so what this site all about

what you losers cry all about

nerds virgins





Cia false flag.

That's not Spoderman, what are you trying to pull here?

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Thanks, no.

fuck u bitch

check em

who hurt u



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Fucking ho

Mr. Gardener from down the street. He always used to give us candy when we walked past his house on our way to school, and he liked talking with the kids. One time, he invited me into his house for a glass of apple juice… to this very day, my bumhole clenches in terror when I drink apple juice.


you're the kind of moronic prude who wouldn't mind if the age of consent was raised to 35.

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ffs she's 18! OP you fucking nigger you swindled me


it was the only girls laughing jaypeg i had.

sure, stud

she'll be worse than dead in 20 years

If only old people were allowed to have sex, all the inferior genome-types which die off or become rancid by 50 would be eliminated from the common stock. Read Dawkins. Restricting sex to people who reach the age of 50 would mean that only the most attractive and healthiest people would reproduce, ergo, sex should be between consenting quintilarions.

Fuck me. This is the best argument for a higher age of consent I ever heard. You are a genius.

Why do normalfags like niggers singing in autotune on a random digital beat so much?

my God those girls look so old, what the fuck is wrong with the US?

You know, you're right
If you raise the age of consent as high as possible you'd kill the genes that make people age like milk overtime

Mutt genes, chemical processed food, degenerate culture that promotes unhealthy lifestyles

Where do you hail from? You think you're safe from Globalism and that you'll remain prim and proper in your own right? Scum.

Normies are livestock.

that's sad girl, are you so easy that any chad got a chance to raid you?
if you lurk here enough you'll soon learn of your grim future as a crazy cat lady
as for us, we couldn't care less
most of us are loner cus we can't stand cohabitation with another human being, or needing to feed money and atention into a vagina just to keep it nearby
some fap to waifus, other save up for a VIP hooker every now and then, and we will keep doing so for the rest of our lives.
But you
you just fucked up your chance for the easy life
your chance to bag a succesfull alpha who would sustain you and your children for the rest of your lives, you think such an alpha will settle for a roasty?
you will fuck for free, maybe more times than several of us through our entire lives, but once you hit the wall you'll be just like us
a lonely wage slave who will have no choise but to pay up front for a fuck, it's a shitty life
but men can deal with it, we're less emotionals and as said before, our loneliness is more of a choise due to mental issues than it is our only option due to phisical ones, but you, you who are likelly very social, and love having company, you just doomed yoursef to become like us, only difference is that we choose this life

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they're NPCs

Imagine being so vapid and self infatuated that you record you going about your life as if it's some special thing that nobody else experiences.

Female suffrage was a mistake.

millions do it

Modernity was a mistake.

and most of them are faggots
you think it's caused by the estrogen (((they))) put on the water?

Thanks God that i live in a country with age of contest at 15 and not in amerumuttica

Every day i pray for nuclear holocaust

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And I have a gun, bitch.

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it's cause by social media. everyone wants to feel like they matter.


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Everyone only wants to feel like they matter because the majority of 18-25 year-olds today (At least in the US) grew up in broken homes. The death of the family unit leaves these people wanting attention to fill the hole left by whichever parent was forcefully removed from their life by the courts.

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At least I'm STD-free.

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i want to see a video about u hanging on a noose

Richard Stallman died?

id rather be a used up roastie at age 16 than a 30 year old virgin like you, gramps



I'm sorry, but my waifu wears pink better than you, roastie.

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kill urself pedo

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get a load of this gramps lmao

I may be a kissless virgin, but at least I'm honest about how miserable and lonely I am, instead of trying to cover it up with gratuitous sex and mindless consumerism like some fucking animal.

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No, it's because no one—not one single person—wants you.

not true bby, i want him

I've had sex with hundreds of men.

i'm gay

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show (.)(.)


gay sex is the last stand of the white race, go back to /trannypol/

Is your neghole pozzed yet?

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So what percentage % (percent) of gay people are pedofiles?

That's why i voted for Trump :D

What is this filth? We are Christians here, you damn kike.

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I don't have the data on that but I'd guess a large chunk.


She looks like a polski, big ole polack nose on her.

People who claim to be decent are the ones who imprison thousands of people and give them life sentences instead of executing them on spot. Of course the powers that be make money off of their incarceration which is tantamount to slavery. You seek to put pedophiles away because you're all kike subverted scumcunts.

Tbh she is the perfect girl I want to be castrated bye.

big if true

we just need to kill everyone who isn't white

everyone under 6'8"

everyone over 10% bodyfat

all gays

all non-christians

anyone who masturbates

so we need to kill everyone


Fags are 11 times more likely to be pedos than normal people.


*rubs hands*

we can only beat the jews by killing everyone