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409 replies 251 images

music: youtube.com/watch?v=AsZGvy0k9lc

the international starting soon

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thats better than any of my friends

worst op

i press the letters and they go in the box so when i press the word post my friends can see which letters i pressed

u sure about that
cupcake exists

It's 420 replies now

You're so good at overwatch and osu

I don't even remember what my trip used to be before this.
I'm sure it was fucking stupid though.

No, fondue is a middle-aged boring white people gimmick.

Cheese, chips, cheese and chips


isn't that just terrific

i have it if you've lost it

Pizza, chili, chili on pizza, cookies, brownies, brownies with pot in them, soda, rum.

i think my trip before this was !Hobbes2KsU

man that was like a year and a half ago

Y-yeah.. That sounds about right.

Needs to be done though.

Oh, my birthday is on Tuesday though.

And I'm dragging gimmicks to the 21st CENTURY!

I remember when I did a small party, I got cheap nachoes and pizza. But fondue could actually be fun.

Doesn't look like this 63 will last long, arigatou hanzo pickers ( ._.)

Ooooh~! Getting anything nice? ♥

nick pls messenger

Just keep playing McRee and you'll get to 70 in no time, I believe in you


I have it, I just don't remember what it was.

Those are all pretty good, especially pan pizza.

Gat stuffed

I already am, bby

Don't worry i'm here.

Just got home.
Had a stroke.

bbl killing self now that everything is ruined forever

I feel Epic Meal Time would be good to watch while high.

Be still my heart.

That kind of stroke?

A joke about a topic from earlier.
[Hue hues externally]

And now you'll never leave.

How's life treating ya, DooP?

how does sheever keep getting cuter

EMT was never good


Also what?

I don't know. Probably not.

Not too bad. Just being worked like a dog. Been in work alot, by the time my day off comes tuesday I will have been in work in some fashion for 8 days straight.
Im feeling run down, and knowing my luck, the cold I have been dodging for 2 weeks will strike me on Monday evening ahead of my day off.

You don't need to understand
Just let it happen~

TI money, International spa treatments,
if you had a shitload of money, you too can get rare soaps to bring out the cute in you.

I need to understand.

if i was rich the first thing i would do is get a pet water buffalo
and make sure it has a good habitat of course

fucking buses

Dang. Clob not gonna treat you?

That would just be so shit, DooP. You are forbidden from getting a cold.

The show? No.
The food? Maybe.

Wouldn't know, would have to inquire from friends who are high all the time.


lol no

pretty sure the exhaust is gonna be too wide for that

...Its a weird fetish

I might get a big carton of OJ for tomorrows shift and hope that the OD on Vitamin C will aid me.
How are you?

I'm just feeling very pent up, excited and wanna pet everything and vibrate through walls

I'd like a goat.
Or a cow.
Something that eats grass and you can make milk out of.

Aren't water buffalo super territorial though?
Fuck, why stop there? Make a water buffalo reservation, get money by offering viewings on a truck.

yeah also you burn the skin off your cock if you stick in an exhaust

so i hear

Oh I've never seen someone say that before.

Oh. Well, shit.

I'm doing really rather well, thank-you.

Well there you go.

Do this

Yeah, he just made me feel terrible a lot. I'm not down for that anymore.

so that's why your dick looks like that

im sure after several domestic generations water buffalos become pretty tame

they have them into the indian asian countries

whatcha been doing?

What a cunt. You need someone fair.

i said colb was bad

no one listened

Making games and playing games.

btw i guess monkey king gets to turn into trees


Dont hate the player
hows it coming along?

Yeah, that's what they do with bulls, but in reverse and breed the angriest ones to get even angrier bulls/

I'm trying, the walls are to thick.

Thanks dad.

Fuck with people even more


You'll just have to run 'em by me and my bat. I'll sort the diamonds out from the rhinestones.

Progress is slow. I am easily distracted.

Nah. I'm just gonna stop trying for a while again.

When havent you ever been heh

Try harder


Makes sense.

When strong stimulants are involved I focus pretty well.


Welp, I got good news and bad news.
I vibrated into the floor.
Good news is my pelvis cannot commit any more evil.

When reality becomes le caffeine blur


idk about you but pet water buffalos would totally take off

maybe if they were bred to be okay with medium size enclosures

with a little moat

yeah monkey kings gonna be hella fun


Thank god thats over with.

I'm too old to find a relationship anyway.

Only amongst the rich.
Usually pets gotta be small and easy to deal with.

Even pigs are a fucking pain to deal with, they are worse than cats in the sense they scream bloody murder if they don't get overfed when they want.


You work at a dq right ?


Unfortunately. Why?

i want a pet pig ;_;


Aren't you just a year younger than me?
Quit being dramatic

Did they all put a come Grill nd Chill sign on all of them or is it just some shitty south florida thing

nani ?

Lol welma too old

I do not know how old you are.

lmao scanner u watching this shit

Hell, if I wasn't so bad for you I would do it.

I recall being about the same age.
I'm 25.

They're smart, and can appreciate your company and food, but they are REALLY needy.

Friend of mine had a pet pig, had to give it away because of screaming in the night.

For now.
What is your name again?

Welma and Sama hella old

I don't know about the signage, but ours is a grill and chill.

Scoots, pls :(


Yeah. 26 on Tuesday.


Wow you are too old, nevermind.

Is there anyone here who isn't either young as hell or old as fuck?

i never met a pet pig
only seen videos

ive dissected them though

Yo let's grill nd chill I can make a mean burger I'll be there in a sec

cummy wummy tummy

I don't know.

Nezumi, Archives or Ban

How old are you?
You're only 24 or something, right?

I don't eat beef.

Don't be; I can just be your gay bestfriend instead.

Closer to 30 actually.

It's a boca burger

I'm not too good with friends either, apparently.

What's that?

I forgot to ask for the potato wedges instead of the mashed potatoes
These don't even taste like they have any kind of butter in them, what the fuck
Do people actually eat this?

Oh. I guess you're in that range of older people.
I would say 17 is the low end with 35 being the high for either extreme.

Like, a whole pig?
We only got to do sheep hearts and kidneys.
And speaking of which, one thing I always wanted to cook is poached heart.

Oh, hi Nezi.
I fucking suck at names.
Don't take it personally.

Semen makes the best lotion for your skin.
Trust me, I'm a doctor.

It looks like we only have on possibility left.

Which is?

Nezumi =/= Nezi

i have dissected a worm, a pig, a frog, and a cat
oh and a squid also at catalina

It would seem so... If we collated the data it would make an intriguing demographic graph I guess.
None of us are making it out alive.

Nezumi ~ Nezi

theyre almost the same

It's this vegetarian burger they sell here it's made out of soy and wheat or something, they're really big in the fancy part of the city

Glad the distinction needs to be brought up.

I'll just be your bad habit.

Sorry Ban.

If you don't have your life together by the time you are 25 it's over, there's no hope for you.

Maxi is a fucking sexy beast.

What's the inside of a worm like?
I can understand cats and frogs, and I know squids have beaks.

Btw, where do squids poop?

how is this true at all?

The fur threads had many charts like that.
The most notable being the penis length chart that GayFur made. I was lucky enough to avoid when that one happened.


Bonnie Tyler is gr8

That was the one I had in mind. Disgusting dick chart.
Also what defines "life together"?

That sounds gross too :/

See? I'm good at those~


im pretty sure they shit through the beak
thats the only real hole they have
its a sharp little pyramid thing that has a tiny little opening

the inside of a worm is just a bunch of guts

several copies of them in case a piece gets broken off

Bye thread. Yan rekt me so I'mma cry.


Oh for some reason I thought Yan's post was a squash post. I wasnt paying complete attention

I would say it's knowing what direction you want your life to go in as you go.
Having a set of priorities and being successful in making them come to fruition. Not necessarily having them at the moment.

That wasn't even directed at you
Stop being so sensitive and delicate, you flower.

They're alright, I got it once when I was in boca cus I thought it was like a cool burger or something but it really just made me want to eat meat

Although getting me into your blood might be difficult so we're gonna have to do that backwards.

That seems a decent definition.
Also see

I am rolling my eyes as thinking "oh boy, this kind of retarded bait meme shit..."

Yep, this is why I hate the sea.
As TBFP has stated, 'the ocean is Earth's basement where all sorts of evil roams which never sees the light of day'.

You don't live with your parents and you have a job and some semblance of a social life and an idea of what you want to do with your future, which you are taking steps to achieve.
If you don't think you have your life together, I don't think that's on me.

I don't mind.
There hasn't been much of actually discussion to keep me occupied, so something like that was nice.

Oh, well shit, soon I'll have all of these things!

whos TBFP
also yeah thats why i love the ocean
there are probably so many cool alienlike sea monsters out there that we've seen

solely absed on the fact that we've discovered so little

i almost became a marine biologist for it

What if ones goals in life is to live with their parents with no job or social life and no idea what to do with their future?

That's not a goal.

Not to you.
Sounds like Luka's goal though.
And they got it. At least as far as I know of.

Well I guess that's true.

AI just think you shouldnt really be giving arbitrary markers and milestones to judge everyone by. Considering everyone's life is not a carbon copy of another.
I find the question at hand is more of a abstract state of mind kind of "issue" rather than an economically driven one.

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Also, being retired with enough money to take care of your elderly parents as an introvert who has grown tired of painting fruits and wants to discover themselves after they parents die.

That whole thing fits what I said and sounds pretty normal as far as personal lives for some people.

Two Best Friends Play.
And that's exactly why the fucking ocean both fascinates and scares the shit out of me.

Even land things that associate with water are fucked up.

game is starting brah
fucking hype

This is old news, literally no normal person cares about how Luka wastes their life.
Stabs at Luka are sad and petty and outdated and irrelevant.
Please find new material/victim.


Literally never happens to anyone by the age of 25.

I think if we are to govern our lives based on the same ideal it would simply be to live in a way that makes you happy.
At least if we're to break it down into the most simplistic and generally comparable way.

I would love to be able to take care of my mother or father comfortably after retirement, and I don't see myself knowing what I want to do before I die.

And it's not outdated if it is still relevant.

I can't help it most of the time anymore x_x


Happiness definitley being the core.

I'll watch later, soon as I'm done with Darkest Dunjin.

What makes you happy?

Luka is not relevant just because you forcefully inject them into every conversation about NEETs and losers.
No one cares about Luka.

I don't really care, I was just teasing you.



Luka is the prime example of NEET.

I'm the nicest ever, what are you on about?

I dunno. You have a different flavor of teasing I guess.

For you, personally, because you have whatever against them for whatever reason when hardly anyone replies to Luka anymore.
Let it the fuck go already.

very true with the luka comment

but brah
EG is about to take another TI
you gotta watch this

w..woah ! Lewd master !

I guess you're not used to teasing that isn't SEMEN-FLAVORED
ahue ecks dee
(this denotes that I am not being serious and just teasing you.)

New steam pp

Goodbye, Yan.

shit dude

Whaa ?

I fucked up, time to watch now.

Wow that is a helluva question. Having a worthwhile job that makes me feel like I am contributing to the life of others. That my work is the what aids someone else get where they want to go.
Having enough money to pay my bills and having extra to spend on some "luxuries", or atleast having enough money where I can do things.
Having a social circle where I can be me and not have to be an actor.
Being able to indulge in the consumption of my preferred media... Be it history or sports or books.
And much much more.
There is definitley more that could be mentioned.
But /blog.

Et tu?

Taking an hour to reply with 1 image is "nice"?
You wish you had that much influence lmao

Profile pic

Catchya later Welmagator

we're in mid draft

this is the only time youre acknowledging him ever
right after i get done reaming you

im genuinely sorry
i know you got to keep up some visage for him but now you gotta actually work for your money


Gonna watch not in browser but in the other thing so I can do predicitons.

Not true
You mean 6 hours ago?

Stop trying

I'll make mine into something you'll really like ^^

yeah you know when the threads have been going on for 5 years and your begging relationship for like 1(?) 6 hours isnt very long lol

it is the only time youre acknowledging him. he begs for your attention all day and you make him buy games for you to get it

i think its hilarious

Seems like a good idea of what you have in life to aspire for.

For me I just want someone else to be with. I don't much care for money or frivolous living. I could live meagerly and be happy as long as it was with another person that loved me deeply. I'm very bad with people, but I don't cope well alone.

What are you even trying to say with that first sentence?

He's never bought me any games

Good for you

do u think hes gonna believe you when youre lying to support your argument?

the visage might break brah

Chill out Boo

You literally know nothing of our relationship, shouldn't you worry about your dying mom instead of us ?

im pretty chill
i got some taquitos

my mamas fine though
im more concerned about making you cry like the bitch you are

What predictions did you put down, boo?

I meant on the Subtle/Desu thing.

i didnt do anything with the client
havent played dotes in months
im gonna get back into it

Cliché response imminent - I am sure you will find someone though. Lonliness is horrid and happens.
You seem like a nice enough dude to be wanted so I havent really much doubt someone will come along soon enough.
Be it a big ol daddy or a doberman(kek).
I have to say that was something that is quite number one that I did not mention. That having/being with someone.
I guess its nature to have another to share yourself with.

I am not really on the look out for someone because I have an ill perception/self image atm and need to get my butt into gear and get some motivation.
I need to start building my SHia "Do it" foghorn relay.

Squash you said you'd link me.

i like it
why would i stop
also he just talked about my ma homie

SAO a shit

Neither of us give a shit about what you say or how you feel about us and have no influence over anything we do, stop being so delusional

Who else is a duo here?


then why are you crying so much?
did you max out another credit card for him and need to vent?

You're not even worth arguing over. Just go kill yourself

I'm told I'm nice. I know I have a myriad of flaws though. I just need someone to help with that.

Ha. Honestly as perverse as it is I could be content with just having a dog and living in the mountains my whole life.

You seem like a good person yourself when you aren't transcending life to be a meme. One of the few people who seem capable of thoughtful discussion here really. Though that could be because you don't hold petty grudges with people.

your master literally stopped defending you
why should you if he wont even lmao
youre a roach trying to stand up to a human

M-master, subtle... let me b-buy you Overwatch senpai-sama

how did you edit this

Scoots x Squash OTP

I simply can not love a man whos belly I have not seen.

I want a pet Aoba.



Don't think so highly of yourself.
Quirky simply asked who was in thread.


roach has been squashed
halt in posting confirmed

return to HQ for RNR

Y-You have!?


Of course.

Make my memes and dreams come true.

Yeah, grudges aren't something I feel inclined to. Just another negative in life I can do without. By and large I can let the great majority of shit go.
And as far as becoming a living meme goes. I dunno how that works. I guess I find it easier to meme than to be caught in deep discussions. Plus it could be on some level a simple defence mechanism. I've had quite a few important people from threads just upsticks and leave me high and dry. Its not something I particularly like or handle well. Especially when I become invested in people I get really invested. Keeping everyone at arms length in a flurry of memes and drama is a consisent cycle.

Now I cant help but picture you as Mark Wahlberg in Shooter.

DId a quick 5 minute photoshop job.

Oh god. This can only end well.

We are not the same person.

Make mine come true first and we have a deal.

How do we achieve and believe?

hes trolling you dude
thats actually nezi

Call my dad and talk to him for me.

I will hook you up with Squash.


No. Go away.


Show it to me.

Wise way to be here. The only real malcontent I have for someone here is Luka, and I often wonder if I've just perpetuated it on my own most days. I suppose there are worse ways to be. I think I'll just let that go now.

Getting invested isn't bad, but it's smart to understand they won't be around forever. Better 5 close friends than 100 that you hardly know though.

I personally enjoy the mechanics you and I have with each other. I would not go as far to say we are close, or really friends to any extent.
I think that's why I like it so much. There is no investment in the long run.

I have never seen Shooter.
I will assume it is a complement.

this is a very aggressive turn youve taken

Yeah, just realized.
Just wanted to shorten name, but Ban sounds good.

But Boo, I can't trust you either. You could be lying.

Btw, which team are you rooting for?

I am at least twice as grizzled as Mark Wahlburg.


I do not save things from here. It was in a TC.

You and TP seemed pretty aggressive last night. *shrugs*

i bleed blue all day

also why would i lie to you? i said i didnt want to be mean to you anymore. ban(trevor) is known as nezi/nezumi here

well okay



Hell is where the heart is~

I demand that image.

Ooooohhh, ok.
And even so, it'll be funny to wind someone out of shape.

You think everyone in dota2 is on cocaine and adderol to deal with burnout?

of course
not cocaine but definitely adderol
the prize is huge dude, theyre doing whatever possible to win

I don't have it. I just said that.

I am pretty bad on phones... Well, I am good... But I dont like phonecalls. I get motormouth. To be honest i get real motormouth when I am nervous.

Well basically MarkyMark is a bitching sniper who gets left in the wilds of some Ethiopean styled african nation by some shady Murrican agency. It fast forwards a year or two after and he is a retired mountain man with conspiracy in his noggin because of that situation. He has a dog. And lives in seclusion. Great film. I wont spoiler it. Have the trailer.

And well, I do have a very few who I currently confide in from here. I am too aware that people arent here forever but cant help the feels.
But overall I am happy enough with those that "know" me know me. I'm really not the asshole alot of posters would paint me to be, I think atleast. Having a mask is nice.

How would you describe our dynamic? Its an interesting one. I wonder if we could have one of our "boffins" analyze. But the expendability and the casual nature is a good thing.

How long till people will start doing drug test things in e-sports, you think?

Plus, predicted that QOP would get a triple kill first... how wrong I was.

Go get it.
I'm sure you have Scoots added.

Obtain one.
Then give it to me.


What do I get in return?

you remember that time i put on 21 shirts and jackets

i just found the image

I forgot the trailer youtube.com/watch?v=_huuYCbKYnM

If you ever fancy doing something stupid, I suggest making shitty improvised, bulletproof ceramic vests

I'll get George to watch it with me.
He is a big fan of movies in general.

I don't think you're an asshole. I've come to understand that about a year ago. It's why your jabs don't land with me like they use to.

As for us?
I think we understand each other to an extent. We've fought, and we've had good days. Because of that I don't think you and I could ever really hurt each other personally. Nor are we close enough or friendly enough that we feel compelled to sugar coat everything with the other. I think it's healthy to have something like this in a place of volatile toxicity and rose tinted glasses. A healthy medium of the two.
And a rare one at that.

My belly pic.

I don't want to see that. Sorry.

You do not want this.



Do it do it do it !


Wait, hold up.
You wanted my feet pics before.
Sit down, harlot.

Crucially, not belly pics.


oink mofos



hi murder !

I think people here are too focused on the love or hate and forget the middle. The middle is a nice place to be... Wedged...In the middle... Like a sandwich.

i bet darwin was conflicted while watching the olympic gymnastic team. like should totally fap but most of them were actually legal

very good

Murder likes underage schoolgirls.

But they were girls, not boys.



Wedge me into a Scoots/Loco sandwich.

jesus that's a lot of calories

Ahahaha, I am sure there is a subway pun here. But that would attract luka.

oh my got scoots did you fucking see that


click for Shiro^^^^^^^^^^^

Please. I just said I am letting that go.

scoot weighs like 300 stones. no way he needs anymore sandwiches


S'all gravy mang.

i meant scanner

you realize shiro is a pedophile, right?

*290 stone

I lost weight.

yeah i didnt get this one either
sexual relations with scoots sounds disgusting

I do not even like gravy.

Shirtless proof pls thnk u

The anime chick, shiro.


that weirdo qt blew him so he must have a decent dong at least. but then again qt is kinda a craigslist whore

This temple was built by gravy.



Then I shall become a devout.



Glorious, bringing the hufddled masses closer to the true voice...


pity (you)

boxxy is so hot tbh

So when do I get to lather you in gravy?

dude this is just so gross. please cease and desist

Think it might be time I go play Skyrim and lurk.

thank god

Later, love.
I enjoyed this.

I guess it's time to wait for Cup and Test to play OW.

squash i've been growing my belly just for you. still no hair sadly

I am not sure who this is.

you're terrible at this

i was kidding swedish
dont suicide

I'm sure if you know me well enough you'll know I don't know how to tell anons apart anymore.

What are they thinking?

i know you well enough

Quirky, halp.

peter is on a whole nother level that we cant possibly comprehend
game 1 was just the download
eg are about to stomp

screencap this


is that fish? he's actually not vomit inducing in that


yes im avataring with swedish

I'm tired as fug and still waking consciousness


so weird about that rape baby lol

I would not get at for me.

yeah dude
dont listen to her btw
its actually swedish


get at what? a glorious bear bod?

do you listen to linkin park

Post your elbow instead Kyle
It is like a belly, but not.

For me.




i agree. post elbow

I love anons

talk to me you stupid slut
we're literally at a 1:0 (you) exchange rate
2:0 after i click new reply

You're a good guy

that's not how math works

Fishy, talk to me and cuck Boo~

you also love supporting a tranny on the internet that you will never fuck. your opinions are invalid

aww 2late :(

Cuck them both for me.

I bet a tin penny that's David.

im pretty good at math
how are you feeling



Hello David

i only cuck my friends irl

It's probably just TP or someone else nobody gives a shit about.

So I guess we need to meet.

I wouldn't be surprised if it's Luka with a VPN


I feel like it was probably a once in a lifetime thing.


I know, right?

The rain is therapeutic in this state.

Honestly I've met so many of you guys as is I'm losing track.




I wish it would rain

You have not met me

yfw Jakiro mid
yfw telling me PETER is the master mind here and NOT BASED MISERY




peter literally has this in the bag guy
look at fears farm
this is in the bag



Complete with a tilde
You'll have to find me, I am Carmen Sandiego at heart.

You've posted your address.

i'm so high lol

yep, it's TP


I am Carmen Sandiego at heart, in actions I am closer to Waldo's brother who is easy to find.

fucking burned by fish.

lmao WEED its like your soaking up weed like you high on a blunt or something 560

You are so full of whimsy.


Thank you, I am only exerting it by virtue of your company.

eventually the goal is to talk with nothing but star trek images



Why wait?

>do some cheeky facebook stalking
Holy shit what if I was right and not imagining this? Ohhh shit.

folder aint shit yet

that fucking tp cancel tho

Try it anyways.


M-maybe I could be your Swedish fish tonight~

It still makes you a stalker.


theres the old man
fear best player NA

Don't gain like 150 pounds.
You're fine as you are.

Yes, I am aware of that.

That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me~

I fucking hate this.

Sorry what?



Just try not creeping on her Facebook shit.

You border on eating disorder. I don't think I've ever called you fat, even jokingly.

Fear getting too old for this

:( I knowwwww.

Yes you have.


every day

The only truly assholish comments I can even remember making without intending for them to be was the Jenner thing.


this isnt drake?????


But it's such a convenient way to learn if someone's single or not.

my b

Or you can just not stalk their various social media shit and JUST FUCKING ASK THEM IN PERSON. IF THEY'RE ACTUALLY INTERESTED, THEY WON'T MIND TELLING YOU.

i wish he would get more of his songs uploaded on youtube
really dont wanna have to get the album from my other comptuer



You also posted this at me when I got a pizza:


Someone buy me pizza.

Post your address.

What would you like on it?

Someone buy me a spine and a set of balls.


No! Stalk her IRL too. Follow her home, find out her routines, see if she has any info laying about, check their trash and that sort of stuff. You want to be thorough!

I don't know it. i'd have to look.

Don't actually do that. I would feel bad with nothing to give you in return.

You can have my balls. They've shrunk significantly though.

I would not, I was going to mock or compliment you on your topping choices.

Don't be a creep.

That's like a kid's rhyming thing.



It will probably just be a plethora of various sausages.


That is an acceptable topping choice.
Sausage is great

iunno I puked my pizza from it that's all I remember.

I made it through the bathroom door btw

But you already have balls

I've seen them

bacon and sausage with bbq sauce

tfw you have not seen Yam's balls



How many people here have never had another poster see their balls now?

Ballss for Colby.

Find it and give it to me so I can share it with David.

probably just blood-chan

Colbs has shown all three.



That's kind of gross.
Because it made you sick or the obvious?


Text me and I will.

Have we confirmed they have them?

Made a ball joke here...

I lost my testicles to cancer, so me.

not for long






Can't be many.

i don't think we really need to

I'll give you something long to beat.


Your horse like face?


My life has hit an all time low when I am laughing at 2 of my own jokes in less than 10 min.

My penis, Gilligan.

His face isn't horse-like tho, way too round



I wouldn't call 4" long but that's your gig.

You haven't even seen my penis.

I am making vague, unbased insults for the hell of it.
I don't even know what he looks like.


And I thank God for that.