Can we sign a petition to make sure Mel Gibson doesn't direct this and someone better does?

Can we sign a petition to make sure Mel Gibson doesn't direct this and someone better does?

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Mel gibson is an anti-semite smh

Can't have the goyim getting all uppity with their christianity and morals

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isn't Jesus jewish?

Based Gibson.

NIen mien gud Kafir.

wtf why is this disgusting anti-semite allowed to make a second film? he should be shut down tbh

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There's some debate over whether modern jews are the same as the jews from the time of christ. I'm just sick of abrahamic religions and their "holy land" faggotry.
That said, we should still retake Constantinople for Europe.

I agree with everything you say

What's it even going to be about? The resurrection?
fucking boring tbh

He goes to hell for the 3 days before the resurrection.

inb4 that antisemite uses a white actor to play Jesus when all scientists agree if he had actually existed he would have been a person of color

Jew comes from Judean. Judeans aren't/weren't Jewish. Christ called out the kikes numerous times in the Bible, telling them to worship him and the Lord instead of Moloch.

obviously, why do you think they let him make the movie? they killed kubrick for "eyes wide shut" and he produced it in complete secrecy. meanwhile mel was given alcohol, money and fame for his passion of the rabbi yeshua. really makes you think


Passion Of The Christ 2

Starring Denzerl Washington as Jesus Christ

You're absolutely retarded.

Modern Jews are Europeans.

Israelites are the same people genetically as Palestinians.


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No, he's a Nazarene. It's no different than calling Assad Jewish

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Is Assad the reincarnation of Jesus?

No, he's the will of the Syrian people made flesh.

No, he's the first christian. Since he was Messiah, the saviour of earth, god's son.

Meaning, if Jesus is messiah and also christian, means that the kikes aren't the chosen people and therefore they got really, really mad and had him killed because it would rock the jewish faith in it's very foundation.

Assad is my political waifu tbh. The great lion with a soft voice.


Jesus is Immanuel, God with us

I wonder how many people are actually influenced by this?

Makes sense as jews are destroyers

His editor was a zogbot and he explicitly wanted freemason locations such as lodges and halls
And Gibson got exiled to Mexico until tons of jews/shabbo's goyim had to intervene with him because he was making too much kino in spicland

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If you'd have predicted Passion, you'd have said:

A sequel to Jesus dying and being resurrected? It's Almighty all over again.

What it the context behind that?

That is up to debate. While he is an Israelite, he may or not be a kike

christcucks btfo