Anri okita

Can we blame the jews for her career in movie industry?

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Yes and I am glad for it. She is a top notch waifu.

Is she ruined her life and body?


She makes great scenes with Hitomi Tanaka.

I want to marry and impregnate her.

user what are you doing

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Too bad thousands of Japs have already done that already. Her pussy is a haunted house at this point.

the latter I should add lel

Now there's an asshole I might fuck, if you know what I mean

dammit chaim

I don't understand. Am I a autist?

Her pussy must be like a virgin pussy. You know how small those jap dicks are?

Bigger than mine and I'm white.

She may be a pornstar, but she isn't a slut.

1 Okita is worth more than 1000 American virgin roasties.

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Waiting every day in hope she starts new scenes.

A dog has probably ejaculated into her while 30 yakuza watched.

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Get better taste in Jap hoes.



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All Japanese women are unpure. That's why Japanese men would marry white women if they could.

Find your love in America?

Japanese women drive the poor bastards who don't keel over from over work into a early grave.

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