Does being a beta make you a soyboy? asking for a friend

Does being a beta make you a soyboy? asking for a friend.

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If you shave, no.

bowing to pussy will.

They are both buzzwords

The whole alpha/beta dichotomy definitely exists and soyboy is just the 2018 word for numale which have been a thing for a while, so no.

Your ordinary betas look like alphas when compared to soyboys, but ironically soyboys get more pussy for some reason.

No, a beta and a soyboy are two different things, but there's a lot of overlap. It's a big of a chicken and egg scenario, though.

Soyboy is a real thing. Unfermented soy is a potent phytoestrogen.

using words like "alpha, beta, soyboy" etc is just virtue signaling for rightards

do you look like this? you may be a soyboy

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7/10 bait, user.

Imagine how scary these guys would look if they had the teeth of a predator.

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Wolf teeth.

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also do you own a nintendo switch? you may be a soyboy

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I do own a Switch, please stop bellying it.

No, you can be a beta and still not be a soyboy… soyboy is omega male if anything, possibly even lower if that's possible.

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sheeit i ain't playin' no games with no dildo a'ight



More of a spectrum than a dichotomy. Dichotomy suggests there are just ripped lantern jaw chads and revenge of the nerds tier geeks and nothing inbetween.

If that's the case 95% of men are 'soyboys' because xenoestrogens and soy are in just about everything

He's right though. It's polcucks finding the most bottom of the barrel examples to feel more manly and cool. Numale, cuck, soyboy, beta etc. its all "at least im not this guy"

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At least you're not Anthony Burch.

Average testosterone levels have declined sharply over the past few generations. Pretty much since we've started measuring average testosterone levels, they've been decreasing.


Exactly. Everyone wuz Soyboys

Compared to our great grandfathers, yeah. A combination of environmental factors like xenoestrogens, and sociological ones.

Why do we keep measuring them then?

Not all betas are soyboys but all soyboys are betas.

They're different aberrations of the male identity.
A beta is a low class member: not precisely a loser or coward (bit of both), more like one who understand his priority is lower than the leader members.

Soyboys are a more recent invention: they are feminist golems, male reshaped into catty bitches who throw away traditional identity for cheap substitutes. They lack the empathy of a group of losers and get morbidly attached to their female leaders.

This is obviously social engineering by kikes: in jewish society, women are dominant butch while men are secondary pussies.

Let's ignore the problem goy, just like in sweden when they stopped issuing crime stats on immigrants

Get a load of this soycuck

No, betas make the world go 'round. Just look at Jews.

What about somebody who disengages from participating in the class and doesn't care about other people's existences?

Fucking kek.

If he truly doesn't care then it can be argued that he's an alpha.

If he does care, but pretends not to care and withdraws from society just because he got his feelings hurt then he is a coward and a beta.

Never had enough human contact to get feelings hurt whatever you mean by that.

Do you want human contact?

I don't think this place is your speed buddy

Uh, excuse me? Are you one of those shitlords from the obscurer imageboards or something?

I don't know. I think that it would be a crutch for me to rely on if I can't be content with life with myself alone.

That sounds really cool in theory and I used to say the same thing word for word many years ago, but trust me user, it's extremely retarded for many social, psychological and biological reasons. Congratulations, now you know you're a beta.

No it's true, if I can't be happy alone then I should just kill myself because only a pathetic beta would have such weak willpower to be upset by lack of human contact. A man is a castle.

Well then that makes everyone a pathetic beta, find the biggest normie you know, Kim K for example, lock her up in a room for a year and watch her go insane. Human beings need others to define them, other people act like mirrors because we see ourselves through their eyes, this is why they say that you are your 5 best friends. If the only people you know are your mom, your dad, your grandma, your neighbour and the girl at the grocery story, then who you are is going to be based on your perception of their perception of you.

By saying people should be content being alone, you're fighting against human biology because humans don't exist as atomic individuals. If they could then cats wouldn't be so popular. Even the alphas that socially isolate themselves only do it because they are too lazy to go out of their way to be social, but they welcome all social contact coming their way. No man is an island.

Then I'm a soulless robot because people don't have a perception of me to begin with.

Well then that's too bad. Don't say I didn't warn you though.

I must become an island, or else I forsake myself to the will of beasts.

I've heard of a sigma male, a man who mostly stays out of the social ladder and is fine being a follower or outsider but can make an effective leader if nobody else is willing to and something needs done. Dunno if that's a real thing though.

I you think you sound edgy and cool, but seriously, some silly quote that some old man wrote for his book shouldn't be the way you dictate your life.

Do what is practical.

Didn't they have a whole spectre for a minute for people like Mozart or Beethoven who are far to intelligent to care about social hierarchies

*I know you think

Pretty sure those are just called autists.

It still falls into the beta/alpha dichotomy. People made a lot of fancy charts based on the Greek alphabet with positive and negative values for each rank, but it's all bullshit for redditors.

There was an entire class of people with those characteristics in the past, would make sense they still exist today. They were the ones who segregated themselves, and organized in their own societies. Knights Templar was one of them, people who took part in it where extremely intelligent outcasts.

I don't think the alpha/beta scale applies directly to humans, since that's for wolves and shit. But we're still a social animal that forms hierarchies of dominance, so we're definitely subject to something similar.

Mind over matter user. If you can't stand for anything, you will die for nothing. I would rather uphold my own principles and standards than betray them for animal instincts.

But even noble principles are just refined versions of our animal instincts. Without basing your ideology on our base nature, you're just pulling shit out of thin air that will never work. Loving your people is just an enlightened extension of caring for your family, which is an instinct we all possess unless thoroughly damaged or traumatized somehow.

I would rather die with my pride intact than live broken and betrayed to myself.

Hey Shirou, Archer was right.

Well user, nobody is contesting that.


Your ideals will drag you to your grave.

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Beta males is true of all animals that compete for sexual selection.

"Beta" just addresses where nu-males stand in the order of things. "Soyboy" calls out the heart of the issue. Both are applicable because they address the same crowd.

Betacuck soyboy nu-males will say otherwise.

Your "self" consists of different parts, you are already betraying yourself by trying to satisfy your ego for some bullshit sense superiority.

I used to know a guy 6 years ago who was just like that, he STILL sticks stubbornly to the flawed principles he made for himself and last time I saw him a few months ago, was in a mental hospital., and I know you're thinking "I'm not like that, I'm different" but you're not. Fanaticism is a dangerous thing and if you're not willing to back down then you should at least be a bit more flexible in order to test what works best to make you happy and what doesn't.

I also used to have a lot of flawed beliefs in my teens and early twenties, I'm also really stubborn and I swear if I didn't change my mind about the stupid way I was thinking back then, I would have already committed suicide long ago, but now I'm happier than ever.

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He's got a point though, it's also depressing to know you caved on your ideals and are living a hollow life just because it's easier.

am i a soyboy?

What does your diet look like? Do you drink straight tap? Do you eat lots of food out of plastic containers? Do you drink shit out of aluminum cans?

i eat a lot of frozen food. no tap water. drink lots of water and gatorade out of plastic bottles.

It's like they're begging to have a barrel of a shotgun shoved into their open mouths.

Only way to know for sure is to get your testosterone levels checked with a blood test at a doctor. And don't let him give you some bullshit about how it's in a "normal range", that range goes from castrated elderly men to teens in puberty. Get the actual numbers and look it up for yourself.

It's a tossup. You may not be a fullblown soyboy but chances are your test levels are being negatively affected, and your estrogen levels are abnormally high for a male.

i actually have results from bloodwork from last year, what readings am i looking for?

Why is my life hollow? If I compare how my life was then to how it is now, THAT life was pretty fucking hollow because there was no purpose to it. Those were the most depressing years of my life. Was it tragic that I caved on my ideals? Maybe… but they were false ideals in the first place, it's like building a house on sand instead of a solid foundation, you are just making things difficult for yourself for no reason at all.

There definitely are certain ideals that you should stick to, but they are more simpler and more reasonable, eg: don't smoke or drink excessively, don't let women handle your finances, etc… Simple shit like that.

Take a look through this, it'll be more informative than I care to type.

If you want to raise your test then take some Omega 3 Fatty Acid supplements and Vitamin D supplements. You can eat fish as well such as tinned tuna is a good source of Omega 3. Even if you're not worried about test levels you should take them anyway, they'll make you healthier.

Well yeah, if your ideals were misled and as you learn more you revise them or move away from them, then that makes sense. Or if they were impossibly idealistic, you can still work towards them while knowing that they're not actually achievable, but still useful to guide you through life. But if you give up on them because they were too difficult, that's different.

Zinc will also increase your test if you're deficient in zinc, but extra zinc won't give you extra test. Also abstaining from masturbation (and ejaculation from normal sex) will increase your test gradually but only for about a week, then it goes back to normal.

my labs from last year didn't test for it i guess, going to ask next time im there though

i actually have a bottle of those here that i quit taking because i kept burping up fish smell. may start on them again anyways though

The problem with shit like is that it's not as apparent as something physical like weight-lifting and whether you're wrong or right is not instant but takes years of experience to prove. For example, you can tell yourself "I'm strong enough to pick up a car", and whether you can or can't will be proven instantly, you don't see jackasses still trying and still insisting, saying "I can't go back down, I'm not a weakling like everyone else" even though it's clear that they aren't half as jacked as Hafthor Bjornsson and probably won't be without at least a decade of training. It's only in all this metaphysical/psychological shit that people choose to let their lives revolve around something stupid and impractical out of sheer pride and stubbornness.

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I don't think so. A beta is just someone who's not strong enough to challenge an alpha. A beta can resent his position, use unconventional tactics to overcome it, or work to become stronger. A soyboy seems like someone who likes child-like submissiveness and weakness. Instead of a will to power he has a will to weakness. He resents strength and responsibility in favor of security and entertainment. His entire life is built on being a good pet to others. While a beta could just be someone born in a very bad position.