Im lonely

im lonely.

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should fix that

Oh man I missed this

Poor Luka

i could obviously rectify that but you keep declining my advances...


is that the new pokemon go update

thats what happened to squasher i think

i dont want lewd advance

I wouldn't really mind just along as the rent is cheap and I have my own room

Like maybe if he's cool enough he'd join me when I drink or go out to smoke

That's not how it works Rin
I dont want him looking forward to scaring off my sluts just so I could punish him

I'll probably just pour a cup of water on his computer
That'll teach him

Can it potato sack

I call bullshit
You always scare Subtle off when we're talking lmao

Nice fives. 5/10 confirmed.


and creep out all your friends?

But that would require him to do literally anything to fix or change his situation, something he refuses to do.

prolly... moar booze k?
im going for blind drunk

your definition of lewd and mine are totally different methinks

it isn't his fault. look at the example canada's PM is setting. never take responsibility for anything ever.

*czechs em

Now we both know that is not true


ugggh okay fine
i will go for 7
just hold on let me get more ice

imagine seeing something like this in real life trying to be friends with you
i would puke

Well, you'd puke if you had two shots of vodka beforehand, at least.

I know

*butts em



That's actually just because you can't handle drinking

ok samaq you ready?

Well, there's good punishment and bad punishment.

But you could also use reverse psychology and "punish" him when he -doesn't- fuck up. :^)

its because you look like a disgusting ape lol
who has to shovel money at people to talk to them

have i mentioned i think you and rin make a cute couple?

You wouldn't love that, bro?



first one to pass out gets a cock drawn on they forehead

but thank you a lot anway


so thats a go on the blumpkin then...

ayy no probleme

wats that? ._.

I always wished there was a pokemon game that played more like a classical JRPG.

Wouldn't be competitive at all though.


That would be pretty neat actually, maybe as a spinoff


hands off this is my meal of the day

ill just have a seat right here, youll find out...


Good morning.











What about it isn't humane, again?



oh. mean.

damage control

cummies for mcdonalds

yoiu make me upset

well you know you don't need to bribe me for those.


Wait, how do you mean?

Slavery is canonically a paradise.
Best slaves are treated more like friends than anything.

What isn't humane about negro slavery, again?

i might make some ramen after. you can have some if you're good

he's absolutely right

the pokeball paradise in particular sounds more like a damage control thing. like: "oh god these pokemon beat the fuck out of each other for people's entertainment and are kept in cages against their will, but they like it"

damn dude...

youre really edgy and cool..

aint we all slaves to tha system tho

preach it brotha

By that logic, Trump is nothing but pure edge.

Someone needs to wake you up inside

If Tsuchi were my slave I would do the humane thing and put him down.

dont worry dude
im sure smiles is reading this and thinks youre really cool

Woah, there, PETA.
That has nothing to do with pokemon.

It's mentioned in, like, episode one of the anime that they enjoy it.

The pokeball paradise is probably damage control in the sense that people kept coming up with all kinds off grotesque theories as to what happens inside the ball.

But it's made obvious it isn't a mind control device in the anime when primape continues to lash out against Ash, and Charizard just gives no fucks.

tempting. but the reward you're likely to give me for being bad is even more enticing.

so in other news I finally plugged in the new cord I bought for my xbone controller and now it works again, so thank goodness for this one tiny thing going well. didn't want to have to shell out fifty bucks for another one of these things already. such a good controller though.

I bet you thought it was something dirty. the hell is wrong with you

Having them battle for our amusement seems pretty sick.

we free nao

save me from the nothing ive become

I need you to wake up this dick


Canon: They enjoy it.


Also, what Fish was suggesting didn't involve removing the battling.

i can barely think dude
i dont htink i wanna do anymore

ive been around tons of dumb white church girls

we just getting started bro... wheres ur fortitude

I will pray for you.

I'm sure any of the various guys you're currently in the process of being rejected by are reading this and think you're really cool, too.

It's literally animals fighting.
They're not real but there's no fucking moral high ground in saying Pokemon fighting isn't bad.

How about you grow up and get a job lmao

which came first though. cause i think the game or cards came first

owing an xbone is pretty filthy you freak

hehe... riiight

One of the many reasons that world doesn't make sense. I would think we would just limit pokemon to positions in society where their use is strictly monitored, like in hospitals and police forces. Kids would be dying left and right out in the wild looking for giant wasps and dragons to stuff in their pockets.

I tend to read less than half the posts Swedish Fish makes.

Can you not?

I thought it was the dirtiest comment.

She's a spic though

lol hey dude if that makes you feel better go for it

its gotta suck being you anyway so live as you do my man

The entire storyline of Pokemon Black & White was about the ethics of training and battling pokemon.

Long story short, no, there is nothing unethical about training or battling pokemon.


Wow she actually looks better with her hair down.

Lol I guess we all are really just the same.

I have one you fucking faggot

It's gotta suck being you anyway so live as you do, my man.

I love Jessie with her hair down.

Well yeah. Would be a shitty story to tell if by the end it tells you you were wholly in the wrong for...

No, actually, I would love to see this.


she looks better with her hair down.

what a shock that a company that makes profit off the idea of animal cruelty would say animal cruelty is okay

i just cannot believe it


Game; the anime was a year after, and nothing in the games contradicts that info.
In fact, it's more all reinforced, than anything.

Also no one questioned it back then, so there's no damage control reason for them to include it.

Then why try to apply logic to begin with?

yeah, obviously

i dont think i hound over churc h girls who want to convert me because i cant get anything else lol

Why did Darwin dump you anyways?

Yeah dude she so kawaii with her hair down
I had a huge crush on Jessie as a kid

Then grow up lmao


Because suspension of disbelief is difficult.

Who triggered Rin?
Nigga is being super autistic rn

I named my female companion "Vagina"

I'm so mature

Get a job that pays you anywhere near what mine does and we'll talk lmao

Face it, it's just a bullshit excuse so kids don't have to think about the moral issues of literally fighting animals against each other.

Right. You just hound over Floridian ex-con dudes who deny you.

that makes sense. casual racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia were far more prevalent even just a few decades ago in media. why not a lax view of animal fighting too.

My fellow scientologists and I think that you should give yourself in to our alien masters.

We decided that breaking up would be the better thing to do.

me i think

is that what you think lol
or are you just trying to use whatever ot white knight your smiles
kinda sad

Didn't you see PETA's Pokemon Black and Blue?
Shits so fucking lolz dude

Not surprised.

I'll try to not be so predictable.

Jesse is one of the best pokemon characters, bar none.
Like team rocket in general is much better written then the main cast or any other of the characters.


That would be interesting but it would make for a poor story to simply agree with poor criticism.

I know you're a baboon but trying reading an article every now and again.

I use it as my pc controller. if I were to get a console it would be a ps4, but I have no plans to get one any time soon.

wow come on goggles don't read my spoilers geez

I had a lot of fan art saved on my phone, but I deleted a lot of the stuff on my phone when I ran out of storage, I need a bigger micro sd.

its shit too lol

Don't worry.
If/when things don't work out with Subtle, I'm sure you can get him on the rebound.

you wont be able to
air in the head, remember

Should've just cheated on him when you had the chance


I'm not sorry.

Get lost, creep.

this is actually really dumb and i dont even care

can you give me an abridged version

eh i got a ps4 when it came out i just use it to watch youtube from my couch sometimes

Those three have literally had more screen time than any other character on the show, and thus more character development. Only natural to be more bonded with them.

I doubt we'll see Nintendo dare change any status quo.


cant believe clockwork would try to call someone else a creep

yeah dude smiles is totally gonna reward you with sex for taking down the big bad troll

you just gotta convert to christianity :^)

I suppose.

But there is not argument against the fact that use of the critters should be regimented far more than it is.

No one?
Not even triggered.

Someone posed a basis for a game, and I was challenging their choice of words.
It's not my fault monkies can't tell the difference between capture and battle.

this one was the larger takeaway.

I wasn't arguing the universe makes sense, or that battling couldn't be seen other ways.

It was.
I lol'd.

Did you play Black and Blue 2?


Less than 1% of our conversations are about religion, so no.

do you remember seeing any of the Jessie backstory episodes that were a bit more serious?

I have an amazon fire tv for couch media. there's only a few games I want I can't get on pc, and they are pretty much all on ps4 so eventually I'll get one.

or you could just move in with me and share yours

You probably read everyone else's.

yeah all she talks about is reading the bible
so its 1%, right?

and the 99% is what? stuff you imagined to try and help you?

Pls don't associate me with that

The 3 main characters had more screen time than team rocket.
Jesse, James, and Mowth gets the second most.

I'll cure the stupid eventually.

Not particularly. I just remembered the characters I liked.

Good times


Pokemon is bad anyways lol

Talking about shit completely and utterly unrelated to religion. I know that's impossible for you to imagine considering all you do is beg every guy to give you nudes but people are capable of having amicable conversations and even have discussions.

The sidekicks get switched in and out so much that team rocket has probably had more screen time than anyone, save Ash and Pikachu.

I want to see your backstory episodes.

Desu or Boo?

How did your date with desu go?

In the last 20ish years, Team Rocket's been in pretty much every episode.

Ash's companions have rotated out frequently for newer younger ones. Misty and Brock needed to get offscreen so they could age, while Ash the incubus needed to continue being 10 for another 20 years.

they were alright.

when i said humane I really should have said "more biological than technical" as in pokemon won't just go to you in 5 seconds, you have to tame them. some would be easy, like a stray dog or cat, some would be hard as fuckballs like a rhinoceros, but you'd be rewarded for it.

pokemon isn't really inhumane, but the catching of it is just reptetive and the pokemon feel more like numbers rather than things you've caught, goals you've accomplished. And I wish there was a story where you could use pokemon to actually interact instead of it being just battle after battle after battle all game long.

it's gotten to the point where I'm playing through the entire series and I'm at black and this is just a fucking drag for me now.

change it up gamefreak.

flex your creative muscles.

I know you have it in you

Can't do anything about the former

I don't think you could call it that

He meant your arguments with boo

I stopped watching before Hoenn starting showing.
So it was Misty, Brock, and Ash with the exceptions of the orange islands.

those weird tv peripherals confuse me. what do you want on the ps4

maybe someday

I'd call it that just to tease you.

Just loan Desu out to Boo so he'll stop humping your leg all day.

I don't really count anything after Johto.

fish fish fishy ohh



I have standards

It is not considered good training to capture pokemon against their will or if it would be bad for the enviroment or the pokemon to take them away from each other.
Pokeballs are not prisons, they are not squished, and they are not starved, they are put in a sort of suspended animation where they remain conscious of what is going on around them and can even come out of their pokeballs of their own free will.
Pokemon want to battle, they are capable of making choices and have free will. Pokemon battles are more comparable to boxing than cock or dog fighting. If a pokemon does not want to battle or does not respect it's trainer, it will not obey them and it is considered bad training to force a pokemon to do anything or punish it for being difficult to handle.
If a pokemon loses a battle, it isn't killed, it isn't discarded, and both the trainer and the pokemon learn from each other and the experience.

tl;dr Pokemon don't do shit if they don't want to.

The next games are changing the status quo.

shh that's a secret

ffXV looks really fun. and kingdom hearts 3.
and I guess persona 5 if I don't get it when it comes out on ps3 or hopefully pc.

By how much.

^ ^;;

Hey everyone, get a load in this pervert.


goggles noooo

What's wrong?

You did this on purpose

Hm hm hm you

just think about how amazing an actual story with pokemon could be. imagine what magnificent game would come out if gamefreak just unshackled themselves from the bounds of the franchise in the form it has right now.

I didn't even notice. I'm off my game today

yeah thats what i meant by like damage control written in after the fact. like which idea do you honestly think came first: lets have monsters fight each other or lets have a nice place where the monsters can hang out when they're not fighting

buncha weeb shit


But yes, though.

I did. I also regret nothing.

Any more readings?

yeah, basically. that a problem?

so mean. you're the pervert.

There's no linear story and no gym battles or Elite Four.
Pokemon from older games now have different forms that change their typing.
Pokemon can now have various types.
Donald Trump is a pokemon.
Pokemon now have Stand Abilities and can attack similar to JoJo's Bizzare Adventure once per battle.

The same argument can be said for boxing, that does not make boxing an unethical sport.

I am a social sponge.

I mean, why put effort into something I guess.

I'm playing the same game with different monsters and different names but it's the same systems, the same concept, the same style

I'm playing a rename is all I'm doing.

that's what the kids are calling it these days?

No, there is a story, it just isn't linear.

no i totally respect your superior japanese culture

if boxers had the intelligence of animals, yes.


Social chameleon. Cloaking tactics tier iii

Pokemon are smarter than animals.

He means a semen sponge.

Seems risky.

bitch I could care less about japanese culture I just like the games they make.

call it what you want but
seems to have the right idea if you ask me.

only thing i'm good at is ciramics and even that's rusty since it's been two years and I'm just waiting on tools to restart my passion rn

but dumber than people, right?

so like if i started a sport where retarded people fight each other is that okay? i mean they want to fight so it's okay if i take advantage of them right?

I'm never wrong.

so you claim but i know you want to be a little loli deep down

I'll call it something cool. He can also fuck off.

hey cool finally found a reason to save this

I prefer the term cunny bunny

doesn't everyone though, if they're really being honest with themselves?

he never does though.
chameleons are pretty damn cool.

Genji sword, Mercy ult

Some pokemon are more intelligent than humans.
Alakazam for instance, has an IQ of 5,000.

Also, they have that, it's called the Special Olympics and nobody thinks it's a bad idea.

I am one of those new gen stealth tanks that are invisible up IR.

Like I can't even bring myself to listen to the stories anymore. I just mash a and b until people shut up and go to the fights and then go to the elite 4 then go to the whatever the shitty multiplayer centered post-game is.

last time I felt something was in emerald when it was raining and trainers were making me pissed as fuck cause it was the big fight and the world was falling appart and PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO BATTLE ME LIKE GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY YOU CREATINS I HAVE A WORLD TO FUCKING SAVE, QUIT BATTLING ME

that sounds pretty sneaky, sis...


that is a non-profit organization serving people with disabilities

You have to give it to the genji. His tactics were pretty good. Staying behind at a far range until he's ready to go in. Mercy is just a bitch and no one stopped her.

It's just a battle of "b-but my suspension of disbelief" crap.
It's completely unethical but there's mounds of bullshit in game statements to make it seem like it's not morally questionable.
Sure it's a kid's game and whatnot and we don't want to discuss moral greys. But it's just retarded logic to rationalize making kids not think there's issue with what amounts to cockfighting. But they're also not real beings so their feelings matter none.

Ha. No.

But he's literally covered in semen.
You can't really call that a cunny bunny since that's for lesbians.

I am also a needle in a stack of needles. But I'm diamond tipped.

and yet it is in my folder now all the same.

exactly. you get me.

that seems like an unnecessary feature for a needle. what are you doing, sewing diamond thread?

I believe the way you put it was "Making retards fight each other"

it's like going to the jewelry store but for some reason all the diamonds are uncut and you can't find a single one that looks any different than the other.

Piecing the heavens. And then sewing I back up, apparently.

im gonna get you

what did the rest say

how impressive.

promises promises


The rest of what?


my post you're quoting from

already have that one, actually, but thanks.

like, I look at my roster and feel nothing but seeing the husk of what was once a good idea, not build upon and let to rot, but forced to live.


oh ho! I see you have misnamed that file but it appears to have been done on purpose. well played, sir. upvote for you.

In the end there's no such thing as winning an internet argument. We all just end up being losers fighting on the internet.


I don't know, some stupid shit based off your own ignorance of the intelligence of fictional creatures, some of which have four brains and are more intelligent than super computers and can dismantle and reassemble a car with it's mind.

But it's a retard and a 10-year-old is totally forcing it to do things against it's will right?

This isn't even my folder.

It's BRIAN's folder.

oh man I feel so stupid now holy shit

I forgot how amazing Colosseum's music is

pokemon is dead

the only way we can revive it is to start completely new.






nah it was about taking advantage of retarded people.

how the special olympics, a non profit organization relates to a society which revolves around animal cruelty is beyond me dude but you need to cool it please

Weren't we trying to install some kind of system where every time Fish posts Ui comes and gets rid of it?

Oh god what the fuck is this?

what is the story behind that working?

Pokemon aren't animals and their fictional society does not condone cruelty.
If you listened at all and were not such a flaming baboon you might know that, but you are beyond my help.

Nothing is gay
Everything is Permitted

some people do it for nostalgia factor

some because they can't hold it to a higher standard.

pokemon black will be my last pokemon game.

this series is braindead, merely a vegetable on life support.

You're gonna have to repeat that question, my dude.

old garee post. I have found a few more in here.

how the hell did I have a secure trip that said that

If you sucked off Milky enough, he made people ones.

why does fish hate ui enough to stop posting if they are around?

Darwin probably made Milky do it.

but by definition they are animals. they move they eat they shit and they fuck

are there actual animals in the pokemon universe?


must have been some other way then because milky and I were no longer friends by then.

yes this seems more likely.

whats that smaller screencap look like?


In the anime? Yes.
In games? No. There's just sentient pokemon so either everyone is a vegetarian or people eat pokemon constantly. But only the dumb ones.

please, tell me how exactly gamefreak isn't going to fuck this up


what a crafty schemer


yup yup

whats the difference

do pokemon just grow weirder and have magic powers

where is the line exactly and what makes a pokemon not just an imaginary animal.émon)

The games acknowledge pokemon eating each other.
As for humans, it's only said it's the really dumb ones like magikarps, mootank and other ones based off things we'd eat in real life.

Alolan Exeggutor alone makes Sun and Moon amazing

Or Noko may have been in charge of namesync already by that point.

They lived together in the trap house until Fish ate the last ravioli and Scarlet hulked out and beat "her" "girlfriend" till everyone was crying and then Ui grabbed Fish and tried to throw it out the window, but no mortal man could be that strong, so he put it on wheels and rolled it out the door.


no more items

seriously though think about it.

no more items

at all

and your Pokemon take weeks to recover if they get their ass kicked hard enough.


Well yeah, you shouldn't eat any animal that was intelligent. Futurama had an episode all about it.

yan i still want to at least be acquaintances


Is an absolutely retarded game design choice, and no one with half a brain would do it.

I don't remember noko.

I have no idea how much of this I can take to be accurate because you seem to have embellished just a tiny bit for humor's sake.
but it's enough info to make my own guesses.



Why don't armies and terrorists ever use pokes to decimate their enemies?

Pokemon never kill ppl right?

All Pokemon are capable of understanding basic human speech and abstract concepts, though.

but perhaps with a full brain...

You are bad at being honest.

I caught one for the PokeDex but it looked utterly retarded in R/B so I never bothered.

now now, not in front of the children.

there's a canon pokemon war before gen one

Ok who's jelly

Let's find out.
I'll be your charizard. :3c

*with at least half a brain

It was a god damn monster up until like Gen 4

Shit fucked everyone

at least it's better than the other legendary options for her. nothing is better than posh though.



hory shit

Shit tbh


I honestly just hated its design so much.
I know he was one of the creator's favorites but just looked retarded.

i was honest when i said i didnt really care about this and that this was stupid.

i am honest now.

id rather not turn this into a thing i enjoyed our light talks

It looks bad.

Also ~1k years before X and Y.

This would have been a good opportunity to say something along the lines of "this seems slightly exaggerated, but at least I know you're not telling tall tales".

I'd be better at bullying me than you are.

Like Alakazam, 1,000 IQ points, and only able to learn four moves.

In the games this isn't as evident. Just seems these creatures with supernatural powers can only learn a set amount of commands and prompts, which any cow or rat here can surely do.

That's because you're SHIT

cool, I've reached the "look we finally figured out how to program slightly cool stuff for the DS" portion of the 50 repetetive battles I need to go through to save the something or whatother.

Eating pokemon meat is considered an ethically questionable luxury, similar to eating a shark's fin.

Known pokemon to have been eaten are Farfetch'd and Slowpoke.

If you did then I question your decision to remove me from steam.

I think I said something along those lines anyway. but thanks for the pointers. the picture was just random by the way, not to imply you were a big fat liar.



im level 61 and still just sprays and icons and dupes...


fuck you Holla Forums

Your three balls are SHIT.

Your meth-head appearance is SHIT

Slowpoke tails.

And you're not really supposed to eat it, just chew or suck on it.

maybe I'm giving pokemon a hard time

maybe I'm just fed up with games being made poorly and not living up to the greatness of their ideas in general.

i removed a lot of people i dont routinely talked to when i moved. ill add you in a second. the only reason i fucked with you in that manner is because i feel it to be a victimless crime in that it is really abstract and unlikely to upset.

I would've preferred that one, I barely play tracer ;;


I won't make you a murderer!

Plus you don't really have a Charizard vibe

Sounds OP family

Just collect them all, anyway.

I was the victim.
I am upset.

Also we're still acquaintances, just because we're having an argument about a stupid game doesn't mean I don't like you, it just means you're wrong.

Granted Gen5 game sync isn't a thing anymore, afaik.

Pitch a game design choice that isn't inherently flawed and I'll hold credit in this opinion.

I'm more like a skittish eevee, tbh.


dont be a bitch


Would you love me any other way?

Your no neck is SHIT.

I'll just spend my life savings on summer loot boxes x_x

you're gonna be twerking at walmart for me

i cant imagine such a world


I don't know how to do that though.

Nice linking you shit


Just ask Desu to buy you some more.

just pretend your riding my dick basically

im sorry i am shit. here is some hot trap peach


that sounds gay as hell

One of the worst things I have ever seen

Is that the blonde fag from RE4?

Idk if you can buy for other people

Buying the game was already too much money, don't buy hat boxes too.

it is indeed. I don't have the full picture but it's rather amusing.

is that a complaint

dont say that jeordie is cute as hell


You poor poor fool.

I just googled "no way fag" and found it.

and after walmart we'll go to mcdonalds

well no of course not.

oh hey look at that.

I have the full pic

Artist is PlagueOfGripes, cool guy

Google never disappoints me, unlike you.

Plague is rad as heck.

this guy.

he's like tsuchi. no vaginas allowed on his girls.

it's like you don't even try any more.

He does a lot less animating lately and more... art lessons. Those videos are still pretty cool, but not going to watch them through.

if you're good you can maybe have a mcflurry

I never tried to begin with.

oh my gosh I love mcflurries

that's the joke.jpg

He's fine to just listen to. His banter is tops.

He looks like a meth head Donkey

Kind of like Tsuchi with black hair.

LOL. He's straight af tho

What's that smell? IT'S BLUUUUUUUUUUUUUD>>1255880

What's wrong with that?

what kind

he gets addicted to crack after indirectly causing the deaths of his mother and younger brother.

You are so right

Hey, fuck you.


But more than half of what he talks about in those videos is how to shade or what to put on different layers and other skills I won't absorb or care about.

I asked Milky to make it back when I gave a shit about you, and he could not say no to me.

Make me not bored.

That's not really adorable, just kind of tragic.

they only have the two these days. I like the m&m ones. both are good though. honestly they are just less good blizzards. we should go to DQ instead.

another mystery solved, gang.

Called it.

That's interesting stuff. You can see how quality art is made and what techniques can be used.

So much that I did for you, and you simply forgot. Ingrate.

I got you that LoL money card one time so we're basically totally square.

Blow me.

Who said there was anything wrong?

genius. dealing with all the stds after will keep her busy for years.

it's beauty in like a relatable sense.

M&M is the better out of the two. DQ would be great though. Or Sonic.

That does not even begin to cover all the games I bought you.

I'm not sure why you brought it up, then.

la la la

I worked at a sonic once. they are overpriced and overrated.

those were gifts. stop being greedy.

what the hell youtube?

I wrap my shit up, thank you very much.
So I am clean.

I told you to give me something entertaining to do.

seems like a weird habit. I usually just flush mine.

Oh, right, forgive me.

they dont have them up here. i kinda miss their microwave tier shit

already did, baby. already did.

took me a second to understand this one.

I don't find crack addiction or being indirectly responsible for the deaths of family members relatable.

Being a loser is fairly relatable, however.

they definitely have some good stuff, it's just not worth the price at all unless you have coupons.

It'd be entertaining for me at least.

What? Flushing condoms afterwards is bad for the environment.
Just throw them away.

par for the course then, right smiles?

You're not sure about a lot of things

you have been verbally bested and there's nothing you can do about it.

Thank you. The anxiety would have consumed me otherwise.


can't have that now. gotta keep you around for the minor amusement you occasionally provide.

Go blow your boyfriend.


While the rest of them dudes was a gettin their kicks boy
I beg your pardon I was losin mine

Yeah for all of 10 second, then you'll finish and it'll just be me cleaning shit from my hair.

Unfortunately, Tsuchi is the fastest out of the two of us.


Sorry I don't have the amazing speed of two whole minutes to rub one out like you.

somehow I doubt he has you beat by much. and you're infinitely more tolerable than he, so there's that.


people handling guilt is what i mean.


man they had those cool coupon books. i'd go in the morning before school. fuck im old




I forgot about your friend request.

when I worked there I stole a big stack of no strings attached free cheeseburger coupons and ate like a king for the next however many weeks.

I won't be here in a few days and possibly tomorrow though

I cannot give you that anymore; I no longer got it, lost all the unkindness.


then you are useless. begone.

I see how it is.


i stole a soda everyday when i worked at CVS tho so i cant judge

i just hate it more

respect my pronouns.

If it took 2 whole minutes than it would only be amusing, as it stands I would kill if that would mean you could last 30 seconds.

Seems like it took you an extra second to catch my joke as well.

It could just never work out if both of us were entirely unlikable. LOL


This could not have been healthy.


Is that how you do it?