Serves them right

They trusted Zionald Zlumpf.

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They were under 1800 a few weeks ago


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>>>Holla Forums11420263


Holla Forums hasn't been this low since before Five Guys back in the August 2014.

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Their moderation is totally zoged and shit, shouldn't have canned the original BO, should have been a global board.

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The board was taken from the original BO and given to the mods they have now in early 2015, less than 6 months before Trump began his campaign. They're kushner shills who were put in charge of the board to lay the groundwork for Trump's (((online outreach))).

Trump really fucked that place up.
It got even worse over 2017 though.

I know pretty much what happened, I left after GEX was banned.
They shot themselves in the foot but the necrosed leg takes time to fucking rot.

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GEX was the height of Holla Forums


The Zimmerman trial was actually the height of Holla Forums Holla Forums Holla Forums was never good

Have you ever thought that maybe it is less about Trump and more about the fact all the pedos got shoahed and so Holla Forums's numbers are collapsing? I mean nothing Trump has done this far has pissed them off, why would that change now?

Yeah fuck white europeans, the last true whites are us mestizo rape babies!

Shemitah was the height of 8/pol/.

When it was just Hail you could still get the truth out for about 10 hours before you got banned for "chronic shitposting" and have all your posts deleted. Now that he's recruited a bunch of other magapides they can't even go 10 minutes without moderator action, there is no reason to stay anymore unless you truly buy the chess narrative.


Litteraly /ourguy/


How can a thread about the president of the united states meeting a group of jews today not be Holla Forums related and banned for sliding?

oh and how do even slide a dead board?


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