slime girl demencia edition

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>>129041641I love Dementia

>>129042673*DemenciaThen at least pronounce her name right.

>>129042696I do not speak taco

>>129041641Any new clips?


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>>129042726Not yet

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>>129042696It is Demensa

I love miss black hot!

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>>129043459I really want to eat her.....


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>>129043675MISS SNEED HEED

>>129043420She-Hulk vibes


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>>129043675How does she tastes?

>>129043823like grape jelly

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>>129043851Now i want to know if Dementia is going to eat G-LO

>>129043856they will mix together

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>>129043420Too slutty


>>129043888pour two liquids into one container and observe

Where is the translate user?

Try to make a slime penumbra

>>129043902This is bullshit I poured water and vegetable oil into a glass and they just sat there.

>>129043976yes pls

miss sneed's feed and seed

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>>129044354i want to bruise her cervix

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>>129044354>>129044490Really wondered why she gave Flugg a kiss

>>129043873Or not slutty enough.

>>129044926probably has had the hots for him since uniwho wouldn't>>129043111this guy

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>>129044952She should look like an amazonian fit warrior

>>129044490How would you achieve that with a cock smaller than 6”, little guy?

>>129045028The machine based it on how Demencia perceived BH which was why Black Hot looked like pure masculine sex so Female Black Hot should look like pure feminine sex.

>>129045058>so Female Black Hot should look like pure feminine sex.Male dem would want a hot goddess warrior

>>129044997Is Flugg going to look like swedish twink or an ugly nerd?

>>129045123Demencia seems pretty vanilla aside from the modifier of whatever Black Hat does to me is the best.

>>129044354>>129044490>a year of buildup on social media>defeated in one episodeunbelievable blueballs

>>129045131dr fugg ought to look like pic related

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>>129045166A finnish autist?

>>129045160Was she supposed to be a HEROINe?

>>129044926Because she needed to lose that episode and to bait shippers.

>>129045131Handsome Squidward and his face will not match his body at all.

>>129045240The only serious ship is paperhat, but it is mostly a joke

>>129045187>A finnish autist?yes. also known as a finn

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>>129045263>The only serious ship is paperhatForgetting about Sunblast and Umbra? for shame.

>>129045160She will be back.

>>129045286I am refering to the main characters

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>literally no discussion on the Flug Journal/Dems Diary book that just dropped>sexual-talk and low quality posts no different than a underaged tard>10 ipsAh, that explains the quality. Fuck off OP.

>>129045513You can translate it all for us if you want to

>>129041641Anyone have a link?

is the book also coming out in English at some point?

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>>129045857Here's the Mega of the first 6 episodes if that's what you're looking

>>129045878CN hates money that could be owed to one of their subsidiaries so I doubt it. I mean just look at how hard they worked to kill their animated DC line.


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>>129045131i hope he looks like pic rel but they are probably going to try to be funny and go with this >>129045254

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>>129041641welp, my dick just exploded


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>>129046205Flugg gets all the thots

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>>129045513Wanna talk about the diary?Well, i think it was cute how Flugg is very special for her

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>>129041641>slime girlTell me more

>>129041641Slime is overrated, gelatin is where is at.

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Anyone got a translated version or a tl:dr of the books yet?

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For the user on the other thread who wanted this pages translated:Well, well,... what do we have here? A curious and unwary who is nosing around where he/she shouldn't.I had to "take" this pages, dear reader, I'm sure you will understand.But if you are so desperate to know me just remember that when the black night swallows you in a cold wind and, howls/screams of pain surround the environment I will bleed from the walls to see you.BH.

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>>129045878Demencia asmr channel when?

The nose gap looks like a tiny goofy smile..

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>>129041641is this a episode?

>>129049313Yes, episode 2, "Boo lldozing", but that's an edited picture of Demencia.

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>>129041641>>129043459Lemon-Chamoy waifu

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>>129050614based, i loved that shit when i spent 3 years in mexico

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will they ever bring this shit to america?

>>129051174I hope so

>>129051174Americans are too sensitive

>>129051174Yes, because Mexico is part of the North American contentment.

>>129051174>implying mexico isn't part of america

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Did Flug create the famous chemical X

>>129051840>>129052255You are central americans

>>129052584yeah, so america. that's what I said

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>>129048198Eso me prende

>>129052643Not the civilized part

>>129047784She will be eaten

>>129050614UMA delicia

>>129051174who knows, but I think HBO Max gives it some chances since they can just dump it there alongside the buttloads of other stuff they have.

>>129041641I want the heroic version

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>>129052947t. gringo

>>129051129I am so relieved that this is not an incest shipping

When are the new episodes coming out?

>>129053223t.pinches indio


>>129054000It is pinche only

>>129041641Where is everyone

>>129045276isn't flugg icelandic?

>>129055148British name

>>129049634Are You still here Billy?

>>129055665Yes, what's up?


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>>129053130i want the fake heroic version

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>>129055805Translate the chemical x part

>>129055849Very hazbin hotelish

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>>129056796>NUNCA, PAJAMAS POR SIMPRE! She's so adorable

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>>129056822>>129056822>She's so adorableSí

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>>129055852It says:Component H3-XOrigin: UnknownType of organism: unknownThe componenet H3-X is a chemical and biological component, if it can be classified in that way, exclusive of the BHO. My dearest boss gave me acces to it when I started working on the organization, he told me it will help me in my investigation and boy was it true. This component is truly fascinating, it helped me develop some of my best inventions here in BHO. Thanks to it's malleable and mutable nature I could use it as the power supply or main foundation of my many experiments like the Evil Beam Materializer and the ----- ?The H3-X looks like a liquid in appearance, with a really weird texture strange to the sight, similar to a really dark shadow. Right now I have a sample in front of me, I exposed it to light of a lamp and it looks like it swallows the light, it doesn't projects a shadow of it's own, and it doesn't reflects light on it's surface.It has the capacity of moving at will, but apart from that it doesn't show any characteristic of advanced intellligence and I can't ensure it's alive, at the beginning I thought it was some kind of ameba or a virus, but after subjecting it to many tests the results showed me that it is made from a unknown matter. (Is this the famous "dark matter"???)Looking at it whit a microscope at 100, 000, 000 x zoom, it's texture didn't change at all, it lloks like I'm watching a dark well/pit without a light source, after wahtching it for a few seconds I started noticing some kind of "faces" and I started to feel really uncomfortable, so I stopped. I think I forced my sight so much that I got some kind of ocular migraine and that made me see strange figures. The following nights I had horrible nightmares.Dem: Is it normal for it to be spilling / scattering like that?

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What's the point of Blackhat's entire business if he's so damn broken, nobody can even touch him. And I don't mean so broken that the author would need to come up with some asspull to take him down, like pic related.I mean like Stardust the Super Wizard broken.

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>>129057321Alan has said multiple times that he created his business as a challenge for himself.


>>129057183Thank you very much!

>>129041641She'd look better if there was a half-digested skeleton in her hair

>>129041641Did the show finally start airing or what?


>>129041641Perfect for slime inflation/vore

>>129058819Fuck me sideways. At least a date? A year? A decade?

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>>129059005I meant there are no new episodes aired yetThe thing as a whole has just shown 6 episodes

>page 8This one is not gonna last


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So, what do you think of early Demencia?

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>>129059909She looks way more dorky, I like her but she has this almost pathetic quality to her that almost makes me want to protect her.


>>129059909She's not wild enough like the Demencia we have now. This one's a lot more closer to the fangirl side of Demencia and doesn't have the feral, 'back off', warning signs we have now. Especially with the craziness factor whenever she's chained up. Her face does remind me of Amelia for some reason though

>>129059909Would have been better if she was that way

>>129057183This is probably Black Hat DNA

>>129059909Not as hot but looks ok, this looks like a younger brattier demencia.

>>129059948>>129060037>>129060044I see, very interesting.

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>>129060518>they got rid of the beanmouth smilebased???

>>129060518Prefer the left.....

>>129060518>left is silly and cartoonish>right is sensualI see what the mexicans did here

>>129060545I noticed this as well. good choice

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WTFDid not know Flugg was a shitposter on 2ch(russian 4chan)

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>>129059105>>129060035Oh thank god, content. Thanks lads.

>>129061629What boards does Flug browse (besides /n/ for puctures of planes)?


>>129062640Did he post this?

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>>129062640b for pics of plane crashes that he may have been involved with.


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>>129063512>Nerf or nothing

>lost media wiki says nothing is avaiable in English>all the shorts and the first episode in English are on YouTube


>>129059909>>129060518She doesn't look like she can do lizard mode, it's a clever design

Alan I implore you, give her an episode.

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Looks like young Shadow man is about to get elected as the leader of BHO and put on the real Black Hat. Host theory aside, BH could orchestrate this ritual just to reveal his true form.

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>>129065672i feel as if there's a huge disconnect between the narrative of the show and its lore. one's super childish and establishes BH as an independent omnipotent being that runs everything but the background lore adds on ten different layers of bureaucracy and matureness with cults and human sacrifices

>>129065701That's that Alan intended from the beginning. Childish on the surface, dark and complex on the inside. I'm not sure whether or not it was a smart decision

>>129065701>>129065811so like gravity falls but good

>>129066007Eh, gravity falls at least shows some more stuff, doesn't it? Seems like this whole 2deep4u lore doesn't even touch the show. I don't even know it because it's in mexican.

>>129060518>calarts demencia.Bullet fucking dodged.

Alan wanted Demencia to have her hair a different color each episode, wich one you like the most?

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>>129066818They're all good colours

>>129066818Current dem>>powergap>Orange Dem>RedDem>2nd powergap>blue Dem>green/aqua Dem>>>>>Pink Dem.

i wanna have tea time with mawrasite

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>>129067668I want her parasite to rim my ass hole.

>>129041641Honestly I think Black Hat would've been much better if he wasn't such an omnipotent edgylord

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Write her episode.

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>>129059909she just looks like if you take out the Frankie out of current Demencia lol


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>>129052996Macaco, this isn't your family.


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>>129069054God i wish that was me.


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>>129044354I want to feed and seed her.

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>>129041641Looks like absolute garbage, let me guess, its by Vivzie and you all want to fuck that thing?

>>129071946some of the production crew now work for vivzie but it's a different project.i want to kiss and hug her instead

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>>129072000does that thing on her stomach speaks?


>>129046254I expect him to look like an eldritch horror under that bag.That or >>129046265 because i can see Black Hat wanting to cover his face if it doesn't look evil enough.

>>129071946>Vivziekek fuck no>you all want to fuck that thingFuck yes.

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>>129073817I would like to see them together one day.

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>>129073891UMNot like that

>>129074174Then how about like this?

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>>129074237i was thinking more like this

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>>129065701That’s how you hook them

>>129074295Just one more.

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feels kinda empty in here...

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>>129074237PLEASE NO!

>>129073891Please no Steven Universe in this thread, thanks.

>>129041641Is this show on HBO Max in the US?

>>129075882sadly not yet, but there's some rumors that it might get an english dub eventually

>>129074237>>129073891Im down for it.

>>129043823Like sugar.Verification not

If Dolencia didn't have that flower allergy she would've been literally unstoppable, right? Demencia has already shown she can beat pretty much the entire cast in a fight and Dolencia was just her but even stronger.

I finally got it, last thread looking at the codes of the book, there was one that I couldn't figure it out, it didn't made sense in spanish, I tought it was maybe a mistake, an inside joke of the villainous team, or Alan just playing with the readers, but in the end it was in latin, of course it was.

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>>129076744505 could hold her down if he really wanted to

>>129076744>Demencia has already shown she can beat pretty much the entire cast in a fightPissed of Flug can beat her up

>>129074971Just a little.

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>>129076968kinda sad to see villainous threads die so quickly

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>>129077311If villainous's genders were switched, it would go directly to Adult Swim for its brutality

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>>129077345it should already go on adult swim, i can see it easily replacing the venture bros as one of its flagship shows, better that than normal cartoon network.

>>129077311Yep, at least the last threads I was in were pretty good.

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>>129041641It's a shame, having attractive women, let alone hetero, is a sin in the US, for shame.

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>>129041641Do you have more English dubbed clips featuring her at this moment?

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>>129077311Just had some full threads. Tends to happen when something new comes out.

>>129077447Are you joking or do you have legitimate down syndrome? The hell kind of screenshots are these showing the worst, most low quality and braindead posts? The OP slime fetish faggotry was only good for the user delivering the full e-book.

>page 9


>Herbert LethSo is he Flug's brother or not?

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>>129079724>nutsack cape

>>129079931fuck you

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>>129075863Steven Universe didn't invent the concept of fusions.

>>129080413I'm curious as to how this ship became popular.I see more images of those two together then images of Dementia with Black Hat.

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>>129081197People self insert as Flug.

>>129081233Not everyone ship because of self insert reasons. The majority are in it because they just like seeing two people together. It's cute.

>>129081269Although not everyone does this it is a common enough phenomenon.

>>129081276Phenomenon? I wouldn't really call it a phenomenon but i would like to know what you meant by it.

>>>A phenomenon is an observable fact or event.

>>129077772I unironically believe that one of the reasons Villainous is sitting in a sort of limbo is because the main cast isn't progressive enough and there's no virtue signaling flying around. There's no "black coded" character, the main female character isn't "the voice of reason" and is subjected to slapstick comedy, and there is no LGBTHIV+ subtext going on. I'd be willing to bet that CN approached Alan and suggested the necessary changes for modern audiences, but he hasn't agreed with it... yet.

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>>129081337Fuck. I keep mixing up words. Thanks for the correction.

>>129079931It feels like something they will joke about. Like Dem is about to allude to it only for Flug to cut her off

>>129081355I always thought it was because CN will never pay more to their subsidiaries than they have to, hell I hope they never air it because then they'd make sure they could cancel it and make sure no one can ever touch it again.


>>129081721It's all about the money. Pretty simple.


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i like this snoozy dorky villainess

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>>129086073Cute zerg villain

Bumping this neat ole villanos thread

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>>129079724Were people able to catch the texts that are blocked in the notes? Maybe that's another clue

>>129087702I've been checking social media on and off to see if anyone mentioned those, but so far the only thing thats been shared is his name; I'll definitely share whatever I find when it does pop up though. If I recall the only other 'crossed out' info I could find is that Dem is one of Flugs biogenetic experiments, which isn't anything new/already obvious. We may not be able to highlight text with the files/pdf the kind user(s) provided, but I think kindle lets you do so?

>>129087882>If I recall the only other 'crossed out' info I could find is that Dem is one of Flugs biogenetic experiments, which isn't anything new/already obvious.It is when you consider Flug mentions in the book he forgot how she got there. However, the text might be just fake stuff put as a stand-in for the book, and might be all fake info on purpose.


>>129086073Hopefully she gets an ep

>>129081355>There's no "black coded" characterIf Black Hat was voiced by a black guy, they would claim him

where's the English dub, alan

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>>129059909>>129060518She could pass as Demencia's own fangirl, like her wannabe Robin. Call her Demencita or something.

>>129089653*like her wannabe Wonder Girl or Kid Flash

>>129059909Same pic closer and different angle.

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>>129091154I still prefer that Dementia but without the calarts shit

The rest of Goldhearts info has been uncovered.>Notes: My archenemy. I met him in my youth and since then we have had an enmity that has evolved into hatred.

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>>129092227Guess them being brothers is deconfirmed

>>129092227Very interesting info user, thank you for this. Any info about his powers yet?

>>129089645They're working on it.

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>>129081355But the double irony is that these changes will lower the audience much more and in a worse way... And with how well it did in its premiere, I doubt that they will go down that path that does not suit them.

>>129092227source? I liked the brother theory better

>> the video it's from: (around 14:35)On one hand it can be seen as a de-confirmation, but personally I think the description is still on the vague side. We could assume that Flug in-universe would be aware that revealing familial relations to a hero (especially to the most popular one) would be a grave mistake if anyone were to get their hands on his journal.I also like the brother theory if only because the concept of a literal 'Golden Child' is too good to pass up.

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>>129089645How does it feel?

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>>129094721Could go with the adopted route. Would still fit the description technically

>>129093326I read somewhere that they were actually produced in english and redubbed in spanish, can't remember the source tho, maybe the wiki?

>>129093586I love them bros...


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>>129095540You can see it in some of the eps

Any more secrets decodes?


don't you die on me

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bumping yet again

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>>129100817Someone should do a failed Demencia experiment

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>>129094721>We could assume that Flug in-universe would be aware that revealing familial relations to a hero (especially to the most popular one) would be a grave mistake if anyone were to get their hands on his journal.Yeah but it's odd, since it's text we were never meant to see, so why couldn't he just write it and then scratch it? I don't really see any reason why Flug would hide it since it just says he hates him.

>>129041641Surprised nobody is talking about the bombshell that was the reveal of the book's secret character.My guess is that since they're called Sei, and it's the opposite of Black Hat, it's some samurai boy/girl who is his true archnemesis.

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>>129100730bomp, i wonder if she would scratch my balls like that.

>>129101086He probably fears Demencia somehow getting her hands on it, because BlackHat probably definitely already knows, but is smart enough to not advertise it.

>>129101040>>129102705Wrong post. This is the right one.

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New eps when????

>>129104747nevercreator got cancelled on twitter


>>129104931apparently he created a really toxic work environment and fucked over a lot of artists that worked on the show, then got called out on twitter for it and CN LA cut him to save face

>Gatita Gelatina

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>>129105197I want to see the inside of her pants through her body.

>>129105021>apparently he created a really toxic work environmentMore like he missgendered everyone

>>129105381not all drama is trans people user

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>>129105587It is if we are talking about CN

This thread deserves more attention

One more time

>>129089645Never. You should of taken Spanish class for electives in school.

>>129106486Shut up OP.

>>129107536no u




>>129045513where can I find these

>>129110156try the archives

>you'll never be her partner in crimebaka

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>>129110687Looks like the queen of spades from starcraft

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Anybody here?


>>129100980I wouldnt be surprised if he gets a small reference with a side character

>>129110695Yeah, looks like her

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>>129116453I want to practice french with demencia.


new carlos ramber rough translation:>"Gloria! The oven's dirty, seems like an instant soup blew up inside!">"I swear I'll clean that up when my shift starts Mr. Grente!">"Don't worry! I'll clean it up in a second."Poor G-Lo having to jump between her two jobs while rich manchildren like Dark Phantom have it easy in life. Seems like heroism/villainy are privileges only the rich can afford in their world.

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>>129118980Man, fuck that guy


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>>129120158I want to eat her


>>129118980That's what she gets for not giving him a valetine chocolate.

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>>129122357>I want to give you this chocolate>N-NO NOT ME, THE STORE!>Im giving it to you but is from the store, yes that's what i meant>A valentine's day gift for being a frequent client>Thanks>HEy, i always come here too, why i don't get one?


Flug? more like KEK!

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>>129124115Is Penumbra a MILF?

>>129124160Is she a mother?


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>>129118980Reminder, Dark Phantom is>Powerless, only a measly 2 and minor gang leader>Almost 30>Annoying and obnoxiously loudand>A fucking manlet

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>>129127259He's also heavily indebt to Black Hat. He's in for a bad time someday.

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>>129127385The day Black Hat calls on him to oay his debt, is the day he truly learns why Dr. Flug is Lord Black Hat's head scientist.

>>129127170I like this one



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>>129129697I want a cameo between her and Charlie Magne

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>>129130036>>129130036Why did she Kiss Flugg on the lips though, she really liked him

>>129122247How long until she joins the villains?

>>129041641Man those thighs

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