How come Opie and Anthony didn't break into television?

How come Opie and Anthony didn't break into television?

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hidden swastikas

They did break into television, and then they didn't.

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One is black but he thinks he's white the other is white and wishes he was black.

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Is that the chick he took to his school reunion?

How can you have a thread about Opie and Anthony and not mention Anthony's faggot brother. His people's court appearance is one for the ages.

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Fuck off reddit.


fucking recycled Howard Stern garbage. Only normalfags who think they are edgy and underground watch these faggots.

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looks like some junkie trainwreck he picked up and threw a dress on

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They were better than Howard Stern tbh.

It's called "style", kiddo, maybe you'd know if you had any.

that's like saying green shit is better than brown shit

No, Opie&Anthony is good radio-comedy.

Ron&Fez or Ron&Ron however is true Radio-kino.

The Howard Stern format is dead. It's for normalfags to listen to while they are driving to work. It's not kino in any way. It's the gayest most overused format and has been around for decades.

Who the fuck are Opie and Anthony?

Those women smell like absolute shit because of the mud they cover themselves in, it makes their tits look nice though.


Personal experience from having been near them user?

that's where the Opie & Anthony fans are. And yes, they're middle-aged drooling retards who turned on the show and do nothing but circle-jerk old lines from the show. Whoever is trying to keep an Opie & Anthony thread in the catalog perpetually is about 10 years too late. Nobody cares. O&A chose blue collar guys on the "job site", truckers, and internet forum namefags over anonymous nerds and neets a long time ago.

Don't call it a shitty fanbase. It's the future you chose.