Is movie for Soyboy?

Avengers: Infinity War - Official Trailer 2

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I saved this right before the black part oops fuck lol

I wish I could have as much fun with mediocore capeshit as this guy does.

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Is this satire?


Just imagine, every year you get at least 4 movies that make you completely happy and then you even get merchandise of your favourite things without end and you gladly buy your 400th Blacked Panther limited edition Funko Pop and get your 30th Hulk towel gifted for Christmas. That's so much possible happiness.

It's clearly an act to earn shekels you idiot, he's a le epic reaction vid youtuber, aka friendship simulator for thousands of lonely teenagers and autists out there.
What you should be saying is, I wish I could make as much money as this guy does, while doing absolutely fuckall of value.

I am sure there are people that actually enjoy this shit as much as this guy pretends to do.

You're all a bunch of little niggers.

Fuck that. I'd rather be aware and miserable. At least I have my dignity.

r8 my OC

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Hahahaha it shits all over their precious comic books and still they lap it up so eagerly.


Saved, this is perfect user

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He's faking it. He's an actor, genius.

I am deeply wholeheartedly grateful that I do not give no damn about Marvell/Disney shit in the current year +3

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im dying user

His reactions literally sync up to any video.

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Make one with only cuck porn.

I see you, Chaim.