Movie is pro-abortion propaganda

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Is this a JIDF board…because I want in you dumb niggers?!

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Holy shit this board fucking sucks. Even Holla Forums and cuckchan Holla Forums are more entertaining. Are you all shitbag rapefugees from other boards and/or assholes that still like Holla Forumsmics and buy Marvel, DC, and Movies? Fuck all of you assholes.

fuck off back to (((Holla Forumsintendo)))

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Why don't you just fuck off back to /int/?

You are shit.

It's your fault for not sticking around /int/ you fucking AUSLEAFfaggot nigger.



t. Far Cry 5

Pagans would actually be based if they worshiped the sun instead of dead idols made by savage retards.

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user, Paganism is a form of worshiping the sun.

the absolute state of the modern right

All religions are tbh

oh you're *that* autist

Which is why chads make their own religion

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Get that cock out of your mouth chaim

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You will die like the rest of them.

I mean if you find Reddit entertaining then sure, I can see why you would think that way.

But there is nothing here besides redditfags who were kicked out of their leftist hive. You like watching the televison though yes?

Who the fuck watches television?

Holla Forums is based centrist, cry more faggot

this post is propaganda

You're all a bunch of subversive faggots with the leftist snark. The lot of you need to be turned into fertilizer for all the wonderful plants I am going grow. Scum.

What are your newest additions to your garden, user?

No we are based libertarians who understand homogeneity is a requirement for liberty in society

Where are you from user? What kind of plant do you like the best?

I like the FBI plants that post on Holla Forums the best.

Like anyone else?

Varg wants more taxpayers because he's a welfare nigger.

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You must be jesting my good sir.

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