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Black NRA Supporter Attacked At March For Our Lives: "You People Don't Belong Here!"

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tell this to AWAKE polcors so they join too


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so based

support our troops!

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not socialist anymore, and the more they've given up on socialism the better their life has become
not socialist anymore, and the more they've given up on socialism the better their life has become
literally starving to death as we speak
probably the least unsuccesful socialist country, and even there people are poor as fuck and stuck driving cars from the 50s because newer cars aren't affordable/allowed to be imported
not socialist, never has been
not socialist. various socialist parties have been in power for the last 10 years but don't seem to have turned the country into socialism
doing so well they've had to steal the animals from zoos and eat them

Venesuela sure is doing well

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Cuba is only barely functional because of the black market.

That ass is asking to be destroyed

So Sweden is only a dystopian socialist hellhole when it fits your rhetoric, right?

Social-Democrat is not socialist.

Women in gym only ask this…

Xi literally gave a speech only a few days ago about how important Socialist policies are to China and what he will do to continue them.


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lol is that you PA?


get a load of that shizophrenic drumpy in denial

Did know that since 1961 USSR was social democratic, right?
it's a rhetorical question.

what someone says ≠ reality

the Chinese leadership has never stopped claiming their system is "socialism with Chinese characteristics", but in practice it is a market economy with lots of government interference. not entirely unlike Sweden, which is also not socialist

how do you mean? I thought they had central planning until the mid-late 80s

Is this bitch serious? What the fuck is she trying to accomplish?

same thing anyone using machines is: getting the status boost of "going to the gym" without actually doing anything meaningful

Google Khrushev/Kosygin economic reform.
It was decided on 1961 and actally reformed in 1965, some minor changes continued up to 1970.
Its basically how "socialism failed" in USSR, Khrushev was like "oy vey, lets go back to capitalism for no reason".
Moral is: don't ever elect hohol as head of state.

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sooo… the profits still went to the state? not seeing how this was capitalism