This thread is not song lyrics

this thread is not song lyrics.

Other urls found in this thread: corso&safe=off&espv=2&biw=1366&bih=643&site=webhp&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&sqi=2&ved=0ahUKEwiiyduSydvOAhVG9h4KHbP-AdUQ_AUIBigB#imgrc=8nlZ0HMiXXeE_M:

dun dun dun dun I wanna be sedated

There's very few terror attacks, really. It's more about how they shittily prepare for this holy commute of theirs and thousands of people die from dehydration, stampeding, and by crushing.

these are good tips. I'll keep it in mind for when I try to raise an army and destroy this place.

oh wait shit, I'm not user and on my hungary proxy.

Who said all of them? Also they're not well known to this community

this is not the greatest thread in the world. NO
this is just a tribute...

jack pls

yeah. and it wouldn't be fair for me to make assumptions about the general group of people involved in this, since I'm sure any group of people all trying to do something highly religious has those problems all the time. like how everyone is constantly getting trampled when the pope is in town. oh wait.

I make no secret of a lot of them.

stop that at once.


no. what is that?

Guess I just don't pay attention to them enough...

so youre assertion now is that youre also jack

just think about a bunch of yours and mine are probably very similar.

my assertion is that I was making a joke.

now i wanna sniff some glue

the ramones are so overrated.

Should I just get ready for bed? I'm kinda tired.
Or should I actually eat actual food.
I did have some stuff to eat today, so it's probably fine either way.

That is exactly how I feel.

Don't think it's required of a Roman Catholic to see the Vatican before you die, however.

ohhhhh...... thats


I like some /d/ stuff so I suppose that might be true

Yeah but I'm right and you're wrong

you should eat something, then get ready for bed. stop not eating things.

yes. as restrictive as so many religions are, none can match the sheer crushing oppression of islam.

okay seriously I'm done.

all their songs sound the same, it's all simple and little meaning.

but it's a nice sound

eat first, I'll follow you

most of /d/ is pure trash even by my standards.


Ahhh, you just need another small push so I can hear your full thoughts on the matter.

Agreed, some of it is good tho


And then I realized there was a new thread.

it should be pretty obvious from what I've already said that I dislike the religion of "peace" founded by the child rapist "prophet" very much.


the 20 hyperlinks and "new thread" werent a giveaway?



But- what?


This is different.
He's actually my boyfriend.

And two !MYdoe/Rin.s



I don't even take any pleasure in this hmm this time. even the mention of islam is problematic.

good girl.

oh... so were in the cutesy honeymoon phase

how nice


pretty sure they've been going out for a while.


and that's what I need to keep awakey


oh shit, does he have my filtered? someone tell bard there's a new thread.

how long does the 8channel honeymoon phase last anyway?

Truly problematic. I'll recall this the next time you're wanting for more 'hmm's.

you poor thing. rin always makes you stay up so late. she should know you're just a child. tsk tsk.

like 2 weeks. then you're in the stagnation phase, then fizzled out break up. I'm rooting for them all the same though.

don't you ruin hmms for me. don't you let them ruin hmms for me. gosh damn it tracer.

you wanna go on a honey moon, moon honey?

3 months rip


I can't help myself Sama.

Blame the alcohol.


anywhere with you sugarpop

im no chiiild

and i chose this

everything is so fleeting.

you are very much a child.


pay more attention to detail

I wish he had the courage to link my filtered posts.

it's like you want me to go back to being super depressed.

I'm unable to.

n o t

whatever you say dear.

wanna e date?
lets hold hands
ok im breaking up with you


oh my gosh I thought you'd never ask

this seems a bit fast...


then youll get the same riot act next time, i mean...

typical cupcake relationship amirite

I'd be more concerned about this if not for the fact this whole 'hmm' addiction you try to perpetuate is mostly a joke.

I don't know, Lenko, I don't know.

Riot act?

what? it is not. I'm seriously addicted to them. gimme gimme.

seemd legit heartbroken there...

I'm going to go read now. bye~

I am. back to drinking constantly and missing work for this pastry.

Youtube channel.
It's a former muslim that makes videos in both Arabic and English (so everyone understands) and is fluent in both languages by my understanding.
All his videos are pretty well spoken and well researched, by my understanding.

Here is a link:

oh come on... i dont need to explain that

I will need to give this a listen tomorrow at work. thank you smiles.

Did you know 22 children died at the Kurdish wedding massacre?

you're a pink bunny

glad we could go back to being acquaintances...

were they minority children?

Have a good one Lenks.

Probably you should.

if only I were that cute.

yes this is just fine. just fine.

Yeah, just wanted to share this with you. What are you up to tonight, lovely?

I refuse...

Minority in Kurdish? No.

nothing much. just trying to fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way.

how about yourself?

wanna bang for old times?

oh my

went to a car show today, and got lots of ADIDAS clothes. \


In a few hours i'm going to do hella chores
Feels 15 man
Also gonna go fix my sim, use my phobe as a phone
Pic unrelate, is dealercat

if they weren't white children then who cares


hello cooki.

'ello, casper.

I'm starting to lose my patience.


Laying in bed and enjoying my laptop.

Honestly though, I'm mostly just cuddling with my dog while thinking about what I need to do tomorrow.

damn I gotta get me a dealer like that
how long you been without a working phone?


Oh? Did you get the one from Office Depot?

How come I got the boring Hello.
And Cas gotthe 'ello

I don't know if I'm familiar with this jpeg

you call tsuchi your dog now? that's cute.

but you said whatever I say

'ello cooki.

that better?

well in that case thank you

I will murder you.


smiles tell your dog to stand down please. tug on his leash a little.

well now I feel stupid.

Sama please.

always welcome

They're the one that enjoys wearing one.

really didnt want to post it.. made me do it

lol wat


now go to bed

that's delightful. pet play is an amazing fetish.

I'm so sorry.

I just wanted an explanation for the riot thing.

No no no.
My actual dog, his name is Moose.

but I gotta wait

I'm just going to bite my tongue.

I got Pizza Pops.
That better count as actual food.

its fine... i can be your spock if u can be my sulu

Wrong reply, hun.

Where did you get a pet moose/

i can call you betty and betty when you call me you can call me al

I googled whatever the fuck this is.
It's disgusting looking.

nice job with the link you dumb girl.

moose is a pretty great name for a dog. I'm guessing he's a monster?

go wait in bed.
rin will like that.

you've said more than enough.

eh. close enough.

oh myyyy

strange that i dated someone whose online handle was octavia.. its really throwing me

calling me betty is a sure way to get yourself slapped, I suppose.


..that's super tempting, i have my phone

well rin came back anyway. so quick like a bunny, off you go.

It's pizza pockets but better.


Are you trying to teach my boyfriend how to seduce me?
Because it isn't working.



it wasn't meant as a seduction tactic. who wouldn't want to find that cutie waiting in bed for snuggles?

ok betty


Why limit it to bed?
Why not cuddle on the couch?
In a hot tub?
At the computer desk?
Literally everywhere.

Cuddling is the best.

I got a different labtop for a bit of a better price actually


No no, it's a dog.
His name is moose, he's a cane corso. corso&safe=off&espv=2&biw=1366&bih=643&site=webhp&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&sqi=2&ved=0ahUKEwiiyduSydvOAhVG9h4KHbP-AdUQ_AUIBigB#imgrc=8nlZ0HMiXXeE_M:

He's a big boy, but he will always be my baby. He's a rescue puppy, and he's come so far since then.

hnnn moar pls

I genuinely apologize my man I'm sorry

i can seduce just fine

mhm fiine..

wait for it too cool

lol thnx

cuddling is great. but since the poor girl is so damn tired I was thinking the bed would be the place for it tonight.

in the arms of an angel. just watch out for all the slobber.

goodnight, tokai. sleep well.

Oh excellent, specs?


Sup gaycakes

solid 2-3 months lol

I have issues waiting for this step.

I hate you so much right now.

wonderful. what's up?

nothing much. sup with you.

I "hate" you too, doe.

Just got back from drag races and he Adidas employee store.

what an exciting day. sounds exhausting.

o hey cooki is here... hai cooki

I'll take the obvious commercial reference as a compliment~
He doesn't slobber that much, his lips hand so far down that it just holds it all in like a seal.

His head is most of his body (or at least it was before he started getting fat. putting his ass on a diet)

I'll send them to you in a bit.


Im not sleeping just bed


Hm hm hmm.

Chilling with a friend, gonna follow to work then head home maybe sleep

it was a reference to your strange compulsion to be a good person, yes.

all the way from a rescue to fat. not bad at all.

have fun with rin then.

sounds like a fun day.

The step where you wait for it to cool.

going to bed... nite people

sleep well.

Nini, daddy.


sweetest dreams my man
havea great day tomorrow


Ohh okai. I always just blow on it a bit

Well it took two years to get him this way.
I've been working on this puppy for a while.

The cat also acts like his older sister, so that helps him feel better.

I was raised with morals and an appreciation of life, so I have to thank my parents for that more than anything else.

your pets sound adorable.

sounds like you should be cursing your parents.

Okie, I'm gonna go brushie now.

Man, I see like fifty and sixty year olds that still blame their parents for the reason their lives aren't gilded roads to happiness.

what abotu your parnts eh old man?
love em or hate em?

He enjoys his parents as much as the Israeli enjoy the Arab.

that's because it is their fault.

oh wait here it is. goodnight rin

I am completely different than either of them and don't fault them for anything nor credit them for anything.

anyone know any other circlejerk communities

this one is so dead and sad


Or ask Mordin for Kroni's.

both dead


My cat is an Applehead Siamese, but she's only loud when she wants something from me. Her name is Commander Fluff-Puff, and her favorite hobbies are hunting and booping me awake when I finally fall asleep. (Tsuchi heard the cat booping the mic shortly after I passed out one night)

Regardless, they are my children and are my life. I have pet insurance, and they are waited on paw and claw.
On that note, I'm gonna be taking Commander to the vet soon for get a check up. Need to make the appointment.

I blame my parents for plenty (mostly stuff they are doing nowadays in old age and still trying to raise me when I'm in my 30's), but overall I know they did their best. I can't fault them for that.

Parents are going to keep trying to raise you, regardless of age.

i see tsuchi really likes the autistic ones

Parents are the worst, am I right?

I would never want to be one, impossible.

This feeling
so appealing and
real to me

The gene pool certainly appreciates it.

You will never get the chance to be one.


oh shit, I actually AM on the autism spectrum.

who knew?

having kids is probably the stupidest idea a man can have

All my friends are heathens, take it slow.

It'll happen, just you watch!


It would be nice

best song

Fuck off, we're full.

Tell me about it!
I've seen my grandmother try to raise my father at times, and he's basically in his 70's and my grandmother is about to appear in the Smuckers segment of "Good Morning USA".
It's hilarious.

You're just envious.


It's ok.

how even?


So, enjoy that for however long you have them. I still get complaints from mine to have kids already.

but I like moinor stuff

Because reasons that won't convince you otherwise

A contraction of we are.

As in, we are full.

As in, the world has enough idiots.


probably the most true thing ive heard all day

What if I go off planet?

What's up?

I try to be practical at least sometimes

whatever you say, man

Sure whatever.

plans for tonight fell through so im not doing anything really

I am General Douche Face!


whatever, dude

i just now saw the photo

where was that

At my pub. I made my dad spit beer all over my brother. It was glorious.

Bed soon?

actually no, that is too far in the future.

It used a lot of minor chords


looks nice

probably could. feel kinda weak

but im going to stay up probably

What everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


You doing ok?

Evening Welma


It was my brothers girlfriends birthday. She wanted me I give Good girl my number, so I did. She didn't want It. Good times.

I have (you)s.

I think it's TP.

Have One more.

ocean man
take me by the hand
lead me to the land that you understand

How's it going, Cato?


it's a scale from 0 to 100
everyboduy is on it

Evening, Yan

Pretty good, but I need to sleep more

im on stuff right now

that and the plans falling through is a little depressing but im fine

im glad i dont know my family well

It's too warm. I'm going to get comfy first.

good stuff or bad stuff

I have Sensory processing disorder which is one of the big symptoms of being on the spectrum

diagnosed when I was like 6 years old.

I might care when I wake up.

How wonderfu to see you tonight mandy I hope you are well

such a loveley place such a loveley place
such a loveley face

ever considered checking into a mental institution

he met his gf in one

started good

if thats you telling me youre going to bed then goodnight

I've been to like 4 psych places

she's just a friend now.

well at least that's an upside

dumped already, amy victoria?

such a nice surprise

You too,user

Yea I am going to stop looking At the thread. Sweet dreams.

American idiots.

Bring on the bed (you)s.

if you wqant to call me something other than swedish why not just call me amy

Good afternoon.

why tell me what to do even


That's pretty romantic

Maybe I should try my hand at one



manders why you gotta be like that
It's me the Bard of Rome


Shoulda been "Never had your cock fondled by a Pokemon's flesh bows"

That's the best part of Sylveon

it's the best place to get foot jobs

gross dude

Been good?

But that's not the communist party one.


I don't even have that one saved.

i finally got Titania in warframe

Probably not I guess.
Better punish me just to make sure.

New frame released?

cause you're a little bitch

yeah it was great, but it turns out she was pregnant when I met her but she didn't know, that along with her not having meds for 10 days and... well it was stressful, but I got a call from her today and she definitely sounds happier.

Part of me has been considering getting back together with her if she wants to as well. I mean it's a lot to take on but my life is kinda empty and without purpose right now and I can be a stay at home mom while I live off neetbucks

Here you go.

I'll keep it in mind.

You know I think my pictures are better.

why would i talk to you if you just insult me amy victoria
this might be why everyone leaves you

It's so weird and hilarious



Hoepefully that works out for you
everybody deserves a little romance in their lives

Flesh ribbons are very strange.

I suppose in a way it could be.


girls that are into trans girls are so rare that I only meet a romantic partner maybe once a year and it generally doesn't work out or it's one sided (me being the one who loves them, them being the one who kinda likes me)

Everything I post is better in every way.

How to stop bored?


Try being Bard

Engage with Yan for (you)s.

Mnnn that's questionable.

Stop being a frog.

You dare question me?


I need best keion for that tho

I need all the delicious (you)s

It's the best way to maintain a critical perspective.

Wry me a river.

stuck on the computer still huh?

I like my current perspective.

Oya oya

I don't want to talk to Goggles anyways, he's a being a butthole bullymean feelingshurter.

I will Roada-Rorra you.

What are you perceiving?

I don't know what that is.

Some cool stuff and neat things that could happen maybe?


With that attitude
-anything- could happen

Whats "anything" ?

Bards right, you need attitude.

I don't want to click that just to make you feel bad.

Did I say anything?
I mean

What does that even mean?

So whats everything?

Just a sec going to find sad crying Anzu images for my mobile folder.

I don't know I just wanted to say his name.

I should just filter you.

It's actually on my external i can get to it when i get home

I am better than he is :3

You're sweeter than a honey bee on a glass of Texas sweet iced tea on a summer eve

I bet you think you're sneaky.

I wanna join her for a strawberry shortcake and a glass of milk

the quest to get it is professional plant photographer simulator 2016 though so good luck

Please no...
Why are you so mean to me?! I can't take this!
I feel so used

You're a good girl and he's a brat.

Thankyou, Julius~

I don't think I am at all.

what is it

So she's a plant warframe? HMMMM.

/pet pet

you're on like 2 levels of ironic sneaky posting right now

I bet she gives the best hugs

I'm the biggest brat tho

Is this the level where we plant the idea or is that deeper?

You're fine.
Wow he did actually filter me

somethings getting planted I bet.

Censorship is disgusting and wrong

It's like I'm trying to steer a car going at high velocity.



what I tell the woman on the first date

slamed on the breaks

What did I do


I meant him.
I'm tired of having my kind nature be taken advantage of.

Setting it up for a sick drift.

I'm an expert drifter.

Omg i know exactly what you mean

I laughed on the real life
you're full of gold as usuaal

are you still mad at soto for leaking your address


I was under the presumption that I was driving.

Fuck this gay Earth

Yeah why wouldn't I be?

youre half cuck

I'm in charge so I drive.

I am NOT af FUCKING!!! f cUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

I'll have to talk tot he courts about taking that from you.

Everything will be k

You'll do no such thing.

Why are Mexicans such filthy disgusting creatures
This nigga came in with his whole family covered in dirt and clothes that didn't even fit his kids
I was terrified they looked like a pack of wild animals

Where do you work again?

same brothel as ur mom

What is he doing in California?

bangin' dudes with your mom

Based on his boyish voice I'm gonna say that Darwin is like 17 and his mom buys him things with her brothel money

I only get used dildos.

you deserve far less. be grateful.


Darwin's used dildos >////

I just want one that is not marred by the smell of cunt.

then maybe you should stop being such a cunt so things around you stop smelling like that.

I was gonna make that joke :(

gotta be quick when I'm around.

But that is all that I've got ♪

I can't do fast lying in bed on my phone

sounds like a personal problem tbh

At least you are intelligible.

if that's a veiled criticism about me, I won't hear it, and I won't respond to it.

She's a fairy and the quest to get her requires shrine sacrifices so you go gather plants

The application had already been signed and submitted.

It was not.

good. because I didn't hear it or respond to it regardless.



sorry about that blunder

Shut the fuck up, cupcake, before you piss me off.

I haven't been sleeping well lately give me sympathy


BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS IAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So is that what they call it?

You are so unsensative sometimes.


Aw, you posted a kawaii anime girl to cheer me up

Takes one to know.

I'm good at multitasking like that.


Cupcake tried they're best stop being a jerk

shame he sucks so much more badly at it

The court order will dictate that only I can do sick drifts.

Izzy is lurking.

I've got enough sensitivity for both of you faggots

oh really? hello izzy.

yeah in your anus.

Izzys' lurking?

What did he mean by this?

Yeah I still have sensitivity there because I didn't destroy it with so many COCKS like you

It does not induce the same vexation as when it is unintentional.

only faggots lurk

wow good one ian. really original.

Did I never send you the screencap?



I won't follow it.

Oh it's one of the kyle things isn't it?


It would seem that way but no. Far worse and more idiotic than that.

*more idioticker

Kyle's thing is teh best

Posting fat animals?

colbs loves him some chubby bunnies if you know what I mean

Leading by example was overrated anyway, huh?

I do not. Elucidate.

You were just too slow to follow my example.

I mean he likes overweight animal porn. the sick fuck.

Big is beautiful, stand up to body shaming

healthy at every size and level of furriness


Big, chubby dragons and dragon cock.

Why are we all doing the no image unlinked messages thing?

speaking of which I can't fit mine all the way yet. it's very annoying.

I am not sanic by nature.

shut up mordin holy shit

This thread has became waaaay too gay.



just kidding you can talk.


Thank you master.


you betcha, kiddo

You are welcome.


Become sonic.


I am also pretending to be in a master-slave relationship with Mordin

Who you gonna call

not even mordin would be sub to you tho

we're so proud of you darwin. you really did it.

But then you don't get to enjoy the finer things in life.

What did he mean by this?

shut up mordin holy shit.

My tongue hurts ;~;

That's why I said pretending, jeez.


No one can keep up with my speed though.

you can talk again when you stop being so ridiculous.

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

Talk again.

I shall but in the other thread

the fuck