Roseanne (2018)

Why? Why is this happening?

This isn't right. This isn't natural. It will never be the same.

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The original was feminist garbage. Even gave Joss Wesdon (whatever that queer's name is) his start.

a retired contractor wouldn't be using just for men

never cared for the original even though I know Norm MacDonald was a writer

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really wasn't anything better in its time. it was the proto-malcolm in the middle

It's weird seeing John Goodman so old. is ultimately right, although it was somewhat comfy. So far it is off to a rough start

I was only a kid, but I still remember it a a show I actively disliked, rather than just being bored by. I just found Roseann plain mean and couldn't understand why everyone wouldn't hate her. The show was also drab and just depressing in general. I don't know what the appeal was.

Because the entertainment industry is devoid of any real creativity and lacks any morals. The last vestige of real talent in western entertainment was lost in the late 90's early 2000's depending on the medium.

I'm not sure what the divide is but it seems like people viscerally hate it if they can't relate to it. I used to think it was a class thing but it might also just be a coastal thing. East coast people are just more bantery/crass like they are.

What do you think of Married With Children?

Looking back how do you guys feel about Frasier? I feel like it was genuinely intelligent comedy without being pretentious which is something that could not be accomplished today

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Also forgot to add that one of Darlene's kids is a tranny

I loved Married With Children. As a horny kid I couldn't yet fully understand why Al wouldn't want to have sex with Peg though.

You have no idea what you’re talking about do you.

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Frasier is still a great show. I hope it's just left alone.

Roseanne didn't go full Trumpist until like 2 years ago. user was referring to the original series.

It was alright but I didn't watch it regularly. The dad was great and his physiotherapist was hot as fuck. I wasn't the biggest fan of the campy, metro interaction between the brothers but it was well written.

I think that was everybody's reaction. She was probably the first MILF for a lot of boys.

This deserved a thread so I made it

That's really depressing. The Heathers pilot seems like the only show with a hint of integrity left. I'm confident it'll go to shit over the backlash.

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I still don't. Why? Does he feel disrespected?

Cheers and Married With Children were on around the same time and they were leagues better.


It's notorious for being a feminist show.

After 2 kids it’s like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

cheers was older and more tame if that was your thing (night court was better imo), mwc definitely had great points but the episodic writing day-to-day was not as good.

marriage kills a sex life

Familiarity breeds contempt.

Or the time when Chris Farley made a cameo

You wanted to fuck the fatties he mocked.

Didn't the series end with the revel that john goodman was dead or something?

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It was all a book she wrote.

In the show she dealth with Dan's death (at the end of the second to last season) by writing a story that was the storyline to the entire last season.

Dan was dead and they never won the lottery.

I feel like if I watched the show that would make more sense for her to do, seems kinda off handed for what I'd assume her character to do.

Still kinda a bummer..

the book was a coping mechanism for his death

The same reason why Bill Murray and Dan Aykroid weren't ghosbusters on their reboot.

Their characters were dead? I thought this was a reboot not a continuation but I didn't see Gashbusters.

They were just background characters that would die.

Watched first ten minutes. I had to stop watching. It made me realize how insufferable real life really is like that now, and how far down the shithole we've fallen. I never liked or watched Roseanne, because I associated it with trash. In ten minutes today, I saw that the trash of 20 years ago was aristocratic compared to today. Families and American society really are bickering about politics non-stop, while all the children are spoiled-retarded tranny/nigs. Everything was a mistake.

Rolled my eyes at that too. No idea why he had to be such a tryhard.

I really liked the original run but have zero intention of watching the new stuff. Shit like this (the last two sentences mostly) is partially why - I don't like newer sitcoms because of the interaction; Bobby is a fat fuck who plays video games all day or is instead some soy riddled future stepfather who looks like Ellen Degeneres and squeals when he sees a spider, Julie is a slut who gets blacked and wants to be a Women's Studies major in college, mom and dad try to be "hip and cool" and the dad is a cartoonishly retarded faggot who can't plug in a toaster and is emasculated while the mom (who is always slightly more attractive and smarter yet stays with the tard) ends up being some preachy douche and/or ends up slutting it up later because muh personal truth or whatever stupid excuse. It's all just garbage and no one is even remotely likeable - and if someone does act likeable, they get ostracized and made to look like they're "out of touch" because it's 2018, man, dude, nothing matters lmaooooo.

Was I Love Lucy a feminist show? Alice? Mary Tyler Moore, One Day at a Time and Maude maybe but a show about a happily married woman who happens to crack wise a feminist show does not make.

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They were all friends irl aswell, godparents to each others kids, knew each other's families. I think those genuine bonds off screen help with the on screen chemistry. I still watch the occasional episode, they're really comfy. The actress who plays Daphne is American which surprised me as her Manc accent is so good it shows there is some actual talent on that show. R.I.P. Fraser's Father and Eddy.

it's a mystery