Dude luke's gay

dude luke's gay

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Mark Hamil should be more sympathetic to relics, he is one.

Holy fucking shit even mark hamil

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What a difference ONE DAY makes to liberals!

Just yesterday they were all chastising us for misrepresenting them, saying that we were lying about them wanting to repeal the 2nd Amendment.
Today, after a retired Justice claimed that he would repeal the 2nd, every liberal has suddenly flipped to wanting the Amendment gone.

Let this be a lesson that you can NEVER compromise with these people.

the real mark hamil was killed after those interviews of him bashing TLJ went viral, that one's a body double

First Amendment is equally a relic of the 18th Century. So are Amendments III through X.

America is a relic of the 18th century.
Make way for New Wakanda.

Is that a surprise to anyone? He came off as a complete faggot as far back as A New Hope.

Remember in Star Wars when Luke blew up the Death Star through feeding it soy products and complaining really loudly about how racist and bigoted the Empire was?

I'd be more concerned for the Americans if I thought they would ever actually exercise their rights to combat tyranny with a well armed militia.

A fair critique we just lost the fourth amendment and will lose the second in like 8 months


thanks donald trump
just let the false flags keep happening and the hollywood paedophiles keep yapping ur so based dude and not gay af

They didn't: they've been taught by the jews to deceive about their intentions and deny any negative allegation until they strike. Israel is made of lies.

the united states of america is a relic of the 18th century tbh

We give them shit about having no culture but I honestly can't see how they reasonably could when it grew so fast and so large. It's easy to maintain an identity in countries the size of France and Germany. Even Russia is much smaller than it seems because half the land is near uninhabitable. America is huge and it's all almost all at least liveable. Every state is a country unto itself in many ways.

White People are a relic of the 18th Century.

Shitposting is a relic of 2017.

If only.

Hammill might be a damn good actor, but he's always been a leftist pussy. It's why Adam Driver and Harrison Ford don't like him. Excuse me, LANCE CORPORAL Adam Driver, USMC.

of fucking course

Trump is part of it dude. He was best buddies with notorious pedo Jeffrey Epstein and rode on his plane a few times if you know what I mean.

I can only hope my childhood dreams of succeeding where the empire failed come true

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Mark Hamill was always had this childlike cluelessness to him, apparently he went over to Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford the morning after they had just fucked and have no clue why they would just be hanging out together at the same apartment the night after.

So because they had a walk and some kids boohoo'd in front of a tv there will never ever be any deaths due to gun violence, o k

Try blowing up the tyrannical empires deathstar with nogunz, fggt.

That's americans to you

Neither shitposting or white people will ever die.

JFC, he really name-dropped the Port Arthur massacre? That shit was false flag as fuck. Basically a practive run for what's happening now.

BTW, gun crime is on the rise in Australia, 20 years after their gun grab. Not the locals though, oh no. The chinks are shippping them in and selling them to the new nigger Apex Gang ship-ins from Africa.

Yeah, I think this is his deal. He's a true believer in all the liberal "good guy" stuff.
Which is why he's so shattered when his own team fucks his ass out time and time again.

of course he is, it was obvious

Ummm sorry sweetie but white "people" will die within a century.

He should have held that position when he was fighting the Empire so Sheev could have won and made the galaxy a better place.

I kinda wanna laugh every time I see police recruitment ads all over the place because the cops are running short on actual men who can get shit done to contain the crime spree.

Chinks and Pajeets fucked this country to hell. I remember only about 10 years back, slant-eyes and shitskins were maybe 25% of a major metropolitan city in Australia. Now, it's like 80% those fuckers and 20% whites. And they're infecting rural areas too.

It's hilarious because immigrants think that whites are racist but wait until whites are completely driven out and the asian and african hordes take over. Hopefully, people will wisen up and start shooting those assholes before that happens but not holding my breath here.

I look forward to the chink takeover of Africa to see the niggers beg whitey to come back and save them.

Yeah, much worse than the American system where they give a badge and a shotgun to every illiterate cletus with an authority fetish and fat paul blart mal fart that waltzes into a station.
Pr- protect and serve!

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Star Wars is a relic of a long time ago. In a galaxy far, far away.

Im not even american and this shit pisses me off. The fucking 2nd amendment is there for a fucking reason. Fuck hollywood.

Pretty easy to shit on gun owning Americans living in your gated communities not being surrounded by a bunch koons 24/7, these people are lunatics.

Isn't he from cali? Not surprising he feels that way. At least Luke Skywalker cared about freedom.

Why not ban production and trade of ammunition?
That's not in the bill of rights so they can't complain.

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Don't talk to your superiors that way.

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because dummy that might impact the murderous niggers that have guns illegally.

As f armed americans do anything. Their elected leaders use their taxes money to fund ISIS, kill peopel with drones and none of them cares.
They love it in fact! That's why we as a species must wage war against the american and purge them from the globe

Why is he citing the australian massacre? The ban didn't even work there.

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True. But only in muttmuerica.

We shipped of our religious freaks, the inhabitans of insane asylums, the work shy and other scum to the USA.
The entire project of the USA was for Europe to get rid of its undesireables.

There was no pioneer spirit. If there ever was, there is nothing left. You are a disgusting mutt race. You do not have any masculine ideals. Your "jock" only has brawns for brains. He does not read books, cannot quote any poems and is depicted as utterly stupid and uneducated. And this is the ideal that "normies" strive towards.

Of course, it's a jewish invention. Like everything in the US. They had an entire century to mold your country into what they want and this is the result.

I feel sorry for the Anglos. Through their language, they get all that propaganda directly shipped to them with no filter.

Those kids bullied cruz too

View must be nice up on that high horse.

probably a great place to watch Ahmed screw his mom

Oh boy here we go again

Fuck off with your gay D&C, Schlomo. Playing Europeans against Americans isn't going to save you.

Is there any ideology out there not ruined by losers?


Why, thank you. Or did you really believe anyone here doesn't know it's you kikes using this idiotic tactic every day?

You don't sound like one of these parts. Why should anyone believe a kike like you?

While we're at it, why don't we just repeal the whole constitution! Let's create a whole new document that ensures that niggers, jews and women are never allowed rights ever again!

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>>>Holla Forums

Can we just leave these gungrabbing fogeys in the 20th century where they belong?

We are superior user! We created western civilization. It's only flaw was making our laws to were they could be interpreted differently. We need a new constitution that explicitly states that white men are the only ones who should be allowed to have rights and hold positions of power. Women should be considered property. Niggers and Jews should be consider subhuman and should be exterminated.


Who is we, exactly?

White men! It is our divine right to rule this planet!

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