What is some kino about keeping promises?

What is some kino about keeping promises?

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That's not a wall, that's a fence.

wew laddy

Mr Drumf, tear down that wall.

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tbh most politicians don't even half ass fulfill any campaign promises

God Bless America

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If its just a fence, hop over it for us.

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What the fuck is this shit? I wanted pic related

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I don't think so, laddy.

Mexicans are not Orcs, dude.

figures, who could have seen that coming

Billions of your dollars, going to waste. Mexicans are the best neighbors any country could ask for.

keysian economics at its finest

I wanted a field of buried pressure mines on the border that would kill anyone who trips them.

Gee golly, I sure am feeling satisfied and complacent. I'm so satisfied and complacent right now, I wouldn't even notice if Trump signed bills that fuck our first and second ammendments! Lol ###maga### ###based### ###pepe###
pic related, another BASED trump wall lol xD

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It's 4d chess goy





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That's not the "wall" that repairs to a fence and the photos are from about a month ago, boomers and women are two of the dumbest groups on twitter constantly retweeting and posting fake news.

Trumpcucks are as delusional as trannys and people that believe in the Holocaust.

We aint goin any further till we had a breather

Aren't Orcs supposedly tortured undead Elves?

Not undead, but muttified through Morgoth's dysgenic breeding program. Tolkien's notes suggest that forcing them to breed with animals was a part of the genetic corruption process.

The sad part is that it really is 4D chess. The 4D part is that Trump was actually playing against right-wing White Americans the whole time. The halfassed "wall" is just a way to keep people happy enough to keep them from revolting when he bans free speech on the internet and neuters private gun ownership.

Whoever was retarded enough to vote for him deserves everything coming to them.
The fact that retards have to push a scheduled renovation of a specific part of the border, which had already been fenced, as the beginning of their messiah's promises, tells you they don't have much to be proud of.

No, the really sad thing is that he was genuinely the least bad choice out of everyone who had a chance. Clinton, Sanders, Jeb, and Rand were all totally open about the fact that they wanted open borders, and Cruz and Rubio had a history of flip-flopping on various important topics for self-aggrandizement. The whole election was shit sandwiches, but Trump was the only sandwich where we weren't sure whether or not there was shit. Turns out he was a shit sandwich too.

This but unironically.
Every other western country has labour laws and you guys instead kick out the fuckers doing menial labour for $2 an hour.

The short term benefits are appealing but don't balance out the long term negatives.

can't really argue with this, it's sad man, he could have been great instead he's a giant pussy with shills constantly trying to spin his nutlessness as 4d chess.

why the fuck do they look like orcs then?

We will, gringo.

that's clearly just the foundation

I personally wanted a minefield. Cheaper to set up and far more effective at keeping pests out. Then all you need is a fleet of IR equipped drones to patrol the border and shoot and wetback that tries to sneak in.


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They promised to not dig tunnels this time.

If all the food being served is likely shit, I'll just go to a different restaurant instead of being a cuck and eating shit, then defending my choice to eat shit.

Foundations > Pylons > Concrete

Holla Forums does not know because they've never worked a single day in their life alongside proles. All they do is rabbi around the goys.


everything that blocks a path is a wall you retard, if I dig a hole on the ground that can be called a wall, your just ignorant


Speaking of tunnels, can't the Mexicans just dig a tunnel right under the wall? If I was a Mexicoon and all it took to get into the US was to spend a week camping in a rat hole, drinking piss and eating your own shit while you dig underneath Trump's Big Great Wallâ„¢, I'd do it.

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*burrows under your shitty fence*
*catapults over your shitty fence*

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There are already tunnels, though.

they can just walk around it, the fence only covers 2.25 miles in length

Look at the base of the wall again

lik pottery

>>>Holla Forums11420404
>>>Holla Forums11420414

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That's where you're wrong kiddo.