Is this movie really redpilled? Or did I get kiked?

Is this movie really redpilled? Or did I get kiked?

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I have no idea but I want to aggressively fuck pic related.

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Battle Royale was better.

shes fucking ugly my dude


Of course it was. Battle Royale was trying to make a point, not get tumblr moist.

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Everyone is a psychotic shit when push comes to shove.

Battle Royale 2 is dog shit tho.

Besides the point really when all the films are fucking awful trash to begin with

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Post a living chemo meme.

Nice trips, faggot

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But lots of people in BR refused to kill anyone or only did so in self-defense.

sorry kan I reed yur post or iz it nod reppiled?? I need to no if im been brainwozzled agayn

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Wojak is a shit meme that should've died long ago. Brainlet wojak is an even more boring, even more uninspired artifact of autism.


He's right, it's Twitter forced garbage. Even worse, it's dead Twitter forced garbage. You should start spamming Gabagool mindlessly now.

I can't understand what kind of retard you have to be to find these badly edited pictures of wojak funny. It's unfunny reddit-tier shit, I've seen a thousand memes die and when your memes are being used by reddit, you can be sure they've reached the end of their lifespan.

Does Brainlet wojak hit a little close to home?