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It'd be faster with my current computer, I don't know if I'd want to part with this one though, I've used it in many places and for a pretty long time now. There are people who still recognize it from when I used to trip on /a/.

if you'd just accept what you are it would make things easier on everyone.

Then why are you smiling?
I can see that.

The accusations that I believe you?

yeah people get weirdly attached to trips. I've never once felt that way about one of mine. I use this one because it's the last one that was made for me, but I have two other good looking cupcake trips that I could use any time.

The earlier implications.

how rude.


You post on an online image board with a character from a series of Japanese doujin games, whom looks like a little girl.


help im dying

also why do you want madokami anyway? why not just !Madoka?


seven shouldn't be too hard to find.


I can't accept it

I am frowning so hard right now

Madokami is how Japanese and high-functioning autists refer to Godoka.

you will in time.

how silly.

But that's wrong.

This would have been fine if I had an exhaust pipe from PC to outside.

You say that, but I can see your smile.
Your real smile, that you hide behind that frown.


You say that, but
everyone who posts here is either a pervert, or an autist.

you'll just have to endure it. you need that explosion and /petting/ trip.


Absolutely not!

Nobody is smiling

almost as silly as you getting rekt there.

Something might explode at this rate!

absolutely. don't worry little girl, you'll learn to love it.

you need more fans. external ones. blast cool air all over.

Except you.

stay mad. I win this one.

It's of no help, exhaust temps are 38c and rising.

Excuse me?

But I am neither.
I don't like this new Rin.

your computer is going to explode like the trips you want.

to steal my line in such an unapologetic manner.

I need an adult
This bullying is too much

Anger, hatred, disgust.

Why on earth would I apologise?

I'm done for now anyway.

for line stealing in the first degree.

Thank goodness

Like you're going to enforce anything.

Wait, is Emily running all her cores and then being surprised that brute forcing a trip with all your cores heats your pc up as if you're brute forcing a code with all your cores?



just make sure you keep being a good girl.

Oh jesus now that is fucking worrying.

I could if I wanted to. I just don't want to, I suppose.

furious, I bet.

I'll hmm you


Emily, I hope luck wasn't your dump-stat.

no yelling.

So furious water would boil on contact.

I'm not buying it.

There are going to be reprocussions.

how you are even managing to see the screen to make your posts with all the tears of rage is nothing short of astonishing.


well I'm not doing anything anyway, so no need for that.


It could possibly just be that I'm not half as near as mad as you.

looks like a certain little girl needs a time out.

I won, so I have no reason to be mad.

Wise choice.

Yeah you

I was bound to make one eventually.

trying to turn things around on me? how adorable.

Wanna know how I know you don't actually dislike it?

It's simple.
You're mad because I'm not.

Continue corrupting Neko.

actually you being in a good mood is something I quite enjoy.

I will keep at it. she wants it pretty bad, she's just scared to admit it to herself.

Shut up


I'll ask them later about it and it will be all denials.

I'll tell you on steam.
So be a good little girl and talk to me there.

make me.

that's typically how it goes with her, yup.

I suppose it's different when it's on the entire board and not just in a circlejerk where everyone knows each other, having the trip being a reliable indicator that it's you and not someone trying to impersonate you was more of a thing on there I suppose so sharing it or switching them around too much was pretty uncommon. No point in me keeping it now I suppose, but I don't feel the need to make a new one. Generating trips is really easy by the way, it's entirely automated and not at all very complicated so there is no real need to ask other people to do it for you. It's just a matter of running it until you get one you like, which can take a long time.

And I do NOT have autism!

I literally cannot believe this is a thing now
I hate all of you

it was more a matter of other people having better computers than me. and me being so so lazy. and now I have no need at all to generate one because I have three good ones, and this one is working just fine. I'm easy like that.



So how have you been?

somewhat better than I have been, actually.

Wait, did you not go to work yet? It's only an hour left until it's available.

It's alright, this is just a tiring day.

I don't work night shift, you realize it's not even 8am for me, right? I'll be going to work in an hour or so probably.

Something something horizon.


Well I don't really know where you live so pinpointing your timezone is difficult. It's 11, 10, 9, and 8 AM in the mainland timezones of the US I think? So you could've had to go in recently!

I'll give you a hint. It's just about to be 10:00 AM in the only timezone that will ever matter. That's all you need to know about American time zones.

America is gay.

Oh right, thats the one you and Zach are in.

yeah but you also asked way back at 4am. you're just silly, that's all. I live in arizona, this isn't a secret.

You've seen nothing yet
I'm so rustled and bothered, you don't even know

Arizona is even trickier because they don't do daylight savings right?

I know, I saw Brokeback Mountain too.

Too bad we're dragged down by all of the Illinois folks.

yup. it just hit 8am here.



But that's where Avery is from! I think. Well I know he lives there.

Good morning!

I have never actually watched that.

Mordin what if i cyber you for them

Have you watched Kizu yet

That'd be some weird kind of prostitution.

I'll give you my best efforts

i burnt my finger

Not yet, I 've forgotten what it was.

Anyway, calm now.
Just wound up to all hell and I don't know why.

And not in a good way, had to fix the garden and try to fix Disgaea.

Why, I don't know... and I dunno how to deal with it.

You know how to deal with moodiness?

goggles its cold

I will respectfully decline your offer to cyber as I'm not really looking for that stuff right now. My folder is only just over 200 images or something that I liked when going through all the pages of boorus. It's nothing very large.

It will make mine larger and that Is all i care about

It's really humid here. I need some coolant.

The very beginning. Also how Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade became Shinobu.

are you a car? eat some ice blocks silly

I am well versed in MEDICINE, PAIN and IMPROVEMENT

Oh, yes. No. I haven't seen it yet, unfortunately.

I ain't got any of those in the winter.

I'd make a penis joke but I couldn't quite figure one out that'd work.

your penis is a joke and it doesn't work

The joke is already there
I was referring to my penis in the first place

sounds scary

well.. you should!

Cold milk and oats in a tiny bowl.
Better than water. Not only reduces burn but also irritation. The shit also helps with eczema.

It was what the romans were using, and they didn't even think to eat the stuff too.

Download it :3

I'm only me when I'm with you. ♪

download dis.

Does that mean I have no choice but to be a bottom?

Oh. Right.

there's always strap ons.




I want to watch oreimo for the first time again



I wish i could watch oreimo for the first time again so i could finally pluck up the courage to kill myself

fite me



Good girl

Made me laugh.



It's not disgusting, it's artsy


Romeo save me I've been feeling so alone
I keep waiting for you but you never come
Is this in my head? I don't know what to think
He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring
And said,
"Marry me, Juliet, you'll never have to be alone
I love you and that's all I really know
I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress
It's a love story, baby, just say, "Yes""


Route 209 for best route music.

that was all I had.

Somebody give me 130

I win!

that thing doesn't even look like it's worth 40, let alone 130.

it wasn't a contest, but sure, alright.




You don't look like you're worth a buck.

i would give cup a decent bucking if you know what i mean

work very soon, sorry.

just because something is true doesn't mean you need to say it, emily. how hurtful.

you confuse me very much sometimes.


Who's the randy in the video?

Thank you so much...

some crack whore probably

A friend of mine got me some chinese knock-off figures that show the lack of quality though I don't hold it against them.

Looks like it's another weirdo musician.

well if you get them as a gift it's a lot less of a big deal, but if I were to drop a bunch of money on a figure I'd want the thing to be a gosh damn work of art.

*pat pat *

Oh come on, chinese knock offs are totally fine!

I could get like another keyboard for 130 bucks tho

they're both pretty ugly man



aint bad

I remember getting a possible Mako from girls und panzer from a store that was trying to get rid of it's stock super cheap. I don't take value in them I sort of put them next to some plushies and leave them there just to add colour to the white/black themed room.

Even if they wanted they couldn't replicate the "plz kill me" face.

Room pic!

Okay the ones I had were not THAT bad. They pretty much look like the original just with minor defects.

I've never really felt the urge to get stuff like that, honestly. some look pretty nice though.

I find it neat that the fake decided to include the sword.

time to go. see you thread.

Get a nendroid bea



See you, Slutcake.

Glad someone caught that.


I havn't got one of my anime/vidya figures.
I have shinobu, madoka, mako, two assassin's creed dudes and a vaas bobblehead.

Really don't bother putting so much money into them unless they are going to be the most defining things in your life. To me a cheap thing that passes the job is fine enough to put in the corner.

i meant the girl from the apple juice journey video is the one i linked

this sounds like music

Have a good day!

im not laughing at anything someone like you posts

What type is that strange one in the back?

i ordered a ukelele

someone shoot me


why would people cross that strange eeveelution over with Madoka?

are you going to posts artsy song covers in thread


Oooh, cute+nice

Only things I got on my shelves for pure show are a Mio and a Lancer Evo 6 I crudely made when I was like 13 and not patient.

no i was going to jizz on it and take pictures

nom jetzt bye


Despair type.


Dusty laminated timber to look like timber...
Figure obstructed.

I am so disappointed of your lifestyle choices.

It talks!?

Oh, is that a new type they're introducing in Sun and Moon?

Of course he talks. How else do you trick persuade tell people about your magnificent contracts?

Probably. I bet that rape clown evolution of the water starter is one of those too.

Why would a Pokemon make contracts?


For souls. spreading happiness and joy.

I've got the best to get you high
High as a vulture parading the sky
Passing users looking for their fixes
Willing to die to feed the addiction


Down, kitty.

The new op is fucking shit

I will not


It's not going to happen



I refuse!



Time for bed. Goodnight.

My poor rem is dead
Im done watching this show now

Night Gogs!


She will one day

Wtf is this nigga on lol

me too

*pet the tiny rem*


Another demon transformation
Hot damn
But the way they killed her this time pissed me off so much

The tiny who?

Who is that character, and what's she from?

Hey, you.

You are fucking with me right?

It's less fun when there's no one who understands to play along.



Who what?

Emily, you're saying these weird things and it's just so confusing.


Were you trying to talk about R.E.M. sleep?

I am too distracted by the show

I am certain they were talking about the band.

Which show?
The one that cutie's from?

Oh, that's also possible.
How are you doing?

I misspelled RAM.

Oh, well then.

Tired, but it's too late for a nap and too early for sleep.


Watching random bullshit.

Considering playing some vidya, but i dunno.

So, who even is she?

She is absolute perfection

I wish I could do that now.
I've had the same feeling for any vidya, but I am out of motivation again.

It must be a good show.
Who is she?

I'm probably just gonna play DA:O later.




What an odd name.
What's she from?

I feel like I should play some Overwatch again, but meh.

Dragon Age: Origins

Ah, never played any of the games in that series.


I've played DA:O about a hundred times.

I haven't beaten it once.




I know for a fact we've talked about Re:Zero before, come on.

Yes we have, and


Well memed, my friend.

Rinrin i dont want to play this game

Sonic's dressing room used to be full of eager groupies, Perrier, and fine edibles on silver platters.

Now he gets a bar stool and Totino's stuffed nachos.

Can't he even get a nightly gig in Reno? He'd at least get shrimp cocktail.

Has he really become the Chevy Chase of games?

Poor guy

How comes?

I've always gotten to the point where I can facetank nukes and not care.

You could still play the game through.

You could get difficulty enhancing mods. Potion cooldown, enhanced nightmare, enemy AI, etc.

I get bored at that point.

You should see his twitter page. It's just memes and tweets about totino's and chilli dogs. I haven't this heartily at anything in weeks.






Maybe you shouldn't minmax then?

I'll show you gud.

Sonic would like to share a poem with the group:

Hamburgers and hedgehogs are both so sonic
Gonna drown all the voices in gin and tonic
Outran all the fortune and fame
Now I'm just a novelty in Nintendo games

I guess he gets all the free Totino's he wants now, meaning we could see a fat Elvis-esque comeback at some point.

Sonic and Big the Cat Weight Loss Adventure

I would play it. Finding Froggy was always the best part of sonic games.

I don't, lol.

Then your build is too strong, or the game is too easy?

I read this yesterday. Thought it was cute.

Kind of depressing.

Are you having a good day?

I've spent so many years running
That I never stopped to think
About what I was running from

I'm having a great day
My last case cancelled so I went home early.


Welp, won't be seeing Cuppers for a while


SMBC is one of those great comics that manages to be simultaneously hilarious and deeply depressing. I love it.

Hm. I'm not having a particularly bad day, but I made the mistake of drinking coffee today and my body's all achy and jittery now. I know this will happen, but I sometimes indulge anyway. I'm a dumb.

How is yours going?

If someone insists that you can work as a 3-D character, that's no good!

I remember those days. Good days.



He left for work, when he gets back he'll probably binge on the new Deus Ex.

the new Deus Ex came out today. He'll be a hermit for hours.


Oh yeah, we'll never see Cuppy again I guess.

Oh sorry, i meant decades

Oh, I assumed a while meant a bit longer than a day or two.

When I got Human Revolution it took about a week and a half of all of my free time, so it might be a bit longer than a day or two.

I like what I've seen over the years but I don't think I've ever sat down and read through all of them. Or if I did it was forever ago. I'm gonna link you this comic called A Lesson is Learned cos I like it alots

Also I am a huge meanie for thinking it's cute that you get jittery when you're subjected to caffeine. Please forgive me.

My day's OK. This week is stupid quiet for work and I have the house to myself so I thought I should take the opportunity to try some songwriting. So that's what I did for a while. And now I'm just doodling intermittently. Gonna go out in a bit and get beef jerky if I can.


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THAT's depressing. But I like it.

Leelu, write a song about Caroline with the Grey Eyes. Also, eat jerky while I jitter.