Miles Morales

What if Miles but a girl?

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>>129036388>What if Miles but a girl?Even thirstier for Peter's dick than regular MilesBuck status: BROKEN

>>129036388Either 6% more interesting or 70% worse as a character.>>129036388

>>129036388>Peter, what are you wearing?>You said athletic wear over spandex is what's cool right now, so I busted out the old letterman and gym shorts.>You're making fun of me, aren't you?

>>129036989i like it, this is really cute.

>>129037139>Why do I always have to be Spider-Girl or Spider-Kid? You were fifteen when you started and they called you Spider-Man.>Well, maybe it's because you're so sh->4'10 IS A PERFECTLY NORMAL HEIGHT FOR A WOMAN!

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already popular with cosplayers

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>>129037241>tfw Miley is constantly mistaken for a young boy due to being both short and flat chested

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>>129036388desu all of these diversity legacy characters would be infinitely more tolerable if they were all cute girls who started dating the white guys they were created to replace

>>129036388any ship art between these two?

>>129037414>Miley's falsies get knocked out of place in a fight and she doesn't notice until the photos are published the next day>>129037480>Can you believe Jameson? He's all but calling you a pedo because I'm your partner!>Sidekick.>...gesundheit. And how can he not tell I'm 18? I am in college as of next August.>You can't let it get you, he's been doing this to me for almost as long as you've been alive, you just have to learn to laugh at it. Think about it can you even imagine us in relationship?>All the time.>What?>Look at the time! I gotta go to the thing with the grandma at the place with the thing! Bye!

>>129036388If she's Spider-Woman why you dressing her up like the Wasp?

>>129036845I think Miles would know not to use teeth

>>129036388I'd rather it just be Rio

>>129037669Unironically cuteI like the superhero twist on “schoolgirl with a crush on her teacher”

>>129036880A female deer is a doe

>>129036388Just use Spider-Zero.She’s canon.

>>129038586They already did that with Andrea Benton and Flash


>>129038747The spider-milf

>>129036388What would her name be? Milly Morales?

>>129036388Miles is already a good character. Making him a girl would make her even better.

>>129038902Or Miley

>>129038918But we have Spider-Zero already

>>129038682Whatever, it’s a fun dynamic

>>129038902Millie Morales

>>129036388/polco/ would simultaneously cry MUH WHITE MALE ERASURE like regular Miles but create coomer threads. the salty tears would preserve the cum, and aliens would find it 10000 yrs later, clone it, and presume that humanity was comprised of gigantic blubbering vaginas


>>129038098Excellent taste

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>>129039861Imagine it being both Rio and Miley with Peter still alive A superpowered mother having to reign in her excitable daughter who wants nothing more than to follow in the footsteps of the Amazing Spider-Man


>>129039946A mother and daughter team could be cool

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>>129040412Rio and Peter saving the day while Miley seethes in her web cocoon of motherly protection


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>>129041654Yeah, I know, but imagine that doubled Two moms pushing Peter in two separate directions while his daughter and student fight

>>129041698The two directions are tits or ass

>>129036388any more of this?

>>129036388Where would her hair go

>>129043939yes>>129044016literally something I've been asking since they started introducing long or puffy haired characters with the full mask thing.Spider-man has so many characters that should be having problems with that.

>>129044317Spider-Man himself should have a problem with that. Just accept that it's a genre convention.

>>129044317It's almost like comics aren't restrained by the spatial constraints of reality>Slams fist on deskAnd I wont stand for it!

>>129038682was that the Venom girl char from a while ago?

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>>129045303>>129045519Where exactly does this design in particular originate?

>>129037241Cute spinerette reference

>>129045573Complete coincidence, I never read Spinnerette. >>129045303>For the last time, Miley, it's sentient alien space goo with attachment issues that likes to eat brains, not something out of those manga you keep on the hard drive hidden under your mattress.

>>129045572think it was one of those Spider-sonas from an artist that was popular on twitter after the movienot sure of any more specifics than that 'cause I only heard about it from a few of these threads but I will admit curiosity myself on the subject, just never enough to hunt it down

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>>129036388This man would still get money so I have to dislike her

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>>129045635Ah, neat. Well, either way Miley looks absolutely adorable especially if she keeps the game habit of bringing a cat with her


>>129036388The absolute state of Holla Forumstumblr

>>129045650>I'm hearing purring again. Is that cat in your bag again?>... Yes, a cat. Of course, what else would it be?

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>>129045690I feel that combo name needs work

>>129045624>Venom attempts to bond with Miley >reads her mind >immediately stops attempting to bond with Miley

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>>129046390>You're trapped in here with me Venom

>>129046400>Peter! Don’t leave me here with her! PEEETERRRR!

>>129041654What if Miles date Anna-May?

>>129047350Don’t just stop at Spiderling.What about Mayday as well.

>>129037275h-he cute!

No love for Spider-Zero?

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>>129045573>SpineretteDamn bro, that takes me back.

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>>129036388>would read

>>129036388Miles dad would try and shoot at Peter

>>129045303Peter has hazel almost yellowish eyes not green or blue...

>>129045702Once you go white~

>>129045624>>For the last time, Miley, it's sentient alien space goo with attachment issues that likes to eat brains, not something out of those manga you keep on the hard drive hidden under your mattress.Pretty sure that makes it EXACTLY like some of the manga.

>>129047471Why? She was created so they could kill the Master Weaver and replace him with her.

>>129045519honestly the black and yellow with the hints of neon pink work infinitely better than Miles' black and red

>>129046409>pic related but with Venom, Peter and Miley

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>>129036388More people would defend her even if she still didn't have much of a personality because waifufags

>>129036388then we could have gay femboy gwen stacy sucking peter's dick.

>>129048419This cold dark husk of a world is not meant to have nor experience such patrician greatness.

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>>129048079like this?

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>>129036388What’s with the stupid ‘hero wears shorts, jackets and shoes that don’t conceal his costume’?

>>129048636I kek'd

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>>129048659>heroes wearing costumes is old>heroes wearing regular clothes is boring>smash the two together in fan art in an effort to seem unique and quirkythings like the OP is the result


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>>129047471I legitimately have no love for hersorry, but true

>>129047998That’s good thing though

>>129048419Even more reason to like this idea.

>>129048730The recent Gweniverse thing completely destroyed my ability to think the super hero hoodie was a good costume choice

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>>129050838Here’s the issue. The hoodie works for Miles and kinda only Miles because he’s a dumb kid who puts cats in the hood

Nah, still prefer Miles and Gwen.

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>>129051703Excellent taste

>>129051703What about girl Miles and Gwen

>>129050838Marvel really does run shit into the ground. Also, how the hell does that hood stay up without the air pushing it back.

>>129051973femboy gwen or the standard model?

>>129036388There should only be one Spider-Man, period. Every other form is just a poor imitation of what is already good. Spider-Man should not be Batman. I don't care how much you wanna self insert into the superhero mantle.

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>>129052287Okay boomer

>>129052320You will never be Spider-Man you underage faggot

>>129036388I will now read your comic.

>>129052320Yeah man I tell you what man this dang ol' Spider-man swing round the city going thwip thwip thwip thwip thwip thwip wearing them red n' blues man then you see the next day one swing by wearing red n' black man I tell you what man says tuesday back of his underwear man its the same man the whole time it's the same guy different suit man

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>>129045635Why girl Miles and jock-ish Peter though?

How would she react to Pete's Bombastic Bag-Man outfit?

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>>129053643She'd find it hilarious that he actually ran around with a bag over his head for a while. But once he dons it again, she'll find it distracting as his abs and muscles are constantly on display as he performs incredible acrobatic feats and displays of strength. A man running around wearing nothing but a bag on his head, and tight pants that show of his physique can mean trouble for a young teenage girl who looks up to him. Especially if he gives her a long hug that would allow her to become too familiar with his anatomy.

>>129052348Shut up you old fart.We even have Spider-Ham since the 80s.

>>129036388How did these two even end up together?

>>129053767>Self inserting into a cartoon pigMilesfags sure are a strange bunch

>>129054556I think there was a Miles version of Spider hamYeah, Miles Morhames. That name need a bit more work, not quite as workshopped as it should have been when it comes to puns.

>>129053270that's a cute version too.

>>129045702How would JJJ feel about two webbed menaces slinging across New York, and would he go easier on Miley and blame Peter for corrupting the youth?

>>129056439I think it would be funnier if he actually liked Miley as what a Spider hero should be and blamed all of her mistakes on “Spider-Man’s bad influence”

>>129036388Who wouldn't want a cute white boy as their lover?

>>129056478Hey, I like that. That's the route I was thinking of as well. Like say Peter and Miley are fighting together and JJJ makes a tabloid headline saying that Peter's bright colors were the reason Miley made a mistake and caused some damage.>DON'T LOOK: WEBED MENACE BLINDSIDES DUTIFUL HERO>This morning, New York's very own heroic defender, 'Shadow Spider', was hard at work intercepting a bank robbery by the nefarious crooked villain, "Shocker". >However, the so called 'hero' "Spider-Man" wasn't too far behind following Shadow Spider's pursuit. Likely hoping to steal credit for her work without doing anything to help at all, as usual.>A fear which was proven correct as that loudmouthed Spider-Man hurled useless nonsense as she was effortlessly dodging Shocker's blasts with skill befitting that of a professional gymnast.>Who does he think he is telling her how to do her job? Telling her to stop dodging so much and to watch where Shocker is actually aiming?>Spider-Man is telling a brave girl putting her life in danger to stop dodging and get shot at. Maybe Spider-Man could use six more eyes if he couldn't see that Shocker was obviously focused on Shadow Spider. >He must be dumber than Shocker if he thinks shouting out someone could deliberately shoot at overhead construction gear and building would help anyone.>But because of that troublemaker, Shocker did exactly that, and Shadow Spider was blindsided while saving innocent civilians from falling debris, while that no-good Shocker gave her a dirty blast and sucker punch.>To make things even worse, that treacherous web head took down Shocker and claimed credit for his capture. >If this reporter didn't know any better, I'd say Shocker and Spider-Man were in cahoots with one another as a team up against our fair spider girl.>Hang in there Shadow Spider, don't let the bad influence of that clingy Spider-Man get to you.

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>>129045519>>129045702Damn, she is short

>>129036388I wonder, is there any more of this besides the pics already posted in this thread.

>>129045519>>129036388I need art of them fuckingI need art of her sucking his dick, taking the BWC balls deepI need it

>>129058463Do they have the guts to do it at the Parker or Morales houses, or even both?

>>129058638>pretending they wouldn't do it under the Manhatten bridge.

>>129059171Well they are both street kids, and they both have the ability to stick to walls. But don't homeless people and boats live underneath it?

>>129059185Fine, on TOP of the Manhatten Bridge. Or behind billboards affixed to buildings, cramped alleyways, subway tunnels, wherever there are little pockets of privacy in an urban space.

>>129059236I like behind billboards, reminds me of a story I once read with. haracters having sex on a rooftop in public, yet hidden.

>>129036417Peter ain't a pedophile.

>>129059392Fred Perry made a comic like that, I believe.

>>129059522I think I know the one you're talking about. It's also a Spider-Man one

>>129059689>129059689Then that's the one. He did another recently with Gwen/Miles and they're both pretty good.

>>129037669mega based

>>129036388FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>129054152>hijinks galore of Miley trying to show Peter that she is interested in him>most of it ends up with Peter mainly not noticing since he can be denser than dense

>>129060683Peter has gotten with MJ, Gwen, and Black Cat before, but considering his occassional borderline harem protag status, is he really that dense outside of those three?

>>129036388Malia Morales?

>>129061105There's no official nor set name, but we've been calling her "Miley" for this thread. I personally like it, it's simple and still based on Miles' name.

>>129060683Would Aunt May be a good wingwoman for Miley, as would Miley's dad for Peter?

>>129062188>cue episode where Aunt May meets up with Miley's parents while Peter and her make excuses to leave so they can be heroes while their families wonder what they are really doing

>>129056782>What... what kind of question is that?!

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>>129062262>Due to Jefferson Davis recently getting a big promotion from Captan Stacy and some well deserved time off after handling a recent crime spree, Aunt May and the Morales get together for a celebration Aunt May generously offerred to host.>However, a new string of villainous crimes begin to pop up continously througout the city amidst the party.>Knowing it's their sworn duty, Peter and Miley get ready to head out, but are stopped as their families settle in the foyer and begin to exchange life stories and friendly discussion, and they want their kids to join in.>Peter and Miley initially start with harmless, inconspicuous, excuses that wouldn't be second guessed by their parents and guardian.>Wr need to pick up more drinks, you guys look like you could use some more snacks, we just remembered we forgot something at school, etc etc.>But each time Peter and Miley come back, they slowly become more and more haggard and disheveled from handling so many villains throughout the day>As they're gone, Aunt May and the Morales's conversation gradually shifts to their kids as they wonder what they could really be doing.>They've grown very close and spend an awful lot of time with each other, so they start to wonder could really be going on>Peter and Miley do their best to maintain the facade and spend time with their family, but more questions are asked as their curiosity increases. >Things come to a head as Peter and Miley forget to enter through the front door, and instead come out at their most haggard from Peter's room upstairs.>Peter and Miley do their best to deny any questions about the nature of their friendship and what they've really been doing. But their denial only raises further questions.>Cue the most pivotol question where they collectively decide to lean in and ask if they've been having sex. But as the tension builds up, the doorbell rings.

>>129063211nice work user.

>>129063211Who was at the door?Whoooo?!

>>129063211>Surprise, surprise, it's Captain Stacy and Jefferson's friends and colleagues from the NYPD come to celebrate as well!>You see, as Peter and Miley went to and fro from crime scene to crime scene, they'd occasionally run into some of Jefferson's co-workers who would congratulate Miley and ask about the boy she was with.>Through some quick conversation and rushed escale, the topic of a party at the Parker household would drop here and there.>Thanms to the hard work of Spider-Man and Shadow Spider stopping crime, crime had dropped enough that as it was night time, the cops and workers they ran into finally had to join in.>Believing that Peter and Miley were responsible for this and had been keeping this "surprise" a secret, they're both embraced and apologized to for the gradual suspicions garnered. And thanked for doing such a stupendous and loving job for the family.>Now Peter and Miley could finally relax and enjoy the party>Unfortunately they both crashed hard in the couch and fell asleep throughout the duration of the party.>When they both woke up, they discovered that the Morales had allowed Miley to stay the night as they couldn't bear to break up the two.>Especially after they fell asleep onto each other and were said to look like such a cute couple by partygoers and their family. (Details revealed courtesy of Aunt May)>Even worsened as they recieved texts of them sleeping together and running hand in hand from the Morales. (Courtesy of the many officers who saw them running about)>Fortunately, it was a Saturday so they could finally take a well deserved break and take in all the shock and embarrassment from yesterday's events.>That is until Shocker decided to rob another bank before they could finish breakfast.>Letting off a heavy sigh and exchanging a knowing glances and smiles, together they set off once again to save the day.>The End

>>129063536cute100% Pete would be shoveling breakfast in his face right up to running out the door at the end there

>>129063634Thanks and lol. That would totally be the case at this point. I could imagine them trying to eat as much as possible as Aunt May would remind them to pace themselves or else they could get a stomach ache. And shortly right after they both exit the house to fight shocker, Peter quickly comes back in the scene to swipe some food from Miley's plate, before rushing back out as Miley calls out his name in annoyance.

>>129063536>Pictures of them running about being shared between the officers, eventually they just happen to be seen by the daughter of Capt. George Stacy.

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>>129063760He just can't get enough of those wheat cakes

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>>129045572jaykimdy, you can find the original post on their instagram

>>129053270Best in the thread so far

>>129051973Now you're playing my song

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>>129051973>>129051703>>129064515You're all wrong. FemMiles' only romantic partner is me

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>>129036388I see more female Miles cosplayers than male ones. Bendis fucked up pandering to the wrong people, he could've been a much more successful character.


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>>129065225isn't it because women are just more likely to be cosplayers in general?

>>129065240>>129065225Oh no how horrible

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>>129060388Don't care + didn't ask + ratio + touch grass + kick rocks + pound sand + have sex + meds now

>>129036388>>129045519This Miley Morales design is far too cute to lewd. Look at her! Girl is just begging for wholesome headpats.

>>129036388Less of a Peter copy, more of an early Riri.

>>129051571Nah it doesn't work

>>129051703Go take care of your wife's kids Bendis

There's two more pieces for Peter that haven't been posted yet

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>>129066635Found this one through one of the archived threads

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>>129066672And I couldn't find the source on this one, so I had to crop it from a youtube video

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>>129037349All black women should have this hair. That fucking hyper straight shit most do is gross, look like a wig, afros are bouncy and fun.

>>129066702>itty bitty spider titties>>129066749A lot of the time the hyper straight hair is a wig or weave.

>>129063211>But each time Peter and Miley come back, they slowly become more and more haggard and disheveled from handling so many villains throughout the dayI wonder if Peter and Miley have to change clothes in the same space at times due to increased activity. Having to be close to each other and seeing one another's: underwear, details, and maybe even a slip of the privates occasionally.

>>129063211>>129063536New pic done for this by Cesarean Pizza, and it's cute and perfect. This is exactly the kind of mood and feel Peter and Miley have here after a long day of fighting. It's great

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>>129067043>Someone spots a disheveled-looking Peter and Miley come out of a storage space>Rumors spread Mrs. Morales would reconsider letting her daughter spend so much time around her "tutor."

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>>129067043>Hey! Close your eyes, I don't want you peeking!>I can't get changed with my eyes closed! And you're the one standing there staring at me in my boxers.>Pffft, it's not like there is much to look at.>It is very cold and we were fighting Hydroman!>That's what they all say.>...Padded bra.

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>>129066749Well you'll be happy to know the hair you like is a lot more natural for black women. Straightening is a technique that was popularized, broadly speaking, to make them look more like the white bitches in beauty magazines.

>>129067896Fuck beauty magazines then. Curly hair>>>>>boring flat straight spaghetti hair.

>>129066702>>129066941>>129067408I'm absolutely postive that Black Cat uses "itty bitty spider titties" as a way to piss of Miley whenever they fight. And deliberately uses her full figure as a way to both mock and tempt Peter into ditching the spider who's breasts can't jump, and getting with tall cat who can play all day.

Attached: Amazing_Spider-Man_Vol_5_1_Crain_Exclusive_Black_Cat_Variant.jpg (776x1199, 250.94K)

>>129067043Think they had any moments like this?

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>>129068214>Don't worry, kid, I'm sure one day you'll grow into your womanly figure. Just as soon as you can afford implants.>>129068330Yes, but it ends with Miley admonishing Peter for not having a driver's license.


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>>129068417>Spidey dearest, don't tell me you actually like those poor spider bite tits. Maybe I've had you pegged wrong this entire time?

>>129036417Youd be surprised how many black girls dream of being bleached one day


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>>129067094So which one of them keeps a physical version in their wallet or as a phone background?

>>129036388>What if Miles but a girl?Kino af

>>129036388Isn't that kinda what happened with Iron man and that Iron heart girl?

>>129070020Nah, that was all a different case.

>>129051703We need a version of this with Peter and Miley

>>129036388What do you think the chances are that she has a plush Spidey doll in her bedroom that she doesn't want Pete to know about?

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>>129036388>female miles >femboy Gwen make it real

>>129068214this scene but with Miley and Blackcat

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>>129071568Getting mogged by Gwen and Black Cat both?>Miley tries to pad he bra more, but it just doesn't work out at all

idk. i prefer the Miles x Mary Jane ss route

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>>129036388is it bad that i kind of want older peter B here?

>>129072360>And so now not only do I have to worry about the Titty Kitty, but Miss Peroxide Blonde and Perky Boobs! How am I supposed to compete for a guy's attention?>Have you tried being open with him about your attraction and moving from friends to a relationship?>How is that supposed to work? God, I can't believe I thought the Shocker was a good choice for advice, what do you know about women?>Enough to be happy as a single man.

>>129052602God bless you user

>>129072729>Have you tried wearing push-ups?

>>129072556You might be able to get someone from the drawthread or edit thread to sub Miley for gwen in this one

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>>129074569But does Miley have the booty though?

>>129074985Completely flat, front and back. She sticc.


>>129074985From what it looks like in OP its not very prominentI'd lean towards not much going on physique wise yetBut I'm also someone that thinks Pete has a bigger butt than many of the other male heroes. What does your heart say?

>>129075155We've been trying to reach you about your car warranty

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>>129075258I think she has a nice one >>129045519. Maybe not the fullest, but her outfit makes it a ncely shape. She's fit

>>129075258Miles is frequently depicted as being rather scrawny, so have it that prior to getting her powers Miley was Auschwitz-tier skinny and the transformation resulted in her getting an incredibly lean, muscled body. Unfortunately between her now increased metabolism and the caloric needs of superhero'ing she'd need to go full dirty bulk to even think about getting tits and an ass.

>>129075699she'd have a gymnast tier ass at leastfitness, particularly fitness that involves a lot of leg work, usually leads to a decent buttnot a dump truck Pixar-mom tier thing but a healthy cake

>>129075699>>129075983>Cue Peter attempting to give Miley a pep talk while she complains about how her body hasn't popped out like his own, and complaining about getting mogged on purpose by Black Cat>He tries to tell her that her fitness still means she has a good body, but accidently goes into what having a gymnast physique does to one's ass.>"Wait, have you been looking at my butt?"

>>129074985Other spider gals have had well rounded backsides despite being skinnyI can't imagine why she couldn't

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>>129076363Maybe it's because of the "Skinny Miles" thing mentioned earlier

I know it was a running thing with Pete that he was always running out of Web FluidDoes Miley make hers or have him make some for her?

>>129074569I'm still fucking mad that in every media where these two meet, you never get them fawning over each other like they didn't just reunite with their dead loves. The writers only allow them to mention that fact, maybe get a pat on the cheek, but never do you see them even fucking hugging each other, it's just ''oh hi, I missed you lol'' and they move on.I'm not asking for full blown romance, but I don't feel I'm asking too much to expect at least a little bit of romantic tension

Attached: 2346ea0eefa058855bb9199152cdd54584954d31r1-690-332v2_hq.jpg (690x332, 42.76K)

>>129078695A moment of getting lost staring into each others eyesA look of astonishment slowly changes into a smileStuff like that?

Gave a shot at drawing her

Attached: Miley 3.png (519x1079, 445.62K)

>>129078695I'm fine with that. Both of them recognizing they're not the same people as the ones they've lost is a valid way to go about things, especially considering that there is about a ten year age gap between Peter and Spider-Gwen that only reinforces that they're different versions of a person.

>>129079685Looks fucking adorable, anonNow draw her giving birth


>>129079685Very cute, great job.

>>129079685Damn fine job, user. This is great

>>129078695marvel comics is run by soulless faggots.

Can't wait to see in 20 years when Peter is in his late 40's for about a week before being sent back to his late 20's/early 30's forever and this exact character gets introduced.One of you fucks better shoehorn her in with Marvel, you know it's destiny.

>>129079685Cute, but need a BIG ass.

>>129080644Miley is for a tiny ass and huge insecurities.

>>129081243>Short>Fit>Lean>Dark skin>Cute ass>Itty bitty spider titties>Pads her bra out of embarrasment>Costume is shapely in all the right placesShe's perfect in her own special way, Peter just has to find the right way to tell her

>>129081755>Wait, I thought we've been dating this entire time. I told the Fantastic Four you were my girlfriend!


>>129081836>How am I gonna explain this to Johnny? He'll never let me hear the end of this.

>>129047499Would he really shoot a nice boy like Peter? Although the Peter here seems to be more rough around the edges, mayber more like the Andrew Garfield one. Perhaps this Peter hasn't fully gotten over Uncle Brn's death and retains some bitterness which has hardened him some.

>>129072533Based black spiderman cosplayer

Attached: its over.png (1600x900, 1.91M)

>>129056439>SPIDER MENACE SPINS WEB TO SNARE LOCAL YOUTH>Local hooligan Spider-Man has seems to have picked up a partner in crime.>Eyewitness reports reveal that the new spider on the block is a suspiciously young woman, seen alongside the so-called 'hero' bantering with known underworld figures and fleeing the scene of multiple crimes.>Is this mystery woman another bad egg to add to the city's woes - or an impressionable minor led astray by a web-slinging celebrity who's let his ill-gotten fame go to his head?>Concerned citizens are already accusing the masked menace of reckless child endangerment - but could the truth be even worse?>Read the full and exclusive report on page 3.

>>129083591>You know, I think it's nice that Spidey's picked up a new sidekick. There's tons of bad guys around right now and some more help couldn't hurt.>What the hell is he thinking? The guy already runs around in his pajamas and now he's got a girl doing it with him too? I think the guys a freakin' pervert if you ask me.>Why does the girl have to be a spider to? Culdn't she just be a bird, or some other symbol instead? It's just confusing.>Would it be considered bad if I took pictures of the girl exclusively? N-Not for any illicit reason, just for my own shots for the Bugel. I mean, I'm pretty sure she's at least 18. Right? Right?

>>129079685Oh look at her! 10/10, would support and give lots of headpats. Seriously, draw her getting a headpat.

Attached: 1427503624150.jpg (217x230, 15.5K)

>>129083591Is Spider-Man a groomer?

>>129085023I'm not saying that, but I am strongly implying it.

Attached: intro-1569445966.jpg (780x439, 50.09K)

>>129085155Mr. Jameson, do you have any evidence or constructive proof that could be used to prove that Spider-Man is indeed grooming or innapropriately harrassing this new sidekick of his?

>>129085827For the last time Peter I only reported the 'truth as I believed it at the time', in order for you to prove this is slander you have to prove actual malice. Now fire up the press.

>>129086013>THE ITSY BITSY SPIDER: IS IT REALLY FOR KIDS>Accusations fly today as Spider-Man's new sidekick partnership may not be all that innocent.>It's possible that Spider-Man is in fact grooming the new hero, Shadow Spider, for his own nefarious purposes.>The fact that this hero came out of nowhere, looks and sounds to be a short young teenager, and runs around in spandex has the citizens of New York questioning how this came to be.>Is Spider-Man really New York's friendly neighbor, or is he the neighbor who's yet to knock on your door and reveal that he's the real offender instead of your defender?

Attached: il_fullxfull.2026745439_tpto.jpg (2000x2811, 999.08K)

>>129086429Dang it, I should've used>SHADOW LASS: SIDEKICK OR SIDE CHICKAny of you are free to use that one if you want

>>129086586I feel you might have to imply the possibility of him having done this before."Side Chick" just feels like there would be multiple girls under his sway.

>>129086706Good point. Now that I think about it, that would also imply that Peter is cheating on someone.

>>129048419>Pete is asking for a rundown of peoples powers>Asking femboy gwen plays out like this

Attached: hazbin-hotel-i-can-suck-your-dick.gif (640x360, 2.46M)

>>129069143like, 2 of em? lol most dont like whites

>>129047538It's someone's OCs but they're good designs, though the girl should be taller. I'm not into size differences all that much.

>>129037669>>129083591>>129085155>>129086429>Miley's constantly seeing these articles and is feeling more frustrated and embarrassed because her crush is all put public while no one actually knows about it

>Peter and Felicia have history>Miley is super jealous over this.

>>129086429Why is JJJ focusing on a teenage girl's butt?

>>129088719Why is Holla Forums?

>>129089017Touché. Now why is Peter focusing on her cute ass, and how is he going to explain accidently smacking her ass while fighting?

>>129089066I'd be fine with either one trying to convince the other to do the Fastball Special

Attached: Fastball special.jpg (500x385, 59.61K)

>>129089235I think it'd be more like Peter throwing Miley like a human javelin

>>129089066She wants him to focus on her ass but he ain't taking that bait.

>>129037451Bruh that was your entire web cartridge

>>129089235>>129089426>>129089452>C'mon Peter, I swear this will work.>Miley, this is a dumb idea, even for a guy who jumped off a building testing his powers.>What's wrong, afraid of touching something you're not supposed to?>I don't think I need to be worried too much about that.>Then quit being a wimp and throw me at Hydro-Man.>If this doesn't work and you flub your Venom Blast, I get "I told you so" rights for a week.>Then you better make sure to hold me pretty firmly. Now, lower, lower, lower~>That's low enogh.>I said low- ahhh!!!>Just be stiff Miley! Be the arrow! (And this is why these shorts come in handy. Can't let her get bolder if she found out.)

>>129045519I wonder, how did this Peter get his scar in the first place?

>>129090057I am having trouble picturing how you would throw someone like a javelin.Only thing i can really picture involves grabbing a handful on the fabric on the stomach and probably giving her one of the worst front wedgies of her life.Wait, is she going head first or feet first?

>>129091270Head first. Maybe javelin was the wrong choice of words for what I was imagining in my head. I was imagining a two handed throw where he has his hands on Miley from the front and the back, and then thrusts her upwards

How old is Peter if Miley's 18? Late twenties/early thirties?

>>129036880I completely forgot about that buck meme lol

>>129091610I've kept on imagining that Peter is 18 while Miley is at least 16 this entire time.

>>129091610Depends some of greentexts sound like Highschool Peter but the images look more like college or later Peter.

>>129078695i think they'd be sad. it's not the gwen/peter who died back to life. it's someone else who is very similar.

>>129091610Depends on what idea I have for greentexts, Miley is 18 and Peter is 28, or they're both ambiguously high school aged.

>>129092882>ambiguously high school agedI actually like that quite a bit. I think that should be used more in general as well

>>129069143like you?>>129087318inferiority complex. they would rather be a white girl dating a white guy than a black girl dating a white guy is all

>>129093077they definitely dont want to be a white girl lmao. most just simply don't like white guys


Attached: 1642598335691.jpg (3694x4946, 1.96M)

>>129087318>>129093315If you want more of these you can probably find them on fit.

Attached: 1631333073956.jpg (1664x6340, 3.12M)

>>129092882I like the older mentor and the younger student. Maybe I'm tired a bit of younger Peter in HS. Maybe having a decade of being Spider-Man means he has more to each. Maybe I like age gap.

Attached: 1643333010613.jpg (783x1200, 139.75K)

>>129093536I really think that's the kind of thing where preference regarding Peter's love life heavily comes into play.

>>129093536College Peter and High School senior Peter/Miley

>>129093536Personally, HS Peter is what I grew up with and am most comfortable with. Prmarilly due to the full Spectacular series being available at my library, as well as the Raimi movies, and not having anything else to reliably watch. Speaking of the Raimi movies, that gives me an idea for a compromise. Peter is still the older mentor, but how about we have him be in the transitionary period from high school to college. College Sophomore or Freshman at least, while he's been Spidey during highschool?

>>129093832didn't they graduate at the end of the first Raimi movie?so the next 2 were college age pete?

Attached: 2022_02_28 spiderverse miley doodle.png (1500x1900, 116.32K)


>>129094044Somewhere in the middle of the first movie actually.But yes, he was in college during the second movie and I'm not too sure about the third. He visits Doc Connors about the symbiote, but no mention as to whether or not he's a current or former>>129094066Nice work user, this'll make another good addition to the collection of Miley pics we're building up now

>>129094220Forgot the link to the graduation

>>129094066She can talk, but can she handle the Spider-Cock?

>>129067094We should try to get more dual pics with Peter and Miley. I feel that would be nice

>>129051703That ship ended when they realised the issue with this pairingMiles now has these two. Plus Kamala

Attached: 1645880039050.jpg (960x1026, 1.09M)

>>129078695There is this moment though, but that's pretty much it. They did have fun together which is nice

Attached: spider_man_and_ghost_spider_having_fun_and_laugh_by_silentmanx_ddfpp2f.png (972x4289, 1.83M)

>>129095257I've held back because i know I suck at drawing men

>>129094066Nice, bit of an asian girl butt tho, was it on purpose because she's a sticc that's still cocky?

>>129036388>What if Miles but a girl?Still tokenization.

>>129057126this just makes JJJ seem like a simp

Attached: pathetic.png (700x700, 183.86K)

>>129069622>Peter keeps a physical version in his wallet>It slips out one day much to the amusement of Miley who uses it to endlessly tease him>Of course she's internally freaking out because she has it set as her phone background>Even her lockscreen so if Peter ever got her phone for whatever reason the jig would be up

>>129097106>The hypocrisy of Miley, if ever found out by Peter, would result in her being so embarrassed that she spontaneously develops her invisiblity powers.

>>129092510You do realize there are more Peters out in various media out there than just the comic 616

>>129078695It's bizarre really, imagine if they introduced a new character who is uncle Ben but alive and well from an alternate dimension, and then he appears in every single adaptation of Spider-Man as a living regular character in the main cast, after the events of Spider-Man's origin, and they literally never had Peter react to him in any way except maybe saying "oh it's uncle Ben, cool" once in a while. What's the fucking point, the entire reason you'd even consider bringing in and introducing an uncle Ben character is to see how Peter and he would interact now. Absolutely nothing connects any Spider-Gwen to any Gwen Stacy except the name, yet they still insist on using it for some reason.

So this thread is by white guys who dream of Peter smashing Miles’ bussy if he were a girl?I don’t get it.

>>129036388a f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-female you s-s-s-say?

Attached: kaorinsweat.gif (540x404, 2.95M)

>>129036388I don't mind female Miles, but why does Peter look like a douchebag zoomer guy?

>>129098303>That's because white men get marriedRarely to black women since again, most black women don't desire black guys. The men date out and marry out more than the women do

Attached: 1646094589843.png (310x439, 7.7K)

>>129098393And what are those divorce rates again?

>>129098332No, those jackasses are just being annoying race fetishists. Best to just ignore them


Attached: 6rk7nkdjfqt61.png (707x660, 239.28K)

>>129098437Barely higher than WMBF couples. But that's getting besides the point: WMBF is a rarity in the first place since the vast majority of black women don't date/marry white guys. And that's true, lol. Why is this upsetting you?

>>129098672Black women are significantly less likely to marry in general.>Marriages involving a white husband and black wife were substantially less likely to end in divorce than marriage involving a white husband and white wife; the former pairing’s divorce rate was 44 percent less than the latter.>Marriages including a black husband and white wife were more prone to divorce than those composed of black husbands and black wives. Black male/white female couples also had the highest likelihood of divorce of all white/non-white are simply incorrect here.

Attached: 1559166499395.jpg (804x509, 66.06K)

Can you guys take whatever racial nonsense you're talking about over to somewhere else more appropriate? Like Holla Forums, Holla Forums, or one of the many race bait threads on /gif/?

>>129098907According to Wikipedia WMBF couples are 1.44 more likely to end in divorce for WMBF couples and 1.62 for BMWF But, like I said, divorce rates were never the argument. I was simply stating that WMBF couples are a rarity since black females aren't interested in whites. The reverse is much more prevalent.

Attached: PST_2017.05.15.intermarriage-01-00.png (420x778, 22.11K)

>>129099099>>129098907>>129098672>>129098393>>129098303>>129093452All these statistics and you'll never get pussy by even the ugliest methhead

Attached: 2354534.png (423x449, 228.65K)

>>129099099Did you miss the part where black women are just not likely to marry at all?

>>129099177You're the one who brung up marriages and divorces in the first place fool. My entire point that I keep repeating over and over to you is that WMBF couples are rare as whites aren't desired by most black females. Those types of couples are simply not prevalent as you make it out to be. Cope as you will with this, but what I'm saying is true.

>>129099226You do realize that direct marriage stats might not be the best way to quantify this right?

Attached: wilcox-e1625469276840.jpg (672x372, 33.3K)

>>129094066>Miley paints her body like her costume and goes out naked>It takes a frustratingly long time for Peter to notice

>>129099287And keep in mind that blacks are only about 13% of the population.

Attached: 21925393-standard.png (620x410, 128.55K)

>>129099384>Abortion Doesn't have to do with any of what I said

>>129099398Yeah if you're going by birth or marriage records and for a group that statistically tries to avoid either of those things in general. Of course many other groups would have more kids because whites don't abort at that massive statistically significant scale, of course they'd also be more likely to get married. But neither of those factors would show directly black women's interest in white men.

>>129099264>Hey Peter, say you were in your costume and you suddenly lost your pants, what would you do?>Weird question, but I'd just wrap myself up in my own webs.>Do you think I should do that?>Nope>R-Really? Not even right now?>Hmmmm, nope. If you were naked we wouldn't be talking right now. You'd have probably knocked me out with your venom blast right about now.>And you seriously see nothing wrong with what I'm wearing?>You really want me to answer that?>N-No, I mean->Because if I do, you'd probably want me not to say anything about your butt and how- OOF>Never mind, just ignore everything I've said, you jerk>What was that for?>....>Whoa, what are you doing with my hand? Wait a minute...>...>Oh shit

>>129099476>Yeah if you're going by birth or marriage records and for a group that statistically tries to avoid either of those things in generalBut they don't? You only show abortions for one state. Does every single black person live in michigan now?>But neither of those factors would show directly black women's interest in white men.Yes, they would, if even among the black women that marry, most don't prefer whites. And if you go by births, they don't still don't prefer whites. It's a solid metric to use. In general, most do not like white guys.

Seriously, is the statistics wars going on something we can report or is it just on topic enough that we're stuck with them?

>>129099734I say just report it, it's way off topic

>>129079685Nice inks! This is beautifulIn my headcanon she's MUCH thiccer though

Attached: 1512329022413.png (1066x741, 239.2K)

>>129100331>Miley when her tits are finally starting to grow in while she has Peter's dick all to herself, with no Black Cat to taunt her


>>129045519I think Peter would look better with a lab coat.

>>129036388Quick question.If there was to be another female spider, if she would be black, could they her personality more like a Batman-esque personality? Like the Cassandra Cain of the spider-family?

>>129078695It's because, to me, too much time has passed. Peter has MJ, and Gwen has her flavor of the week, currently chocolate.

>>129078695>I'm still fucking mad that in every media where these two meet, you never get them fawning over each other like they didn't just reunite with their dead loves.Because they aren't. Spider-Gwen is an entirely different woman from the Gwen Stacy of 616.And Pete's nothing like the man he was in High school, let alone the one who died in Gwen's arms.

>>129100667>let alone the one who died in Gwen's arms.I had to rethink what you wrote, and I had an image of the cover with Gwen's death but reversed with Gwen screaming "you killed the spider I loved!"

>>129100580I thought that Whisper spider-girl was already the Cassandra Cain of the Spiders?

>>129094066>Okay I will.>*unintelligible, flustered noises intensify*

>>129099513Miley best girl

>>129038586I've thought about a teacher superhero who had to deal with their student also being a superhero.

>>129101163I have no idea


Attached: OkCupid-Chart4-blogSpan.jpg (480x510, 107.94K)

>>129101358Which of them would suggest web hanging fellatio first?

>>129094066>Peter actually does take a picture and Miley has to chase him down to get it back

>>129103044>I think these are the best pics I've ever taken. I'm sure J J would pay a mint for them!>(angry spider noises)

>>129102805>Wait, did we check to see if the ceiling was load-bearing?>*crash*

>>129103304Kek.>>129098332No, I only want authentic miles bussy. I just think the r63 version is cute.

>Miley, you really don’t have to call me “sir”>Alright then, how ‘bout I call you “daddy”?>Actually->DON’T ANSWER THAT

>>129103410>No, I only want authentic miles bussy. I just think the r63 version is cute.r63 Miles is cuter than normal miles.

>>129103585Of course, but normal miles is more satisfying to dominate.

Attached: 1557149177798.jpg (480x480, 37.71K)

>>129102312>Actual marriages and births don't count but these okcupid stats from a decade ago doFucking hell, you're getting desperate. Not only are thats old as hell for an app nobody uses anymore. It also just measures reply rate, not a guarantee that these people are meeting up and fucking each other. And even accounting for that, they mostly still support what I'm saying: Black women by and large do not like white men.

Attached: 2014_okcupid.jpg (558x222, 60.24K)


Attached: Dem lips.jpg (988x1494, 309.9K)

>>129103683Unless you want to write about Miley being dominated, go make a different thread for that gay shit, you fag. We already got two douches arguing about bleached nonsense, we don't need any of that "bussy" crap here either.

>>129103697Also from a decade ago, but even though white black pairings are both considered the lowest response more black women are into white men then white women were to black men. But man there don't seem to be any more recent studies.

Attached: article-2511049-198EFD9500000578-186_306x368.jpg (306x368, 15.96K)

>>129038902Mia Morales, obviously

>Black women can't like white men and vice versa!>why can't they?>It's just not popular! Here look at this chart I have DATA and FACTS because the sight of these interracial couples are important to me!Don't care, still going to enjoy cute couples no matter the skin tone difference. Besides, this isn't what the thread is about.

Attached: 1612816150908.jpg (1654x2339, 425K)

Attached: 1465145766482.png (2128x2544, 2.09M)

>>129104105My first time was with a black girl. Black girls are far more understanding and down to earth than white girls. White girls have this huge sense of entitlement to them.


>>129104062>more black women are into white men then white women were to black men.Nah it's the opposite. There's been an increase since but bm/wf the was/is more prevalent

>>129104149Nice, but I think the Miley here would be more inclined to secret fanart and drswings. Like drawing Peter with a gigantic cock, like the memes of Miles' drawing when the trailer for Spiderverse 2 came out.

>>129037669>this is what white chuds wantlol

>>129104105>Iron Fist and Misty KnightGreat couple, but not shown off enough. I wonder how Miley and Peter would do living together That is when Miley goes off to college and has to hide the fact that she's not actually living in the dorms, and is instead bedfellows with Peter.

>>129066672Who was Peter fighting in order to gain battle damage like that? Green Goblin, Morlun?

I don't know if any of you use Novel AI, but I felt compelled to throw this Miley Morales prompt togetherIt's in second person, by the

>>129105814They had sex with the costumes on.

>>129105814Why Paste Pot Pete of course

Attached: pasty potty.jpg (492x450, 99.51K)

>Go on Holla Forums>Open rule 63 thread>A bunch of interracial statistics, articles and arguing like someone derailed the Blacked/Colonised threads on /gif/Jesus guys, I just wanted to look at pictures of cute cartoon ladies.

Attached: 778236345.jpg (355x328, 32.48K)

>>129106139Just ignore them, we just hope the mods will eventually do something about them

>>129106139I would not be surprised if all those post were just 2 people yelling back and forthI did what I could with drawings and funny scenarios but yeah, I understand the annoyance at those Holla Forums level arguments taking up the sections of the thread

>>129106139this happens everytime there's a black character. Holla Forumsfags are so annoying outside of their board.

>>129105929>Although she had a pretty lean physique, she did have a nice, perky ass.That Novel AI knows it's stuff, nice generation, user

this is a comfy thread aside from all the race politics. thanks /co

>>129107522This is the best R63 Miles/Miley thread we've had in a long time. This thread has even gotten actual new content thanks to the hardwork of everyone here.

>>129107282Exactly the line my eyes locked onto as soon as I opened that page

>>129101358>>129103044>>129094220>>129094769>>129096981I just realize what that saying was suppose to be.

Attached: 2022_02_28 spiderverse miley doodle revised 2022_03_01.png (1500x1900, 150.94K)

>>129107857It's okay user, still a terrific revision and art piece

>>129107857Was curious about thatJust assumed she wanted to keep him staring

>>129048636Venom and Miley should be swapped but it's still hilarious

>>129036388She wouldn't be that cute and you know it.


Attached: 1575027706599.jpg (695x1024, 116.2K)

>>129108675Wait, no. Peter should be Costanza, Jerry is Miley and Newman is Venom.

>>129047556You see the light


Attached: pat pat.jpg (871x900, 170.75K)

>>129108814Aw, it's cute, and look at how short she is compared to him. Nice work user

Attached: 1631089546855.jpg (1024x1024, 83.5K)

>>129109122Odd, haven't seen this one yet.

>>129109165why not?

Attached: 1631089845619.jpg (1022x1022, 102.98K)

>>129109273Haven't been sure exactly where to look for them. I know they're on instagram, but the artist who originally made Miley is not a woman, as far as I know and doesn't do cosplay

>>129109346interestingI didn't know that

Attached: 1631089760428.jpg (1022x1022, 66.33K)

>>129109364Yup, goes by 'Jaykimdy', has a portfolio site too. Real good

>>129108814I can just imagine her on her tippy-toes just to wrap her arms around his neck for that. Both platonically and aggresively

>>129109122>>129109273Who is this cosplayer anyways? Is she the same one from the previous pics at the beginning?

>>129108814>After a long day of hunting down and defeating certain villains, Peter is impressed by how much Miley has come to on her own as Shadow Spider, and gives her a head-pat to show apprecaiation.>While annoyed and flustered at the gesture, Miley truly does appreciate Peter's approval and respect as a fellow hero. >The two of them have made a good pair, and she looks forward to the adventures awaiting them ahead.>And maybe, even wanting more personal growth together beyond heroics.>Provided her dad doesn't kill Peter once he learns they've been living together, instead of remaining at the dorms.>Dorm tuition ain't cheap

>>129111417Holy shit, that's amazing

>>129107857>Miles is into cute girls his age>Miley is into out of shape DILFs

>>129111417Should've flipped it upside down since she'd probably do it on the celling.

>>129111417>All set to head out?>Just gotta limber up before patrol!>Um, Miley... I...>Might get done quicker if you wanted to "lend me a hand"

>>129111417>"You can't stop staring at me doing my calisthenics, see something you like?" >Ugh, there is no way to make "calisthenics" sound sexy.>"Hey, Peter, wanna help me stretch? I'd just love to have a workout partner tonight...">Not bad, definitely a contender.>"I'm all sore from my workout, I'd love a nice, hard massage...">A little too porno.>"Hey, Peter, like my yoga pose? It's called the downward-facing learn how to take a hint!">"Yo, Petey, your tongue, my pussy, TONIGHT!">"And here we see the mating display of the Box-Braided Miley Morales, native to Manhattan Island.">Girl, why are you doing this to yourself? Just talk to him, tell him how you feel, and the worst case scenario is that he'll turn you down, your entire relationship will turn awkward, nothing will ever be the same, and it's back to posting thirst traps on Tinder with Lana! Who am I kidding? What kind of man wants a titless, assless woman who needs a stepladder to reach the kitchen cupboard? I really want to know what I did in a past life for God to make my dating pool the sex offender database. He'll be walking through the door any second now, I'd better put some pants on before he starts asking questions.>What? Oh crap, oh crap, why did my hip lock up? Ow, ow, something's wrong, really wrong!>Sorry that took so long, Miley; they didn't have that energy drink you usually get bu->CALL 911, I THINK I BROKE MY VAGINA!

>I’ve tried telling him how I feel, but I always freeze up>I dunno, it’s just… he’s right there, and I’m wearing this costume… and it kinda feels like he can see right through my suit>Like I’m standing there, completely naked>So I just kinda… freeze up>…But sometimes, it’s kinda hot

>>129112547Why do I picture this being said to an increasingly uncomfortable Ben Grimm?


>>129111883I like this a lot

>>129105040yeah, the dialogue is shit and the age gap makes no fucking sense

>>129097071Nah, I see it as an aggressive hateboner for Spider-man that one would expect him to hate any spider themed costumed hero running around, but it's taking all of his hatred he can produce and aim it at the webhead that all other Spiders get a free pass.

>>129113792Or he genuinely believe that Miley is some 12 year old kid being led astray, which I think is the funnier option.

>>129113732Yeah? Well, you know, that's just like uh, your opinion, man.

>>129079722The age gap should only affect Peter.He's had time to move on from Gwen's death, her being alive would be a bit rough but he's been through shit and seen the dead come back. Gwen seemingly JUST lost her own Peter in like the last year. It should still be fresh and raw, she hasn't had the time needed to properly deal with all those emotions especially when Peter just comes back into her life and as a completely different person.Like make it so Peter stays away from Gwen because he knows what him being around her is doing to her and he knows it's hurting her and not fair so he tries to stay away.

>>129091610>>129092882I like the idea that this is a 17/18ish Peter who has had his powers since Freshman year so for the last 3 or so years and getting better then Miley who is about 16 gets hers recently so he's trying his damnedest to be a good mentor because he's trying to help her avoid the massive fuckups that he did early on while still making his own mistakes.

>>129112723Peter has Johhny to go to when he wants to just shoot the shit and stuff.After introducing Miley to the Fantastic Four it was expected that she and Sue would hang out but instead she latched onto Ben as someone to talk to.

>>129112723>>129113949OH MY GOD!!! HE WOULD BE HER UNCLE BEN.This is not gold it is fucking PLATINUM.

>>129113866It should be the inverse. Spider-Gwen is only a year or two younger than Gwen was when she died, but Peter is well over a decade older than her Peter and has a significantly different personality and outlook because of that. Gwen would be uncomfortably close to her 616 counterpart for Peter, but Peter would be only vaguely similar to his counterpart for Gwen.>>129113890I was thinking more they're both their canon ages when they got their powers, but synchronize when they got their powers (I guess that would mean that Miley replaces Silk in this universe unless you want to keep Miles' separate origin) which would put Peter at 15 and Miley at 13 at origin. Peter gets a head start on superheroics because of having more unsupervised time due to a single-parent household and building webshooters, while Miley flounders at being a superhero by having very little opportunity to sneak away and lacking an effective way to move quickly.

>>129111883>CALL 911, I THINK I BROKE MY VAGINA!

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>>129111883I'm guessing any form of make-up sex is out of the question now. Which is a shame, because then Peter could've gone balls deep with her in that position, and pound the shit out of her pussy. Could've even been more bondsge based to. Use the webbing on her legs while wrapping her arms up. And with how short Miley is, she's just ripe for 'IMAGINE', I can see it now. Peter picking up Miley and fucking her everywhere in their apartment, and even hanging her up from the cieling while she's still in that position too. Helpless yet willing to be dominated and pleasured. And then when they finally cum after hours and hours of raw, unfilteted bliss, then they call 911 for a broken vagina. And Peter and Miley find themselved in their most desperste situation yet.How the fuck are they going to explain what they were doijg, and how Miley ended up that way to litteraly anyone possible?

Would Miley consider wearing a leotard?

>>129114670Only for gymnastics. No one-piece swimsuit though, as she would feel it'd only make her feel more flat.

>>129079722>there is about a ten year age gap between Peter and Spider-GwenNo there isn't

>>129114139>Spider-Gwen is only a year or two younger than Gwen was when she died, but Peter is well over a decade older than her PeterThey're both in their twenties

>what if Miles was Zendaya

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>>129108814Based. That is outrageously cute.

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>>129100667What's the point of making her Gwen if she has nothing in common with the original

>>129115001Who's Zendaya again?

>>129115126Overrated no talent Disney Kid/Model


>>129112723>"Uh... Look kid, you may need to talk to a therapist or sumthin', I ain't exactly an expert on this stuff..."

>>129036388black women don't look like that. as usual, they drew her with Caucasian features.

>>129115431Most all Amerimutt blacks have a fair bit of white in them and will occationally have white features if they are mixed race.

>>129115431>>129115496Get the fuck out of here, no one wants any more racial arguing nonsense

>>129111883>>129114525>So, how did you both say this happened again?>Calisthentics >Right, right, and the locked up hips?>Calisthetics>And was calisthentics also the cause of our paramedics finding you with no pants, and covered up by a towel which I assume belongs to you sir?>....Yes

>>129112723How does Johnny feel about Pete's having a sidekick/presumed girlfriend?

>>129045702What's the cats name?


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>>129117404Now to be fair, when you're two very flexible, young adults, who live with each other, it might be possible to overstretch yourselves too much. I mean, aerobic weight lifting can be dangerous, but people do it anyways.


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>>129117404>>129115992Due to everyone low-key assuming that Peter and Miley are fucking practically everything they say about what they do together is treated as a euphemism.>Thanks for picking me up, Mr. Grimm; I didn't want my parents finding out I went to the emergency room, they'd have a complete freakout.>No problem, Miley, but I gotta ask how you wound up with your toes touching your hair.>...Yoga. >Ha! I once injured myself doing "yoga" with Amber Plesskin back in 11th grade. Her mom had to drive me to the ER, didn't live that one down for the rest of high school.>Sorry I'm late, Aunt May, I had to take Miley to the hospital.>Oh no, is she okay?>Yeah, she's fine. She was doing calisthenics, accidentally held a pose too long, and her hip locked up.>The poor dear. Give her my love the next time you see her. >Will do.>Oh, and Peter?>Yes?>The two of you should be more careful, you never know if you're going to have an accident when doing "calisthenics."

>>129118116Would Aunt May approve of Peter going after brown jailbait

>>129118226If we're going with the very early 20s-Peter, and almost or at 18-Miley, then she would probably be okay. She knows that Peter is a responsible and good-natured young man who would never do wrong by anyone, nor knowingly do something that was a crime. She trusts him with all her heart, and she'll also trust Miley too. Aunt May knows what it's like to be young again, and the wonderful times she had with Uncle Ben are passed down onto Peter and Miley.Unfortunately, the Morales are not as old or experienced as Aunt May, and their attitude is likely to be more varied should they ever find out.

>>129118386He probably gets arrested by Jefferson if he’s really pissed off Very loud perp walk right where he works

>>129118226Of course it would hardly even be taboo, as there's no way Miley would be under 16 the age of consent.

>>129118452On what grounds could Peter be arrested though? I'm sure JJ would want to know so he could at least write about it in either his defense for or offense against Peter.

>>129118493If Miley is just about 17, Jefferson could probably BS something about her being a minor in an attempt to shame him into breaking it off

>>129118452Reverse it. Jefferson is cool with it, Rio is apoplectic.>I'm not wasting NYPD resources to intimidate Miley's boyfriend.>Why not? You're just asking for him to take advantage of our little girl!>And you're asking me to get a visit from Internal Affairs. Besides, you liked Peter when he and Miley first became friends.>That was before I though they were...doing "yoga" together!

>>129118601Actually, I like that more. Here it's not going into the typical "cop dad hates boyfriend" schtick and is instead with the defensive latino mother. Also thinking on it now, wasn't Jefferson the less strict one and is actually a lot more supportive of Miles?

>>129118601>Swipes pregnancy tests from the hospital and makes Miley test daily

>>129118601>>129118655>Baby, come on. We weren't much older than them when we first started our "yoga classes".>Yes, I remember. And do you remember who said that pulling out was perfectly safe?>Ok now see->Or who was the one who said that, "I got a rubber allergy">They were really chaffing, honest!>Either you go and give these to her tonight, or I will personally teach you and that gringo a permanent lesson in birth control!>I'll be back in a while, you want me to pick you anything up on my way back?

>>129118810>Mija, just remember if anything happens, your father and I will support you as a single mother and love your child with all the love we have. >What about Peter?>The pervert gringo will be dead by that point.

>>129118889>Rio Morales>Likes Spider-Man, has steadily grown to strongly dislike Peter

>>129118973>Asks for an autograph for her daughter but only allows the last name>Thinks Shadow Spider is just a little tramp and a bad influence on Miley

I can't believe Peter dumped MJ and is married to Rio now

>>129119002While this is all for Miley, I do hope we're not going too OOC. Despite all that, I'm liking talking about other people in this >Rio likes Spider-Man, but dislikes Shadow Spider>JJJ hates Spider-Man, but likes Shadow Spider

>>129119044Slow it down there, user. That's jumping ahead too far, even with the places this thresd has been

>>129119062I'm from the threads about Pete fucking Rio and adopting Miles, I can't be bothered to read this one

>>129119073You could at least read and understand a little bit if you want to get involved. Also, there were threads about that?

>>129119148>You could at least read a-Nah, just here to shitpost>>129119148>Also, there were threads about that?Yes

I wonder, which villain does Miley hate the most and vice versa?

>>129119048SureWould Miley intern at the bugle

>>129036388If Miles was Canadian, would he be named "Kilometers"?

>>129118226As long as she's not feeding her Peter some "urban" style of wheat-cakes everything's fine.

>>129119382She would be interning for an illustrator or graphic design job, right? That's the most likely job I could see for her. Would sure lead to problems for both her and Peter though. Two workers who are secretly super-heroes, regularly leaving or taking long breaks at the same time. While they would be fighting crime on the streets, it'd sure lead to workplace rumors springing up, from what I can imagine and assume.>>129119412GTFO

>>129119412Miles is still a thing in metric countries, stupido

>>129119501Well now I want Miley eating wheat cakes

I'm surprised that the Raimipost about Uncle Ben and his many escapades with black women hasn't been posted yet. Also, I can't find it.

>>129119573The idea of the Parkers and the Morales becoming this pseudo-blended family because of Peter and Miley's intertwined superhero and civilian lives is a pretty neat one.

>Miley meeting Teen Peter

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>>129119721I like to think Rio and May meet for tea sometimes

>>129119612 Those Holla Forumsposts always felt too fucking forced, desperate to make an edgy meme.

>>129119792Oh totally

>>129092882>>129093536eh, I like a mentor relationship, but not a massive age gap. Like 16/18-21/24

>>129119743>freak comic book science accident puts Peter's mind in the body of his 15 year old self while Miley is put in the body of her 35 year old self>she can't stop laughing at his sweater vest and necktie collection>also she's desperately trying to hide the fact that adult Miley's tits and ass are pure silicone>and that she thinks he'd be cute if he started wearing glasses again

>>129120810Does she get caught bad touching him

Itsv was KINO

>>129119044Can't say I blame him and they certainly look happy.

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>>129121088>TFW Miley was secretly commissioned by her own mom to just draw some self-service art for herself>And was totally not inspired by a particurally exciting roleplay night Rio and Jefferson had

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>>129106139I want pictures!Pictures of Spidergirl!

>>129122106>He's calling me Spider-Girl!?

>>129048636This is pretty good, user. Thanks!

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>>129118116"Everything", you say? Even "Just going to the bathroom"?

>>129122175>Mr. Jameson, I thought the new hero's name was Shadow Spider?>Shadow SPider? That's last week, too long. Spider-Girl's better, rolls off the tongue. It's more catchy, people will pay attention to that.>Why call her Spider-Girl if she's Shadow Spider?>Didn't you hear me, Parker? It's an attention grabber, second people see news about Spider-Girl they'll be reading anything we have to say. We'll call her Shadow Spider in the article, Spider-Girl on the headlines. Genius!>I just think that, maybe the actual Shadow Spider wouldn't like it if we were calling her that?>If she has something to say, then she can say it. I'm not paying you to talk about Spider-Girl, Parker. I want you to get pictures of that no good Spider-Man and I want them now! Why are you still here, go!

>>129038586It was supposed to be Kamala and Tony Stark with Spiderman being the autistic third wheel

>>129048419>marvel announces the switch as a "what if" episode>gwen stacy looks exactly the same

>>129036388>female jonah j jameson

>>129123683This is for female Miles

>>129118889Will Miley's uncle do the job?

>>129067556Odd that this one hasn't been talked about. It's quite nice with a fine ass.

>>129123641wait, someone still remember the sugar daddy tony?

>>129125262That happened?

>>129125276A long time ago, the earth was rul- no wait, A long time ago, I Ak-, wait was not that neither.Oh right multiversal harem

Attached: 1559564727384.png (1262x4930, 3.87M)

>>129125392Fucking helk, what kind of fanfiction was she writing while that was going on? Actially, what kind of fanfiction does she make of Spidey and Miley for that matter?

>>129125460Gangbangslots of gangbangs

>>129125616So the Kamala vs GL & CM trial was right all along

>>129036388I'd buy two. I was already into Miles. I fucking hate iron heart though. Could have worked for Spider-Man.

>>129126250Iron Heart in general was a mistake. I'll never forget how badly Bendis fucked up with showing her childhood. He actually tried to justify a child being a legit narcissitic sociopath.

>>129063056>>129045519>>129045303WTF IS THIS>? This seems more than one guy's fanfiction. What can we do to get this for real?

>>129126453I only drew one of thoserest are from that guys site i think

>>129126130>tfw I unironically want to see Kamala appear in a future Spider-Man cartoon as one of Peter’s classmates before she gets powers >I don’t even care if she becomes a hero or not I just want to see her as the weird girl who writes fanfic and doodles superheroes at the back of the class

>>129126680Wait, was she not in the Spider-Man cartoon after the Ultimate one? I could've sworn she was in that one

>>129126453Cultivate a fanbase of autism that rivals the BatMoth guys?

>>129126981She was but she was already a hero at the time. Personally I think the main reason why Spider-Man having a team in a cartoon is disliked by so many is due to the pacing. It’s gotta be a slow burn of Peter inspiring more and more people instead of just jumping into recruiting everyone and it should start with Iceman and Firestar

>>129127114>and it should start with Iceman and FirestarMy fucking thoughts exactly, user. I loved that show when I was growing up. In fact, I think it was that show that inspired my love for teams of heroes that are also friends, alongside Power Rangers.

>>129127353Agreed. In my personal opinion, if Disney really really wants a Spider team up that includes Gwen and Miles (and they obviously do) then they should start with Spider-Man alone, have his bravery inspire Iceman and Firestar to join him in heroism, have Gwen’s powers be the result of Oscorp attempting to replicate Spider-Man, have Miles be a failed attempt to go beyond him that trades some strength and range on the spider sense for the extra abilities, and finally have Venom be the sixth ranger who joins them after a redemption arc Six heroes to fight the Sinister Six. It just works

>>129127114what if we call them Ice Spider and Fire spider?We have to stay on brand

>>129127416I personally think having Flash Thompson genuinely bond with the symbiote was a great idea that should be kept on more

>>129128081Agreed. It’s a really nice arc and I love Agent Venom’s design and how he shapes the symbiote into various weapons

>>129127416I wonder what the other Spiders are doing around this time?

>>129063211>>129054152I just think they're cute

>>129128690You just think they're cute

>>129108814>>129111131>Hey Peter, what do you think of all this?>Sitting on a rooftop with my sideki- ow, Partner, watching the New York sunset? Couldn't ask for any better.>Not that you dork, being a hero and all this. We're making a difference but, how do you measure it? You've been at this longer than I have.>Honestly, sometimes I don't know. Most days, I'm just doing my job and what I do best at helping people. But on some days after getting tossed around a bunch, I just want to get it over with. And on the really rare days..., I'd rather not talk about those.>Oh, well I understand. You still haven't mentioned what gets you through them though.>I was getting to that, gotta stretch these things out sometimes for engagement.>So that's how you get guys like Vulture pissed off at you.>It's a natural talent, and one of the ways that keeps me going. There are lots of things that can help you out in ways as large as Kingpin and as short as you. H-hey!>Spidey sense and still two for flinching>That one didn't count.>Well, maybe it counts for me. Maybe fighting crime and hanging out with you is one of my ways. I don't fully know, but it could be a start.>It's a good one, I think I'll use it too. Hey Miley>What?>You'll make a great hero>I know that.>That blush begs to differ.>*sigh*, whatever. Hey Peter, being next to you this way is nice>It sure is.

>>129129194And miley looks breedable

>>129046390>Miley’s repressed degenerate desires leave a lasting impression on the venom symbiote>said impression is so strong that any host the thing takes has an inexplicable sense of severe discomfort around her even if the bond is severed after meeting her>it doesn’t really affect Venom’s ability to function but there’s always a momentary lull in the fight as if they’re startled by her existence whenever she shows up>Peter can’t make heads or tails of it but rolls with it because it’s a free opening>Miley knows exactly why Venom is squicked out by her and is generally embarrassed about the whole thingYou know I think I can live with the idea that Miley is a closet pervert. So long as the joke doesn’t get played on too much this could be good for a chuckle or two.

>>129129974Since writers love portraying Peter as constantly broke, make it so Miley always has spare cash with the implication that she draws smut commissions.

>>129037405>gets rid of full maskinto the trash it go

>>129104202White guys and Black girls, when dating their own race, are both expected to give everything to their partner and never want anything in return.

>>129120965She plans on doing it and gets a dress for it and everything, works up the courage to finally make it happen and then walks in on Skip making his move on Peter, saving him and changing her mind about the whole thing when Peter hugs her and thanks her for getting him out of there.

>>129130310Yea nah you’re talking out of your ass there with black girls. A good chunk of them expect to be placed on a pedestal as is the case with any race. It’s also actively encouraged for them to see themselves as valuable enough to deserve the pedestal. As much as diversity has become a buzzword it’s actually not too far fetched to say that black girls that are raised in a more culturally diverse setting are more inclined to mellow out and treat a relationship as a give and take deal.

>>129130104So basically she’s Mahmapuu? I can live with that.

>>129130104>Miley's mist frequent customer is Kamala Khan, who uses her smut art as covers for her own smut stories>Miley would never have thought anyone would be able to draw two completely unrelated heroes with each other, but she secretly knew better>The really private drawings are kept in a place even Peter doesn't know about>Recently, Miley was commissioned yet again by Kamala, this time for a piece involving Spider-Man lewdly molesting a struggling, yet oddly willing, Shadow Spider. Who's secret desire for her mentor's touch, is being realized as he takes her for himself.>Kamala's words, not Miley's. She's disturbingly a lot more verbose online than in person.>This doesn't help Miley's own problems in the slightest as it appeals to her own deep dark fantasies>Speaking of which, a terrible idea slowly started to form and suggest in her head>Peter's regurally broke, right?>So why not use some of your cash to ask him for a favor and do some poses for you?>It's not sick nor perverted. You're just helping out a friend by letting him help you and giving him some cash as thanks>Besides, it's not like it'll lead to anything. Not unless you want it to.>Before it could continue going any further, Miley snapped back to reality and shook her head.>Could she really do such a thing with Peter?>Well if Peter does do it and take the money, then he'd be just as guilty too and maybe a perv as well. Right?>The decision was made.>She wallowed down in her throat, and got up to commit her great charity.