Why does he have such shit taste?

why does he have such shit taste?

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He's a new York yuppy business man

Anne is the man

so ami. i make 9 figures a year. what of it?


It's likely you have shit taste

Look at his wives gaylord he has great taste.

i can buy your entire family

When you're that rich you're isolated from normal mates. If they really fucked, it's obvious the bimbo threw herself at him like all opporunistic whores who beg for the pussy hook.

Comments like this are how I know you have shit taste. Only fags would say dumb shit like that

a 60 year old gets more ass than all of leftylols combined

internet money is not real money
get a real job

The most surprising revelation from her interview is that he didn't even pay her back then

Really not surprising

You're right about that

Not seeing it.

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how much is she worth?

Jesus, her shoulders are so god damn broad, linemen would be envious of her.

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Smashed-pancake fat-boobs and that bitchy face combo is just the worst.


I like how all the people who said he was sexist for saying women let him grab them by the pussy are now parading around the women who let him grab them by the pussy.

That was after she shit out multiple kids.

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Bitch is literally looking in two different directions kek

That should honestly get him impeached, no joke.

You probably have really shit taste in movies and actors.

You know muh russia hacking was just smoke to cover up the corruption and child rape in the DNC leaks right? Not to mention the murder of Seth Rich. But oh no a billionaire screwed a prostitute 10 years ago so let’s impeach him. No offense but you lot truly are some amoral hypocrite dunces.

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Didn't read faggot, you defending Trump still is making you more cucked than maisiefags and jennyfags combined.

Donald Trump is a woman!

What, you don't lile shark week?

Stormy was decent for a porn star 10+ years ago when he supposedly fucked her.

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I never heard of her until now. LOL

you decide

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Ivanka was in Epstein's little black book, maybe it wasn't only Trump fucking her?

Do you think he kissed her on the lips?

What did he mean by this?

porn stars usually dont like getting kissed because they see that as being intimate which is funny when they've got their lips wrapped around a cock.

But Trump might have done it without thinking and just did it.


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The commies really have degenerated to a sad state from their heyday of deposing the Romanovs.
Trump is probably just giving them a rope to hang on by being quiet.

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nah, it's obviously real.

Trump has a very checkered past who doesn't though even the stuff about Trump and having sex with 13 year olds on the Lolita Express could very well be true.

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We can all lie on the internet, I'm in Syria fighting for the kurds.

MrE video when?

What do american "leftists" have to do with the communists in Russia?
It's you faggots in USA that are killing the left, with the hippie garbage, gay pride parades. All off that shit spawned in capitalist USA.
Rock and roll "music" was illegal in USSR for a reason…along ith american "culture" in general. It promotes faggotry!

Trump confirmed for Tranny

If that were true, he'd be taken down by it a long time ago. This coming out just now is an act of desperation.

Communists are like a disease. They strive for the same goal everywhere.
And they'll showe a pink dildo up their ass and dance if that brings them power.

That's not how it works, Trump shill, we all know that this shit only comes out to play when it's time for the big guns. Besides, Trump is in bed with the rest of them, this is nothing more than a ploy to get attention off something else, which he is perfectly fine with since it doesn't really affect him.


Maybe the reason was because it promoted capitalism and free speech…