It's too late.

If it makes you feel any better, odds are high that you would be just as unhappy for different reasons if you had those things.


Women are not your property.

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Being a fighter sucks though, its unrewarding MOST of the time. People love you when you're doing good and as soon as you fail you are in hell alone where you have to claw back up.

People want to "test" you all the time and you have to swallow your pride in public or at parties and when you lose your shit after constant "testing" they want to sue you or shoot you.

Wannabe and real gangsters constantly want to be friends with you and they want you to do shady shit. Friends and family want to use you as their own personal enforcer when ever something happens in their lives. GF's are plentiful and you have lots of time (3-5 hours training a day) but then you are to tired to do anything else so you spend your entire day shitposting or playing video games.


Great post.


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I don't care about women. I just want a gf like Bliss.

maybe you should stop dressing like a sailor moon, then

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It's not a woman It's a tranny dude.

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She's not jewish.

Still looks like a lizard

She is a cute girl with a nice body. You are being spiteful.

She's not cute and her body is unfeminine.

unfeminine as in neotenic? Perhaps but males have always prefer woman with neotenic facial features its biological. She is not aphrodite but she certainly isn't the way you are making her out to be. So from that we can conclude you are either spiteful or literally a defective male.

I like women that can actually bear children. I guess healthy procreation is defective in your Jewish mind.

Your standards are to high, you could settle down and be happy with a lady just like this if you weren't so fussy.

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Small woman can bear children and its actually a well known fact that being smaller is better than being taller for future offspring. Your ideals are clouding your views on reality.

*I don't know if its a well known fact but a fact nonetheless, sorry user.