'Roseanne' Revival & The Baste Dacapedes

> hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/tv-ratings-roseanne-revival-skyrockets-stunning-premiere-1097943
Why are American """conservatives""" so weak-willed. They are just the liberals of 10 years ago

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Because burgers are destined to become Brazil

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would fug roseanne tbh

Shapiro is a fag though

but the fag is correct

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You would win hearts and minds if you weren't lying out your ass all the time. All the voters on T_D are leftists, they just wanted more immigration and job security. Or simply despised Hillary more.

Go back to reddit Nigger

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>son daughter

So, average Amerimutt family in CY+3?

This "woke" skank is the same type who will say "get with the times" in thirty years when they're pushing for the national anthem to be rapped in Spanish.

smh not Arabic you fucking islamaphoic racist.

a crazy attention seeking fat jew capitalizes and profits by making a pozzed show that is more moderate than most shit that has come out of hollywood since 2015….
This is all of the sudden considered "based". The jew is trying to get tranny child abuse victims and cy +3 pozz to be accepted by scaling it back slightly and painting it as harmless its about shifting the overton window back to the left.

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it'll be arabic

Kill yourselves, fascists.

(((civic nationalism))) is so based!

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I just realized this show exists to normalize this shit among the right.

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No, shit.

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As someone who is probably around the same age as that person, if not younger, I can confidently say that I don't remember a single dude from my kindergarten (or any grade) wearing a dress or lipstick - and I'm from Canada where you'd have won an award from the Prime Minister for it even back in the 90s.


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I legitimately cringed at that. wew.

It's All In The Family all over again.

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Clearly Roseanne did a good job of appealing to these people.

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The absolute state of Weimarica.

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Fucking reddit crap shits

It's a brainwashing show to slowly trick conservatives into being more sympathetic.

The only decent conservative shows made recently are last man standing and the ranch. They axed last man standing though im guessing not enough BBC.

Fuck conservatives, they conserve nothing

Trump's base turned to shit so quickly.

no, he's a jew.

even when telling the truth a jew will seek to manipulate it.

about time.

they conserve the degeneration of yesteryear, acting as a "only this far" limit to reducing the cancer.

sure they do by acting as a pressure valve and a foil to leftist they ensue the government doesn't collapse… ie they conserve the power structure as well as the unity of the left.

What the fuck is he doing in a piece of shit like this

Wait… they have Becky fucking the replacement Becky? That's oddly meta incest. And holy shit the other daughter's kid is practically a clone of the actress when she was younger.

Love how mad you leftist cucks are getting over a show that doesn't fall in line with the usual talking points.

The libtard ever kvetches about depictions of True Equality.

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Holy shit, amerisnowflakes are so easy to manipulate, it's scary

My kind of show!

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They brought it back? And John Goodman is in the cast?

Didn't Dan died?

lmao darlene and dj really look like they're part of that family. it's like the kids in shameless, the oldest girl of the "irish" family looks like she just walked off a kibbutz.

Didn't ever watch this show the first time, won't be watching it this time, either.

..wait wut…
…the fuck.