What's your favorite newspaper comic? Mine is probably Foxtrot

What's your favorite newspaper comic? Mine is probably Foxtrot.

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they sucked



so naughty. I also stole a red bull every day when I worked at a circle K. but those fuckers wouldn't give me my scheduled raise so it's all good.

no, not really. but I rode my bike like, everywhere those days so it's fine.

no wait

calvin and hobbes.

How is it?
does it taste gud?

if there's one about someone who gets so bored they become a serial killer and shoot up a school that sounds like my favorite



You suck. I bet you liked some weak shit like Funky WInkerbean.

you are such a bad little bitch

tastes sour.


I am laughing constantly.

I am biting my tongue here.
Just thought I would make that clear.

Calvin's hair always wierded me out. If Calvin was the boy.

and you love it.

literally never heard of it

You're so brooding.

This and Dilbert are also acceptable answers.

Masochist fuck

so it would seem. I'm definitely off today.

good point. you'll be the one they refer to as the better half for sure.

I'm tired and bored as hell

I'm just gonna go to bed now, night fags.

And just to piss Tsuchi off, I'm going to linger to read my nini posts.

dilbert was the shit.

This is a slightly less acceptable answer, but I'll allow it.

man you got him so good.

goodnight rin.

Oh yes i do

im pretty varied.

fuck you all calvin and hobbs was my favorite

I liked his sarcasm and cynicism.

Calvin and Hobbes sucked.

You'll always be a masochist to me. ♥

yeah he was. he was great. everything about that comic was great.

and I love that you love it.

especially the ones where calvin pretended to be that shitty detective. anyone who'd name themselves after that character must be a total tool.

that's your own valid opinion



That is very correct.

God made you to be punished. And I think he made the right decision.

There are some good strips, but it gets sort of repetitive in the later compilations.


Or it's more like you yelling in the most high pitched voice saying "OH MY GOD" currently.


Spaceman Spiff sucked the most, yes.

My opinion is much more valid than yours.

that was a poor deflection and you should feel ashamed of yourself.

Your voice was even cracking.

don't go bein that way



me on the left

uh oh whats that

my hands going lower


I need something to keep me busy for like

6 days


I'll put that on my to-do list.

Too late.


this is acceptable.

Attempt to kill yourself again.

First item is to actually make a to-do list.

man i never got that far into the show

You're welcome dearest.

don't do those things to Cuppy

My voice isn't cracking, I'm laughing at your lies.

It's actually pretty funny.

When does Squash come online?


well obviously. I would have found it weird if you actually had a list already made.

and just like that this whole thing is over.

he is mine to play with as i see fit.

iunno he is asleep


alcohol and me don't get along, our relationship ended kinda badly last time, as you all saw.

thought it was going so well and then it all fell appart.

just like my current relationship

like I'm legitimately questioning whether I'm single and we're just friends at this point or what

nah, I need something I can back out of and psych hospitals like to hold people.

's a liability thing

miss you already

damn easy come easy go

You are literally just saying no over and over again as your voice keeps getting higher and higher as you try to disregard everything that's ever happened/

well good luck with that I guess.

I can take away your toys if you aren't going to play nice.

Oh fuk I just met the hottest guy ever

Think I'm gonna get it this Saturday ^^

obviously kidding but that show is the best show in the entire world and you need to like it.

He can tell if your voice cracks over the mic cracks?


maybe if you gave me something to respond to instead of asking me to just talk to you out of nowhere,


like, I have no idea where she even is right now cause she went to the ER cause her housing fell through and I can't take her in anymore and we don't know what to do

I actually managed to mitigate the static pretty well. Whenever you're free we can talk if you want.

fish fish fishy ohh

I'm sure it'll all be fine. unless it isn't.

you risk becoming one yourself

i like it

just other things caught my attention.

that's fine. just means we get to watch it together sometime.

Literally no sane, presentable human being cares about what goes on in another person's sex life and it is incredibly juvenile to brag about any such affair.


our relationship fell appart when she moved in, we got in a lot of fights and now it feels like "why did I get into this relationship in the first place and what's keeping me in it" and I have no idea why I'm talking about it here

Aye there's the rub. I'm free at lunch and that's about it. I'll text you over the weekend probably to see if you're free. Best case God sees favor in letting me off early tomorrow.


play with me daddy

helps to talk about stuff sometimes. sounds like you have a pretty good idea of where things stand though, might be better to just end it.

What do you want Jason Statham

well you would know

seriously, bruce willis? he's the spitting image of Jason Statham

If I were your dad I would have pulled out or done anal.

nothing i just like seeing you all riled up after i annoy you... it does it for me

Lying is a sin. You're going to hell. I'm going to laugh as you suffer for these slanderous comments.

Okie dokie, just give me a heads up.

Smiles you faggot

Fuck off, you just spent an hour arguing about Pokemon. Not interested in your thoughts on what's worth talking about and what isn't

you seem so sure

this could be a ploy for all i know

what a coincidence

I'm probably not even gay. sci says that I've been convincing myself because of memes.

gooda evening thread

Yes, that is me.
What's up?

Also Yan playing the "sane and presentable" card...

That's... bold.

I'll certainly see what I can do. Well, you know the causation for my schedule now, anyway.

I've been debating putting my status to single on Facebook, that only she can see since I have no other friends

Because we're going to do anal?


nobody different here

i think

wouldn't it be better to tell her directly?

son am here

hi dad
my head hurts

Make me a drink.

must drank moar

Stop being such a faggot, faggot

I don't have contact with her currently as she is somewhere between ER's her clinic and maybe an inpatient facility, so for us to have any contact she has to call me from somewhere. she might have forgot my number but if I'm not important enough to remember my number or right it down then it's done.

if I don't hear from her by tomorrow night I'll do it

You're the one who's just pulling shit out of your ass.

youre a drink

i just woke up dad
i dont htink i want to drink more for a while
i am veryu sleepy

Hi, Cato.

id have just stayed in bed at that point


Not really.

im pretty sure you're transexual

which makes you straight

No. cuz daddy 🚶strutted🚶up🔺🔺to me and😆grabed😆my😋booty😌, he👊slaped me😭in the😍face😍and🕐counted◻🕓back◾from🕖three▫! the 🕛timer🕛ran out and i 😣felt a little poke😣😚, he😥pushed😥into me with a😰slippery stroke😰😰

1 ounce lemon juice
1 ounce orange juice
1 ounce pineapple juice
2 ounce ginger ale
Dash of grenadine
Pineapple and orange slices for garnish

Pour the juices into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes.
Shake well.
Strain into a chilled collins glass filled with ice.
Garnish with the slices of pineapple and/or orange.


the allstar dota 2 match is playing though

How should I stop?

I'm gonna start speaking in my thick accent and make no effort to sound normal, you're going to regret keeping this facade up.


you bring this upon yourself lad

It's okay.
Your incredibly high pitch voice right now says it all.

Cuck Tsuchi

How do you cuck someone?

I'm going to hit you.

i get the impression fishy dont like me no moar

You can only respond to any criticism with violence.
How quaint.

lmao same

only sometimes

probably not a good idea to break up with someone in the hospital

I don't take kindly to you insulting my intelligence by trying to say that things happened radically different from how I remembered.


used to be tight, like water

They met in the hospital so it's rather fitting, assuming it even happened.

Let's do drugs

You have the outright worst memory so it's not like it's hard to do.

what moogs said. wait until she's out of the hospital first.

guess I'd better start hrt

But cuppy you hate women

what kind

have you thought of a lady name

To think you'd stoop so low.

this is a good point.

its a shame his "fiance" that he met like 2 months ago didnt work out

actually yes. shut up.

oh my god you have to tell me

not here.

What is it?

This is a good response.

I'm just looking out for your best interests, as your best friend.
I don't think it would be wise to become something you hate.

must be rough after such a long time in a relationship


Cupcake, come overwatch with avery n friends.


Let's see how well your memory is in 7 years.

i dont think swedish's girlfriend even exists lad



srsly tho what kind

Far better than yours have ever been.



I only do weed, mollies, or shrooms.


Never Forgot

trouble in paradise?

even if I did I'd keep the dick.


You're supposed to be a responsible adult.

its trooo~

eh i do weed sometimes but mostly pills. would like shrooms but they are hard to get here

At least I don't look like a meth head.

i knooooow

fucking, havent adulted the last 2 days
gotta adult soon tho

At least I'm not a spic.

Hey Zumi, how are you?

One of my old co-workers grows a shitload of them in his apartment.
What kind of pills? Benzos? I have a prescription.

love is gone...

Girls, girls, you're both pretty.

You could always live on the streets I guess, if things don't come back together.

If I'm a spic then that would make you the only klans member is wasn't capable of catching a white woman.
Just saying, you're shooting yourself in the foot here.

Why are you spectating?



can you rename that to cupcake.jpg

its like war of the roses all over again

What are you, gay?

All of my exes were whiter than me.
At least they weren't grandmas and they had blonde hair at least.

It's good to have options, is all.

I already have one named that, though.

Holy shit, this image.

The only way for you to try and insult me is by saying that you're not capable of getting with the women you actually like.
Congrats, you're already insulting yourself for me.

percocet, tramadol, norco

yes sir


why do i get the sense youre assuming something?

because they started without me

dropped a fucking rock solid ice pack on my toe earlier today huuuuuuuuuurts.

slow down plz.

I'm just tired and annoyed with everything right now

yeah, I will. Thing is like I don't even know if she's in a hospital right now, I have literally no idea. she hasn't contacted me since 8 hours ago. I have absolutely no idea where she is or what's gonna happen.

the engagement was a joke

And you willingly admit you're subpar in every way possible.

Oh, right.
Get high so we can snuggle.

just wait before you make plans

Probably because I almost always am.


right so fucking take it out on sama... take it out on people you dont know online. i didnt do it man

I don't know whether to actually watch star trek or to watch galaxy quest again tbh

who's little spoon

how tall are you

youre a big boy right

I had some weird dreams.

I aint takin shit out on you man I'm just not talkative today, chill the fuck out mayne.

my knee jerk reaction is almost never wrong

I'm 6" and I'm okay with either position.

Actually I think myself very highly.
You also seem to forgetting that your ex was actually older than me.

You just have a thing for older women, you fetishist.

About what?

well you're taller so i guess im little spoon

you seem pretty verbose otherwise... yeh its fine fish. just fucking fine.

everythings great... peachy keen

You need my constant affirmation or you'd implode.

Hey, there's nothing wrong with wanting people with their shit together.

Did it get supernatural powers after you fucked it up with that car?

I think you're a bit irritable this night sama, what did i do?

I don't think he realizes you're being sarcastic.

I wanted to be little spoon.
Let's just face each other

i can see in the dark... only when the sun is up
i also have the ability to transform water into urine

is it because I broke the Bruce willis meme with the more accurate jason statham meme?

i didnt know you thought of me that way

By pissing in the pool?

10/10 would body swap in a Freaky Friday incident.

oh... i dont fucking know fish. I have NO idea


You're like a cat I don't want but keep around and feed and give affection and cuddle with.

by drinking the water... an hour or 2 later. it comes out as urine. all that sciency jazz

My asking if you think this bra or that bra looks good is not asking for your affirmation, it's wanting your opinion.
I think you got some wires crossed.

okay, I've settled on Star trek Next Generation


heh... i need moar powers tho

But can you drink urine and have it come out as urine?

data was the best character honestly

great! just go watch star trek and skirt the fucking issue fush!

i... suppose so, yes

I feel I was being pretty nice and fairly generous.
Did you want me to ask you to marry me?

Rock on, dude.


I'm stopping this before whatever jokes get mixed up with actual statements.

I think sama is just mad he has a small dick


I didn't know Rin had a "rock" phase.

and i think fishy is just mad because he's a reverse pap smear victim...

Shut up moogi
You're just being ridiculous and unrealistic now.
At least get me off first.


okay cum for me

Make me faggot


Why don't you get your online girlfriend to get you off?

how can i be of assistance


I'd say I need an ice pack for my foot but that would be painfuly ironic

I need you to get a box of popsicles, a ping pong paddle, a quesarito from Chipotle, and a Princess Peach Costume if she were also a maid.

id say you need sum ointment for that asspain

im ready


Wow would you look at that
It's almost my bed time

great fucking job dumbass

dream of me


crai sum moar... write a fucking blog about that shit. tell us where the bad man touched you

I can stay up a little longer if you think I'm going to have nightmares.

are you going to have nightmares

Didn't you say I'd have dreams about you?

im not your daddy but aint having it either


heart broken


sama what are u evn doin rite nw


fukken waiting for you to reply so i can call out your bullshit petty emotionalism


It's a nightmare because when I wake up
you won't be there
and that terrifies me...

youve won me over again

come back here you scamp... im not done verbally abusing you yet




like who you little cum gurgling twatwaffle



I am overdue for a cuddle.

Going to bed but i'll be on steam for a while.
hint hint

i cant rp

sama's going a bit overboard

like how?

That's NOT what I hinted.

*you WON'T rp

wait for it

the problem is also the solution. very nice.

In what world?

what the fuck was the hint

nah im just really really bad at it

gotta go biiiig

I'll give you three more hints.

1) I'll be on steam
2) Get on steam
3) Talk to me on steam

It's like sex. You're supposed to lie there like a corpse until they tell you they're going to bed.

I wish you could still supersize stuff at McDonald's. That made life better.

20 page blog about hormones and voluntary commitment because out of xannys bitch bitch bitch


when does the crying start

this analogy fits somehow



Anywhere from 5 minutes to 48 hours after the initialization of intimacy, for periods of 2-4 hours at at time lasting several days typically.

You just can't walk a mile in their shoes to know how really hard it is to be a tranny and out of your self medicating drugs, you cisgendered, heteronormative bigot.

I keep thinking that there are bugs in my shorts, but it's just beads of sweat. Why do people willfully live in hot climates?



not my fault i was born with a predisposition for hetero normalcy...


I feel this on more levels than you know

I've been wearing a dress solely as an excuse to not wear pants

dont you go quoting dickens in my house

You're such a bigot.
Heterosexuality is a choice.
You can only be born gay.

Hello, threaders~


whats your favorite piece

tell of two cities masterrace

Trust me, you don't want any of this. Not even I want any of this, and I'm gross.

God, this Midwest heatwave needs to give up already. I'll miss it when winter lingers forever though.



I'm in arizona you fucker

a road less traveled


Sup Sama?

you cant have both man

wasnt that robert frost?
not dickens i think...

nm, hbu

You get those pictures to show up 10x?

That's because you're a moron and you deserve whatever happens to you.

What kind of dress do you go with? Mangowns are pretty fantastic.

sorry, i meant the
by longfellow

dad, pls

i just go in my yiff suit

dad, why are you holding your belt like that?

wat lad

oh... fishy has daddy issues?

I bet he even left the camera shutter sound on. What a badass.

Yes, because suits made of fur are known for their heat dissipating properties.

Just got home from work. It's so damn sticky out :(

excuse me?

I'm not 10x dude

Anyone good looking could show me up

Wasn't my intention to make anything a competition, I know there's plenty of ppl here cuter than me

its a slug

*shows you up*

That picture reminds me of this.

oh welms is here

fucking right... you know what i did about it? fucking stayed inside.


ayyy that pickle surprise vid is 10/10




You said that you would show 10x how it was done with your pictures. Hence the showing 10x up bit.

I can see you as a slug, now that you mention it.

me irl

Con los terroristas

Of course I am.

What else do I do?

I had work though.

I literally just got home diggy.

And I'm not gonna camwhore. I was just talking shit lol

snails are so hard to keep alive
i had to in bio
pieces of them break off like jelly its disgusting

wheres the audio in that webm

Was this nessecary colbs?!

You're so mean, showing me up like that

0/10 0/10 0/10 0/10 0/10 0/10 0/10 0/10 0/10 0/10 0/10 0/10 0/10 0/10 0/10 0/10 0/10 0/10 0/10 0/10


its cool

It wasn't, nor was it accurate lol

ahaha sucker.... also thanks for remonding me im still up and have to do that work thing super early

my slug brethren have seen your atrocities... we will make you pay

im not sure
but either way im glad youre here
how was your day my welms?

the first one actually died because we put it in a gatorade bottle

and the citric acid made him bubble to death


All settled in with your job now? How's all that stuff going hm?

I'm gonna be thinking of you this weekend!

you will suffer for these crimes against my people

damn plebs cant even onto my level...

It is, yeah

It's going okay, I had a super stressful day yesterday when this old guy got super pissed at me

It ruined my day yesterday, and then the guy called me back today and apologized and made my day so we're even

If harambe 🐒 and my girl 👧 😍 both drowning 😱 👋 and I can only save one 😤 😬 Catch me at my girl funeral 😔 👻 🌹 with my *** out 😏 💯 😎 🍆


You're cool~

Hey man. I like money mmkay?

It was okay. Nothing really eventful happened. I didn't get my call but that will probably be tomorrow hopefully.


What's this weekend?

AI-SAN HEEERRREEEE!!! ===>____^===;;;;;;;;;;
I just came back from VACATION at the >_> ^o^ ^_< HE'S SO FRIGGIN SUPA SUPA KAWAII!!! @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] NYAAAA! ~desu ~desu
NOW i'm going to tell you about the BEST VACATION OF MY LIFE :D :D :D WITH MY HOT HUBBY SASUKE!!!

Thanks for responding.

oh gosh~!

me 2... make that mad loot son

i wouldnt worry too much about it velms
itll obviously come tomorrow

yeah nothing really happened here either
i just drank a lot and passed out and woke up a little bit ago

are you feeling okay?

What would have been an appropriate response to that?



i guess sometimes when i save webms they just save without sound

*cuddles your butt*



Sounds about par for the course! Glad the guy at least apologized for being a dick

im gonna bed soon but we should catch up sometime, I'll bug ya next time I'm around

Don't you have birthday party stuff with the fam this weekend?

"You're welcome."


i gotta collect more funny webms
im not sure what this one is

dats erin tho lol

I feel fine, yeah. Still just preoccupied about my bday thingy and my scripts still.

Same stuff as last time?

Oh, right. That.

Yeah I think I'm just making it into a bigger deal than it will end up being like I usually do. thanks though^^

No. Do you know how long it would take to average out all those zeroes? FML


oh shit i think i have to feed my cats


I'm gonna go dye my hair, user_sama, can you handle that? I'm not going to the hospital I'll just be away for like 30 minutes. can you chill for then?

fukken going to bed already... nite people

no.. lol. nite

and i expect pics in my inbox when i wake up fishy...

I don't have that many either, sadly.

Bye bye party guy.

Np I'm sure it will go swimmingly... Hope you had a good shift, I'm off too bed night night

Night night drinky sama


I have no idea what is happening in this webm

Laci Green is fucking weird.

holy shit
erin is CUTE
i wonder if he'll ever go to AX

oh goodnight dude

but i dont even know who you are homeboy

It will be fine welms

they think the shadow is fucking something
what the hell

The guy pretends there's an obstacle in an obscured section of the driver's vision.

Name fell off again.

I'm probably just gonna sit them down after dinner and such. ugh

feels bad man

That's some pretty advanced trolling.

Okie dokie, night

thats probably your best bet if you want to tell them face to face
just hope that the dinner's good and theyll be happy lmao

you anxious about it?

Some people are willing to go above and beyond. I envy them.



Do you have anything to distract yourself?

you cant just wallow in anxiety, you know, velms
its very bad for you ~

alright, the dye's in. shit's supposed to be good. was like 11 bucks and I got it for 2 dollarydoos since it was the last one

based walgreens. love going there for scripts and coming home with cheaply found treasures

I suggest you get sloppy drunk right before the dinner.

what color

Cat food medley.


holy shit
i would totally use that

I believe you.


Blonde. I've been trying to get my hair to platinum blonde but it's been patchy before. There are still some dark spots, but according to the box this shit is supposed to work really well on dark hair so hopefully it can knock out some of those patches I didn't get last time. and this isn't even bleach, it's just blonde dye

I know. I've been talking to a bunch of people about it. From all the input and information I have hope for the situation, just... actually executing it is ugh.

Nah. I don't drink like that anymore.

Especially not in front of the folks.


sounds like you're not putting it in evenly. good luck though

why worry about your hair when the real problem is that massive bulge of fat on your stomach

yeah, welms
thinking and focusing on it after youre fully prepared wont do anything but make it worse, you know?

you ought to watch something
we can watch something if you want~

I'd explain, but it'd be a blog bloggier than this current blog

Anticipation is always the worst part.

Just walk up and say it: "Mom. Dad. I think I'm an Apache attack chopper."

Ask your parents to eat dinner in the other direction while you consume alcohol.

That's a pretty great webm.

yeah thats what im saying welms
youre gonna be depressed as fuck until it happens unless you can distract yourself



I'm not depressed though. I'm just.. ready? I guess.

well have fun. i know i do when i do it

That's super relevant dude, good job. Nailing it.

Okay, fine, just tell them to close their eyes and sneak a sip from your flask. Where there's a will, there's a way.

hair always feels fucking FINE after dying, even if I don't do it right.

Are you sure you shouldnt just, call him now and get it over with?
i think thats what i would probably do

fuck waiting for those things i get crazy anxious

What part of me not drinking do you not understand?

Like once a month with friends.


yeah it's a shame it takes time for my curls to return though

curls? cute.

Well for one, it's like 1am.

And I want to have a bday dinner lol

be right there. gomen...

it gets tangled easily.


That guy at 0:30 actually has some pretty magical dance moves.

think I'll make a trek folder.

my hair is stubbornly straight, like I need hair spry if curls are to stay in. frustrating

i forgot the time

but i still think waiting for that would just be killer
the whole scenario is really shitty


Welcome to my life. It's getting better though ^~^


i cant imagine




i just want it to be over so you can return to happy welms

anxiety welms makes me kinda sad tbh :/
yeah, at least its getting better



a subscription to brazzers is a subscription to memes.


Me too.

Kinda sad why??

you nutjob

star trek next gen is actually really good why did I never watch this as a kid?

I remember growing up it would be on right after this crazy weatherman we had.

He'd be all like "GUD EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVening, ev-rybody!"

Only because i genuinely want you to be happy
n-no homo


Awwee. Thanks Boo

Oh shit, tomorrow is Friday

Fuck yeah

i tried to get into the original series but like every episode had to do with some sexual shit

oh little billy has never seen a woman before and then he gets all rapey and that somehow puts the entire crew at risk of dying

I'm watching episode 3 right now and it's basically "haha, NIGGERS" right now

Nah. Tomorrow is Saturday.
Don't show up for work since nobody will be there.
Don't even bother calling to say you're not showing up because it's a day you're not supposed to anyways.

What goes on?

Hi boo

thank god you made me remember this webm

i-im kinda happy i guess
waiting for my car aand stuff so i can go out is a little depressing but i guess its not too bad



and then kirk splits in two and then the evil kirk gets all rapey but then they consider the moral ramifications of killing an evil rapist kirk who never was really born


me irl

I'm watching next gen

It's things like these that the new movies didn't have and made the fanbase hate them.

I love the new series honestly


i hear its better

i would just like a story that isnt a rehash of the previous

oh gee another guy hates star fleet and is gonna try to do damage

funny so far. all the characters are actually fucking characters and I like it


this is why I need 3 monitors at least. one for the netflix, one of the animus, and one for the capping.