Is ENA the Homestar Runner of the 2020s?

Is ENA the Homestar Runner of the 2020s?

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No, it needs humor for that

>>129034887How can Moony type with those boxing gloves?

>>129034887For me, It’s ENA.

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>>129034887it's the don hertzfeldt for zoomers

Idk, why last thread die

>>129037040We ran out of stuff to talk about. Wait till BBQ releases to make a new thread.

>>129037690Who knows when that’ll be

>>1290383020̴̧̛͕̤̾͂0̴͇̫̉́͜1̵̪̜̝̉͑1̸̹̯̳̂0̴̤̖̌͛͘0̸̨͆0̵͍̆̈́1̵̢͉̈ ̵̘͘0̸̰̈́0̷̹̗̞͆̽1̸̼̀1̷̝̱̑̎0̴̳͎̗̊͗͒0̴̐0̵̖̎̽̾0̷̤̈́͊ ̵̨͎͇͂́́0̸͇̼̗̏0̴̣̏̈́̇͜1̷͇̭͝1̷̟̇̓0̸́̉̒͜0̶̻͂̽̚0̴̖͗̈0̷̗̑̆͌ ̶̞̠͇̀̈́0̸̥̝̳̃̈́̌0̸̯̰̫̈̂́1̴̬͂1̷͚̱͖͛̍͝0̸̫͊0̴̠̹̆̏0̶̡̩͛0̶̥̺̤͂̓͂ years

>>129038453That’s a lot!

How much do we actually know about dream BBQ?

>>129034887No. Fuck does that even mean?

>>129034887Absolutely not. ENA is entertaining and all but it doesn't hold a candle to Homestar.

>>129034887t. zoomer

no, ENA is good

>>129034887ENA is good but not that good you fucking retard

>>129038302A good while maybe but hopefully we'll be here when that thread occurs.

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>>129034887I like ENA, I think it's alright, can be kind of too randem at times though, I prefer Hands Up personally. I hate how people treat it like it's some staple NG cartoon though, it's really not on the same level as other classic stuff.I can't lie though, I find ENA's half normal, half low poly design really off putting as well, just feels unnecessary. That and the extreme bi polar personality swap she does constantly. I can appreciate that it's someone's passion project, but if it were up to me I'd have done a bunch of stuff differently with it

Homestar Runner is the Homestar Runner of the 2020s.

>>129035048This but unironically. I would place ENA closer to Salad Fingers maybe. Surreal content, distinctive humanoid-but-inhuman main character, worldbuilding that goes mostly unexplained but still intrigues.

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homestar runner has a stupidly large amount of contentthese newer things don't

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>>129034887I had to look up what that was and I feel like ENA is much more of an enjoyable adventure and much higher quality

>>129042897you must be 18 years or older to post on 4channel dot org

>>129043413I am, (You)’re old. It’s scary isn’t it.

>>129034887It needs more material. There's less than thirty minutes of ENA content out there.

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>>129040167It has a 70s feel to it. I wonder if it would still take place in a computer world?

Who else got intro Graham Kartna after ENA?

>>129044800I listen to him every day now.

>>129044800He's good. This album is

>>129044800If Joel and Graham had some business sense they would do some kind of collab. graham makes a new album themed around Ena, Joel makes a new Ena animation to promote it. Win/Win.

>>129044868>human music

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>>129044800I very much have. In fact, got into a few other artists because of ena.>>129044887I feel this exact thing could happen, but with another musician, Oliver Buckland.He already has made music specifically for the ena shorts before, so an album from him for Dream BBQ is a

>>129035048This. I tried watching this for about 5 minutes and it was pure monkey cheese. Interesting presentation, but nothing else going for it.

>>129035048Homestar runner is supposed ro be funny?

>>129045112What else is it supposed to be? Sad?

>>129045112Is Ena? I feel like Ena is more just the creator trying to project his fetish for mentally unstable “Le quirky” girls. Nothing to laugh at, but an interesting spectacle.Also, it’s pure, unfiltered Zoomer-tier; you’d have to be 17 or younger to enjoy it.

>>129045127ah yes, zoomers are the only audience that would appreciate a fucking david byrne reference.

>>129045172Yes; that, or mentally stunted manbabies looking for substance in a fetish projection. Like (you).

>>129045172It's just a dance, user. There's nothing clever about referencing a dance.

>>129045199Anon, david byrne is for fucking boomers. Windows xp shit is for fucking boomers. half of the aesthetic references in ena are shit you have to be pushing 30 to even get.Fact is you're blatantly projecting in a really embarrassing way, take the L.

>>129045127>Is Ena supposed to be funnyNot really. I've never seen anyone describe ENA as a comedy or something you're supposed to laugh at. Sure, it has jokes and funny moments, but overall, ENA is supposed to be just following a strange character through a strange world, albeit one reminiscent of early Windows. Things don't really make sense and there's no consistent logic, but that's okay, because ENA herself doesn't really make sense.At the end of the day, I'd say that ENA is more adventure than comedy, if we're talking genres. Even if we don't know what the end goal is, at least there is an end goal that ENA is working towards and a bunch of nonsensical obstacles in her way that she needs to overcome.

>>129045221No, it’s for children; all you’re doing is trying to convince yourself it’s normal that you’re approaching 30 and still analysing children’s animation like a fucking loser.

>>129045249>calling someone a loser for liking cartoons>on a cartoon board

>>129035048Cheese and rice, Moony.

>>129045249Individuals don't go and make children's animation.

>>129045415>Individuals don't go and make children's animation.

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>>129045649If you're not making something educational, or a really long toy commercial, why even bother?

>>129045249Why are you here?

>>129045698I want to create and awesome story with overarching plots and fantasy and dungeons and minecraft and autism abnd

>>129034887It’s not funny

>>129045172Yes, retard, lots of zoomers know about Once in a Lifetime.>dude this shitty zoomer cartoon referenced something old that means it's okay for me to like it!!!!!!!!!!

>>129034887Last thread was comfy. I was looking forward to another one like it but OP just had to fuck it up by making a comparison.

>"I love turron Shepherd, I LOVE TURRON!!!"

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>>129045850This is the most zoomer thing I've ever seen

>>129045249None of the nostalgia hits in any way to a 14 year old. To them it’s just a weird aesthetic to jump on


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>>129044800I've been listening to him way before Ena, way back when he used to go by Kurkop making YTPMVs on youtube.

>>129046007the fuck is up with tumblrs thinking vitiligo affects more than 1% of the fucking population? like of all the conditions you could choose to represent you choose that one niche skin condition that most people only know about because mj had it

>>129046007>Autism, ADHD, GAD, Peruvian

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>>129034887Sure, why not?

>>129034887No, Homestar Runner had content.ENA has like 3 videos in a year.

>>129041660Good for her. Salad Fingers actually has a following outside US unlike Homestar Runner which I probably wouldn't even know existed if I didn't come here.

>>129034887In what way?

>>129045649The fish looks kinda ccuuttee ngl

>>129034887It doesn't really work. A majority of people don't care for the content, they just want to fuck ENA. Homestar Runner was a hilarious series of animations that didn't rely on coomerbrain to be popular.

>>129034887I don't think ENA will ever beat Strong Bad, he's just too funny.

I want her to swing on top of me to the beat of browser history as she alters the non-Euclidean spaces of her pussy as I try to hold back against the pleasure

>>129048637I can’t believe there’s coombrains powerfull enough to sexualize the abstracted and surreal but in hindsight it’s nothing for them if they can fuck scps and shit. I don’t think most fans of ENA are like that. Just the coooooooooooom guys on 4chan. Look at everybody else not doing that.

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My first thought when I saw her was

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>>129049277ENA isn't that abstract or surreal. At least in design. She's humanoid and just has odd colors and a pixel-y half.

>>129049277>>129051415Yes, ENA really isn't that far off a typical anime girl. Really, the strangest aspect of her is that she's only a little more mercurial than the average woman.

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>>129046007>>TheyCan these Twatter goons give it a break?Joel said ENA is a girl and that's that

>>129046322Vitiligo isn't actually a disability since there's no pain or whatever, but it's still embarrassing/stigmatized enough by society that if they give it to their OCs, it makes the character look Cool and Quirky and Diversified. It also makes themselves look Woke without actually having to give a shit about the consequences of having a disability.

>>129045115>>129045127Ena isnt supposed to be funny I was just trying to get (you)s

>plush arrivedWelcome home, my manic little friend.

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>>129053064That's great your plush arrived user, wishing all the best with it.

>>129053207Reverse gangbang.


>>129053207There's never enough plushies.

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Dear ENA how can you type while being three meters tall also can you put these boxing gloves on thanksYours crapfully,Anonymous, No Hamster.

Your finest ENA artworks. Hand them over.

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>>129054300Full blue Ena is best Ena.


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>>129040167>confirmed to be a "chill" horror adventure game by Joel>game is taking forever to come out because Joel can't stop creating new NPCs>Froggy is the new Moony>there are boss fights, sidequests and chase sequences>multiple endings confirmedThere's your answer

>>129055418>>Froggy is the new MoonyMy excitement is reaching new heights.

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>>129055436Anon, that's Brick Frog. THIS is Froggy.

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>>129055446Man, Moony was hard enough to fap at, but this guy would be a real challenge.

>>129055446What looks to be a man in a frog costume is actually a big frog broadcasting a man's message from it's mouth.

>>129055446He's a cool dude

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>>129055711joel g saw people shipping ena with a literal orb and decided to nip it in the bud once and for all.

>>129055418>>129055436>brickfrog>the indentation in a brick is called a frogClever.


>>129056019That's gonna be me whenever they ever show the BBQ Ena design as a plush in the future

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ENA is love. ENA is life.

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ENA's kinda sexy IMHO.

when's my fucking barbeque, joel

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>>129034887But how does Moonie type on her keyboard with no hands?

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>>129058095both made by me

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What's the consensus on ENA's new incarnation? Is she the same ENA from the last few shorts, a reincarnation, a completely different person, etc?

>>129044800I knew about him before from An0nymooose.

>>129058358I assume we’ll find out but we might not. It’s labeled episode 4 so I assume it’s connected in some way, it could be a prequel since they got trapped it the last one, or it could be unrelated, this world is thousands of years old end everybody is seemingly immortal unless they get killed by something. It could take place at any time and when doesn’t necessarily matter

>>129058095>>129058107kill yourself immediately.

>>129058095>>129058107Live yourself immediately.

I wonder how many ENAs are in here right now.

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>>129034887No, it needs more than two episodes for that

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I wanna cosplay as Ena and be someone's Ena plushie!

>>129060138pics or gtfo

>>129060138I wanna cosplay as Boba Fett and sit in my chair all day. I actually liked the Book of Boba Fett, it had problems but it was nice.

>>129034887>>129041660Yeah I agree with calling it Salad Fingers. It's stiill got a nice aesthetic and charm, though.I'm just waiting for the Homestuck of the 2020's to manifest. (Undertale doesn't count, it's both a child of Homestuck and in a different medium. I mean a webcomic.)

ena's a little cry cry baby bitch

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>>129060279Just like me!

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>>129060279stop being so mean to her.besides, she's MY little cry cry baby bitch

>>129060194Pics of what?

i'm just here for the ENAs

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>>129060254There will never be anything like Homestuck ever again.

>>129060628That's a good thing.

>>129060601You said you wanted to cosplay as Ena. So the logical choice would be to provide proof, is it not?

How Joel G got inspiration for Ena

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>>129060601tittiesboobashonkersbadonkersdohbanhonkorosdohonkabhankoloostohhongerekoogersbig bonhongerehoogshumongous hangalanganonogangasjust show us you are a woman

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>>129060647>>129060628Get on the video, EmpLemon

>>129060870I was pretty sure this is the actual admitted inspiration

>>129060892>Both sides are smoothCuh ringe

>>129061060hadn't he admitted from the beginning that he was inspired by this?

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>>129060843How can I post proof that I want to cosplay her?

>>129061357is this better?

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>>1290613671.take a picture of your female body2.dwrite in a piece of paper the current date and timeIf you are lucky, a Peruvian will send you the uniform.

>>129061473How will any of that prove that I want to cosplay her?

>>129061505Pro Tip: This is Holla Forums and they're desperately horny.

>>129061558Yeah I know Im just playing dumb for laughs :p

>>129061413I want to kiss ena's cute tummy

>>129061598So shit or get off the pot.

>>129061505If you want to represent her, you must prove that you are a woman.>>129061558nothing explict dude, we have porn for that.

>>129061626O-oh y-you want me to s-shit? O-okay... open wide...

>>129061697Figure of speech my gal. But I figured you already knew that. ;)

>>129049788I love how porn artists have all agreed she has one normal boob and one PS1 Tomb Raider boob. Polygonal girls get no respect.

>>129061649This Joel boomer sounds like he knows nothing about Ena. >>129061728Too late. You're in too deep. Can't run away from my chocolate with pistachio.

>>129061769Sorry, I know you're trying to gross me out but you just made me laugh harder then the coomers here. What you just posted reminded me of

>>129050422>>129060870Get your own post!>>129061357The shepherd was also painting based, and who knows where other characters came from. What’s a good way to get inspiration for this king of thing, it’s hard not to be derivative

>>129061873oh great, you think you are funny because "le epic troll" calling everyone coomer even though you were the one who started this in the first place, how mature.

>>129062269Not at all, I was saying you made a funny joke.

>>129059941It has three though.


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>>129044800His album ".Temp" is amazing. He was borderline vaporwave at the time, and so happy he broke past that shitty genre so quick. He really does create good shit.

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>>129057114Well, BBQs are usually a summer thing.

>>129063218>Footage of Russian invasion of Ukraine, February 2022

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>despite being abstract art and can thus be drawn in any way possible, people still refuse to draw anything under her skirtCowards, all of you.



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>>129064878>people still refuse to draw anything under her skirtI mean, people have drawn her with both types of human genitals.What were you expecting? tentacles??


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>>129053817ENA’s birthday led to some nice fan art creations.

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H-O-L-Y C-R-A-P. This is the Zoomer shit equivalent of 9gag. Feel free to dispute this on your latest social media account and kindly go F-::pretend I put zalgo text here because you posers are so fucking into that shit- eel up an esophagus.

>>129052455I think the implication she's schizophrenic or just bipolar, and often acts like two people stuck inside the same body. Because she has the Vivec thing going on.


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>>129065271Older millennial here, you sound like a fucking sperg. Stop emulating the typing style and sad one-liners your parents are dropping on Facebook

>>129046007step aside.

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>>129065218isn't that from the chick who is obsessed with ENA?

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>>129061769>This Joel boomer sounds like he knows nothing about Ena.bait

>>129065475the art is fine but for some reason this just doesn't read as moony to me. i think it's hard to improve on perfection.

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>>129065494Certainly is, but she does draw some damn great ENAs. Can only dream of creating a character someone loves that much.

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>>129065505pretty sure that's what they call a joke

>>129065494bros, where can i find a girl who is obessed with ENA?

>>129065645on twitter

>>129065530you're right, there's barely any renditions that get moony right. Because they're always too tall, too slim, and never give off that smug, cheeky personality she has.>>129065645On twitter. But most, if not all, are either lesbians or trans.

>>129065854>too slimI thought you guys didn't like fatties.

>>129049277You are very naive. The strongest deterrence from going full coom on places like twitter is simply their content moderation policies. People are still freaks.

>>129034887in that I haven't consumed either, yes

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>>129065861Moony is one of those characters that makes sense as a chubby girl. I mean, she's already round.

>>129065494Pretty much


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>>129066199edgy Holla Forums cringe


>>129066199I love Ena even more now

>>129066199Wonder if joel aproves thisDoes he support trannies or hates them?Peru is a racist as fuck shithole>>129066511kys trannie

>>129066624He outright confirmed ENA is a girl. Any pozzed faggot would've gone "Erm...if you choose to see her that way, it's fine." But he just went "Nah, she's a girl."

>>129055418Wow, fucker got too ambitious. It will either never be finished or it will suck ass

>>129066638He didn't specify what kind of girl. That's enough for the trans headcanons to stick around.

>>129066726Only if you're completely deluded like all trannies are.

>>129066753So you agree that Joel calling her a girl accomplished nothing.

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>>129066832What’s it like at McENAs?

>>129066832"I shall abide by your customs."

>>129060892>>129061413HER BODY IS NOT HALF AND HALF

Attached: omg ena nakey.jpg (1538x2048, 621.67K)

>>129067333Damn look at that camel toe.

>>129067333but are her cheeks half and half, or all blue?

>>129066199Based. I want my glitchy DID characters without the globohomo agenda.

>>129041314How would you have done it? Please note that Ena is partially referencing the Mac Finder icon with her design.

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>>129065861She's canonically fat

>>129045172>zoomers are the only audience that would appreciate a fucking david byrne reference.Have you seen who makes threads on /mu/?

>>129068578Imagine if Dream BBQ only came out on Mac.

>>129066726>>129066811He is Peruvian, here we only believe in hetero, homo, bi and asexuals and tranny are just usually brazilians hairdressers, there are no pronouns here except for idiots who want to believe they are EuropeanWhen he said a woman he meant it in every way, how exactly do they have sex in that dimensional plane? I have no fucking idea, but I do know that if Joel says she's a girl, she's a girl in the most classical sense of all time, no matter how He is Peruvian, here we only believe in hetero, homo, bi and asexual people and airplanes are just hairdressers, there are no pronouns here except for idiots who want to believe they are EuropeanWhen he said a girl he meant it in every way, how exactly do they have sex in that dimensional plane? I have no fucking idea, but I do know that if Joel says she's a girl, she's a girl in the most classical sense of all time, no matter how delusional you are.EWNNBAG

>>129069010Why did you type the same thing three times?

>>129069180Because he is Peruvian.He is Peruvian which is why he did it.A Peruvian? Yup that is what he is.



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>>129066832can i get uhhhhhhhhhh (You)?

Blessed be the ENA lovers for they will inherit the Plushies (some day).

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>>129034887Guy wouldn't know majesty if it hit him in the face

>>129067333Nah she just turned blue because she's sad you attempted to undress her.


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>>129067333Wait, ENA’s wearing a removable outfit? So someone had to dress all 8,000 ENAs individually before sending them out?

>>129070807You preach true and honest words!

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>>129053817Half thinking about getting this framed.

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>>129070881Dream BBQ ENA's design has really grown on me.

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>>129070948god i wish that were me

>>129070973i wish that were you too

>>129034887Don't say that. ENA must go on.

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>>129046442Where does Salad Fingers have a following?

>>129048637Part of the appeal for me is the nostalgic world that I think would go over a zoomers head. I don't think it's fair to reduce everyone who likes ENA to coomers.

>>129070973You want to be ENA, the artist or the plushies?


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Just you wait ENAfags. Soon it will be her turn!

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>>129070907The polygons hand actually having claw fingers instead of her usual brick hand is neat.I wonder how she’ll sound. What are her two new sides a representation of this time? And if it’s a different ena, do all of them have the glitch problems

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>>129072049She seems cool. I wonder what her deal is.

Attached: profile.png (524x648, 277.97K)

Attached: E3G4boPVkAQLIbc.jpg (1200x964, 202.07K)

Attached: ena bw.jpg (546x429, 43.9K)

>>129071563Me too, the aesthetic of the shorts had a nostalgic feel that most zoomers would just see as "wow so retro!". Plus, sure most of the humor was lolrandumb moments, but it was the type of dumb I found charming and sincere.It was much later on when I started finding ena sexually attractive

Attached: tumblr_83677008a84a9b7eddef4a962c563801_e0055010_1280.png (1000x1000, 365.09K)

>>129075628Pretty star hair. Joel g updated recently with this little short.

How many colour combinations of Ena exist?

Attached: 1430089683088.jpg (1600x1062, 499.5K)

>>129076340Each side is going to have one of 16,777,216 colors. So we just have to multiply that number by itself to get the result of how many color combinations there can be in a two colored character. 16,777,216 x 16,777,216 = 281,474,976,710,656 Unique Enas. Think you can catch them all?

Attached: Ramena.png (384x422, 226.52K)

>>129077042That's a lot of ENAs user, one can only imagine the combinations used in a artpiece aside edits to muster as much of em possibly

>>129076340Many presumably. ENA is apparently a generic model of sorts. Perhaps they're these standard programs that each have a unique purpose.

Attached: ena party.jfif.jpg (2048x1448, 225.68K)

>>129070838Yeah, the skirt can also pop out into a cone. Honestly it bugs me because sometimes the clothing gets disshelved and I have to fix it.

Attached: 1754149_deadfruit_color-swap-ena-shepherd.png (1500x1080, 330.63K)

>>129045127>creator blatantly references late 90s cgi>must be 17 or younger to enjoydebateable

>>129078759Yeah, the overarching vibe is of mid-to-late 90s edutainment computer programs. Like all those mathblaster era shits you had to play in computer class in school when CD games were still relatively new. If you know, then you know.I mean shit, I'm sure some people think Extinction Party makes them think of Doom or something but honestly it just makes me think of the old Windows maze screensavers.

>>129078759wasn't the 90s like, 5 years agotops?

>>129034887ENA gives off vibes of Windows 95 and to an extent, Windows XP. It's certainly from the same era, but in a different fashion.

>>129079596>wasn't the 90s like, 5 years ago tops?1990 was 30 years ago

Attached: mr krabs depressed.jpg (600x451, 50.27K)


>>129064878Sorry bro, texture’s missing.

Attached: 0E386529-CB40-4D3C-A231-A8B037E80C73.jpg (858x1200, 394.4K)

>>129079843I can work with this.

>>129079843>People want to manipulate the camera angle for obvious reasons>It's basically this


>>129045221>>129045977 I wonder how much harder ena would hit if I was like 10 years older and didn’t only know this stuff secondarily, I wasn’t the kid who really played videos games and I wasn’t online to experience the web looking like this personally, I don’t even know HOW exactly I know about it. I don’t really feel nostalgic, I just recognize the stuff it’s doing is all styled that old way that I can’t say I caught more than the last two seconds of. To me it’s just a strong vibe, 70s 80s & 90s are all just powerful vibes. As well as I guess 30sWhen is the next powerful decade?That post also made me realize that 14 year olds don’t remember anything older than 2011 and I’m terrified

Attached: decqnxf-29983e89-29af-4073-8dec-a08e96ad1bfc.png (1194x1143, 204.94K)

>>129081718>When is the next powerful decade?The 00's are starting to become that for a lot of people. In 10 years you'll be seeing 00's tributes everywhere. And if it doesn't feel powerful to you, don't worry. The 90's didn't feel powerful to some of us until years after they were done.

>>129041314>That and the extreme bi polar personality swap she does constantly.That would explain why I see so many people on discord who use ENA as an avatar. Usually the ones who list their pronouns.

>>129035048When was homestar runner ever funny? I tried watching that shit but it was just so boring, ENA is atleast visually intresting

>>129082589I want to hold her hand.

>>129034887Holy fuck.>>129035048FPBP.>>129083477>>129042897>>129043650>>129053423Zoomzoom.

Attached: 1645395771249.png (1156x587, 515.73K)

>>129085189and that's the reason why ena is better

ENA is one of the few things keeping me going.

Attached: ena doki.jpg (2048x1448, 140.92K)

>>129082893The vibe of the 2000s for me was all the insane/body horror and gross out commercials.


>>129087466>3:02My art finally made it to a cringe compilation!

>>129087466Oh hey I made it as well golly

>>129087466I don’t remember the thread being that degenerate. I just remember all the Big ENA posting.

Attached: 9026D012-5CAA-444F-9183-DE8E6EF02728.jpg (2048x2004, 258.6K)

>>129087727I was hoping this thread would be as fun as that one but OP ruined it by inviting outsiders with that comparison

>>129087815different user here, honestly we can only hope on another thread later on if anything since as another user mentioned, we don't got a booru to have everything all in one place

>>129087861We don't have a booru -yet-.No idea how much work it takes to make/maintain one.

Attached: ena dog 2.jpg (1430x1631, 214.54K)

>>129088025A booth without a board of content is a sad site indeed. While there is a certain amount of fanart content I think it’s best to wait until a while after Dream BBQ to bolster interest. Then we might have a mandate to make a booru.

>>129088025Honestly, I would've made one in had they not stopped allowing new ones to be created by the time I had interest.Only alternative would be using Hydrus Network but I have little to no idea how would that play out.>>129088111You're honestly right user, Dream BBQ will easily boost interest once it's out while hopefully by the time the game arrives we'll have something in terms of a Booru but only time will tell


>>129088025What would it be called?



>>129090937TURRON? having sex

Attached: rzc6xasjswo61.png (627x963, 577.38K)

>>129090614That would be the most based naming we'll have for the booru user

>>129059912If she is a program can't she be just copied and pasted.

>>129034887Literally who?

Attached: average ENA fan.jpg (719x777, 72.26K)

Rewatched all of Ena. Fuck man. It's just a wonderfully creative vision that's totally free of any sort of pretense or pandering. You can just get a liberating vibe from the whole thing, pure surreal whimsy and pantomime wrapped in a really cool artstyle. Ena is good for the soul, it makes me happy that it exists, and the world is a better place because it exists.

>>129093545>totally free of any sort of pretense or pandering>cut to Srpelo yelling TURRON

How is ENA not the biggest shit since sliced bread in Japan?Anyone ever post the videos over on their 2chan boards?

>>129058095>>129058107Alright user you see >>129059458>>129059575They are very made wojack posters. They're so mad they're going to fill their pants with shit and cry if you keep ruining their shity meme by making that.So you should make more.

>>129035048True.The only actually funny bit in the whole series was right at the end of the last episode.CHEESE AND RICE MOONY.

>>129043413It's been over a decade since you've been 18 user, time never stops.

No because Homestar Runner is the Homestar Runner of the 2020’s Just cause you don’t watch it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist anymore

>>129091918I want this to be true so everyone can have an ENA and then some.

>>129096367>an ENA for everyone

Attached: 1634217919761.jpg (750x655, 44.48K)

>>129096367>>129096449This is my ENA. There are many like her, but this one is mine.My ENA is my best friend. She is my life. I must master her as I must master my life.My ENA, without me, is useless. Without my ENA, I am useless. I must fire my ENA true. I must shoot straighter than my enemy who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will. My ENA and myself know that what counts in this war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, nor the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit. My ENA is human, even as I, because she is my life. Thus, I will learn her as a lover. I will learn her weaknesses, her strength, her parts, her accessories, her sights and her Moony. I will ever guard her against the ravages of weather and damage as I will ever guard my legs, my arms, my eyes and my heart against damage. I will keep my ENA clean and ready. We will become part of each other. We will. Before God, I swear this creed. My ENA and myself are the defenders of my country. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life.So be it, until victory is America’s and there is no enemy, but peace!!

Attached: F7DDF412-AC82-456A-8473-30E8DA5F2318.jpg (1280x720, 60.12K)




>>129050422>>129060870Well that's because it seems MacOS was released during the time cubism and art deco were big... also seems it's partially based on

>>129034887In that it’s shit? Yes

>>129087466So weird to have been in one of these videos for one of these threads for once.

>>129070807You preach true honest words!

>>129098352That makes two of us user, totally didn't expect seeing such a video out so soon in that specific thread

Should've asked the user with the 4.5k images on where did he get most of those images from alongside the ratio of ENA focused images to everyone else

>>129076340Aside the number of colors mentioned in >>129077042 There's a handful of colors to pick in iirc while makes sense on the endless possibilities of color combos too

>>129093471Big brain chads?

Attached: IMG_20220301_103759_1.jpg (420x431, 22.55K)




>>129101393You're welcome user!, there's been a surge of Ena fanart even before ENA Day while hopefully most of it posted on twitter will be accounted for in respective sites.


>>129055418More new NPCs mean more fanart and etc.

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Attached: 1645387267098.png (789x676, 104.41K)

>>129070598Will that complete your order?

>>129094863nigga i'm literally a jakkeri made those because i like both jaks and ENA

Attached: markiplierlook.jpg (1140x700, 343.4K)

>>129034887homestarrunner actually shipped content. like weekly for years. ENA's girth is just too small to compare

Attached: enaaaa.gif (367x498, 451.27K)


>>129103574I want Moony's mussy

Attached: 1613855394922.png (1221x1066, 419.04K)

>>129099976Wiki states there's 15 colors you can pick for your ENA on the site while for sure there's plenty more you can get with image editing of course

>user, your prom dates are here

Attached: 7A286E11-3306-4706-B045-5B6A392051B2.jpg (720x870, 52.12K)

>>129045698because making things is fun!

>>129070807>>>You preach true honest words!

So if her torso is blue, does that mean her anus is rigid and angular, or is it yellow and fleshy?

>>129105379Alternatively, it could be half-and-half. The texture will feel amazing.

>>129104143Can we see some of the possible ENA sprites? we'll ever get any horny-on-main ena shorts like Joel's other series?

>>129105714Perhaps, it's by far his popular property and many people have expressed attraction to ENA. If Paheal indicates anything, people do seem more attracted to her than the girls of Hands Up.

>>129105714The whole appeal of Ena is how non sexual she is. All the people who horny post about Ena wouldn't care about her if she were horny in canon.

>>129105658Working on it actually. Only have 12 of the 15 colors for some reason, assuming some easter eggs didn't grant me some

>>129105770That could be the case, and I agree with that to some extent, but personally, I think it's more because she's more exotic without being too inhuman.

>>129105714How is this horny on mai->1:15>exotic green thighs

Attached: 1604724937451.gif (112x112, 326.74K)

Normally I don’t watch YouTube crap on principe, but this dm right here is why I will never watch anything with Ena in it

Attached: 92338905-6E9E-47AC-A293-31C906AFAF0E.jpg (1047x547, 118.4K)

>>129105851cool, no one asked or cares what you watch.

>>129105851You won't watch something because someone happens to lust after a character in it? What, you won't watch nearly anything else then?

>>129105874It’s the level of autism. If that autism didn’t exist, I still wouldn’t watch it because I don’t watch youtuber made content

>>129105923Then why are you here?

>>129105923>It’s the level of autismAnon, do you know exactly what website you're on at this moment?

>>129105923Because the website? What a strange kind of loser you are. Who the fuck refuses to participate in non-establishment culture like this?

>>129105851Anon if this is the worst you've ever seen you haven't been on this site very long.

I was about to post this but then I noticed what she was holding at the last

>>129078759>>129078797It's like how zoomzooms and Gen Alphas enjoy Undertale and Deltarune, or how a lot of millennials feel about retrowave. They aren't the ONLY ones who can enjoy them, as that user claimed, but it's easy to see why there would be a younger average than you'd expect.

>> for all (most of) your saucy needs

>>129105923>It’s the level of autism.You're either very young, very old, or very sheltered.

Attached: Gadget-Hackwrench-Rescue-Rangers-Religion-Cult-Followers.jpg (550x413, 32.58K)

>>129105658>>129105786Here's what I got so far as some technical difficulties getting the prototype colors to not show up on the other sprite. (Plus can't find anyone with the only prototype ena I hadn't managed to screenshot) Will update once I get more sprites alongside a unrelated image compiling all the possible ENAs offsite

Attached: Army-Of-ENAS-wip.png (454x467, 17.51K)

>>129108165Holy shit, I completely forgot about the Russian Gadget Cult.

>>129108206Sorry classic Ena. This is my new wife.

Attached: Screen Shot 2022-03-01 at 9.29.03 PM.png (250x232, 15.23K)


>>129042152Homestar Runner was going for years. This has just had one, two maybe?

>>1291088242 years for Ena that's for sure

>>129108824There's also a level of quality of the content versus time to produce it that affects the quantity.

Attached: 1645531958909.png (829x1125, 49.15K)

>>129061413That's a good piece

>>129108824Two years and only three notable videos.

Attached: IM ENAAAA.png (386x577, 52.99K)

>>129108217I have much to learn about this.

Attached: ena_before_a_mirror_by_gloomy_fish_deguvf6-fullview.jpg (800x724, 136.07K)

>>129108206Variant 1 of ENA is a nice fellow

Attached: GRNA.png (119x121, 2.75K)

Ena is smelly

Attached: IMG_20220302_084901.jpg (1344x1272, 109.02K)

>>129108454good taste, she's probably my favorite of the prototypes>googly eyes>cute bird nose>twin buns>that little mouthsimply adorable.

Attached: EnaDayConcepts.jpg (1000x512, 63.48K)

>>129115340Viva el movimiento revolucionario sendero luminosoPromover, el marxismo leninismo maoismo comunismoViva el presidente gonzaloThis ena looks like those communist uniform

I'm surprised no one used the ENA model that's been linked or at least customized it with respective colors and posted them here.

>>129084878Go back to play atari you grumpy granddad

>>129115611What’s with the Micky Mouse ears haircut?

>>129115611She's cute, but I think her vibe is totally different from the ENA we know. She lacks that sort of strange elegance

who the fuck is this thot?

Attached: xsc9bap.png (273x253, 62.66K)

>>129065341This is all i can think of

Sex with Ena while Moony watches and judges Ena for her horrible taste on men

>>129115659esa fue bastante buena causa

>>129105851>I'm not going to watch this thing that I wouln't have watched anywaydo you get off on being borderline retarded

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>>129045850had some from a spanish shopbasically a nougat baris pretty good

Attached: download.jpg (275x183, 12.2K)


>>129115801Coolest dude in the game.Wish his final boss fight was better.He didn't really use any magic in it at all, just Luigi's jumping skills.

Attached: dimentio spin.gif (247x206, 236.67K)

>>129116194We had to wait 11 years fro the Undertale guy to give us the Dimentio fight we wanted.

Attached: IMG_20220302_110322.png (945x600, 12.86K)

Attached: IMG_20220302_110732.jpg (1400x1700, 234.78K)

>>129116797To be on the other side of that screen...

>>129116156that's the problem, the name nougat was probably because you can cut them into small pieces but they are completely different.Spanish nougat is like a giant honey candy bar while Peruvian nougat is more like cookie bars, oriented like a jenga, and laced with honey, which has water boiled in fruit instead of sugar.

Attached: TURRÓN.PNG.png (727x433, 198.3K)

>>129116179Something is clearly wrong

>>129108206Update: managed to add the Variant ENA while slowly adding in the color variants for Demon Ena alongside the holiday Enas' unlocked at the time too

Attached: Army-Of-ENAS(WIP2).png (907x590, 34.38K)

Attached: eoh.png (178x180, 12.91K)

>>129117595I don’t understand if new ena is just white and shaded or if she’s just three colors

Attached: 04ed761ef068819bd6c069dd4f948728 22-21-29-037.jpg (960x721, 83.75K)

>>129115340All it'd take is one bad day and ENA would be a killing machine.

Attached: ena is armed.png (1280x1565, 452.23K)

>>129115801>>129116194I wish his game was more fun.

Attached: dimentio reading.png (464x555, 167.57K)

>>129119234If I were a game dev, SPM would be the game I'd make a spiritual successor to. It has so many good things but also so many flaws.


Attached: il_794xN.3749438311_aj40.jpg (794x794, 101.59K)


Attached: Ill take your entire stock.png (643x788, 41.29K)

>>129119220Greetings humanity, it is my belief to have the moral obligation that, due to the fact that my jelly filled donuts were burned, I think the solution to this torment is to use your nuclear weapons to eradicate all multicellular life on the face of the earth, spend your last moments as you see fit.

>>129121559>Despite having escaped from LatinoAmerica, Ena discovers that, despite her colors, Ukraine and Eastern Europe in general is not the best place to live.

>>129121719Isn't Peru a decent place to live compared to most of South America? At least Ena's not trapped in memezuela

>>129121765It is much more complicated, you have, or had, a good stability due to mining, but that does not mean economic stability for the average citizenIf you are middle class on the coast and in general in the capital city everything is very overpopulated in addition to the desert climate, if you are in the mountains or jungle it rains at least half the time but the total abandonment of these regions means few basic services especially telecommunications antennas and also the problem of illegal mining and drug trafficking mafias.If you earn $1,000 a month, it would be more than enough to live on, but few earn that type of salary, and even with that money, a good retirement or house is not enough.In general it does not matter in what country you are for the vast majority of Latin America, your quality of life depends on where you live, your salary and your influences

Attached: gun.jpg (2048x1536, 509.1K)

>>129122467Would it be a decent place to move to if you had savings as an American?

>>129045172>Implying talking heads aren't circlejerked by zoomer "music nerds"

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>>129122475Ena's packing heat

Attached: IMG_20220302_174959.jpg (1414x2048, 154.52K)

>>129122564>>129122564well actually if you are from the first world and you are taller than 1.7- oh sorry mr. Gringo, I meant if you are taller than 5.7415 GOD BLESSED AMERICAN ft and you have your money in dollars it is much easier, from buy a house and your savings account will be worth more.In any case, you just need to get a good spouse so that he or she doesn't take you through several dangerous ones and helps you live in the third world in general, if you are lucky they may still have their school uniform, and you can learn to prepare Turron together.

>>129034887Which cartoon is she based on?

Attached: 1570741326973.png (371x484, 204.6K)

>>129121524I guess the reverse side could be Sad ENA.

>>129115055wonder if ENA farts, that would be funny haha

>>129123131She's based on old internet shit, you zoomer.


Attached: il_794xN.3749438313_7iyt.jpg (794x794, 97.85K)

>>129124288OH MY GOODNESS


Attached: 20220302_214800.jpg (900x800, 90.82K)


Attached: smug fuck is dead.jpg (180x331, 15.02K)

>>129126671Of ena can survive without her arm and of her head can float too can she just survive as a floating head?What if moony is just a head?

>>129034887Fucking no and I wish it would go away

>>129119214Polygons weren't so hot in the math class....

Attached: 12009013f8548871fcee4c419c42a6d5.jpg (1629x2048, 204.52K)

>>129034887It's fun visually for a couple of minutes, but once you see past that there's nothing there. The main girl isn't even fuckable so I don't understand why Holla Forums is so obsessed with her specifically. I feel like you niggas are soon gonna start fapping to stick figures made in

Attached: 1495846520599.jpg (617x864, 72.7K)

>>129130357Agreed, but it's the perfect blend of referential weirdness to make people feel good for recognizing things and now has the right amount of fandomship to carry it from here on. Wish it wasn't so lauded on NG due to how incidental its success mattered to NG when it did much better on youtube, but whatever. New "NG" character sure why not.

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