What are some kinos about roasties getting what they deserve?

What are some kinos about roasties getting what they deserve?

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That looks extremely painful

Mixed gender hardcore wrestling from Japan.

women deserve to be treated well, protected from the evils of the real word and kept in their own cozy bubble. Most old Hollywood films are a good start.

t. boomer

Eat, Pray, Love

What's a shitposter to do?

gen x are just boomers except they didn't get to go to woodstock, kill yourself faggot

Woodstock 94, and 99. Faggot.
Go do your homework kid. Nobody wants to hear about how much you can vape, or what laundry detergent tastes better.

No one wants to hear about your open swinger relationship with tyrone, cuck

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For you.

If I smashed your face into legos, would you die?

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That doesn't mean what you think it means.

Daily reminder that soycucks think a boomer is anyone born between 45 and now. They are that stupid.

Plenty of options gramps

millennials are worthless garbage

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unironically roasted
well done

Pure kino, especially when you find out kana likes it

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thanks for the $22T debt and $200T+ in unfunded liabilities, gramps. It really took a special generation to leave the country in worse shape than they got it in.

what is Suzuki's problem?

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A boy and his dog

Gone with the wind

I'm not sure that counts as a roastie getting what she deserve

At the end he leaves for good and everyone she loved has died.

How about Swimming with Sharks?

I don't blame women for being what they are. I blame the men who enable them.



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Oh I see, you were watching The unofficial sequal

>i went to woodstock after woodstock was cool!
Congrats loser.

The last King of Scotland

So no one here wants to talk about movies?

Are those legos? Jesus christ that is brutal

I am so fucking sick of these BLACKED remakes of history

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oh my god Becky, you can't say that!

I think Brandi's subplot in Being The Elite is building up to this

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Why is the average Holla Forums poster screaming on manlet?