"block your path"

"block your path"

"this is a documentary for infowars"

What do?

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Tel her I like her titties and we should fuck.

tell her I only fuck LA RAZA and not low iq cumskins

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"nice tists"
t.normal man

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Brown people are all ugly and angry.

case dismissed

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Your not white speaking a white language on a device made by white people on a site made and maintained by white people. You are a savage who will return to living in a mud hut after we are gone

she was cute playing a Russian

Yes this is true about amerimutts. A very angry and terrible people, full of hatred and rage.

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*unzips pants*

You speak porkdickcheese and need to die with the rest of the thralls.

Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
Bilderberg runs the world
The empire never ended

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Drain her milkers dry.

Ask them what bought them to my shitty eastern european country and what the doc will be about

Try again

just smh fam


Only northern India
Southern India is shit

Southern indians are dying out and Northern Indians have a high birth rate. The only place that cumskins are actually breeding

Superpower by 2020

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Southern Indians are dying out because they live in literal shit but there are still way more of them

Mute the volume because she has a grating, annoying voice.
but awesome tits

trips confirm

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Never catching on, /freech/.

Do you think Alex Jones drank her filtered milk juice?

kys retard

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You're almost as subhuman as gypsies.

How stupid of a (white) person do you have to be to unironically want an end to this alleged "white supremacy"? It would be like being a player for the New England Patriots and holding a sign that reads, "End this dynasty".


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It's probably a Jew.

Nice tits.

Redpill her on the germ man threat.

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The only way to have a free country is to send back the non-whites and degenerate whites that were so worthless they decided to mix with the non-whites. And Bolshevik Jews promote race-mixing.

I'd call her a racist.

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This faggot is fucking reddit incarnate

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Give me then milkers bby


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Do you really think a nigger could do this? They're at the very least whiter than Germans

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Most indians couldn't.

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Nice tits Millie.
You do anal? You do now.

Begin collecting shiney bits of trash and interesting looking objects around a mound of dirt and then begin my mating dance

Tell her her employer is shit. Alex Jewnes is the ultimate bluepill, constantly soft-shilling for the Yids.

Is that all you ever think about? Alex Jones' disinfo goes so much further than that.

Constantly placing the blame for everything on jews is the ultimate disinfo.

I bet you actually think the meme is ironic and jet fuel can actually melt steel beams, right?

I ♥ Millie

Ask her for some milk.

infogays is a shilling operation, they are funded regardless of what happens. They've been exposed so many times but just pretend they aren't. They don't really care about anything except views, don't donate them money, don't listen to "Alex" play the victim card all day, don't believe any bullshit about court cases or bullshit about them being baned of youtube, they are youtube, they are the pepe the frog creator.


divorce my wife and marry millie


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fuckin BASED commie

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Honestly he just seems like a dumb average guy. You can't blame average people for being average

Yeah, right. Average everyday adults don't get hammer and sickle. He was a communist before and he's still a communist.

*don't get hammer and sickle tattoos

Nothing all that wrong with being a commie, it's the cultural marxists and judeo-liberals that are cancer. The real problem of communism is that it's a dead ideology and pretty much anyone who identifies as such are just a leftist capitalist within the liberal framework.

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Okay Holla Forums, we believe you.

Why is this a binary thing? Kill the rich kikes and make the white working class great again.

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stfu commiefags
can we get back to posting pics of millie's milkers?

here you go

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Cool story.
Why I never heard polcors to id as communists then?


It's not. White women are garbage.

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how can someone so young look so .. used?