Nuclear war movie

Any good movies about World war III?
Threads was really good.

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Red Dawn, the original.


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

No thanks.

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The Day After

Nice cheesy movie from 1983.

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leftist homosexuals from /int/ on a kike media related board.

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Why were they having a wedding while the warning sirens were going off?

Because that was the only warning they were given at the last second.

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What the fuck?

So brave!

Thanks for the laugh.

Do you realize how pointless wasting your time about politics is?

this tbh, just let everyone fuck you in the shitter, might start to feel nice after a while.

no. a nuclear war would just result in everyone dying within two hours. where's the movie in that?

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Not the people in Agartha.

lolno just all the people in major cities

i.e. everyone that matters


AZN gangster faggots in big cities will be vaporized though…niggers too, etc. (too many types to list tbh fam) Holla Forums will die too if SOCAL+ 450 miles is nuked to hell. DC and NYC might get the same treatment! wouldn't it be awesome?

Boot licking retards of all shapes and sizes should be culled, the best part is they'd likely agree to it.

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Reminds me of the time Hillary gobbed up to green blobs into a glass of water before drinking it back down.

You'll be one of the millions of people that die defending Globalism. Oh well.

By being a Nazi, with the Swastika, I would also gather the only kind of people I wanted around me: the tough, dedicated idealists ready to fight for those ideals and give their lives, if necessary. And even more important, I would automatically scare off the millions of blabber-mouths, cowards, fools and crackpots which infest the rest of the ‘movement’. The Swastika would probably not bring me many supporters, but those who came would be men.
-George Lincoln Rockwell, This Time the World, Ch12

a tad bit outdated, since the swastika is corrupted by skinhead subhumans

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I fully agree with you. Bikergangs, prison retards and skinheads destroyed the meaning of the symbol. I was just pointing out or rather defending the commander against the Dr. We have to see things in perspective and that is taking the context of their specific times into account.

Rockwell was a known ADL shill. I love seeing neo nazis unironically quote him without even understanding that he worked for the men they so despise.

Yes and Hitler was Jewish, the Boers are actually half Semitic in origin and Europe was actually created by merchants civilizing barbarians. Its just fun quoting him sometimes because he had no positive effect or even raised even one quality point. Its like if somebody is not 100% perfect and correct why even bother listening to him/her. It's just too tedious to listen and read multiple sources and educate yourself by disregarding the fluff and using the useful.


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What religion doesn't lick boot?


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wew, can't you Infogays load up your macs and post elsewhere ? Don't come to where the cool kids hang out, everyone knows your're shills here.

So le quirky and random! XD what man wouldn't want to spend hours alone with this??? but its a learned act from other 'random' people and they are dull as dishwater off camera and constantly walk on eggshells because they are scared you will just leave episode

My mulatta is better

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that's racist

Count Down to Looking Glass and By Dawns Early Light come to mind. both are on youtube.

Reminds me of 1983's Miracle Mile, also a very cheesy story of some nerd finally hooking up a date with a girl, but for his bad luck, it all coincides with the imminent first nuclear strike

The screenplay won a couple of awards and was very sought after, but in the end it was adapted to be a corny and ridiculous drama, but things go to shit very quickly and the ending is highly atonal to the first half of the flick.

It's actually pretty decent for its made-for-TV attitude and visuals, protag is somewhat likeable for a L.A. fag and the soundtrack was made by Tangerine Dream, pretty good

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