Why do Holla Forumstard manbabies fear her so much?

Why do Holla Forumstard manbabies fear her so much?

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How is she brave? Fuck this gay earth.

There are only two things I fear.

because Holla Forumstards are pathetic

Mommy material

I watched the defeminized version.
Didnt she act like a complete asshole towards her subordinates and then crash teh ship or something?

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oh nonono

Is she related to these guys?

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I don't even fear retards like you, let alone lower lifeforms masquerading as human beings.

Holla Forumstards are like so stupid i bet they like have a very low iq in the maybe like 50's or at best like 60 iq points.

they are just so stupid wow.

Her toy will rot alongside the Rey and rose toys on the decomposing carcass of toys r us shelves.

Holy shit did you sneak your phone into class?

this. kek

What was her plan?

reeee leave rey alone

Is this shit directly responsible for killing Toys R US? They must have put a lot of faith in the Star Wars brand.

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Mexicans and Indians still are.

Maybe kids don't like toys any more, vidya is easier.

Say it to my face and see what happens

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In the toys r us video, WWE figures and hot wheels flew off the shelves.

She does nothing except act like a bitch and then sacrifice herself for no good reason. Maybe she could have been a good character if it was fleshed out a bit more, but it just wasn't there.

Yeah, after finishing the first video it seems like only shit toys are left.

i got a massive erection during the movie when she was shown

u liek SJW types eh??

She has nice features.

If not for the purple hair, maybe.

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Derns been a munter since Jurassic Park.

Im sad and happy at the same time, I lived long enough to see star wars rise and fall but the kid inside me is kinda sad ToysRUs is dying.

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I cant even imagine what kind of kid would want a toy of that old purple haired woman?
Kids dont want to play with a toy that resembles their mom.


No wonder you're such a fuck up.

What was your favourite Star Wars toy when you was a wee lad? For me, it was the Han and Luke in stormtrooper uniforms were you could take the helmets off.

My mother is old enough to have a blue rinse. That predates SJWism by quite a long time.

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Oh, sorry. Pink rinse is superior.

no she's related to this one

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That's because they steal money from Jews unlike the based hard working whites who donate half their earnings to them.

because she's possibly the most ineffectual military commander in the history of fiction? she did literally nothing other than let her men die and look like she didn't give a shit about them either way
as a male I am horrified at the thought of fighting in that snowflake's name.

That is a great debate even the internet is not yet ready for.


what do they mean? do they mean "question me and DIE"? if yes then that's not "leadership", that's communism and slavery


They mean that all the men should have just trusted her blindly even though all the information available to them said SHIT'S FUCKED CAPTAIN!. All the drama could have been avoided if she'd just shared some information with the crew instead of being a bitch to them.

She had no information.

I don't remember the details but I'm pretty sure she had some plan or info that she chose not to share with the crew which is what led to them doing the whole mutiny thing because shit was fucked, only to find out they were foolish men and should have just obeyed.

She had nothing, no plan, Leia saved her shit, and not very well. She was a complete and utter useless cunt. Fuck you.

She said she did. She didn't.

That's not how I remember it, user. Maybe I'm thinking of Leia having the plan or some info that the rest of the crew wasn't privy to?

so which is it?

why did this character exist? It should have been Leia instead so she got more screen time. the new trilogy has too many pointless characters, maybe for the sake of action figure sales.

You know, I've actually learned much from these kikes shitting up the place. On twatter and places like that, you're talking to normalfag soyboys: in here you actually see lefty anons.

You could have never prepared me, to how stupid a self thought young commie is like. I still have to cling to the notion that most of these are shitskins or niggers.

because the force is female sweetie


None of your fucking business, Hitler.

Drumpf cucks ==BTFO==

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There are more whites on Holla Forums than Holla Forums. Face it, the true path for an Aryan is the path of Socialism.

National Socialism.

Because men are threatened by women in positions of power.

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*sigh* cool it with the antisemitism kid

fuck off drumpftard

They are paid to and their women are comfortable living poorly. White women won't fuck you if you don't make 60k unless you're a coon let alone won't talk to you if you don't own/lease your own 2 bedroom place.

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Seems to be lacking several of the requisite characteristics for Mommy status, including but not limited to Milkers (Khazar or otherwise), and general sexual attractiveness.

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Holla Forumslyps brain's short circuit when they see a strong powerful woman, they don't know what to do

You fucking millennials have such low standards that even a dog would be mommy material.

yes, national socialism

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Honestly I wouldn't mind raping her

t.Holla Forums


I so want to buy one of these and cum on it

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God I wish that were me.

Truly Inspired

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Norway, with a vast White majority and a functioning system of social democracy, is a pretty nice place to live. Nobody's talking about full-blown Marxism here, just mix the economics of compassion with an all-White population and life will be pretty good. The welfare state fails because niggers have no sense of shame and no drive to improve. In an all-White society most recipients would only use welfare for its intended purpose: as a safety net.

Gee thanks user, I'm so redpilled now.

Socialism can only work if everyone has a sufficient work ethic and a sincere regard for their fellow countrymen.
Communists are all too often revolution fetishists who possess neither of those traits.
Of course if you allow international bankers to setup shop it doesn't matter what political ideaology you adhere to, shit's fucked

Cokehead girl?

That's exactly what an international banker would say

I don't really get the joke.

Socialism can't work because it's ignorant of the Pareto principle.

I got you dead to rights, buster.

Socialism today means a very different thing than it did in the 1930s. Just like liberal used to mean something like libertarian means today, but it means something quite different now. The Founding Fathers were liberals in their time, but they'd have little in common with liberals today.

This, socialism could MAYBE work if the people paying into it and benefiting it actually gave a shit about their people and their country, instead of just looking for maximum gibs and not trusting their neighbors and being alienated from their community. Basically, you can't mix socialism and multiculturalism.


I already heard someone say this here before and fine, I can agree with that, but it doesn't change the fact that today's Holla Forumsacks are genuinely anti-capitalists and believe that they can create some kind of working version of socialism simply because it will be them (them - meaning their Fuhrer/God-Emperor) in the driver's seat and not some Marxist Jews.

It's a magical way of thinking that you could just add "Aryan" in front of anything and it will work out even better than you imagine it to.

Socialism works great until you run out of other peoples money.

nazism works great until you run out of jews to gas

Hitler railed against capitalism when it was used to reduce people to cogs in a machine, but was fine with it otherwise. Basically NatSoc supports and encourages private business except when it hurts the people of the nation, like drug dealers or usury.

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I know you're not advocating for total communism but please user, I also know you're not the best proponents of the free market, property rights, and liberty.

I hear this all the time.

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I hear ya, but the whole point was that they were against abuses of capitalism like usury, and they also hated communism and Marxist bullshit.

Yeah, I get that. I have my concerns, but I'd still pick Hitler-san over whatever Holla Forums, or even what many of (((our world governments))) have to offer, though I'm still libertarian at heart.

You mean surviving? Unlike most everyone else in the fleet?

That never stopped people before.

She would have told them so they don't mutiny against her. They aren't psychic so they can't read her mind.

Holon was really brave. She got out on the escape pop before lightspeeding into darth vader's ship. she not dead.

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you are mistaking fear with disgust user
just look at that thing, tell me it's mere sight doesn't give you nausea, i dare you
In all seriusness she is hated cus she's pretty much the embodiment of everything that ruined StarWars and everything ruining the west
an obnoxious cunt who blabs about hope and feeling when people are dying and in need of an objective plan, a bitch who'se only there to emasculate all the men around here, even when it's them who do all the work, an incompetent dyke who gets all her comrrades killed due to her stupidity, a genetic dead end whom the movie expect us to forgive just cus she sacrificed herself in a plot hole ridden allahu akbar moment
all of this without mentioning that she was a completly unecesary throwaway character who could have simply been replaced by Admiral Ackbar but noooooooooooooooo, (((they))) just HAD to shoehorn a stronk independant womyn plot be damned
Honestly, as someone who never liked Soy Wars, i love her character
I spend years trying to convince my blue pilled friends that rainbowhaired dykes are out to ruin all forms of entretainament be them movies, comics, Vidya or mango, yet they never believed me:
all while they laughed at my outlandish claims of entretainament being (((turned))) into a subversive propaganda paltaform to indoctrinate men into goyim with cultural marxism
my friends are not laughing now… but i am

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Socialism works when it's nationalist and respect private property
multiculturalism underminds the social cohesion of a nation
in order to make a nation strong, it must be an monoclutural ethnostate were the state don't let it's poor in the gutter while allowing the rich to undermine national economy to fatten their own pockets but does not remoove the posibilit of personal growth to private property wich is the only incentive people have to prosper
totalitarian comunism and capitalism are tw sides of the same shekkels and both of them lead to the enslavement of the goyim, national socialism was moderate, it had the best of the 2 economic sistem but came with an authoritarian state necesary to keep things in the center