Do you allow your kids to watch wwe?

Do you allow your kids to watch wwe?

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wwe will never do something like this again

no i wouldnt

I'm never having kids, so no.

Its probably for the best.

I wish WWE was still like this.

That first gif can't be Alexa since you can see on the mat that it's from ECW which ended in February of 2010. Bliss didn't start doing anything with WWE until 2013. Considering it's a blonde, it's probably Kelly Kelly in that gif.

D-don't give up hope, user!

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I don't even watch WWE but that was pretty entertaining.

At the Royal Rumble PPV this year, Lita (the chick there) came out with a shirt that had "#timesup" on it lel.

I remember Lita from the old Hardy brothers team, she was also with Kane for a while. WWE lore is kinda interesting as a kid.

I will now, thanks OP

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Nothing wrong with not wanting your kids to grow up gay.

I'm not white though

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oh, well in that case consider the following

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if the woman is not spreading her vagina open or being rammed by a cock what's the point?


Meanwhile women get wet at just the sight of Finn.

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Holla Forums is a POC board
you best take your chinese cartoons and leave lil' dick white boi

Holla Forums is a big boy board
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