Hey dad thanks for buying me this new dress

Hey dad thanks for buying me this new dress

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gay cunt

Why is this in Holla Forums?

You better come home with at least five nigger pozzloads up your bum, kid. Don't let me down.

i think you mean /poltv/, buddy boy.

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Go back to /brit/ you faggot, you're all faggots over there.

typical white "male"

Built for black cock

Ummmmm sorry sweetie that's not how it works 😉

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hmm, sorry sweetie but you're wrong.

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This is what boarding school does to the average English boy.

Seems about right.

I'd fuck his boipucci if it's disease-free.

Holla Forums has always been Holla Forums and Holla Forums run off.

This is the typical poster from /brit/
No wonder that place is overrun with Arabs who are fucking 1400 white girls in small English towns.

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UK is absolutely cucked and shouldn't even be counted as a White country anymore.


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I don't get this tbh, why are they fawning over a nigger so much?

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Porn culture. They've bought the Big Nigger dick meme from watching porn.

Shall I post the 17 year old American girl biting through her braces from just looking at Michael B Jordan?

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Hey Mohammadeen, showing slags from other parts of the world doesn't make your problem any less, it just means you don't have an answer to it, you're admitting it hit a nerve and you're lashing out like the Juden you are.

That guy is pretty cute tbh.

What? When did this shit happen?

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