee

>>129129728Here's one, Grill Master

>>129128066I mean im surprised thet the rest of the tribes are okay with hanging out with one another but choose to keep away from the lostbots

>>129129162Or an evil british version of kikmee?

Attached: 1978-world-cup-ball-photo-Peter-Pesti-worldcupballs-info-1024x731.jpg (1024x731, 83.88K)

>>129041708Why do they all have the same teeth?

>>129130059>Bri'ish Kickmee>Keeps calling Soccer Football

>>129130175Its better than Steven universe mouth

>>129119329Me likey.

Attached: _Douche_Here_.jpg (2269x988, 101.01K)

>>129114866On twitter.

>>129091066Character arch type is being the jerk/starscream to burgertron, true leader of the greaser gang.