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Which is more dangerous to the human soul?

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he looks like that guy from the witcher dlc.

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This is why I hate the witcher. Men look like faggot.

Our perceptions change over time.


its not that unrealistic for the time era.

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this legit confuses me

Ah so that's where that came from

maybe you should try it out before shitting all over it you tired and sad contrarian. it might actually surprise you.

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you're talking to a Holla Forumsirgin, their entire existence is contrarianism and nonstop asshurt over video games

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A schizophrenic cult leader blows up the United States with nukes.

What did he mean by this?

Jesus have you heard of this new thing called TORRENTS. You don't have to financially support anyone who is politically driven. Fuck do you live in the 1990's?

Say what you want normie, Holla Forums will continue glorious fight to end game industry once and for all.

This. Nobody cares.

I do and clearly OP does. So what you are saying is factually wrong.

No thanks, video games turns people's brains into mush and they should be illegal. It's addictive, dangerous, no different than doing heroine or drinking a bottle of vodka everyday.
Mental health is very important user.

Films and television have been documented to turn your brain into mush. Video games actually stimulate and the only games that have been shown to have a negative effect on mental development is simulator and sandbox games.

Oh yes, the powerfull video game lobby that makes billions upon billions on people's wekaness had to invent their own studies out of thin air.
I have played video games in the pas, and i grow out of it when i reached my 20's…bu even so i wasn't against vieo games until i witness my colleague at university. He was addicted to League of Legendes, he would wake up at 2 am and play until 16 pm, then he went to sleep, rinse and repeat…days, weeks like this. We tries to help him, but he showed all thr sigs of an addicte, denial! he kept saying "i'll go to classes tomorrow" eventually his parents found out he was skipping classes and failed all the courses of that semester. He returned into their home and i don't know what happened to him..
Video games are dangerous! very dangerious! They must be made illegal and replaced with board and traditional games again.
Video games is just another thing that's wrong wit the modern world

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Jesus man maybe if you played some more video games you could form coherent sentences.


It's the juxtaposition of effeminated fundie and grooming that creates the soyboy effect. Lefties look like kids on halloween, not men sporting a perfectly normal beard with no attached messages.

i played this game for 6 or 7 hours last night, i don't see what all the bitching is about. SJWs on the left and on the right can't stand this game though

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Are you talking shit about muh books?


Friendly reminder Holla Forums is the most popular, and thus the most normie board on this site.

That's a funny way to spell /a/

Jewish ideas.

If your media promotes good and is well written, I don't see a problem with it.

to be fair that character is ex military so looking like a gay makes sense

50 shades of nigger cock up your ass, retard.

I don't play videos games. It was some random spam mail telling me shit was out. The kike shits, and 8ch eats.