How does Holla Forums feel about Frasier?

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It's one of the best sitcoms ever created. And by that, I mean in my top 5 favorites.


I feel if niels made a rock band it would be Interpol

Pretty kino but Newhart is patrician tier.

that and malcolm in the middle, great shows

God damned tossed salad and scrambled eggs

Would I be wrong in saying that it is almost an American take on British comedy? By that I mean this sort of hammed up eccentricity that comes to mind when I think of the Crane brothers.

Let's get this shit started.

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first two season are comfy and top quality sitcom entertainment. Don't fall for the Cheers meme. It's comfy, but it's mediocre trash.

What's the Cheers meme?

plz stoppit. I can't take it.

Last gasp of h'white comedy on network televsion.

I'm on nofap dude. Please don't make me disable images.

That is literally the joke. The mid-atlantic accents didn't clue you in? The psuedo-intellectual postuering went right over your head? It's hi-brow, lo-brow unironic irony.

The fact that it's high brow low brow but unironic makes it kind of ironic No?

It was very much hwhite comedy

No, he called it Wang Chung

Perhaps the comfiest sitcom ever made. One of my favorites for sure.

I’m guessing he’s a brainlet who thinks some shitty britbong show is real comedy and cheers was just schlock.

Cheers and Frasier are the best sitcoms that ever were. They are the only reason to subscribe to Netflix.

I don't know, man

I don't know why it was so highly thought of.
Most of it wasn't good, dire scenes with Daphne and Niles, a year of that fat slimey kike pawing Daphne, two years of her fucking obnoxious mother character.
It had wit a shred above the rest of the american sitcoms, maybe that's why they fawned over it.
Best parts were Frasier's interactions with women, they were painful and forced empathy.

Also, the father was atrocious. Never funny, just an annoying hobbling homosexual pretending to be a man.

A lot of English comedy was low-brow repetitive shit too.
There were a few witty series, like black adder and red dwarf, but they were the minority.
There is an air of English wit about Frasier, but I think it is just that it is slightly higher brow than the rest that sets it aside.

It's shit.

Frasier is god tier. even the 'bad' seasons are better than 99% of modern sitcoms

I don't really get why people post this as an example of Frasier's goodness. it's not a bad scene, but it's very different from what actually makes the show good in other episodes

Kelsey Grammer's sister was raped and murdered by niggers FYI.

that explains his political opinions, I guess

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Like I said in the Rosanne thread, they're all friends and made each other family irl (Godparents to each others children). They genuinely like each other irl and that chemistry translates well to the screen. It's comfy knowing that the interactions aren't all fake. The only black mark I'd say is against Kelsey Grammer, as his daughter is the VA for Summer, Morty's sister from Rick n Mortimer. R.I.P. Eddy and Father.


not funny at all unfortunately

this, if u want a good show watch the big bang theory

t. brainlet

This, he's a brainlet. He wants his comedy and comfy shows spelt out to him, where they pause longingly for each faked huehuehue.

t. samefag


TBBT is unironically funnier than cucksier.

All me

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The big bang theory is simply the worst thing western civilization has ever produced and you should go put your head under a semi tire now

I wonder if they based Martin's relationship with his shooter on this