Is this art?

Is this art?

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The amount of times I've seen my sister sneak her toothbrush into her room when we were like 12…it must've happened at least once a month for years.

Apparently with context of the film it isn't

A gay teenager (Logan Miller) faces accusations of abusing his 9-year-old cousin (Ursula Parker) during a family reunion in Nebraska.

I don't give a fuck about the context.



why is this allowed?

why is this allowed on YOUTUBE?!


I don't understand everyone's reactions, what's the problem? You know "playing chicken" is a real thing and not some innuendo right? Are you guys just pedos who can't contain themselves when they see little girls?

playing chicken? is this what pedos call the rubbing genitals game? very coy.


Details please.

It was one of those vibrating one with the nice cylinder base.


you direct a child to grind her pussy against a guy's head

you have to admit, it takes balls

What's your problem with Bach?

No, it takes a pussy actually.

And a spine.

My problem? My problem is that an artist myself, I cannot sanction degenerate fetishes being passed off as "artsy" giving all artists a bad name

The Nickelodeon Jew is about to get popped for pushing his foot fetish on children and raping a bunch of tween girls.

I hope the concept of a jury of your peers gets expanded to every single American, hell, every fucking human being on the planet, and you, your children and your children's children spend every waking moment of their lives in utter fucking terror and abasement of the human animal for ever and ever and ever. Ideally, the insurance companies will start lobbying for feeding human beings to other human beings.

tfw no daughter.

how do I get one?

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Ask these guys, they're pretty smart.