What did he mean by this?

What did he mean by this?

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He meant: "I'm a pathetic wimp with mommy issues, so every other man must be too."

Never drink the kool-aid

I didn't know women were a race.
But wait a minute….
If women are a race…
and he's saying women are better…

He's a fucking white male, of course he's racist user.

Looks jewish to me but lets say he is white.. What do people like this think they gain for themselves by proclaiming such retardation?

We are reaching soy levels that we previosly thought would be impossible.

women are literally undeveloped men

He means he's a kike. Dominant women and subsidiary males is jewish society, they just propagate their laws on the goy.

You were right the first time

what a braindead retard, what he's trying to say is that you're getting a dopamine high, which can be said about literally anything you enjoy, so I guess eating a bag of chips is sex and art too according to this jewish bugman

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You guys realise he's actually autistic, right? Just enjoy his films and ignore all the shit he says outside of them, apart from the interviews he puts out when a new film comes out, because those are actually good.


Doesn't surprise me tbqhwy

How can women be a race if they need men to help them reproduce?



dude just needs funding for a new movie so he has to say gay shit like this

some artist

uh cringe? it isn't 2014 sweetie