Movies about losing wars and being on the wrong side of history


germoney has never won a war
Israel has never lost a war

Germany won more wars than you Amerimutt!


All I'm saying is that the next time nations fight the merchants maybe we should have someone else besides Germany take the lead.

They kinda lost and dragged the U.K. down in the Suez Canal invasion

or you know we could just not stop them dumbfuck, they were doing fine


Germany lost the moment they spared the British at Dunkirk.

yea, history writes hitler as oh so big bad and evil but actually he was way too good of a person, he really liked the british and admired their culture, he was too weak to do what needed to be done tbh

I love the irony of that phrase.

Movies about creating the same shitty thread over and over?

he didnt know of their perfidiousness and how far they would actually go to destroy germany

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It's kinda hard to lose when you're constantly getting world superpowers to take on your enemies for you. Anyway, Israel's fucked themselves in the long run, all these constant conflicts in the Middle East pretty much guaranteed that the average Arab grows up with the military experience of a hardened war veteran. It showed back when Israeli ground troops got assfucked in 2006 trying to engage in direct combat, hence why the kikes have pretty much abandoned the direct warfare approach in favor of 100% subversion.

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The First Lebanon War in 1982.
The South Lebanon Conflict against Hezbollah from 1985 to 2000 which lead to Israel abandoning their occupation of Southern Lebanon and the collapse of the South Lebanon army.

The Second Lebanon war against Hezbollah in 2006

And two wars where both sides say they won: A war with Egypt, the Soviet Union, the PLO and Jordan from 1967 to 1970. And a war with Hamas in 2014.

How did they lost that war? Lebanon was wrecked afterwards, completely wrecked! And there was a genocide attempt.

kikes are shitty at war because their sorry race never had to fight, they always had some golem do the dirty work for them.

Keep in mind this was with copious amount of US/foreign tech & aid as well…
Meanwhile the yid thought he was clever stating that "Germany" never won a war since all military victories even the Franco-Prussian war (which led to WW1) would technically not be attributed officially to the Germany but rather to Prussia despite the German unity/ Empire being formed the same year. In any case by the same shekel since different "governments" are enough of distinction the there are 4 (Kaiser Reich, weinmar, Deutsches Reich, & DDR) governments between the sorry modern state of kleines deutschland therefore modern kleines deutschland has yet to lose a war despite how bad things have become there and really in the rest of the west.

Prussia and the HRE before Germany didn't exactly win a most of their wars either. Prussia's biggest victory, the 7 years war, can be attributed more to British sea power and the dumb luck of the Tsarina's death than actual military prowess on Prussia's part. The fact that you germ men keep screeching about the Franco-Prussian War every time this topic is brought up is just an example of the exception proving the rule.

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Uh oh, looks like the germ man is so mad he forgot how to speak!

Way to shift the goal posts there jew

Israel has never fought a war. It's a country founded by terrorists, which practices terrorism, and hires America as their mercenary.

It won't even exist anymore in a few years.

Uh-huh. Reminder that 2/3 of the wars of German unification pit German against German and that putting Germany under Prussian control is what put crybaby Wilhelm II in power which was what led to WWI and Weimar. You germ men like to assert that the cobsequences of WWII mean that the allies lost in the long run, so I don't see why you shouldn't accept the same logic regarding the FPW and Germany.


shut up you nigger
England only got involved because the filthy krauts raped Belgium, a neutral country


no sweetie, the world wars started bcause germany wanted to conquer the world.

You mean like Napoleon did? What was their response then? They let Belgium burn.
Belgium was not neutral (official designation aside) it mobilized against in favor of the French.
Also there was some negotiation/talks between the Kasier-Reich and Belgium with the purpose of securing passage through Belgium to bring KR soldiers against France
Belgium refused…

Ameri-fat education system at work that was never the goal of Kaiser Reich, GrossDeutchland/Deutsches Reich, or even modern Germany.

ummm i'm an history major kiddo, all scientists agree germany started the first world war 1 to conquer france adn england then during world wars 2 they tried to conquer russia and the united states.

What is the Lebanon war?

You forgot that they tired to concur seatopia and the grey Aliens too all dental hygienists agree.

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the first leftist redpill is when chomsky types harp about victors rewriting history but that somehow doesnt apply to ww2 because reasons

You wasted your time, hope the parties were worth it.
Are you fucking retarded? Germany attacked the USSR because the only hope they had of defeating the Soviets was to attack first. The Soviets, with help from the US, were arming themselves (look up their arms production prior to the invasion), and if Germany didn't do anything the USSR would crush Germany due to their numbers alone (as they did anyway).
The US attacked Germany, there was nothing Germany could do. "B-but", no you retard, the US was starving Japan of oil, had pilots stationed in China attacking Japan, and was helping every enemy of Germany with arms and supplies, be they kike slaves like Churchill or bloody bolsheviks. Germany wanted peace, they'd have crushed everyone else economically.

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Honestly every time one of these threads comes up or I have to see that cowardly deutsch flag my blood fucking boils. Youre lucky we are ao fucking kind you stupid jerry sacks of shit. If people like me were in charge of the Nuremberg trials we wouldve hanged every single man in Germany. Full stop. And yes, I'm jewish and I will have my revenge for my great grandfather before I leave this earth.

Whenever I see one of these threads I find myself wondering which is worse; the visage of stone-faced germanic social-democratic lesbians or Ricky Geervais(wtf is he dutch or something?) perennially constipated sneer, FOR ALL TIME

It was a joke m8.

Agreed the current one is a jewish imposed shit flag.
t. jew.

nice bait
and tbh fam you can rest easy because the powers that be already work on destroying the whole west

Israel lost the 2006 Hezbollah - Israel war.
Pro-tip nigger, if they won why do Hezbollah not only still exist, but they grew stronger.

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