Lazy Saturday Thread

Lazy Saturday Thread

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first lol


your dubs are nice as well

i still want to punch the faggot in this video in the throat for leaving me


So do it, lol.

Honking of car horns for a couple that just got married is an old superstition to insure great sex.

Go us

Nah she is all talk and scared to play with my dick. That's why she removed me from everything

We're unstoppable

Rolled 2 (1d2)should i feel bad for logging into random peoples emails and deleting everything?


It would be considered extremely careless

the majority of these peoples passwords are just a word followed by 123
for example, niggers123 and minecraft123

these people deserve it anyway

No reasonable prosecutor would bring charges

a lot of these people are scammers anyway
if anything i'm helping by fucking them over and deleting peoples account details in here
what the fuck


they dont deserve it for having shit passwords
they deserve it for being shit

how does one obtain a shit designation making them worthy of being effd with by bebop?

it's all RNG

"random name generation"?


have you found anything with intrinsic value?

saay... a credit card

Yes. That number is a phone number btw, belongs to someone I want to call my boss and replace one day


When I actually get into shit like that I get a little scared. I think I'll stop. For now.

they shoulda had a better pass

when the man you want to work for/replace puts tape over his webcam I think its safe to say my aspirations aren't out of reach

Bebop is the next Snowden.

bebop is after zuckerberg

Snowden is a prick though
I'd never betray my country

I don't know. The next something.

Snowden is probably dead. FYI

rip snowden he was an hero


Finally, new furniture is in!


Id betray my country
More like CUNTry

better go tell someone on Holla Forums about it...

Who is this bae

eff teh govment, damn the white devil

Don't we all blog on here?
It creates substance for conversation, my good man.

Riza Hawkeye


oh yea... lol

how u feelan today since ur cooldown session



We all have our snapping points
Grim is a bruh

what material is your furniture?

somethin soft hopefully...

I'm feeling refreshed and wisened up, at least

Riza and Mustang were brilliant in Brotherhood.

Some dark wood, Mahogany or something, and leather I think


im honestly glad you gained something positive from the experience...

Feel merdul

leather is great, smells wonderful, cozy to sit on ... terrible for house guests.

Leather is great
Good smell
Nice feel
Easy to clean bodily fluids off of

good for lookan, not for sleepan... have people in for overnight give them the most uncomfortable shit to sleep on, they wont overstay they welcome

No roomies
Normies get sleepyhead time

I need more books to read. Might read this one soon if I can't find anything else to learn from

Metro 2033

last book i read was a users manual for an outmoded windows 95 laptop... 300 pages that

Read 50shades of grey

Did you figure how how to copy and paste?

How old are you?

figured out ho to share an internet connection over the ir port

His age is equal to the shades of gray that he is.

inb4 sama ld


Thanks for IDs supreme leader Bebop. You have my disregarded vote for Dictator for Life.

You're like a mundane office worker version of James Bond. Nice.

i can... means i should

Will look into those.

This song just made me realize I've been here too long

50 shades of grey was aight.

Old as fuck

2x2ft mousepad isn't big enough. i still manage to run out of mousepad everytime i play something. its killing me

Thanks for answering.


but then it won't feel right
i'm used to 1 sens 400dpi. if i changed that then everything would be fucked up even more

You're absolutely right about that.

You should be thankful that you don't have a 2x2 inch mousepad, like me.

There's nothing more satisfying than helping someone in need.


Use 1000 dpi or 2000 dpi and disable mouse accel

youll be ok

I couldn't find where to adjust my mouse sensitivity on this computer lol


it used to be 4x6inch. ugh

nobody who plays games as much as I do would ever have that shit on


I ate dinner last night and now I don't feel good.

This is your fault.

I know, man. I know :(

I'll never be a strong independent black woman.

Do you literally just pick your mouse up and throw it at the wall on the opposite of the room when you need to turn around?

You're not very good at helping people.

Happy 30th, Samus.

*opposite side

Get used to having regular meals, lol. Start small.

2ft isn't that big

2ft by 2ft is pretty fucking big.

My meals are regular, just not thrice daily or whatever :/

Also, that pic reminded me of how I saw a dude with a metroid tattoo and I thought of you at work.

if you're not playing games with high DPI and extremely low sensitivity then you should probably just uninstall all of your games and kill yourself

Y'all are just being size-queens about mousepads now lol

You're right, at that sensitivity I imagine you'll need something more like a gym mat than a mouse pad.

Don't worry i'm here.

Facebook moves so fucking slow when you shitpost there

I have a simple 6x6" one
it is humble but it works c:

(user's stand power thingy)

Stand Name: undefined

Stand Ability: [Omnipotence](

Power - D

Speed - C

Range - B

Durability - B

Precision - D

Potential - D

Description: The power to have unlimited power. Omnipotence (from Latin: Omni Potens: "all power") is the ability to be almighty in every sense and aspect.

Did you ever end up watching Wolf Brigade?

i watched it

Yes, I loved it.

would you bang tiffany trump?

Wow Aeris, that's a name I haven't seen in forever.

I love mouse acceleration.

Windows button+u I think

Did you buy it to match the size of your penis?

I like her boots.

This is great!


Stand Name: Nezumi Ha Shizumikakatta Fune Wo Misuteru

Stand Ability: [Powers Via Crystal](

Power - B

Speed - D

Range - B

Durability - C

Precision - A

Potential - A

Description: The ability to use powers gained from supernatural crystals and gems. Variation of Powers Via Object. The user of this power can gain various special powers and/or effects derived through the use of supernatural gems/crystals. The powers gained could be permanent or temporary.

what is your problem

I wouldn't think it was your kind of movie.

It's slow, but it's really worth it.

It's not actually Aeris.

I like her everything.

bard apologized and I did too, pretty early in the morning

drama should be done


Oh, disappointing.

:OOOOOOOOO thank you!!!

Exactly, but I was downplaying her bod, obviously.

I was never a part of this highschool drama.

Whatever happened to her and her crew?


I got that sick pink ID though.

It's not about being the best, it's about being present.

It is phenomenal for my low mousepad real estate. Slow moving precision, fast moving distance. Very clever idea.

Aeris never had a crew. Aeris had occasional orbiters that thought he was a girl when in reality he was an autistic Serbian man. They all abandoned him eventually.

Please elaborate, I've only ever experienced Aeris through the bias of another. I would love to hear them exposed.

Nezumi is Taric!?

it was an anime. so i watched it, that's all there is to it.


Luka, fucking stop

Murder, haze me.

Ruby for vigor

That's about the whole story, nobody wanted to jack off with him over pictures of Neil Degrasse Tyson and Dr. Who so he finally fucked off.

Here, have his tumblr. I guess he hasn't even updated THAT in 2 months.

What about Discord? What happened to them?

pokemon ruby

Who are you again? Also I am having a sort of existential crisis in my life. I don't have the same disdain I used to

whats to get really. Aeris would argue about any fine point ad nausea substantiated or not (usually not) for hours on end until you finally just wanted to choke a bitch and back out of irritation.

Ah, I don't know. I liked him. He was an asshole, but I liked him.

He might still be on mlpchan. I never go there, so.

The dog fucker.
What could possibly have you distraught in such a perfect life?

My gems are truly, truly amazing.

thinking of u

Is that even the actual Aeris?
I didn't even think they knew who I was.

Wow, I forgot it was that bad

Such is life I guess, the lifes of posters who go their separate ways. We could weave a weird map to see where we all came and went.

Who else can we talk about from that era?

Oh yeah, yttrium's gone off grid or something...

I miss Gypsy.

it was THAT bad

Perhaps your reputation precedes you.


I miss the music on MTV.

I'm E-famous?

going out for a bit.

My first colonist.
And my blacksmith, apparently.

What should I name the colony?

Shia surprise!
It's actually Steven?

Cunt Punch.

animes animus

omg i'll miss u >~

To the 50 people who use animus sometimes, you just may be.

I miss the days when there was a 'kitchen phone' with that obnoxiously long swirly cord that would inevitably get twisted up after clotheslining you when you're trying to leave the house but your mom's talking to some relative.



Luka, you were a heavy poster during those days, right? Who are we missing?


Kinda lackluster...

Wow, a black, disabled woman blacksmith with long purple hair. Nice job indie developers, you got just what you wanted.

No i'm ban and I have other peoples tripcodes.

I miss hanging around the creek as a kid.

Another Shia surprise!

Yeah, man. Nowadays it's like illegal or something if children are playing out in the woods unattended.

Which is like my entire childhood. RIP

Hes probably trans nig though


How about you Elma? Who do you think should start posting again?

At least kids can still express themselves online.

It's not my place to gender them. Don't be a bigot.

Wait, what?

Is nig a gender?

More a state of mind.

I have shittons of deleted Sonic art from that Sonic era, it's all awful


You should give it back to the world. Disseminate it for posterity.

Gypsy and Yoghurt I guess.

That's not the same as discovering animal skeletons or falling into a swamp or having Arab style rock-fights or climbing trees.

Idunno. I'm feeling really nostalgic today apparently :/

Maybe illegal is a leap.

But still. 6 y/os shouldn't have smartphones I guess is the point.

I'll post some examples hold pls



Fuck that. Let them get lost.

I guess he just got sick of it all and got too busy with his booming production company or something.

Unless those were all lies and part of his character.

Maybe he just hated everyone and moved on.

What are your pronouns?

Kids can still do that stuff.

id lie to see yotsuba404 and clare47 return

Pretty sure I am losing the last parts of my humanity. Nothing too serious


What have you been doing with your pathetic life. Did you move onto bigger dogs and bigger things? Or is a dog the only thing stupid enough that you can trick into spending time with you?


Getting lost in the woods for the first time is a good memory too. Maybe not at the time, but it was so rewarding and triumphant when you found your way back^^

But they seem to not do any of it what with technology.

I have no dog to speak of lately.

alo hannako and hazuki... cirno og

Just make sure to beat your kids so much that they spend all their time outside just to be away from you.

I will not be having children.

Archives found

Fine, fine, the ones you steal from the woods. Whatever. You get my point, Elma.

Like, I have a SHIT ton of bad stuff

How brooding.

This shit so bad gotta spoiler it

Like what is this even?


It's 10/10 erotica, that's what it is.

It's bad fam, real bad

anyone got a working sega genesis and a copy of sonic?

Bebop you are a horrendous piece of shit

Now and forever.

Yes, why? Any specific genesis or sonic game?

But he's OUR horrendous piece of shit. Get fucked by the way.

the original of both obv.

I like that one.

Yeah, in a closet somewhere. Why?

Not sure my Gen1 Genesis works but I do have it. And I have a million copies of Sonic1.


No children.

only got it on the master system


like... i wasted so many hours.
thinking it would be pretty awesome to play once more

I'm jumping out of that folder

Peking raviolis, Crab rangoons, #13 (Gen's Chicken)

Let's get fat^^

an atari 2600 would be fine too

Buy the mobile port. I know the lead programmer on the project. You won't be disappointed. It's the same classic feel.


He isnt dead?!?!?!?!?!?


Just get it on an emulator or something. Please don't come to my house.

Thanks for the raging erection.

Shia surprise


oh my it's like my first husbando jafar

i have this one

Jesus christ that is fucking sad. Do you even have a job. Are you a permanent leech on the state like Luka?

Scalies and furries please die

Only way to experience it bruh

That was probably more adorable than you intended.

Just imagine scabies

If anyone wants me to continue, I will need content in exchange

Wow, there are some hardcore dog owners in this thread I guess.

What's a scabie?

No, I'm gainfully employed.
I'm attempting to get double shifts for an 80 hour work week.

scaly baby

I work 40-45 hours a week and make more than double you. Why are you so worthless. People are literally saying your time is worth nothing

thank you... emulator game list available?

What kind of employer willingly pays out 40 hours of OT?

Freeman pls eff off with that edgelordtier shittery


I mean, I have gross fictional creature porn.

It was requested. And you're not even posting anything right now what the fuck dude?

You didn't even know I worked.
How would you know how much I make?

They are always short on staff.
Busy season is a good time to capitalize on that.

Someone sounds mad about not being a professional athlete.

Okay, but why wouldn't they just hire some chump instead of paying out the OT?

I'm confused by looking at this from the employer's perspective.

I'm already trained and can pull the hours.
They tend to lose people after a week.

Because more employees is a nightmare, especially in a factory setting where every new employee is a flake and 10 times harder to deal with than they need to be. Would be my guess.

going by how pretty the things squash buys for me to dress in i would say he makes mad bank

mad bank

I see, I see.

I didn't know he worked in a factory.


Yeah you were, because you kicked me from your discord.

Im working

He works on the love segment of the production line. Has to instill it in every product before it leaves the factory.

Well the thread went to shit anyway Scoots, you got your wish


It's over now.

I work 60 hours a week :(

I know that feel, I can respect that then. I used to come on from work sometimes.

If it's over, I'd like an invite back to the disc :/

Love segment?

I think you're just making things up.

Posting sonic means itwas already shit

I'm sorry.

Me too.

be back in a bit. Gotta grab my Chink food^^

I used to be a Sonic fan, is that not okay?

The personal touch doesn't massage itself into the product, Elma. Don't be naive.

I used to be a shadow fan


We were all sonic fans
Just not that kind lol
Im being triggered
Furr shit is triggering

Then what should I post or should I go back to shitposting on fb for a while?

wow so glad to find out i am not the only one who used to jack off to sonic art

You are al wonderful people
I don't say it enough

Post whatever you like

Who is sonic?

wait what

I am sonic


ilu scooters :3c

I need post inspo

I thought we were just talking about being fans

You didn't jack it to Sonic porn?


Post foxgirls/catgirls?


Why would you jack it to sonic:/

Say no more fam

Because he's way past cool.


I was too white. I have come to terms with it

I am salaried but frowned upon to work less than that

Because I know you and people like you

Sleep snug smug

tfw murder has all the money in the world but it can't buy me

He says after that squash comment

ur face is a flood 8ch

And you are still alive why?

I will win you over by singing NMH with you ~

People do seem to like me.

But jokes aside I actually manage a sub division of a pharmaceutical manufacture. I'm mostly in charge of corporate infrastructure and on going company changes and management.
It's not big, but an annual salary of around 600K is decent enough.


Should I take another hit guys?

What a Shai Surprise.

god sqaush it makes me so horny when you do that

i wanna cam for you again tonight

I assume you'll wear the dress I got you?
If only to take it off.

i'll tear it off

buy me another?

this meme is more forced than your advances upon canines.

Well, you being white, and also your chicken legs.

You'll have to earn it after daddy's big meeting.

That's the point as I can't push "nervous farting" anymore without the pic.

Amun wills it.

now that I know this I support shia surprise whole heartedly.

when daddy goes into a meeting and you have to tease yourself until he gets back so you're ready for him


I stopped reading there

I'm telling sabrina you're cheating on her.

Seek and you shall receive.

no please she will discipline me


You better.

My aren't you up and a slut today.

If it helps you to think you make more than I do so be it, love.


she's my friend. it wouldn't be right if I saw this and didn't tell her about it.

Sabs and I split custody of Loco, Cup.

looks like i'm in a pretty sticky situation

oh, well then.

you'll share I assume? I hear loco is pretty cute.

I have a good bit of caps of this slut if you're interested.

Shame the cancer cant kill me quicker

Snitches get stitches.

muslims will finish invading your country and kill you all soon enough.

I live in a state where you can conceal carry without a permit.

do you wanna take that risk?


Wait 'till tonight.

From the image I saw Loco is actually very adorable.

well let's hope so. because your government and the rest of europe sure isn't going to do jack shit.

so share.

i shouldnt

I don't sell out my concubines.

Test and I are going to play.
Come join.

you wouldn't be selling, just loaning.

fine fine.

You damn southerners and your biblical laws!


don't worry, if hilary wins we're in the exact same fucking boat.

I want what Loco and Squash have :/

We need to pool community resources and buy an island

i'm only pretending with squash. that's how easy it is.

No coolbear?

its a prank

Id prank elma

That doesn't change the fact that I want something like that. Hmmph.

I have no idea.

I'm too gullible for this place.

me too



Just call me daddy, baba

That's mean!

Cupcake has the right to bear arms. :^)

Do you want to be the successful business woman sugar momma?

Like you are one to talk

But it's gonna be a prank!


I'm not even mean!!!

You put the "me" in mean.

Maybe you'd like it if you tried it.


Good boy points for SCANNER

but is he best boy

someone makes sabs appear i need release

Wait.. what?


I don't think so. My mood is generally directly correlated to how much is in my bank account.

People who don't have jobs and act like it's hard to get one sicken me


Literally assholes

But not having a job is a blessing if you can afford it.

I'm never gonna be best boy, you know that.
But yeah, I volunteered for 5 hours straight, selling raffle tickets for the Youth Club, and selling loose bathroom tiles to kids to decorate with felt tip pens.

Literally shilling shit for a good cause.

It's not hard the job market that is the problem, it is my stupid retardation that is holding me back from getting a job. ._.'

Id hate to not work

Directly, or inversely?

Some people have no skills and are felons.

But what about skillful felons

More money = More happy Elma

They obviously don't fall into the category of unskilled felons, and are thus irrelevant.

You should avoid ever becoming an unskilled felon.

I don't have a job right now but I know how easy it is to get one. I get offered a job almost everywhere I go because I'm a decent person irl


people without skills can get shit jobs and learn to not be shit
they can also just go out of there way to learn shit to not be a useless piece of shit
also if you're a good felon then you'll get hired for doing what you did. I know plenty of people who have.

I just bit into one of these ravs and it jizzed all over me.

I wish I had this ability on other things.

It's rude to call someone irrelevant. Everybody should be important somehow ^w^

Then do you just not want a job?

If you don't have any disabilities and are crying for literally any job but just oh can't seem to find one
join the army or something. be like all those other people who don't know what the fuck they're doing and all of those who feel a purpose in it

Biting bats and making them jizz

That should go without saying and also mainly to people who break the law.

You did good

What's a rav?

right now I'm using my time at home to learn other things. every now and then I take on a contract to do but it's nothing steady

They're terrible quality anyways since the pages I got them from are ridiculously tiny resolutions

Still came

There are also plenty of dying towns where there are no jobs, though. I mean, it's easy for me, sure, and for most people? Probably. For everybody? No.

They should form a skilled felon social circle. Some sort of... crime ring.

can you link me the comic though

Nuuu! I meant people or something .///.

I got chinese food. A peking ravioli, though they may be called something different in your region.

Being NEET by choice is disgusting

What are you learning

The best part is that crime rings are tax exempt


Then you ought be more specific
You know I am notoriously imaginative

For everybody, probably not. Everyone who I'm in contact with that bitches about it non-stop actually has options though.
It's not like people can't work outside of town though too.

What kind of person I am and what I actually want to do in life.
also half attempting German atm along with a dozen coding languages

I only know the artist is called Nyanpyoun, plenty of results if you google him.

Nice picture

I swear, soon as I figure out how not to rest in pepperoni...

I was just annoyed a little that the youth club leader didn't have anything better to like... offer.

Like, there was NO face painting thing in this road show. We would've made SHITLOADS if any of us knew how to do it.

Then again... just means that 'If someone doesn't know shit, it means I have to learn it'

Like this raffle thing, it was for a cheap tablet.
She was like 'You gotta really sell it, like you did in door to door. Adults would love to get this for their kids' and I was like 'Don't all kids have ipads and iphones nowadays? It would be better to sell this to the computer illiterate who fancies watching youtube videos and facebook'.

Shiiieeeeet, forget employment even.
Education and training is fucking hella fun.

Where have all the good men gone?

I'd be down.

Is it being NEET if you're already filthy rich and don't have to work

technically. but that would be awesome.

Educating and training is awesome

It's something ive always discussed with amusement
What if

To all players that see a team in a game go down a player or two, then decide to turn on their team to make it a "fair fight"

I want somebody to jizz all over me, Scoots! >///<

Is it mommy and daddy's money, or yours?

Sticking your tongue out?

You're right, that is the best part. The free doughnuts at meetings are good too though.

Not everybody can realistically pick up and move across the state though. All I was talking about was everybody, I have no idea who you encounter in your life.

No, that's not the connotation of NEET. This has come up in thread before and I hate the people who argue that.

the real problem would be getting internet and stuff. oh and the insane amount of money it would all cost.

Ty loods, I knew where that cap came from but forgot artist.

If you're filthy rich, you may as well learn more skills.

Like fencing. Or cooking. Or bullshitting people into giving you more money.

I don't need no man. I pay my own bills.

But I don't mind one.

Yeah but you are a lewdo


This too.

I am sure if the island isn't too far from mainland it would be achievable
And true that
I need to become the billionaire quicksmart

Lexi wouldn't mind 3 men

Potential filth

Lies and slander.

Learn some Arabic too people are suckers for that

It's probably yours
Most of this folder is what I've gotten from you, and Desu


Nuh it was lucioball, essentially rocket league in overwatch. So he was goal tending for the enemy and trying to score on us

I need scientifical proof so lets go find a room

I don't mind if I was in a shit job, so long as I got gud at it, and made enough money to cover my ass for the odd mistake or existential crisis.

Current job is shit though, and don't get enough hours to make money. ;-;

Apologies i misread the link. But still. Get up and slam and welcome to japan


you do that. I'll think of ways to spend your billions. it's the perfect team.

I want to get taken care of by an older woman with a fuckton of money, but an empty love life
I'd make an amazing house-husband

I love it when a plan comes together


Oh, I see.

Ask for more hours or ask for a raise if you feel like you kick ass at work on the regular.

Come with me.

Illuminate the enemy!

I mean, that sort of thing does exist, as long as you're a tall, muscular man who can dance and is willing to strip for cash.

Because. Potentially.

It's kind of stupid, there should be a kick button for such people. We do not tolerate disloyalty in this army!

Scoots. What are you talking abouttt?

It's just a game.

Your own person is much more important than anything else in life imo so once you're all good then you can just find ways to make things better.

If you're rich you should still be learning things, even if it's scuba diving because you just want to have fun
Hell you can find ways to become even richer. own a business and you're no longer neet even

I'm not saying they have to do that even. I know people here who drive 2hours to work and 2hours back home every single weekday for their job because it's all they could find/the job they wanted
Mainly pissed right now about Blood-chan being a useless piece of shit who constantly complains about not having a job now(sure reminds me of someone else from here too)

shush you

What am I ever talking about
Im a madman

Someone made this trip for me
Do you like it?

I was joking, thought the military part sort of gave that away lmao

depends on your skillset

O-okay then...

I wonder who it could have been
Haha nice meme :3

It's hard to tell considering how seriously some of you guys take vidya.


Where are we going?

I fit three of those.
Not incredibly muscular, however.

Yeah but some people "own" businesses and are still bums.


My room.

invite pls^^


People can always learn skills or put up with shit jobs until they have enough "experience" to branch off. They literally cannot afford to be picky on what job they take if they want to go anywhere in this world.
Sucks for them that their mommy and daddy won't pay for their college like mine will for me but that's life, it isn't fair.

Then they should learn to improve it and make money. That's good enough in my book to not be considered a filthy neet

I don't know anything about Bloodchan, so I can't really say.

Well, that doesn't get you anywhere. A male stripper without muscles is like a basketball player without legs. I mean, sure, you can wiggle around on the ground, but you aren't going to get your dick sucked any time soon.

I think Deadpool started writing fortune cookies

I literally take nothing seriously, it's a horrible trait at that commitment issues and all that

Bc is a fucking liar. You cannot trust a single thing they say. For all we know, they are a mega millions lottery winner.

What kind of skills can people learn with no money?

Coding? It's a stretch.

You can't expect to put up with a shitjob/dead end job ( at least I think this is what you are referring to) and then branch off magically after some time. Unless you go into management, but even then that's rare.

Ultimately, people decide during HS/CC whether or not they want a fulfilling life or not tbh

It's just the game chat.

Can't ask for more work.
There is literally no more work to offer.
I'm on a temp contract and they ring me when they need me.

I get at least 12 hours notice. Usually, the reason why there is not enough work is probably because there is not enough packaging that needs to be done.

However, I'mma apply for different jobs now, fuck those guys; they fucked me over so bad.

Yep. Small things for big things to improve oneself.
Sleeping pattern, new routine, etc.

Anytime. Yeah he does a good bit of anal stuff.

That was what I was fishing for :3
How big is it?~

I can get jiggy with that.

What if you're a neat, but you're still a really good person?

Eventually some woman will appreciate my toned lithe stature

This isn't a dedicated folder
You gave me your loli folder, baka

I mean, that's kinda what is to be expected through temp agencies, bro.

Tch, yeah, in the sci-fi future where we allow women go be archeologists, maybe.

Lara Croft has already done this though.

*to be

Or not to be

Well, if you can get Lara Croft to dig up your mummified body and appreciate it, I'll concede the point to you.

This is the crops folder though!

But I have no idea who downloaded what. Got kinda mad when they removed my 'pussy' and 'anal' folders, Like what the heck

You put up with it and bust your ass long enough to figure out what you want then you fucking keep busting you ass to get what you want. I does and can happen, but it completely depends on one's work ethic.

Getting what you want in life no matter the obstacles is the fulfillment and peoples' minds change at any given time.

Just my two cents as somebody who is fucking doing it

I was thinking more of skills they could do physically and learn without the internet. I doubt they could even write a hello world script in Python
I looked up jobs there and showed them a dozen all of which require you to just be there/be reliable, both of which I don't think they could actually pull off but I'm be happy if the surprised me.

I really want to shake that person and slap them a few times so they can see reality.
I'm not saying that a shit job will land you up in a high paying job after a year, I'm saying you can slowly work it up from shit job to shit job until you finally have enough to pay for a place on your own(idk what prices are like in NYC but it shouldn't be that hard to move out, even if you do it and go broke again)
truly infuriating

ayy I just did this one, I hope
good stuff, I wish the best for you

then 'learn' to have fun :^)

''I want to stand with you on
a mountain''

Excuse me?

I like it. lol

Yeah, I was about to say, you could save up for college like you are. I really hope I can eat in a restaurant or something that's owned by you one day.

Prices in nyc are mindbogglingly insane. You don't know anything about bc anyway. Why even care?

It isn't just even improving the business, Bebop.
Keeping it running might be a fucking chore too.

Didn't know it was a temp agency.
The work program I'm on knew less than me... fucking retards.

And I do crave anal stuff right now.
Like, you don't even know.

Woke up at 8am, 4 hours sleep... never have I felt so horrible.

But Tomb Raider takes places within the last 30 years I am sure.

Now I'm lost

they were two explicit for such a WHOLESOME filesharing site.


Lara Croft is also a fictional character, but you didn't hear me bitching about that.

I want to bathe with you in the sea?


Can I get a good job to yell at/teach people shit? I know a few jobs like that but I don't know if they actually get pay.
I actually like to yell at stupid people and teach them shit though, it makes me feel good sort of. that feeling of making people better is always good

i'd like to fill that gap. please and thank you

I don't know anything about Luka but I still tried to help them
read above for a little bit of my madness/logic

I over watch 2 businesses right now, small of course so it's not much for me to do but I understand some of the pain behind it. I had to end 2 contracts with 2 other businesses because they were slacking, real shame too since we were their first customers and always paid up front.

ouch that sleep sounds painful. i keep going to bed at 6-7pm and waking up at 4-7am

Touche douche.
It seems we've reached an impasse.

Literally what the name says.

drill instructor

any kind of manager

Luka doesnt want to work
he's perfectly fine on his disability and welfare

I want to lay like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me


He's not disabled.

Yes, literally!

Luka hasnt the will to work, it would appear.

That's exactly what I had in mind lmao

already sort of a manager but it's no fun because we're never getting any new recruits because everyone who doesn't work is a bitch


yeah, I know
but he's on disability anyway

❤️ Quite a savage choice

The best cupcakes in town~

I wonder if I could do like breakfast deals and bake that kind of stuff too^^

That seems quite shady.

The only thing left is to join forces and fight crime as masked avengers.

shoot me pls

Why so badly?

They are such prudes

When you're high up the hierarchy, you start getting authority to yell at people while being paid well. Usually requires a proper education or years of experience. Or both.

Yeah. But be careful with culinary schools. They tend to not be worth it, statistically.


My dress arrived

the DI thing really does call to me. I love the whole idea of it.

Everyone is a prude



Job noticed moneypenny in the newest bond is selena from 28days


the ID thing really does call to me. I love the whole idea of it.



I'm definitely not.

Drill Instructor

Who ever said anything about a culinary school?

It's a little niche bakery and pastry arts program with a built-in internship and restaurant for training. I believe it has work placement afterwards too.

I even volunteered myself to start helping with the cake decorating at my work just for that tiny bit of extra experience (and to get out of the kitchen from time to time).

Yuhhhh I'm so excite.

I prefer more gentle stuff.

You really really want to deal with me huh?

I didn't know the deets. That sounds really promising, actually.


Wouldn't that kinda muddy up the crime ring we're starting?

Repost the folders and show them who's boss.

Oh, actual yelling. I think it's a pretty tough job.

In a few years maybe when I've gathered enough new material.

It's a secret channel through which to deal with our criminal political rivals.

Hm? In the mood or in general?
Rougher can be quite nice, from time to time

Why not?

How long until the wedding thing?

What a savage.

nothing much, finally doing some relaxing



We live in a time where you can literally make money off of anything as long as you record it
Go have all the fun you can and show it off to all those who aren't, they'll watch it and give you precious shekels to shove more fun in their faces that they will never have

this song really speaks

such a baka to not know this already

yes lol
while teaching throughout it.

this q time is killing me lloyd

We are talking about music right..?

Being a prude is boring.

I don't find new stuff that often.

Unless you actually want to become a sergeant or such, I'm fairly certain it is fairly impossible to find such a job.

What we playin

Donde estas
Soy el tango

Now there's politics involved?
What the fuck is this movie, Kaybe.

More or less the same. Choosing to do nothing.

So let's play blind.
It doesn't matter when you're premade like this anyway, does it?

What else?

league o shitters

Just be thankful that Lloyd isn't killing you. I have it on good authority that he's a criminal/superhero vigilante.


Then why does everyone do it?!

Do you have other options?

I've always thought of military life being for me so idk. Part of why I'm trying to figure out what I want.
Maybe I should just shoot for one and hope it goes for best though

Much appreciated Bebop. And see ya folks.
Its been a fun ride.


Good boy.

Yes, hence the choosing to be lazy.
I'm tired.

You don't look hard enough

none of that fucking shit.




take nap!

Tired. Videogames for me.

If you are here air force guy
I have time to play some overwatch

You know what I meant... I couldn't tell for a second lol


Well I'm glad my life choices are starting to get your approval ;p

you always seem to be tired


Ask Squash for an invite to the discord

You look good in it.
Nah, whatever makes you happy and pays the dosh out

Maybe, why not both?

Air hostess
I like the way you dress



Thanks~ It's hard to picture my new hairdo in it with makeup and everything though. At least it fits first try haha With a bellyfull of chinese food even!

I really think it will be a happy occupation to hold, which is the exciting part. Hopefully people won't boycott sales when they find out I'm a disgusting tranny though ahaha

I am a rebel. I am....

Thats awesome
do it again, scoots


Oh lawd what have I done

What did you do?

I'm going golfing soon now.

Is this what a social life is?

I'm scared.



Y'all prolly didn't even know I golf lol

That's going to be fun!


Because bardeljuice

God damn it cato

Can't let you do that star scoots


What did I do?

I dont get it

Last time I went golfing I beat my dad.

pic related it's you



last time I went golfing
my dad was stll beating me
*ba da tss*