Itt: good animes to watch

itt: good animes to watch
ill start:

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/a/ is a thing. I visit there. There is nothing wrong with posting there.

Here you go

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this is a board for television and movies, is it not? and all of these shows aired on television, so i dont see the problem tbh

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TBH JoJo part 4-5 suck and 6 was only slightly better. 7 is fucking kino.

im an anime fag, so ive only seen up to part 4. ive been meaning to read the manga, i just dont have the motivation to do so. but yeah, part 4 sucked balls. i liked parts 1-3 though 2>1>3 tbh

I wouldn't piss on Zero if he was on fire, much less care about his board description.

normies gtfo

>>>Holla Forums

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sugoi, but im not into fucking furries tbh.

stay on suicide watch weeb cuck

im not on suicide watch, unlike u lmao lol


the best anime

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no thanks you mark

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Aren't you forgetting something, user?!

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Samurai Pizza Cats. All the rest are for girls and faggots.

looks pretty generic

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu/Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu (2009)/Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu are the most influential anime of the 21st century. It looks generic the same way Citizen Kane looks generic.

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yes, the endless eight was fantastic

t. Jim Cornette

You're probably being sarczstic, but it really was. You will never see something that experimental in anime again.

well i am not 16, so all this weeb shit starts to look generic. Bleach became like this which is legit the same time i stopped watching anime, also ironically when i started to post on 4chan. weebs posters werent "autistic" yet

Anime is gay and so are you, you testosterone devoid soycuck.

What did it mean by this?

t. fag mark

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He meant he's a faggot shut in who escapes the horror of meeting people and being an actual man, with moving pictures drawn by gooks. He's that pathetic.


Made in Abyss

I bet you have a waifu and get emotionally upset when someone offends her. Is that your waifu in the pic? You're one soft soggy biscuit aren't you.

Why are leftists so butthurt over anime? For an internationalist group, they seem to consume only israeli media.

Whats that about


Watership Down

Weebs are the biggest fucking leftists, dude.

There is nothing political about anime. It's just entertainment meant to bring a little joy to the dull grey lives of overworked and overstressed salarymen and to fill the endless hours of the hikki.

Weebs are beta boy soycuck virgins, the perfect type of scrawny shit who would wear a che tshirt while pretending to read mao's little red book.

Most anime is trash just like western live-action productions but once in a while something worthwhile pops up.
Just to name a few decent series. Both weebs and otakus are notoriously averse to adversity, imagined or otherwise, and hunger for overblown escapism and self-insert characters, which really lowers the quality of the medium as producers have to cater to those cretins to make a living.

Patrician taste, user.

Why would they do that?

Welcome to the NHK was pretty good too pic related, there is no greater waifu than this

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Nothing else is worth touching.

Makes sense that soy boys would hate anime because of that. These are the kind of people who become frothing with rage when they find something that they can't politicize.

Gurren Lagann

Unlimited Blade Works
Full Metal Alchemist
Prison School
Kill la Kill

everything else

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Meh, she's kinda Maisey-tier, you're probably a filthy Maiseyfag yourself.

ghost in the shell

Good animes:

Just read the VN for God's sake, it's so much better of an experience that I find it unbelievable how shit the anime is in comparison.

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I read both the VNs. The anime isn't too bad.

lmao stay mad, goons. its been what, 2 years and ur still mad? lol just get a life jesus christ you are all autistic

I need you to kill yourself afap.


Do the people in real life call you out for being illiterate?

Hellsing ultimate
Made in Abyss
One punch man
One Piece
killing bites and overlord are ongoing now and they're alright
mob psycho 100
That's about it tbh, we've got most of the best of them.


You were born after 2000, were'nt you?

I look at it as comedy Bebop, and it's very good.

That show is mostly fun because you can tell they were fucking around a lot when they were dubbing it.

I have a fondness for the original subbed Crayon Shin Chan. Thought the US dub was atrocious though.

There are people pathetic enough to actually do that?

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Better than wrestling and other forms of American entertainment.








ok. I do.

Hokuto no ken
Cowboy Bebop
Fruits Basket
Arakawa Under the Bridge
Spice and Wolf
Legends of the Galactic Heroes

Weebfags are kidding themselves.

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What is this sacrilege?

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I've tried plenty of old anime and they're mostly shit with trash basing and clich├ęd happy go lucky characters.

Anime is inherently communist