Is it gay to like women that look like boys?

Is it gay to like women that look like boys?

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Help me, I think I'm in love

Only if her dick is bigger than yours..

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at least post some cute traps

Not gay at all

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that's gay

It's not gay to have a physical arousal response to traps if they actually look like women, that's just the lizard brain talking. But if you actually follow through and bang a mentally ill man pretending to be a woman, that's gay. Or if you fap to their dicks, that's kinda gay too.

If you're attracted to a trap, but would be less attracted to him if he didn't have a dick, that's gay.

If you like "women" with small chests, you are gay.

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It's no gay dude. I like small breasts too.

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Nah, I prescribe to the ancient roman idea of sexuality, there are only 2 positions of sexuality, dominant and submissive. There is NOTHING gay about smashing a girly boy in his ass while his tiny penis flops around, clearly inferior to yours, this is the dream of all alpha males, to dominate lesser beings, whether they are female or male matters not. The submissive love it as well, because they are being reminded of their place, it makes them feel like their existence has a purpose even if it is just to take the cock of those superior to them.

not sure, you should ask some watson fans though

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wtf? I'm gay now!

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meant for

only attractive women itt tbh

El goblino en acción

Actually it would be far more mutt to say they weren't, that's exactly what italian american mutts do, they larp as romans and ignore all the self documented parts of history that showed the romans were big on boyfucking

It's only not gay to like women that look like boys if you lick their pussies thus reaffirming the male/female difference.

licking pussy can give you throat cancer, idiot

You mean like the trannie the roasties and an ugly lil' boy?

yes. you should only like real women such as pic related

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everything gives you cancer these days it seems

only if you lick whore pussy you CUCK!

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It's not gay to like women, but when they're butch jews, it is.

there is no difference between boy and girls

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based androgynous posters


You're supposed to pick one that actually has a good face

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