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I hope he chokes on his thirty pieces of silver.


Repeal the 19th as well.

never happening

el goblino

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aaand it's another kike

It's their funeral.

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This cunt is openly admitting that she is anti-american and hates the country by symbolically tearing up the constitution. Should be put to death tbh.


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now make one about porky bringing in foreign scab labor

I'm not an Ameribeaner but isn't it true that gun violence in the US has declined almost every year since the 70s despite an ever growing population?

Yeah, and gun ownership has increased as well.

Why is she such a cunt?

I would honestly team up with Holla Forums if it meant being able to secure the liberty of arming civilians.

Keep your back to the wall.

Don't worry all Holla Forumsyps will be against the wall when the time comes.

What the fuck happened to the anti-bullying shit that was all over the country years ago? Now it's ok to bully kids into shooting up a school and leftists say nothing?

The Day of the Wall is as likely to happen as the Day of the Rope. That is to say, it isn't going to happen.

If you really think about it, Bolsheviks has the right idea when it came to winning a war against an entire government: shoot all of those who disagree with you and make sure you kill their children too so they don’t grow up to rebel against you.

The anti-bullying campaign was never about preventing bullying, it was about conditioning your kids to be defenseless losers who depend on their teachers to solve their problems.

You don’t have enough “pro-gun” leftist to overthrow an entire government, you need all the help you can get

you dont want kids to shootup a school? that would solve our population problem.

It was just a friendly warning that their allies tend to end up in ditches once their usefulness has ended.

Shooting up a school wouldn't lower the nigger population.

doesnt need to since the cops do that for us

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One nigger every few months is a drop in the ocean.

What will you do when the day comes?

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Good fucking idea, that totally won't act as a catalyst for the various militias around the country to start flipping cars.

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Yep. But dont tell the libshits that

Its ironic gun ownership and the 2nd are the one thing Holla Forums and Holla Forums agree on. The question is would Holla Forums kill the libshits for it though.

It's a Photoshop you mong but I agree on the death part.

I'd like to remind everybody that from the 20th century onwards it was always the left wing who did political violence in this country.
The Democrats were the ones who did lynchings, the Days of Rage were mostly started by a communist group called The Weathermen, even today groups like Antifa are starting riots.

Yeah, you can also point out that the democrats created the kkk, were the group running the confederacy and hell, the antifa worked with the nazis tou oust the burgeoise who came in post ww1 germany, but not many people care, complex reality hurts the minds of simpletons who need black and white thinking.

Stop making me like them

She is Frankenstien's monster, but Frankenstein is the villain.