What the fuck?!

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Who gives a flip

Top 10 Anime Betrayals

Didin't they say they were libertarians before?


you retards will believe anything just look at the new Roseanne reboot

Ron Paul was a Republican.

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South park ratings took a hit after unfunny anti-Trump shit…. miraculously jew creators join winning side… look for the knife because they will stab Republicans in the back just in time for the midterms.

Yeah, because the Libertarian Party is full of controlled opposition clowns and Amerimutts are sheep who vote for only the same two parties.

they made fun of both trump and hillary though?

That only means that Trump got much of his votes from the left. It's only in your head that he was ever an ebil nazee: you ended up believing your own bullshit like a fool.

Nice joke satan, but the actual truth is they went full antitrump syndrome until the show sounded like a kike rant.

Hillary was depicted as out of touch with Trump they went full retard.

It mans sir nobody liked kang nigger or his tranny wife.

i assume they are with Rand Paul

Are those the Baseketball guys that made out at the end of the movie.

I can see why they would be considering they are surrounded by elitist liberals but it doesnt seem like it made a difference to the show, its further left then it ever was.

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As if republicans are any different from democrats these days.


I can't imagine anyone but retards being leftist in america.

republicans are literally retarded tho