The Last Jedi Made 417.5 million dollars in net profit

The Last Jedi Made 417.5 million dollars in net profit.

Holla Forums on suicide watch

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With an astounding $414.7M net profit, Beauty and the Beast is easily Disney’s most profitable live-action adaptation of an animated title ever, beating recent hits as Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book ($258.1M) and Maleficent ($190.8M)

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1. Underperformed contrary to expectations
2. Damaged the brand due to poor viewer reception and controversy


I made more money than that last year.

Disney advisement budget was 500 million.


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Nobody gets butthurt here anymore.
Not even in the shitty politisperg threads.

Maisiefag gets mad pretty often.



That's a nasty lie. I have never seen the Maisiefag get legit mad. He has always known how to take banter and responds likewise - all in good nature.

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Case in point.

Looks like somebody is buttcrushed.

I'm not the Maisiefag. I'm a new member of the Maisie's Watch, but I've been around since the first exodus, and I have never seen him get legit mad about anything.

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Not often but he has gotten mad enough to flounce out of threads before.

I can only assume you're a false flagging emma fag trying to make maisie look bad.

How am I "trying to make Maisie look bad" exactly?
Unless you can provide some examples to prove your point that the Maisiefag has ever been really mad, you are trying to make him look bad, and failing miserably tbh.

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inflation is a hell of a drug

cry more

I sincerely hope they lost even more than this.

SOLO will bomb, Episode 9 will be boycotted, games sales are dead

I will find you, hang you, burn you and drown you



That's not really much of an accomplishment, especially since the original made 425 mil on a budget of 25 mil.

you're forgetting the sales from merchandising as well

Why tvs still of TLJ threads when we should discuss Muh Pacifig Booyega Rimjob nigga.


Thread should have ended here.

Holy shit you dumb fucking faggot. It grossed 1.25 billion. We are talking about net profits. What are you doing here if you don't know one single fucking thing about movie lingo and the movie business. What are you doing here? You live under a fucking rock?

It did only a couple less million than fucking star wars in terms of profit.

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heh, looks like Holla Forums is on the wrong side of history again!

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He already mentioned merchandising and how it's down 47%. We already knew that Star Wars stuff related to Episode VII and VIII isn't selling, so you can add that up on top of the smoldering pile of shit TLJ is. I fully expect merchandise to sell even less after the Han Solo disaster.

No Hollywood movie has ever turned a profit OP.

go back to

Yep, the merch disaster and the draconian theater booking conditions have fucked Kennedyfilm's bargaining power for future installments too.
Everything has to be renegotiated from scratch.

Which is worse, porgs or niglets?

Source on the figurine?

>(((Disney))) remake and sequel trash is a hit with the unwashed masses

No you see, the point it Holla Forums said it would bomb. And not only that it was even thought by Disney that it might only gross 500-600 million. They didn't expect it to do Star Wars money. That's the point. Brilliant

You’re not really selling it all that well here…

Holla Forums is a hivemind and everyone said it would bomb. It made even at a modest assumption of what they thought it would gross, over 400 million over that.

fuck and by they I mean Disney not Holla Forums

Holla Forums can’t agree on anything no matter how much you try to claim it in order to justify loving (((Disney))) trash


No one ever says anything will bomb here. They say it is shit. There is a critical difference.

VIII performed worse than I thought it would.

No faggot people did say it would bomb all of 2016 and until it was released. I'm not talking about star wars.

Just like you can’t admit that you shill for mainstream Disney shit on an anonymous imageboard - for free!

You literally (and figuratively) can't make this shit up