Would Goku have been able to stop 9/11?

Would Goku have been able to stop 9/11?

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Yes, by not causing it.

No but Superman could.

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Depends, could Goku stop Hulk Hogan?

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No, he would befriend the terrorists.

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Goku would not only do 9/11, he would the rest of America too.

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Fucking Muslims ruin everything.

Globally Reported for ISIS propaganda and terrorism apology

Same, he can fuck off glorifying terrorism and Islam both are a cancer and a plague that only mental midgetted brainlets are attracted too.

Dragon Ball is a thinly veiled allegory of the world resisting the ZOG continued assaults on the free people of earth.


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Now that's what I call edgy cy+3

ISIS propaganda production quality has gone notably downhill lately. They must be doing pretty shitty these days, seems like shit has been rough for them since Trump took office.

Haven't ISIS lost last every month for the past year? They've almost been entirely driven out of Syria.

That's because most of the people who made those videos are dead.

They lost CIA funding.

These are hilarious, have any more?

How so?

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can someone answer this question seriously: why is dragon ball the anime of choice for niggers and spics?


DBZ ranks first in all american favorite anime list, or at least it did before Naruto and One Piece. If you've never watched the entire original run, you're out of your element on imageboards.

it was huge with american kids in the 90's and early 2000's and burger kids are mostly minorities

I watched different cartoons because my parents never paid for the cable package with Cartoon network and Nickolodian. I've watched more Dragonball TAS then the original show. I watched a few seasons of Kai though.

this, but unironically