Thoughts on this?

Thoughts on this?

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Bunch of fucking liars, also fantasy best genre.

Hi Patrick :)

Yep, this shit is fake.

Mexicans really like their porn.

t. not Zach

nice try degenerate

based PA

cia niggers time is close to an end


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I laughed.

Looks like fantasy is an entirely hwite genre. It's no wonder they turned WoW into an MOBARPG.

nice movie

I don't get it. How do you figure he likes fantasy?

What nigger movies do they have classified as documentaries?

Worldstar since it serves the same role as animal planet once used to.


Fucking this bullshit, who's favorite fucking genre is comedy

We wuz kangz or some shit. It has to be.

Black Panther is the greatest film of all time to be honest family.

checks out

normal people

Sci-fi could use some more love.

This. Why don't people want to think about the future?

Trash poll tbh

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good one, OP. here's the original in case anyone's interested

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it probably means the so-called 'Amerimutts'

They're not the same thing.

What a shocker.

close enough