We need a Disney princess who’s had an Abortion


Donald Trump really, really hates the people who voted for him.

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Fucking disgusting. What reality do this sick fucks live in? Why must they distort all that is well and good?

This is what happens when you hate on beauty and the beast for no reason

There's a lot that you could bash the omnibullshit bill for, but abortion was one of the least significant issues that got people to vote for Trump last election. He's a New York liberal and any pro-life things he had to say were obvious empty lip-service.

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When are abortions going to become mandatory for women who don't have a birthing license? After all, an abortion hurts no one, but an unexpected baby is a burden on the social safety net.

I liked the animated film alright.

why do they want the princesses to be soulless killers?

This one made me laugh, it's always funny when the pretend they're the Proletariat

What we need is safe, reliable birth control for men, so we don't accidentally shitcan our lives for a worthless roastie in a moment of weakness.

No need to roleplay on Holla Forums you faggot. Not like any other human being would ever go near you willingly.



At least half of the Republican party is single-issue voters on abortion. Besides, it could be forgiven if there had been a good deal for conservatives on literally anything at all in the bill.

Immigration, nationalist economics, and foreign policy are the leading reasons why people voted for Trump, closely followed by 2A issues. Abortion is way in the back of the cuckshed.

Conservatives will get theirs on the DOTR.

Defunding planned parenthood was a big push during the election. Got him a lot of support. The only cuckshed is people trying to make this look good for Trump.

Planned Parenthood is a secret republican programe anyway.

Trump was never pro-life, don't drag us in your ridiculous gaslighting. It might work on your leftists, but we struggle not to end up slaves to the kikes as you are.

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No wonder you lost the war.

The Trump shill cries out as he stabs at you. Anyone can google Trump + Defund Planned Parenthood. Your gaslighting won't work outside of your nu/pol/ circlejerk.

one term wonder incoming

TRS faggotry is nu/pol/

Are they retarded?
the science that makes abortions possible was created long after monarchy was replaced by democracy
the best a medieval fary tale princes could get is a misscarrige and considering the child of a princes is often the heir to a throne they can't just go aborting them for selfish reasons
as in, bitch the future of the nations is in your belly
birtbong kings were infamous for decapitating queens who couldn't birth heir

Trump faggotry is nupol you numale soy boy faggot


Nu/pol/ is anything we say it is sweetie. This isn't the drumpf worship board for teenage soy nazis.

Nice historical revisionism SS buttboy

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The point is, if Trump keeps alienating his base he's going to be a one-term president.

Get Out Jew

that nigger one is in an abortion of a movie, doesn't it counts?

make me

there's already a Disney princess who is an abortion

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