What are Holla Forums's thoughts on Robert "Moviebob" Chipman?

What are Holla Forums's thoughts on Robert "Moviebob" Chipman?

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/ourguy/ definetly

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Chipman is a manchild faggot but eugenics is unironically the only way humans will progress as a species outside of technology.

One of my favorite lolcows. His complete delusion that he is one of the "elites" is adorable.

Give me a YT link so I can downvote all his videos.

The absolute state of Holla Forums…

Welfare was a mistake, it allowed all the blacks to sit on their ass and get paid by whitey while shouting "fug whitey mane shieeet"
And anime is cancer

He was nothing special for the longest time and mostly skirted by riding the wake of the internet reviewer fad, and then went on to become completely cancerous and idiotic beyond belief as he started promoting assbackwards ideas and opinions for the sake of ideology and SJW brownie points.

He was always a lurid little asshole, but he shat himself hard during Gamergate and ever since has been struggling to meet the progressive quota. No one trusts him among SJWs so he has to kiss ass day and night.

He got triggered by Ben Affleck's six pack

Only servants and sociopaths seek to further help this rotten society. Look at you acting all rebel against the system, but dissing on anyone who pulls out to look at it burn.

The rejected Holla Forumsirgin

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redpill a newfag on the nazbol gang. Who are they?

If you have to ask, you're not cool enough to know.

There is no NazBol Gang. The purpose of the nonexistent NazBol Gang is to suppress a site where boards whose owners believe in the eventual symbiosis between the various communities around the globe are its "members" (not "affiliates", as "affiliation" carries a connotation that some find unpleasant).

They are the shadow masterminds lurking behind imageboards (or at least the parts of it they do not find distasteful). The true motives of the NazBol Gang are difficult to discern, but their Damage Control agents have been observed openly operating on 8ch on several occasions. (Or this would be the case if they existed, which they don't.)

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Events and Occurrences attributed to the nonexistent NazBol Gang

The ruination of 4chan.
The total destruction of anonib.
Keeping /progrider/ off the map. And its destruction.
The breaking of Wikichan Classic.
The revival of SAOVQ.
Ensuring elitist quality through grammarian assault squads.
Damage Control surges worldwide.
Wiki edit reversions internetwide.
Finding things to be distasteful and removing them from maps.
Controlling the cypto-currency market and preventing bicoin inflation at all costs.
The Pulse Nightclub terrorist attack.
Causing the civil war in Nepal.
Controlling the world economy.
Destroying America.

What a scary gang…

theres a lot of funny autistic shitfits he has. check cow for lolz

Actually no one gives a fuck about your forced meme. And it makes you damn salty

He's like the fat girl who wants into the thot table and they tolerate her because it's good to be admired but they don't like her and will cut her loose if she becomes a problem.

I've an ongoing bet of which will last longer, Bob Barker or Bob's leg. My money's on diabetes.