Did you like the ending of Monument Mythos?

Did you like the ending of Monument Mythos?

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>>129041000>survivors of the great division are known as cornerfolkwhat the fuck

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>>129041056I am genuinely confused.


>>129041000Eh. It's not the ending I would've asked for, but I didn't hate it either.

>>129041000Oh yeah also analog horor thread.

>>129043921where the fuck is The Walten Files 4

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>>129041000I wish they kept the black and white schematic/blueprint look. Honestly I feel nothing has really been excessively spooky. Also the death of the arnoldsons were pretty dumb. LOLUFELLDOWN. Also I sort of hoped that the Horned Serpent would have looked a little more impressive than a golden special tree?It's all just eh. It's like he ran out of time and had to wrap everything up in a single video since we didn't even get any voice acting.

>>129041000I don't get why people don't like the "ending". I felt like the earth exploding sounds about right for this series.

>>129041113Every important character we knew died by the end. And the last part was Washington getting killed allowing the egg to hatch destroying the universe. However fragments survived and the people on them became the entities form the cornerfolk vids

>>129044138it just kinda wrapped almost every lasting thread up in a way designed not to actually provide a satisfying conclusion to things but to have a gotcha reveal for one of alex's old things that everyone thought wasn't connected.it was a genuine shock moment but it didn't really earn its conclusion because it kind of comes out of nowhere.

>>129044138This ending feels rushed is the main issue.Has the impact of one of those "where are they now" end slideshows.It's nice to know, but kinda wish we saw more of that shit actually happening instead of being told. At the very least a map/ visual of what the Alcatraz shit did.

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and you fucks thought alcatraz was anything, but end game. some fucks argued it was part of the "universe." fear the wrath of alcatraz island.

>>129044583I wonder if being Alcatraz'd is what allowed people to survive in the new Corner world.

>>129044255>>129044290i was expecting a couple more videos about the Horned Serpent(s) and Wonderland, even another video about the Sphinx would have been fine. my feelings about that season 2 ending are so conflicted, dudes.

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>>129044963>i was expecting a couple more videos about the Horned Serpent(s) and Wonderland, even another video about the SphinxYeah more information on whether or not it's the single 'serpent' popping up or what. They never expanded on the bombshell of George Washington being the monster under Liberty or all the pyramids rising up, but apparently the latter was just some great big lie by the FDA? I don't get it at all.

>>129045053The reveal that half the shit in the series was made up by the ADA just doesn't work at all.

>>129041000>No Moai heads episode>No Stone hedge episode>No Great wall episodeI call bullshit that the series is over

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desu party in the usa was the perfect ending music

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Someone give me the full on rundown of this because I forgot all about it and this final video just left me confused.

>>129046493Everyone is Alcatraz, Angel and Freedom killed each other, Lauren and Quinn are dead, George Washington blew up the earth and shattered reality with the survivors turning into cornerfolk. Party in the USA

>>129041000It was a mixed bag that for sure

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>>129044290>>129044341Yeah, I'd say that's fair. But at least there's apparently more coming out that could tie up some loose ends

>Look guys, I've got a beginning, middle, and end all ready and planned out>what's pacing?Shame so many creators fall into this pitfall of creating shit, but for a first project with a lot of insane idea, I'd give Alex a pass. I'm enjoy rewatching it down the road.

>>129041000i didn't get it all until I saw the comments, been watching the videos too far in between to retain some of the later stuffstill neat I guess though

it's like he just got tired/burned out and just decidied to fast track the ending and skipped like 3 or 4 more videos that'd be there to flesh some of the more recent reveals out

>>129041000I hope it isn't truly over, since the premise all along was that all these events have already happened and Alex is relaying them to us. Maybe there's more spin off type content to come of other stories from within the Deanverse.

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>>129047897I think he should've taken some time off to grieve his dad. Some people like throwing themselves into work in such a situation, but like you say, the last episode felt like a burnout wrap-up.

>>129047987right, I was just thinking about his dad dying while I was watching the video last night, he probably should've done so


>>129041000never finished it, but i figured the ending should have involved 9/11 in some way

>The arnoldsons died on the way back to their home planet>ADA is picrel>Alcatraz = people (kinda cool I guess)>Angel VS Freedom, they both blow up lol >The planet also blows up and everyone is cornerfolk now>PARTY IN THE USANo sir, I didn't like it

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>>129045102The False Children are definitely real, since they're used to restrain Freedom. So I think most of the shit the ADA were manipulating was real all along, but they might have twisted certain events to fit their narrative.

>>129045901>>129047897It's just the ending of Season 2.

>>129044583I'm sorry for ever doubting you.

People forget this series is made by an actual schizo that will delete videos for story effect, If the ending was this then he would’ve deleted the entire catalog by now>SmugFreedom.png

>>129048404Just want to point out that technically the Angel and Freedom just were stated they would destroy each other, for all we know they could have not and joined together to escape reality at the last second.

>>129048529big if true.

>>129044000how come?

windows movie maker horror looks to be a new staple now since Mandela Catalog used ityoutu.be/yQPOHKQsiKc

>>129044057>Also the death of the arnoldsons were pretty dumb. LOLUFELLDOWNI like the idea, I think it needed to be longer though. The transition between the Virginia painting and the reveal that the kids died was too sudden.Show the "balloons" carrying them off in the distance, and maybe leave some crumbs for the viewer to guess at. Was it just unfortunate weather? Did the cannons kick in and knock the Arnoldsons off? Did the Crowns deliberately buck them off?

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>Angel for President and Freedom as VPWould you vote for them?

What was the story about their world's James Dean?

>>129045901I mean the deal was that the series is about (mostly) American monuments.

>>129049325Freedom might have no cause to attack the Angel due to his lack of skin but the Angel would definitely attacked Freedom due to her being a government slave

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>>129051759Who knows.

monument mythos is dead and mandela catalogue is pissing on its grave

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>>129047576same but I'm gonna stop at ROCKEFELLERREVELATIONi still think that should've been the season 2 finale.

>>129048218>posts this on a thread about the one series that isn't VHS>>129049047people keep saying he deletes videos for story effect but I don't think that's the case. he deleted the house in the ocean videos because he was possibly in trouble with the U.S. military, but he put them back up, and pyramidplasma was just a really shitty video.

>>129051497Now I'm imagining a composite analog universe where angel and freedom are just President and Vice for no good reason.

Yeah I loved every second of it. This is easily the best analog horror series on youtube. My only criticism is that the finale wasn't longer, there really should've been an extra 10 minutes but whatever. What was there was still really kino.

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>>129054048Mandela Catalogue is fucking uninspired, boring, and not frightening whatsoever. It's just 20 minutes of a black screen and silence every episode broken up by poorly-written dialog.

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>>129052003The thing is the angel isn't stupid and in fact seems knowledgeable about this kind of thing. He'd know that the only reason Freedom was there was because the government wants her to kill him and that she might be capable of doing so, but he'd also know she only truly cares about flesh something he doesn't have and would only fight him if he was provoked. Honestly he might find this situation useful being able to now manipulate a goverment weapon into doing some serious damage to it's former puppet master.

>>129054221at least the voice acting is okay.better than TWF.

>>129051764Supposedly, Atlantis will factor into Season 3 somehow.

>>129054221and he deletes negative comments on his videos

>>129054686TWF is infinitely better than Mandela Catalogue just because Mandela Catalogue is the most low-effort and soulless attempt at a "le spooky analog horror series" that exists. It's so bad it's practically a parody of the genre.Walten Files is pretty good but the creator has a weird contempt for his audience.

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>>129055197>the creator has a weird contempt for his audience.do elaborate

>>129055197>Walten Files is pretty good but the creator has a weird contempt for his audience.Understandable tbqh, "analog horror" fans are cretins

why did he do it?

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>>129056672because it's fun.

>>129054983>Mandela Catalogue guy deletes negative comments on his videos>Abandoned mine guy copyright strikes anyone big who debunks his haunted mine videos and deletes any debunking comments in the video's comment section claiming their criticism "ruins the experience">Walten Files guy catered to the fnaf and analog kiddies and now has contempt for them and deletes comments nowWhy are horror YouTubers so thin-skinned?

>Its a "everyone fucking dies" endingWhat the fuck

>>129057906>>Mandela Catalogue guy deletes negative comments on his videosdon't forget him sperging out over people wanting to fuck alternates

>>129058211It's only a season finale, but who knows how Alex will follow up this episode.

>>129057906They're jealous that they'll never be able to be like the chad Kris Straub, who has actually influenced tons of shit.

>>129041000I unsubscribed a month ago when they did that convoluted retcon bullshit.

>>129058377go away kriscome back when you manage to finish a project

>>129041000The monument Mythos is the best analog horror series desu

If you are able to sub-atomically restructure the entire planet to be part of you, why would you even bother? You clearly have enough fundamental cotrole of reality that by doing that it'd just be a waste of time.

>>129041000Why do zoomers keep spamming analog horror threads here?

>>129058743>zoomersWhy do underage retards pretend to be adults?

>>129041000>>129041894>>129044138>>129044290>>129044341>>129044963>>129045053>>129047952>>129058211It's not the series finale, just the season finale but the Monument Mythos itself is far from over. Prepare your butts for the soviets, space, and Atlantis in season three.

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>>129048404>Angel VS Freedom, they both blow up lolIt is fitting though, since they both kind of parallel each other. Both are made up of combined consciousnesses, Freedom started out being made by a guy who despised America while the Angel was originally composed of patriotic U.S. soldiers but after their respective incidents that made them what they are now, the former became allied with the U.S. and was ironically utilized to silence dissidents while the latter rebelled and even obliterated a former U.S. president.

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>>129059196Why do zoomers get angry when you call them zoomers? Especially for their shit taste in "horror"

>>129060326People actually enjoy this plagiarized shit?

>>129058743>Why do people keep talking about a genre of Western media in this board that's meant for a genre of Western media?

>>129060541It's western comics and cartoons, most of this shit isn't that zoomie.

>>129059196It's interesting that you can tell it's always the same guy too. He can't shut up about -oomers, no matter how much he's told to fuck off and get an actual life outside of being terminally online.


>>129049325>>129054435Universe where Angel and Freedom fuck instead?

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>>129063178Would be based


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monument mythos peaked with freedomfaller and you know it


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>>129065253>H-how was the egg hatching footage recovered from the Deanverse?Space colonization is a thing there so it's possibly people on other planets witnessed the event from afar and recovered the footage from the probe.

>>129064994shitty irony memes are still shitty

>>129058397What retcon?

>>129065275I see, going by the size of earth it looks like it was recorded from the moon. All in all the finale feels rushed and it's probably because he wanted it to be published on 2/22/22

>>129065379>because he wanted it to be published on 2/22/22Fitting as that would make it George Washington's 290th birthday.

>Think you got the wrong woods, the national park is two states down.

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>>129066112>i'll show you who's boss of this forest

>>129066112>Yellowstone is also known as Wonderland in real life

>>129054686Thumb Wrestling Federation is great. what are you talking about?

>>129060541analog horror is more suited in Holla Forums. most of it does not look like western animations and cartoons anyway.

>>129044138>and they all died. The end.It just sucks


>>129066553People keep telling them to post in /x/ but they keep whining about the board quality instead



>>129054686>At lease voice acting is okayNo user, it's not

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>>129065379The explosion was large enough that from Earth-moon distance, the moon probably would have been vaporized.

>>129068035That was hilarious ngl.

>>129065419yeah, obviously.



>>129067968i left a comment on his newest video saying "this sucks dick" and it's gone now


>>129071445what can i say? the video sucked dick.

>>129071098>>129071496all analog horror sucks dick


>>129071098You realise Youtube autoremoves naughty comments right?

>>129072678what? that's fucking dumb.

>>129058743Its hard to describe but despite not being exactly Holla Forums material it fits Holla Forums way better than it would on Holla Forums or /x/ like in a spiritual sense. Analog Horror fits the userbase and culture here and if it was placed on those other boards threads would wither and die in the long term.

Did Gemini Home Entertainment just die? Where are the fucking updates?

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>>129073014Have you watched Wretched Hands?

>>129072888>Analog Horror fits the userbase and culture herethough I advocate for the continued existence of these threads, I have to disagree with you. analog horror fits the Holla Forums userbase because we are Holla Forums users who are discussing analog horror. if there were threads on Holla Forums or /x/ they would be very different but I think they'd have equal grounds to claim analog horror suits their board in this regard.

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>>129072888Nothing is honorary Holla Forums just because you like it retard

If you think about it, the Horned Serpent is really more of a catterpillar

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>>129073605thankfully, this is literal Holla Forums (you can tell because it's animated and is of western origin)

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>>129073702Oh wow, a single shittily animated scene in a series that has only been glorified slideshows thus far, guess that invalidates everything that came before it!

>>129073635Depends on if it uses those trees as legs or not, I think.

>>129059213>In the monument mythos timeline the palace of the soviets was made without interruption CommunistCreeper when?

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>people still talking about Monument Mythos after that incredibly shitty "finale"

>>129074446I intend to rewatch the older videos and complain about how it used to be good like I do with everything else

>No alternate gf

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>>129076078where's that other dude with the alternate girl.i know I saw him around halloween last year.

>>129076078She ain't loving you, user


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>>129041000What’s the odds Mandela catalogue will end with Satan being impaled with a flaming sword? Last episode implied there an under angelic resistance against the alternates.

>>129074288The trees are more like body hair

>>129074446>>129075519It's not the end so obviously people are going to talk about what could come next

>>129074304Russian Horned Serpent?!?

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>>129076624>George Washington blew up the earth as a last resort to stop the LENINLURKER

>>129076660>another region of the wonderland completely filled with tens of millions of people exiled by stalin(and unlike james dean he didn't bother to replace them)

>>129074304The creator said that Russia was actually a lot worse than the US in terms of how many anomalies it has, the country was home to "many monstrosities".

>>129064994>>129076407>>129076556Does anyone else find it hilarious that Matpat and Sony fanboy someordinarygamers appeared to be upset by Mandela catalogue for not being anti-religion? Those two are stuck in early atheist youtube/Skeptic community day. Even Brad Jones would tell them to stop tipping fedoras so hard. Mandela catalogue not even a christian horror series. It just respectfully uses Christianity in it’s lore.

>>129076807Hell, if they really wanted subtle societal messages, they should've became Monument Mythos fans

>>129072888>>129060541Just say it's because the mods won't delete the threads. Analog Horror threads are hardly the only ones to be posted here because of this

>>129076807They appeared to?

>>129076807Matpat is heavily religious what are you talking about.

>>129041000I didn't like the beginning

>>129076807>It just respectfully uses Christianity in it’s lore.Does it? Outside of the youtubepoop edits the Christianity stuff might as well not factor into the shitty series at all.

>>129073533It fits the zoomer board refugees maybe


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>>129078557I swear these memes are just from the unfunniest part of reddit and always regurgitated in every thread

>>129076699Honestly, I'm starting to think the Deanverse getting deleted was probably for the best. Because it sounds like they were pretty much living in hell.

>>129078816It's 50-50.Becoming a Cornerfolk doesn't sound like a fun fate, as chill as they are, and only America has been confirmed (or believed by Morlin, anyway) to be replaced, so that leaves open the possibility of real people becoming Cornerfolk in addition to those American Alcatrazes who, while not the original, are presumably near-perfect copies.If everyone did get replaced though, and nothing worse than death happened to them, then yeah, Deanverse's fate might've been for the best.

>>129078871The worst part of being a Cornerfolk seems to be that their reality doesn't play well with the physical laws of our own whatsoever. Otherwise, they just seem to be harmless, albeit weird entities.

>>129077264>Outside of the youtubepoop edits the Christianity stuff might as well not factor into the shitty series at all.Ether you not paying attention or not reading bonus lore posted by the creator.

>>129073533the problem is that /x/ doesn't have analog horror threads, which is ridiculous. All they talk about is jesus. I will make a thread on /x/ about it, to see how different it would be

okay made one>>>/x/31149371I will probably cringe at the newfags replying, but le'ts see how shitty /x/ is these days

>>129080622there will probably be 0 replies

>>129080553>bonus lore posted by the creator.GAYput it in the video or it doesn't count

>>129080553Bonus lore is just "Dumbledore is gay" shit

>>129078557Felix crank that shit up brother

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no dying faggots, you wanted to spam analog horror shit, you will have this thread until it reaches 500 posts

>everything was Alcatraz but nothing was differentALCATRAZATTACK is my favourite episode of the series, and this was an incredibly disappointing way to tie it into the main story.

>>129041000Freedom is the best character in the series>statue built by european guy who was mad at American slavery>designs her in such a way so she will become an inspirational symbol to slaves>Americans reject the design>he builds her anyways>gets the special Egyptian glass>decides to become one with his statue waifu>later unskins his daughter and fuses with her>goes on a rampage later with his anime sword>gets sent to the grand canyon and later has a boss fight against the fucking angel

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>>129044057>LOLUFELLDOWNThey got beheaded by Freedom and were last seen flying around, riding their own giant heads.>It's like he ran out of time and had to wrap everything up in a single videoI had the impression that he couldn't figure out how to wrap up so many stories so he just said "fuck it" and awakened the serpent. It's healthy for horror to not overxplain things so I don't mind.


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How we feeling today?

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>>129082635Is it autism that compels you to constantly post the same exact thing every thread?


>>129084164I see you faggot, making one word necrobumps to try and prolong the thread



>>129076807>Does anyone else find it hilarious that Matpat and Sony fanboy someordinarygamers appeared to be upset by Mandela catalogue for not being anti-religion?well, for a series where the only unique thing is that it’s about religion there’s a noticeable lack of, well, religion.

>>129082000The Alcatraz clone reveal should've gotten its own 15-20 minute video imo.It's a neat, creepy idea but the episode didn't linger very much on the implications before moving onto the next part.


>>129081887your terms are acceptable>>129082427>They got beheaded by Freedom and were last seen flying around, riding their own giant heads.that's not in the video though

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>>129082427The heads were probably Maya and Nathaniel given how Quinn said he’d be with his dad soon.

literally the dumbest shit

Eh...I feel like Alex kind of realized he added a LOT of stuff in this series and wanted to do a soft reboot instead of wasting time explaining it all with more and more videos.Let's hope S3 will be better. S1 is still the best.

>comics, cartoons

>>129089753Yes, is CGI not animation to you or something?

genuine question: how did he do it? how did he manage to make the most popular analog horror series that is also the second-worst of them?

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>>129082000>>129085073I thought it was referencing The Thing, guy finds out he's been assimilated by an entity and so he ends up burning himself

>>129089709>soft rebootPeople need to stop using words they don't understand.

>>129091143He literally destroyed the entire universe.

Teaser for season two is out: youtu.be/J5SAxnFrc3ECan't wait!

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>>129091046Zoomers enjoy shit like tik tok so it's not surprising in the least that they have garbage taste.

>>129091046For some reason, Youtubers praised it and their audience ate it all up.

>>129091162>Implying we can't just go back in timeMM's narrative is already told in non-chronological order, it can easily just explore the past of the setting.

>>129091046He owes his popularity to Wendigoon hyping it up.

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>>129055197Walten Files loses what little charm it has when you're familiar at all with FNAF and realize that the creator just fucking straight up ripped it off down to the names and character designsHe literally sells merchandise of Scott Cawthon's Bonnie character for fuck's sake

>>129091162>>129091207I wouldn't be surprised if the Nixonverse had some weird shit going on too, since the "our" in "CTHONAUT A. WILL BE ARRIVING IN YOUR WORLD AFTER OUR APOCALYPSE" is underlined.

>>129091340Always was, remember that Virginia originated from our timeline and that still had a Special Tree.I believe the main difference between our and the MM timeline is that in the former, anomalies aren't public knowledge and haven't affected the setting as much whereas in MM, most of it is common knowledge and constantly utilized by the government.

>>129055512From what I recall, he actively tells fans to take down projects and art if they're remotely close to what he's planned for the series.Basically he's tring his hardest to reign absolute control over everything related to walten, since its like the one thing that he's made thats even remotely successful.Also he made this in response to porn being made of his characters.Because apparently all porn artists solely make content to personally shock him and him alone. And while im willing to agree that making porn of the creator themselves is fucking weird, to say people making porn of your fictional characters is on the same caliber is stretching it.twitter.com/smiles_bunny/status/1419510873274601472?s=20&t=e9CwWRFRYATc5gk70tMTkA

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>>129091442>no i totally don't care>even though i made a comic about it

>>129091442>>129091474>I totally don't care but stop doing it it's weird stop doing it I don't like it but also I don't care lmao totally not one bit nope I don't care about this person who I will name drop so people can harass them because I just don't care so muchImagine being on the internet for any length of time and not understanding how horny it is.

Was this ever explained or was it just a meme video that made it into the main channel?

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>>129091564alex blatantly ripping off other alex but doing it far worse

Any thoughts on Smile Tapes?youtube.com/c/SMILETapesIt’s mediocre overall but it’s kind of fun how you can see each piece of media that inspired them. Like seeing the intact corn kernels in your shit.

Where are people finding all of this MM fan art?

>>129091754Most of it is on the Discord server but there are a couple of others in Deviantart, Reddit, and Tumblr too

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>>129091442ngl he sounds like a loser who does not know how to handle the fame and it's all going up his head. He is a derivative FNAF creator, that alone should have humbled him down because he is riding on someone else's creation.

>>129091691>literal Jerma face not even one minute inthis is a joke

Whatever happened to Gemini Home Entertainment? Did it die?

>>129091691>>129091810there is no way this isn't a joke

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>>129073702that means sfm and gmod animations are considered Holla Forums too. not that i would mind.

>>129092022SFM is because it's a 3D animation program that uses assets from games but you can add your own custom shit too.

>>129092022yes. they are.

>>129091850No. Check the unlisted playlist on the channel for Wretched Hands.

>>129091162And? Wonderland connects to infinities upon infinities of other realities. And we still have the Nixonverse.

>>129041000I lost interest when he introduced the Great Sphinx of Giza. Could somebody give me a quick rundown?

Freedom is cute

I feel like Smile Guide is underrated

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>>129091167>Teaser for season two is out>After season two is over

Someone please tell me which analog series are actually good and not just overrated.Bonus point if it doesn't involve world-ending monsters


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>>129091167Very twilight zone/outer limits like intro here

>>129092895LOCAL58 is a classic, although its latest installment was subpar. Worth checking out though.

>>129092443The cutest>>129092895>Small yet extremely effective series (_analogHallway)youtu.be/Hczl4pbkI5Ehttps://youtu.be/G5HFqC20kDMhttps://youtu.be/k1Ihzl887IM>Popular but quality (Backrooms)youtube.com/watch?v=tvmEc7JhR0E&list=PLVAh-MgDVqvDUEq6qDXqORBioE4Yhol_z>Old but Gold (No through Road)youtube.com/watch?v=08rj_ioKNSohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUj3sgZd6GYhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYRVOmwveDohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j77JZQbsjh4>Walten files but good (Chimpy Chippa)youtube.com/watch?v=YISMREMpX1o&list=PLeFLsCuv5rDjQ2qbOsSoF5rNTEgJ5VlZM>Polish people are weird (Smile Guide)youtube.com/watch?v=D_h2G6QMMjA&list=PLUInC-yBS2tPW1luVikEbxWBJJKWLkTBq>Waterniggas the analog series (Boil Advisory)youtube.com/watch?v=u9hjPTOIX1s&list=PLr2mXSGMbuxcjUfhtGHBIs99wECIbEn5Q

Attached: 1627142532303.png (1416x1800, 1.49M)

>>129092443>>129093158hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmfredom secks

>>129092895>Maybe the real horror was the authoritarian regime inside us all alongyoutube.com/channel/UCopv4VGiwCNx5XqCdkus_lg/videos

>the lincolnlooker and starrysphinx, the only two things left I had any interest in, were both complete fabrications from the ADAit's all so saddening and tiring

>Living Nuclear Nervous System just wants to be left alone>Statue that contains the consciousness of a father and daughter either just wants to kill or obtain enough flesh to become a human I’m just confused on why the 2 would even fight in the first place.

>Wake up one morning with America seemingly perfectly fine after years of fighting back against an organism trying to consume the whole country >Realize that it managed to do so and that you are no longer the man you wereIt’s like the Star Trek transporter theory. Gets more horrifying the longer you think about it.

>>129093806You took it seriously? I interpreted it as one of those forced confessions by a person that is no longer useful to a party. The standard “I am a rabbit. My mother and father were rabbits.”

>>129093806The False Children literally appear in ALCATRAZAPOCALYPSE and are integral to capturing Freedom.

>>129093901who the fuck knows, with all the alcatraz shit it was probably just his schizophrenic ramblings>>129093922the false children are real, the Sphinx being from space was made up I assume because Alex has confirmed there is no extraterrestrial life

>>129093806I took it as Morlin being forced to give his voice to ADA videos on those since they'd think the public would take what they have to say more seriously.Air Force One Angel refers to the "souls of Lincoln" so regardless of what Morlin said, there's SOMETHING up with the man himself or a monument.And the StarrySphinx is seen in I believe GIZAGUARDIAN, so that wasn't a fabrication either.

>>129093985I hope you're rightand I also hope the Lincoln Memorial isn't just another feeding tube for Georgey boy or some Abraham equivalent

Attached: please.png (248x217, 23.11K)

>>129094022Q&A's aren't hard-canon, but Lincolnlookers are always referred to as being real in them, same for the Sphinx.

>>129093898The last video had all sorts of neat shit, it's just too much too quickly.

>>129094834I think all the stuff in ALCATRAZAPOCALYPSE was meant to be several videos in season 3, but Alex had to shift everything forward by a video when he deleted PYRAMIDPLASMA and so he pushed all this shit into the season 2 finale to give it impact or some shit like that

>>129091792So it's literal discord trannies and zoomers that watch this shit? kek

>>129093158No Through Road isn't necessarily analog horror as much as found footage, but it's one of the most effective short films I've seen.

>>129095081it's a good series

>Be me, an user who lives on analog world>Finally get some time off on work>Want to go on a vacation but can't think of anywhere to go since everything is secretly>Alternate gf gets excited and seems to have somewhere she wants to go>Play along because it's better to go with the flow in this reality>After pack my stuff I get into the car and fallow her instructions>End up in some abandoned parking lock in the far side of town>Ok.png>She grabs my hand and leads me up against a wall>She waits a moment, then she jumps, and again, and for a third time>And then, blame.>Everything went dark and it felt like my whole existence was falling >All I can notice is that she's griping my hand tightly>And then as quickly as it started it stops>Once I came back to my senses I was somewhere completely else>It appeared to be large city but it's architecture seems familiar but foreign at the same time, possible European>After a moment of thought I figured out what had happened>Although I've never actually seen one before it's clear that this must be one of those backrooms I've heared rumors about>I guess alternates must use such areas as vacation spots>Anyway time to enjoy my time off with my girlfriend, wish me luck

>>129095081>So it's literal discord trannies and zoomers that watch this shit?youtu.be/23AXrJPwsfU

>>129091046some of his scares are actually pretty goodnone of that jump scare whispering shit but seeing the guy on the tv is goodthis series does have potential but the alex cant seem to show restraint

spooky hallways

Attached: d555dff4-d1d7-4e75-b95c-56d45cdffe32_backroomsthumbnail2.png (780x439, 346.43K)

>>129093956The Sphinx may or may not still be from space. It could just be a weird dimension traveler.

>>129096056least the zoomers know how to shitpost

Attached: 1641308769633.png (680x403, 256.4K)

>>129097656if you mean just lazily copy and pasting top reddit memes, sure

>>129093844Freedom does whatever the government demands, the Angel acted against her in self-defense

>>129097853Why/how do we know this?

>>129096294The Sphinx is probably one of those loose ends or plot hooks meant to set up season three, it does introduce the series to outer space.>>129094905I suspect season three is going to have a new narrative that doesn't have Maize/the Arnoldsons/ADA although still connected somehow to Wonderland and the trees.

Attached: images (2).jpg (350x440, 9.19K)

>>129098107In GizaGuardian, the government started utilizing Freedom as a weapon after the Capitol incident. In AlcatrazApocalypse, the Angel outright says that if they aren't left alone, they will literally try to reduce you to an ash pile.

>>129096131true, I remember on his twitter he posted a spooky face that he decided not to use because it looked goofybut then he just went ahead and used it in the next videoand it looked goofy

>>129093158Good shit

Attached: CHalt.jpg (2048x1536, 483.2K)

>>129098308I don’t understand what this guy is supposed to represent. It’s not scary, and if anything I was relieved to see him in Vol 2.

Attached: FB5780C8-02CF-4CBB-AD6C-D3E348BFAF29.jpg (1280x720, 54.94K)

>>129099059I think it was implied that he was Satan himself, they share the same "voice actor" after all.

>>129099078Maybe it’s obvious and I’m just catching up, but I’m convinced the whole Mandela Catalogue is going to be some metaphor for father issues and a broken family which is a really weak payoff.>Volume 2 with all the “broken” and “trauma” that’s implied to have happened with a mother.>Jesus bring the son of god and the situation being corrupted>Dude is traumatized seeing someone like him, but different (you look like your father but never exactly alike)>Distraught at her missing childI hope we get something more in depth than this.

>>129099059that's the intruder's current formthe form he shows up in vol 2 is a mix of his hooded version and that one

I genuinly don't get how anyone can stomach anything but LOCAL58.It's genuinly so fucking garbage, going to assume you all just consume content for the sake of their being content to consume.

Attached: local58-faces.gif (498x384, 2.58M)

>>129092574Based Agatka poster

Attached: external-content.duckduckgo.com.png (794x595, 54.09K)

>>129092574smile guide is really cool but it does have a language barrier does it have an actual translation now?

>>129099557Yeah if you turn on closed captioning.

>>129093158Should include the emotion pill one Gooseworx made. Hope she continues Channel Blue in the future.

>>129099528No need to shill Kris

>>129096056That channel actually has the best MM fan filmsyoutu.be/wAX0YRvknWMhttps://youtu.be/90r2Cy-MS5g

Attached: 20220301-231249.jpg (595x720, 79.47K)

>>129099623That second one was actually really good.

>>129095233I’ve heard woodcrawlers from that region are a delicacy if prepared correctly. See if you can find any!

>>129099572Thalasin / Blue Channel is fantastic, I was focusing on series specifically as that is what the user wanted and not one-offs so here are some one-off recommendations.>Borderline comedy (Spectrephone TV Advert)youtu.be/uPu9OaJmYVc>Uzumaki but spherical (The Circles - [VHS 1986])youtu.be/W7bSunrD4WY>Comedy creators are always good at horror (Teaching Jake about the Camcorder, Jan '97)youtu.be/RXZy8BbMz_U>DIY amputation (THE SCALPERE 2000)youtu.be/C-eVvk3JxNI

>>129100529>Comedy creators are always good at horrorWeird that this is pretty much true. All those freaky horror shorts that aired on Adult Swim were made by a comedy troupe.

>>129100570I had some film major friends tell me that comedy and horror basically play with tension the same why just to different ends, so if you're a good comedian you can be pretty decent at horror by replacing the punchline

>>129099591He's right though and Local 58 isn't even that particularly good, it's just that just about everything else is so incredibly mediocre by comparison.

>>129100570>All those freaky horror shorts that aired on Adult Swim were made by a comedy troupe.Alan Resnick and Wham city comedy, This House Has People In It could be considered analog horror but I would say it is

>>129101748THHPII is more so found footage then anything, which blossoms into a ridiculous collage of assorted media if you actually go down it's rabbit hole.

>>129101748lol fuck off, that stuff is infinitely more talented than this faggot anal og horror shit

>>129099528Local 58 is shitContingency is the only good video

>>129102036Still better than the rest of this shit by a country mile in both horror and presentation. Gemini is literally a worse, bargain bin Local 58 and I still see you fags praise it.

>>129100529Good picks. The best analog horrors are the ones that don't rely on jumpscares but pure tension and unease. The Scalpere one is great because it leaves so many questions.

>>129102073I think Gemini is also garbage, one of the worst in fact.

>>129101586>>129102073Take meds, Kris.


Does anyone have alex's deleted videos? Crescent king seems important but its gone now

time for crab

Attached: crab.png (324x216, 64.8K)

>>129105245Cute demon crab.

>>129105245I think this video was the first major sign the series was gonna go down the shitter

>>129105356But it didnt

>>129105526Are you high? I liked MM but that season finale was outright garbage. The visuals were ugly, especially that shitty "fight" he'd been cockteasing and the story was the same shitty brinkmanship escalation these things tend to devolve into.

>>129105730"Unsatisfying season conclusion" doesnt mean "went to shit" everthing else before that was good

>>129105356>>129105730>>129105743yeah, it didn't go to shit until AIRFORCEONEFALLENANGEL

>>129055197>Walten FilesYou mean what if FNAF but with even worse audio ear rape and without half the things that make that series remotely fun?

>>129041000the president's neck is missing

>>129076807>Does anyone else find it hilarious that Matpat and Sony fanboy someordinarygamers appeared to be upset by Mandela catalogue for not being anti-religion?Take your meds

Attached: 1616569833349.png (239x200, 17.45K)

>>129099528LOCAL58 made 3 good videos and then nothing good since

>>129091442>WF pornWhat's the appeal? Corpses? I get FNAF since it's robots, but WF is all corpses and fucked up animatronics.

Attached: 1625952809135.jpg (367x357, 49.26K)

>>129106364I couldn't tell you. WF animatronics aren't even sorta cute or fuckable like FNAF ones. They're just abominations that wouldn't look out of place next to real world ones.

>>129106386>WF animatronics aren't even sorta cute or fuckable like FNAF ones.That's exactly my point. Like, ok, they have made some OC bimbo designs, but there are some "sexy" animatronics, like the glamrocks that you can see the appeal (and turn them easier into straight up furry if that's your thing). When it comes to WF though, the designs are just unsettling, to the point where you have to really alter their designs. Maybe it's just me, idk, but as far as canon content so far, WF has uglies, monsters, corpses and kids, that's all.

>>129106478>>129106386>>129106364>>129091442The rabbit is literally just a ripoff of Bonny from FNAF and the other ones are just boringly designed or ugly.

>>129106540>The rabbit is literally just a ripoff of Bonny from FNAFtechnically, both Bon AND Banny are ripoffs. For the price of one.

>>129105743It was getting worse though and the finale was so noticeably shit it produced enough doubt in the creator's competence

>>129106540>>129106602I watched it and I noticed a ton of stuff that was just ripped from FNAF.>Animatronic pizzeria gets opened up by two guys>All the drama arises from the kid(s) of one of the owners dying>The night guards/technicians wear purple uniforms>The wife of one of the owners moves away to the location where the FNAF series takes place in the books>One of the owners dies and haunts a rabbit robot>It's implied that one of the owners, Felix, is now using the robots as murder tools, something that actually happened in Sister Location>There's a spooky doll rabbit, which was in the fourth game>There's also a haunted scary spooky bear thing that also exists>Main antagonist is a blue bunny named Bon, which is just 3 letters off from being Bonnie>Bon having a purple, female counterpart isn't from the main series, but is instead ripped from a popular fangame series called Candy's which had the same shit (but with cats)You notice this kind of shit when you're a FNAFfag.

Attached: 1645413898733.png (478x482, 322.08K)

>>129106722Well a lot of family restaurants that had animatronics did flagrantly plagiarize each other.So I guess it makes sense for pizza joints in this universe to plagiarize the murders as well.

>>129106722To be fair, I think he acknowledges that he took most elements from FNAF and just gave them a different spin (I have no source for this obviously, I am just guessing). I don't really know about art, so I don't know the fine line between Homage and Plagiarism either (although people like Penders call it an homage and in cases like these I call bullshit). I am fine with using material from the original IP, however I personally despise when the fame gets to a creator's head and think they made the original better or something like that.

>>129106722I'm not sure if he's really hiding it since iirc part of the idea is that it's in a universe where slick willy never committed his murdering spree at Freddy's. And Scott is the kind of guy who would just enjoy an idea like that and support it I mean the dude is funding a game where the plot is his own family being tortured by his own creations and ends with him getting scooped and replaced, and he's personally funding a remaster of that game despite it all. And a lot of fan games like Candy's full on state that they exist in the same universe as Freddy's and are a competing company.


>>129106626>It was getting worse thoughno it wasn't, some of the best videos in the series came after SCC. GIZAGUARDIAN, STARRYSPHINX, ROCKEFELLERREVELATION, even WASHINGTONWONDERLAND is nothing to scoff at and = DEANDISASTER is a good follow up to the first documentary.

Attached: crab more like crap.jpg (1454x1250, 483.53K)

>>129106722I don't think you have to be a FNAFfag to realize it's a straight up copy. Just murder animatronic pizzeria is enough.It does make you look that much worse however.

>>129107538Cope harder, the entire thing looked terrible. I think the worst part about it outside of the shitty 3D "battle" was the just overall sub-par graphic design of the whole affair. It never was the series' strong suit but here it's just downright amateur.

>>129106283That's three more than anything else in the "genre"


Attached: mah boi.jpg (284x177, 10.56K)

>>129106722It really is just FNAF but worse.

>>129108059Pretty sure it was a reference to those OSHA videos

>>129109501>it was shitty on purpose!now this is a next level cope

the user doth protest too much, methinks

>>129105245Crab, you don't have the rightO, time for crab!


>>129109847Kind of, you are aware that the series and most of analog horror in general is low-budget right?

>>129093158>Walten files but good (Chimpy Chippa)Based ChimpyChippaChad

>>129110698He does not recognize his true savior

>>129111617Low budget doesn't mean something looks like shit, I've seen plenty of artists doing shit in their free time do way more.

>>129112566>Low budget doesn't mean something looks like shitNot always but generally it does

>>129112599Lots of newgrounds animations are done in the artist's free time and a ton of them look infinitely better than this banal trash. Like the only half-professional looking one is Local 58 and it's not so much notable but competent.

>just watched WasthingtonWonderland for the first time since a friend is making me get into this>pic relatedBros wtf, this shit is supposed to be scary at best and stupid at worst. I'm not supposed to actually get emotional.

Attached: 1634382414902.jpg (261x192, 8.97K)

>>129112737>The ending forgot her

Attached: Untitled.png (714x709, 64.18K)


Attached: 1630714069663.jpg (479x558, 65.41K)

>>129112737>>129112897>>129112971Are you all on your period or something? It’s really not that sad.

>>129112987It's pretty fucking depressing man. I am playing it up a bit though.

>>129112994It really, really isn’t unless the only other thing you watch is TikTok videos or something.

>>129113014Nah man, it's pretty sad in the tragic way. There's no two ways about it.

>>129113026more like shit in the shitty way

Attached: 1616774913864.jpg (691x881, 151.34K)

>>129113054You're not cool for being an autist you know.Also your comic doesn't even make sense in this context because it's not like the kid did something to deserve what happened. She just got fucked over time and time again in her life and lived it full of regret.

>>129113026Eh, it tries to be a said but I don’t think it’s all that effective. It just feels clumsy, I guess by mediocre analog horror stories it’s the closest anything has come to an emotional core but that says more about the genre as whole.

>>129113062>it's the heckin crying girlerino! so feels! so depth!you really need to expand your horizons and watch better media zoom zoom

>>129092895My tip is that if everything current feels like shit and you want to watch some quality just go watch Marble Hornets again pace yourself out and check again when you finish to see if any good stuff has come out.

>>129112737the virginia stuff is the best part of the monument mythos

Attached: 1642870335508.png (500x319, 252.31K)

>>129112635>Lots of newgrounds animations are done in the artist's free time and a ton of them look infinitely better than this banal trash.Only like 2% of them, the rest are garbage.

>>129112897Her story already ended, why bring her back?

>>1291136562% is still more than 0%

>>129109847Half of technology in MM is very primitive compared to ours, which is why it looks so retro even in the 2010s of the setting. In the context of AlcatrazApocalypse, the fight between Angel and Freedom isn't really the battle itself but rather a visualization by the government of how the operation is supposed to go down.

Attached: IMG_3308.jpg (1447x1170, 276.46K)

>>129113712It doesn't look retro, it just looks like half-assed graphic design. There's a way to make something look retro and not have it look outright retarded.

Freedombros it’s not fair…

Why do Rushmore and Washington have zones? It's not like they are exponentially expanding across the US.What's up with New England being split open? What caused that?

Attached: Capture.png (1016x800, 276.9K)


Attached: autism.gif (498x280, 486.17K)

>>129114368Rushmore’s tree problem could be expanding due to poor management, and the Washington Zone is what’s left of the “normal” USA. That was my interpretation anyway

>>129113014>it really, really isn’tEh, a kid whose life is ruined for reasons behind their comprehension, then gets manipulated into throwing away the family they had built for themselves as an adult is a pretty depressing idea, regardless of how it’s executed in a story.

>>129114368>Why do Rushmore and Washington have zones? It's not like they are exponentially expanding across the US.Presumably Rushmore's infection did spread across several states and Wonderland surfaced in a huge section of America, not just the Washington state.

>>129112897>30 years of misery in a world you don't recognize and doesn't love you back topped off with 1000 years of living in a timeless purgatory and then losing your child knowing he's forever doomed to that same purgatoryJesus fuck, this was depressing

Attached: 1602342671394.gif (515x386, 386.17K)

>>129113098>>129113014Buddy, you sound unhealthily obssesed about zoomers

>>129115670>decades spent as a pancake on the ground while knowing your child's damned to purgatory

>>129112737>>129112897>She just wanted to put a star on a tree

Attached: 1636069910985.png (1709x2000, 1.62M)

>>129115143The execution is what matters though. Piling on a bunch of “sad” moments together is not the only thing that an emotional scene makes. The whole thing is just surface level emotional manipulation and has been turned into a shitty meme.

>>129116824I thought it was executed fine. Also fyi you not liking something other people do doesn't make it a shitty meme.

>>129115670>>129115713>>129116757are you all autisitic?

>>129116845Clearly you're the only non-autistic person here, user. You're so special and cool! I wish I was like you and hated things.

>>129116853Someone is mad about their shit taste

>>129116840>fineAre you standards that low? I need more than a badly drawn picture of a girl crying to get emotionally invested. The “and she got lobotmized a second time” thing was also borderline comical with the timing and grimdarkness.

>>129116845>are you all autisitic?>4chan Holla ForumsBit obvious don't you think?

Attached: 1641322373881.png (400x568, 239.33K)


Attached: the guy.jpg (800x450, 101.38K)

>>129117476Only an autist would mass reply to posts they don't like thinking they're the same person

>>129076579So more like a big hairy worm

>>129116824You are autistic and are trying to say that tragic events aren't tragic based on your own personal bias. On a worthless capeshit board that is only half-removed from Holla Forums in terms of quality.

>>129118448Then why are you here faggot if you don't even like the board you're posting on? Obviously he's arguing it's just not a good emotional moment, which it isn't, but you sure do love rubbing your axe wound over it.

>>129118548>heStop pretending to be different people. Your obsession with zoomers and trannies makes it incredibly obvious who and what you are.

>>129117551i never said I wasn't autistic

>>129118746The fuck are you talking about? I’ve said nothing about zoomers or trannies you fucking sperg

>>129116757I do wonder what that meant. If the trees aren't trees then what are they?

>>129119779They're extensions of the Horned Serpent.

>>129118448Are YOU the autist? My argument was always about the quality, not the definition. It feels like a bad attempt as suffering porn and it feels way less effective compared to the original Virginia video. Also doesn’t make sense why the framing device still has her doing to drawings.

>>129120088>My argument was always about the quality, not the definition.What "quality" re you looking for here? If you've watched the series at all, you'll know that it's always been done in a style that uses a minimum amount of motion.

honestly as a fan of Monument Mythos WASHINGTONWONDERLAND really fell flat for me. but granted, I've always had difficulty connecting with the emotions of fictional characters.

New GHE just dropped:youtu.be/UZ_Ek67jfHU

>>129106364I can't speak for anyone else but I really like Banny in these animated segments where she's just being shat on by the other characters and I'm a degen so of course I find her hot in these

Attached: Cartoon_banny.png (640x480, 435.86K)

>>129114368Which one would you guys pick to live in if you had to? Rushmore zone seems relatively safe if you avoid the trees.

>>129120638well it only took two fuckin years but it finally feels like it's going somewhere

Attached: thick sha.png (640x640, 195.66K)

>>129120638OH nice.

been out of the loop with this for a while, we figure what president Dean's whole thing was?

>>129120638Good shit

Attached: poorbarryGHE.png (465x317, 227.55K)

>>129120638At least now we know how Nature's Mockery is made.

>>129120638Good Shit

>Barry answered the door like a retard and got infected by a Skinwalker>bursts into a new Skinwalker shortly afterwardsWhy didn't they just fucking burn him?

>>129121053Because he was occupied and it'll be a bit rude to burn somethings new home

>>129120638Make that two:youtu.be/IXPN_skLYH8

>>129121104Iris poster please go

>>129120825he brought them home

>>129041000the cornerfolk tie-in was pure ludokino

Attached: 1628619438622.png (164x164, 2.59K)

>>129120638So here's the circle of life as I know it.Iris sends Gardeners to earth, Gardeners give people Deep-root disease, Deep-root disease births Wood crawlers, Wood crawlers feed on people creating fake people / skin-walkers and vein people. Meanwhile the Gardeners cultivate parts of earth so it may eventually be consumed by the Iris or turn into a second Iris, vein people are used to communicate with the Iris and there is also a mutant bear.

Attached: 1643514002976.png (350x307, 98.81K)

>>129120638I don't give a fuck what anyone says GHE is without a doubt the best of all the analog horror channels. I love all the lore and creature designs it's one of my favourite Alien invasion stories in decades.

Attached: 1620250921535.jpg (1280x720, 64.66K)

>>129120173Do you think minimum amount of motion means it needs to look like shit?

>>129120638People still enjoy this Local 58 ripoff trash?

>>129121882>shit taste / take>uses a chad picChecks out. GHE is fucking boring.>omg guy it's a ripoff of every other alien story and, get this, everyone is doomed! Aren't we so clever?

Attached: 1625183564987.png (499x338, 38.36K)

>>129120088>>129121894It doesn't look like shit. It's a very obvious and clear art style choice. Imagine being such a brainlet that you can't even grasp something so simple.

>>129121418The bear was a (component of) Skinwalker. The cycle thus far seems to be:>Iris and everything making it up manifests>mutated planets like Neptune spread Gardeners and Woodcrawlers into system>Gardeners create Gardens to grow new Woodcrawlers, Woodcrawlers create Fake People and spread the Gardens>Gardeners generate Nature's Mockery from victims via Deep-Root Disease>infected DRD victims degenerate into new Nature's Mockeries>From the Nature's Mockery, Skinwalkers are born>Skinwalker assimilates more organic matter to grow larger and more powerful>Skinwalkers "Ask to be let in" by knocking on doors and turning anyone who answers into a Vessel>Vessels are afflicted with Deep-Root Disease and become Nature's Mockeries>Nature's Mockery creates more Skinwalkers>cycle repeats

Attached: FDoqcGGX0AA8Nrm.jpg (500x679, 59.89K)

>>129121971>it’s muh styleIs not an excuse for it looking like shit

>tfw you'll never go house hunting with the boys while at seaI was born too fucking early God damnit, it isn't fair.youtu.be/Bdpf7OtFO_E

Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1280x720, 59.15K)

>>129122638>Only wanted to chill out in the ocean but get shot at and bombedHouse did nothing wrong

Attached: 1619149092127.png (406x464, 61.58K)

>>129122638>Shoot house >it fights back Who could see this coming?

>>129120638Anyone else fap to this?


Attached: 1642141681211.png (190x250, 88.6K)


>>129122638>literally bomb House when it's not hurting anyoneWhy did they do it Bros

>>129123536Why not? If you see a random house in the middle of ocean, wouldn't your first instinct be "what if we just shot or blew up?".

>>129120638Not sure if this means anything, but the book that Barry was reading (or the thing wearing Barry's skin) is part of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. That specific book ends with every Earth in all realities being destroyed, which may or may not foreshadow the Iris' plan.

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Fake Smiles and Nervous Laughter

>>129124170>That specific book ends with every Earth in all realities being destroyed, which may or may not foreshadow the Iris' plan.George Washington did it first

>>129124216George blew up one universe, so he's only above the Iris until it does something equally crazy or moreso.

>>129124295For it to one up the serpent, the Iris has to pull a Dead Space where it calls upon several members of its species to feed upon Earth and irrevocably alter several realities at that too.

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>>129124341You're right, this is just Dead Space but shittier

>>129124429Which is saying a lot since Dead Space is already shitty

>>129124750I dunno, first game was pretty good and the second game was good for action schlock, it was the third game that really shit the bed. Especially with that planet shit, so I guess GHE took the worst element.

>>129124806I liked the first game a lot but I think the lore of Dead Space is pretty fucking trash. Then again I personally really really dislike plots that boil down to >everything is fucked on a cosmic scale and everything you did was pointless because lol the threat was always unbeatable!I just find it boring. Probably why GHE and Mandela Catalogue isn't interesting much currently either.

>>129124216>>129124341I mean, if you read Hitchhiker, you'd know it already goes well beyond what the Serpent did. If that IS the Iris' plan, then yes. It would "one up" the Serpent.

make way for the crown prince of shit

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>>129125141tl;dr me

>>129125314demon makes a man and his family haunt a bootleg walten files 3 game except one of them is also not dead

>>129125141Bon! What a wonderful surprise!

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>>129125520Hey this is just that fucking clock from don't hug me I'm scared.

>>129125593yep!welcome to Andy's Apple Farm!

>>129122638end part of the video had me on edge but then the reveal was underwhelming.odd as it is, I wish these videos had more cheap jumpscares.

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>>129123536Isn't it shedding death chips?It also seems to have a hypnotic effect on people. House is no good!

>>129126625>end part of the video had me on edge but then the reveal was underwhelming.I didn't shit my pants but it was eerie seeing a heavily disfigured Reagen come into frame, makes you wonder how the houses are capable of something like this.

>>129041000Simultaenously felt really overwhelming and underwhelming

>>129126625>>129126906I thought it was just an accident as a result of something like a gun jam or accidental friendly fire.Although there's the killer wood chips so maybe it is a house effect.

Since we're talking about creepy shit, anyone know or remember that one thing where some white girl gets everyone to worship her? One thing I remember is the line "who's Stephanie?".

>>129125436>bootleg of a bootlegYikes.

>>129126625After having watched the Walten Files and seeing their 'jumpscares' (aka a close up of a poorly drawn robot with some fake blood around the eyes and HORRIBLE EAR RAPE) I'm glad they don;t.

>>129128423when the pringles man starts breathing on your face, shit gets real fast

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>>129125141love this game so much, it's so fucking bad it's hilariousyou'd think it's a parody made to mock the analog horror genre, but no it's completely serious

>>129126757I mean, it's not like those death chips can hurt you unless you pick one up like a lemming.

>>129128042Do you mean Stephanie Lawson Stevens? Nexpo did a video of it. The last thing she did is a visual novel game and that's it, if i remember

>>129120638>I can hear you>We can hear you

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>>129120662She looks really plain though (plus, she is a lesbian). If her design was closer to something like this >>129120762, then I could see it.>>129124845>>everything is fucked on a cosmic scale and everything you did was pointless because lol the threat was always unbeatable!Personally, I don't mind this if it's the big twist at the end or revealed at the last moment. Basically, I am fine if the "good" guys can put up a fight until the very end and then it gets revealed that they actually stood no chance. It's depressing maybe, but if done well, I can enjoy something like this. I don't think it works well if the antagonistic force is shown to be simply unbeatable and there's still a story to tell, because at this point it serves to either wank said antagonist needlesly or just provide more misery. GME is really well made, but the plot lost me, simply because Iris is too powerful AND it was revealed pretty early on that that was the case. I don't think the same applies to the Alternates in MC, I think that people can survive far better in that universe, and hopefully there are some counter measures to the alternates down the line. Otherwise, there's really no tension.

>>129130407eh plain is fine, doesn't need to be hyper sexualised to be hot

>>129130398What would happen if you put your dick into his mouth?

>thread still aliveimpressive, if only /x/ cared this much